How to Root the Samsung Epic 4G Touch on FI27 ICS

everybody Tim right here from qbking 77. com below to do a video demonstrating how to root your sprint samsung impressive 4g discuss the most recent build f I 27 Gelato Sandwich firstly you’re going to desire to double check and make certain you get on that expense to proceed and press food selection most likely to setups scroll down most likely to regarding phone and also under concerning phone under develop number right here you will certainly see near the bottom it does let you know what you go to the last 4 numbers is what your develop number is so you’ll see I am f I 27 so that is just how you’re going to root this version this is an over-the-air upgrade being pressed these gadgets it need to come out quickly so if you’re not on it yet do not review you have a video revealing just how to root down f.h 13 or FF 18 if you’re on that develop I can connect to that in the summary if you ‘d like that otherwise allow’s go on and also get this thing rooted first of all what you’re mosting likely to need to do is go ahead as well as click the link in the description of the video and once you click on the link it will certainly take you to this web site right here proceed and also scroll down shout out to garwin in addition to sex tape are wilco 12 ray motorsports SF center

and any individual else included in getting this going for us so you will certainly see fi 27 rootstock go ahead as well as scroll down maintain scrolling down as well as we are mosting likely to require to download a file right below number two first of all see to it you do have actually the drivers installed on your computer so for number one it claims set up Samsung SP Android chauffeurs simply click this web link download it and also mount the motorists to your PC once you’ve done that you’re going to need to download another file you will see download and install the FI 27 one click wow I did not suggest to do that sorry regarding that however anyways second you have a couple of options so currently we are mosting likely to make certain you require to download the proper option so you have a reset customer data and also a maintain user date at the top to the initial two are rooted so you’ll see in the documents name it does claim rooted so ensure you’ll understand so the rooted ones are rooted supply is is undoubtedly stock not rooted so pick the rooted one as well as you want it to state preserve individual information so this is going to enable you to rule your construct and also keep every one of your data so clearly you’re not mosting likely to do if I to reset if you do intend to mount fi 27 as well as you’re out fi 27 I do suggest the reset user information option however otherwise download this preserve customer information downloaded from either one of these mirrors so click on that documents download it it’ll download to your

downloads folder once it is done downloading and install proceed as well as most likely to your desktop really so proceed and also navigate to your desktop right click and also strike brand-new and afterwards produce a new folder so right-click hit brand-new folder as well as go on and also call it fi 27 course you don’t need to call it that but that’s what I advise calling it even if you recognize precisely what it is so currently let’s inhabit this folder so go to your downloads once again where you have actually downloaded that that documents that one click root documents that is called right here I in fact downloaded and install the rooted one that reset information so my day is going to be reset yet your must state rooted no data I just rename the documents name to resemble yours so need to claim rooted no data so it’s mosting likely to maintain individual information just double click on it and then proceed and hit run currently it’s an extracting archive so go in advance as well as strike this dot dot populate right here and afterwards go on and also locate the folder that you simply developed on your desktop computer so scroll down and also locate that fi 27 root folder you just made select it as well as hit alright and afterwards just hit essence now what’s going to do is run through and also remove all the essential data into that fi 27 folder that we just made so let it do that I’ll be back alright and when that is done simply proceed and also minimize your download screen as well as go ahead as well as double click on that folder that we created that fi 27 origin folder double-click on it and you inside you’ll see one more folder called Odin OC so

double-click on that 02 NOC folder you’ll see this application right here double click it and it will open our Odin one click alternatives so right here it is e for GFI 27 origin recover yours will claim something different if you are maintaining individual data mind says root bring back due to the fact that I am resetting my user information so just sort of maintain that in mind otherwise though let’s proceed and obtain our phone configuration so get your legendary 4g touch and also what we’re going to require to do is power it on down we need to power it off because we require to enter into something called download or odin mode so allow this turned off and when fully powered off we’re going demand to enter into that download setting to do so press as well as hold volume down and power button at the very same time maintain them both held down and also after that a display ought to appear that’s a warning screen so go in advance as well as press volume approximately proceed as well as pick that currently it’s putting you right into download mode currently as soon as you remain in download mode go in advance as well as order your mini USB cable that is linked into your computer as well as plug it on right into your tool currently you must see in our Odin one click a yellow box turn up that ought to state come and after that a number it does not matter what that number is simply see to it a yellow box turns up and states calmness that lets you know Odin recognizes your tool if you’re having any kind of concerns with

Odin or having any kind of troubles with running this the main culprit is usually the cord so try a various cable you can attempt reinstalling chauffeurs you can attempt various USB ports so those are the primary fixing steps when making use of odin or a node and also one click so maintain that in mind before you do ask any kind of inquiries make certain you try all those fixing actions currently once it it does have a yellow box there just go ahead and also strike the start switch and also now what it’s going to do is gone through as well as just totally root your tool you will see a green progression bar entering our own one click and I believe a blue progression bar on our tool itself it will certainly take a little bit of time so you are going to need to be patient make certain you do not unplug the device in any way you’ll see this little blue bar start this progress bar beginning on the gadget itself a green one on Odin so I’m going to go on as well as allow it go through awhile and also I will certainly be back when it obtains closer to completing alright so it’s just ending up you’ll see my display did shut down I never ever have my computer going to sleep setting but see to it your computer system does not enter into any type of rest setting or anything like that you do not desire that to take place but it’s just completing up my modem if he does obtain stuck on something or anything like that attempt those fixing actions I mentioned earlier in the video clip that would be the first point you will certainly require to do if you have problems okay as well as you’ll see it states reset pass it will automatically reboot your legendary 4g touch passes

letting you know it is done so you can disconnect your device if you would love to once it says past you do not need to connect into your computer system anymore your phone might go into this healing but it might not I believe if you don’t if you do not wipe data utilize the information reset choice it’s not going to do this so do not be distressed if it does not go into that display however or else I’m mosting likely to let it boot up again this did reset my information your should not if you selected the alternative to preserve user information so just type of keep that in mind that’s why mine is going to resemble it is a manufacturing facility reset but otherwise your should not maintain your information or else let’s most likely to my phone now when this boots up alright so my phone has actually simply booted back up it’s taking a bit longer than normal the boot up just since my day that they obtain reset but currently what you can do is proceed and also most likely to your application cabinet and also inside your app cabinet you should see an application called super individual right there that needs to now exist you can try any various other path application currently you can download origin check from the Play Shop if you want to simply to check and also see to it you’re rooted if origin check claims you’re not rooted you may wish to go on as well as go through this process once more yet that’s it so you are currently rooted on fi 27 gelato sandwich if you have any type of concerns do not hesitate to ask simply leave a comment make certain to subscribe to me too be doing videos on just how to set up clockworkmod and also various other numerous video clips so make certain to subscribe follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all links to be in the description to you listed below as constantly thanks make sure to offer a thumbs up

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