How to Force Roam on Verizon with the Sprint Galaxy Nexus

every person came below from Cuba came 77. com here to do a video clip revealing you how to require Rome on verizon’s network on your sprint samsung galaxy nexus this is something i suggest for individuals that are obtaining extremely inadequate sprint signal like me you’ll see I have actually definitely no bars when I met my home I can not also have a convert own conversation for over 5 mins without the call getting went down so I’m going to go on and make a video for you guys revealing at an online forum on verizon if you’re having these concerns maintain in mind that it does say you do have unrestricted roaming however I know some people that have actually gotten their contracts eventually terminated for making use of as well much roaming data so just kind of maintain that in mind use it at your very own risk so firstly you do need to be on an AOSP rom you need to be rooted have a customized healing as well as be on an AOSP rom you can that simply be rooted supply it have to be on a rum that has been developed from resource so in AOSP rom i get on i think em mozzies 4.1 point2 rom for point 2.1 rom sorry additionally you can attempt aokp signs ahmad any of those sort of roms that are constructed from source AOSP so that is what you first require next you’re going to require to blink a zip through your personalized

healing so click the link in the description of the video clip clicking the web link in the description is going to take you to this internet site big shout out to huge thrill dog for tossing this app with each other for us make sure to thank him everybody else that was associated with obtaining this with each other but you’ll see download sprint diagnostics right below so click this web link it’ll download a zip file when that zip file is downloaded transfer it over to your interior storage space of your device and when you transfer it on over you can return to your phone to move that sprint analysis zip over to your device you can simply strike reboot healing I’m assuming if you’re in an AOSP rom it’ll have that option just struck reboot or else they’ll just make certain you enter into your custom recovery alright once run that custom recovery all you have to do is just most likely to install and after that find that sprint diagnostic zip pick it and afterwards hit swiped a flash or a few of clockworkmod to confirm to set up as well as that’s it just struck reboot system to make sure that’s all you need to do no wipes required simply go in advance and also blink that zip allow it reboot I’ll be back okay currently as soon as your phone has actually booted most likely to your app cabinet and also simply double check that the Sprint diagnostics application is currently in your app drawer since that will certainly be required to write by hand write the prl to our device to inspect what prl version you get on you can really enter into setups scroll down go to about phone and after that you’ll wish to click on status and after that scroll down as well as you will certainly see prl variation right there the most recent is I believe 2500 nine I assume that’s the most recent prl variation so that’s.

more than likely what yours is mosting likely to claim however that’s just how you’re going to check your prl in the future alright so currently we’re mosting likely to require to download and install some PR else to do so click on the following web link in the description it’s in fact I think going to take you to my site as well as after that you’ll see a large download button click that and download and install the file and also as soon as you actually download that documents it’ll be called prl it’ll be a zip documents dual click that zip data and also inside you’ll see it claims it has actually a folder called prl simply click and also drag it over to your desktop computer as well as inside that prl folder i want to open it up you’ll see numerous public relations l’s the top for our verizon pressure roaming on verizon as well as the bottom one is the Sprint’s newest prl to obtain back to sprint’s network on their PR l so you’ll see that however what i want you men to do is get this folder and attach your Galaxy Nexus to your computer and just click as well as drag this folder onto the origin of your inner storage so simply click and drag it onto your storage of your phone and also as soon as you have actually done that you can go back to your phone so as soon as you have that folder on your tool with all the PR l’s inside of it you can go on and also return to.

your app cabinet and you’ll go into the sprint Diagnostics application and also when you remain in this application what you’re going to desire to do is most likely to public relations l manager so pick that and afterwards up on top you’ll see set prl folder at the end I highly suggest adding prl at the end since what you require to do that because we have that prl folder so just I think it establishes it to the course where it is by default simply the the origin of your inner storage just include prl at the as well as after an onward lower so include that prl as well as now what we can do is just proceed as well as pick best prl it really allows you know what your current prl is as well as inside it will reveal all of those public relations l’s that were inside that folder because we have actually directed this prl folder to that public relations up folder that we placed on our tool so you’ll see 1 2 3 1337 mod prl and also sprint most recent so in case you wish to return to the sprint prl pick that i do want to make a fast note that if you are mosting likely to use one of these verizon PR l’s any one of these for LTE is not mosting likely to work so you’re not mosting likely to if you’re in a 4G LTE location it will certainly not connect so simply kind of keep that in mind you may intend to simply adhere to the sprint prl if you remain in a sprint LTE area yet i’m not at the moment so i’m mosting likely to go in advance and choose the 0 1 337 mod prl since that’s what i’ve been making use of but once more you can examine them full blast on your own you’ll see up at the top I have.

absolutely no bars I’m in terrible service I will really obtain really spotty 3g also it occasionally does anything doesn’t also link so currently I’m going to go to 0 1337 mod as well as after that struck flash prl what that’s going to do is just compose the prl to our gadget and after that it will really reboot our radio so offer it a little bit of time you’ll see the signal bars are simply completely black now because it is restarting our radio all right and also it is done you’ll see present prl 1337 it has actually been transformed and also up on top you’ll see I currently have 3 out of four signal bars that has been enhanced as well as yeah so I mean you can check and go right into your settings and then most likely to concerning phone and after that go to condition as well as then check and also make certain you have that prl created to your phone but I indicate I can currently inform just by my signal bars simply due to the truth that I have absolutely no when I get on a sprint prl and now I’m pressure roaming so if I jump off my Wi-Fi network 3g should attach as well as i will certainly get on verizon’s 3g network also to ensure that’s simply something to remember it’s been working excellent for me so you’ll see i am now in 3g and also I have very great signals call quality is great now and I can now also utilize 3G information so there you go that would certainly be how to require roam on your sprint samsung galaxy nexus on verizon’s network so once again a good option for those of you like me that have definitely no signal and also awful sprint signal wherever you’re at and also once more I in fact turn off since I can obtain LTE so when I most likely to an LTE area I’ll actually switch.

my prl to the stock sprint one and after that use LTE when I come back residence I’ll switch back to the verizon PL because once more I can’t even make or obtain phone calls often on the sprint prl so that’s it ideally this aided you if you have any type of concerns do not hesitate to ask leave a comment make sure to subscribe to me also follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the video and as constantly many thanks for seeing make sure to give this a thumbs up alright i do not recognize if you individuals have actually remained this long however i did want to make show you people something real quick you will see this is actually my account I’ve in fact utilized more sprint 3g data roaming than I have actual simply sprint data the reason being due to the fact that when I’m out I really use LTE around my in my area where i go i’m always on LTE or else when i come residence i simply type in that verizon prl as well as stroll on verizon so there you have it showing you that it does work just great.

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