Multi-Window Mod on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II

every person Tim right here from Cuba King 77. com here to do a video showing you exactly how to get the multi-window mod on the sprint samsung galaxy note 2 this mod is going to enable you to include more applications with on your sidebar to utilize with multi home window so other applications that aren’t showing up are going to have the ability to be used with the multi window function so it’s a really amazing adjustment as well as it it’s not that tough you do need to be rooted so if you’re not rooted you need to go on and watch my video clip and exactly how to route due to the fact that there’s nothing else method to obtain this adjustment without being rooted or else though once rooted you can go on as well as click the web link in the description of the video clip clicking the web link in the summary of the video is going to take you to qbking 77. com where i’ve submitted the files required for you you’ll see what multi-window mod right here you’ll see you have to download buttons go on as well as click on both of them because we require to download and install both of these data yell out to josh beech for the DX prom and also shout out the Viper boy for the multi-window mod so make sure to go thank them as it’s an outstanding modification because both of them have put a great deal of infiltrate obtaining these things going anyways though i do intend to mention that if you are currently on ljc stock rooted which is what i get on you must

be able to install without cleaning data i’ll get to that in a little but if you get on a custom rom you could need to clean data to mount this it’s type of up to you on whether you wish to take the threat or not so just sort of maintain that in mind yet proceed and also download both of these zip documents and also move them over to your gadget once you have both of those documents on your device we are going to require to enter our personalized recovery whether it be clockworkmod or TWRP healing it does not matter however let it power off as soon as our phone has powered off proceed and press and hold quantity up the home button and also power switch all at the same time keep it held down up until the Samsung display illuminate as well as release as soon as that Samsung display brighten and also will certainly take us right into whatever custom-made recuperation you mounted I have group wintour recuperation my gadget so firstly everybody needs to do this if you have not done this most likely to the backup option and make a back-up you can set the back-up name to something like stock supply rooted so I know what I was at I’m gon na strike go and now you need to proceed and make this backup so see to it that you do have a backup the back-up does take a little bit of time I have not made one yet I had a reformat my inner SD card so I’m going to reprise a new

nandroid so make certain you’re doing this currently I’ll be back as soon as it’s done it does take a little bit of time alright so my nandroid backup achieves success you will certainly see I am currently done currently just proceed and counter doing it do not reboot your phone because we need to still do points in this custom-made healing after that proceed and hit back once again so currently that we have a nandroid back-up if anything goes wrong with this procedure simply proceed and hit the recover button as well as recover your nandroid back-up that you have made but now first off go on as well as most likely to the wipe alternative white food selection then go on and clean your cache which isn’t going to wipe any information so you do not have to stress over that so proceed and also clean your cache struck back and clean your dalvik cache as well and also strike back now strike back once more and afterwards inst go to install and also choose the d it extra ROM file that we downloaded that supply deodex rom zip pick it and hit swipe to validate flash this is going to proceed as well as mount the stock deodexed round that you were running previously so if you’re running a personalized rom as i pointed out earlier you i would not recommend mounting this without cleaning data this is just for if you’re just stock rooted on the ljc supply already because then you should be able to install it without wiping data so just kind of keep that in mind if you have any questions on whether you must be cleaning data or otherwise simply head out as well as leave a remark and also

allow me understand what your present setup gets on your note 2 i’ll allow you recognize but i’m going to let this rum complete the installment and i will be back great and also it is successful the ROM is done mounting currently I’m mosting likely to recommend you restarting your phone so simply go on and also reboot system and after that what you’re going to require to do when it restarts it must work fine if you have any type of problems whatsoever you’re mosting likely to require to bring back that nandroid backup that you did make so just kind of maintain that mind if anything’s force closing or anything like that you may have to bring back that andrea back up and after that you may have to clean information to mount this d a message so simply type of keep that mind however when it boots up and every little thing’s working fine then proceed and also go back right into our custom-made recovery so I’m going to allow it start up I’m mosting likely to power back off as well as after that return right into our customized healing alright so we are back in our custom recovery it booted simply great i opened up some applications and also i was working simply fine so I was totally stock as well as after I flashed that the EDX rom I had no issues whatsoever so now we can go on and also set up the alteration itself we can go on as well as go to white most likely to money as well as clean that once that’s done cleaning going it back and also then go to del the money and wipe that also now we can simply proceed and it back

go back again currently most likely to the set up menu as well as go in advance and also find that mod that we downloaded the multi-window mod go ahead as well as choose that zip file and after that go on as well as hit swipe to verify flash shouldn’t take long in all as you see currently simply struck reboot system and we ought to be able to it must reboot and after that we must have the multi window mod mounted that ought to be it it ought to function just great if you have any problems as I said bring back that nandroid back-up that we made yet various other than that it ought to function simply fine I’m gon na go in advance as well as allow this boot it will take it a little much longer simply as like when the ROM first install it simply take a bit longer than usual yet i’ll be back to reveal you people the new mod that we have great and we are back currently it booted simply great whatever seems to be functioning excellent so now we have the multi home window mod on our gadget so allow’s go on and also just attempt it out press as well as hold that back arrowhead you will see our drawer on the side appear but you will certainly also notice that every one of the applications that we have set up get on the side right here so you will if you can modify that so just most likely to the edit switch if you don’t want certain ones allow’s claim i do not want sprint worldwide there i do not want Sprint’s on there I don’t want supersu there just for examples I do not desire those there so I can move them out of the method so I don’t need to have every single application on the side I can remove

certain ones so let’s simply go on as well as try the multi-window enough so I did intended to reveal you men something it’s actually really remarkable so you will see I’m linked to sprint 4G LTE now they did simply upgrade towers yesterday I did some rate examinations as well as they’re actually really good so allow’s go ahead and also try utilizing this rate test application allow’s claim wow I goes through the examination I intend to go on as well as check xbox so we can go on and simply start the test with speed examination and we can go as well as sign-in to xbox online and while it’s signing into Xbox it need to be running our rate examination you can go ahead as well as see what it appears like you can not truly scroll while it’s doing the examination yet you also observe that you can do two applications that aren’t indicated for multi home window at one time you can change your the size of them so you will certainly see right below examine that rates out 40 megabits per 2nd download divine cow I haven’t even saw it obtaining that high it hasn’t obtained that high yet that’s the very best examination I have carried out in it’s 7pm so check that out 40 megabits per 2nd download as well as 11 megabits per second upload on sprint 4G LTE I’m mosting likely to restart the test and we can return to our Xbox application while it’s doing going through the test there’s some spotlight you can there’s me come and examine out the games I’ve played I truly have only

played halo I do not even possess an xbox right now so i will be acquiring one soon yet I’ve only been really playing halo so today let’s go ahead and also go back to our examination and there we go look at that to ensure that really had not been a fluke 34-point 37 megabits per 2nd and 12 megabits per secondly up that’s insane so I don’t recognize why it’s not allowing me scroll yet simply clearly it’s not produced multi home window so you’re gon na have perhaps a little insects like that where you can not scroll certain applications however remarkable so multi home window functions fantastic plainly 4G LTE is functioning fantastic as well I can not wait to obtain Wi-Fi secure going i’m still waiting on that i also did want to attempt playing a game truly rapidly so allow’s go in advance and i downloaded and install angry birds so we can attempt that out so we’ll see just how playing a game functions i’m not exactly sure just how it’s mosting likely to manage it obviously it will certainly be require to be straight allow’s go in advance and attempt it out i have not tried this yet so I’m in fact rather interested to see exactly how it’s going to work so resembles the screen is staying really tiny I don’t recognize why it’s not going horizontally there goes so go in advance and also hit play and we will certainly try it out see if it works alright so that functions just fine check that out and also look it up it resembles switching over sort of it makes it stop briefly so since you’re clicking out of the application it’s going to make it stop briefly just an also huge of an offer it makes good sense undoubtedly if you’re going to click out of an application you kind of desire it to stop briefly yet you will see that you can

multitask simply fine if I intended to open up another thing such as a calculator as well as proceed as well as throw that on there and also it looks like I’ll need to expand it see if they broaden it complete to make use of the calculator in a straight setting yet I learn that though having fun game functions just great with multi window there’s sort of some I desired to try out because certainly you couldn’t try it out in the past without the multi-window mod yet there you have it so that’s just the some cool attributes of the multi-window mod on your sprint samsung galaxy note 2 if you have any kind of concerns feel complimentary to ask just leave a remark make certain to subscribe also you can follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all web links will certainly be in the summary of the video clip below and as always thanks for viewing be sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up I’ll prior to I did finish allow’s try taking a photo I can proceed and simply it looks like the buttons not even turning up so I kind of need to obtain it full screen anyways just to take an image however you can still multi charged with multi window and also take images so extremely amazing there but that’s it thanks individuals

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