JellyBomb JellyBean Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

everyone came below from Cuba King 77. com here to do a testimonial video clip of the jelly bomb jelly bean ROM on your sprint samsung galaxy s3 i do have a video clip revealing how to mount this ROM I will certainly connect to that in the description of the video if you recognize with the jelly bomb dominance ROM that was an Ice Cream Sandwich based round this rom is based on the most recent TouchWiz dripped jelly bean ROM I think a lie H on your sprint samsung galaxy s3 to start with you are welcomed with choices with different launchers you have TouchWiz home peak and nova peak and Nova are both be made extra like stack AOSP you will certainly see the suitable row button is themed however then you get your straight app cabinet very same with Nova also they’re both really comparable they just have numerous settings different tweaks that you can make and also you also touch his house which would be the supply launcher that features the jelly bean ROM or else one point you’ll observe is that this rum is incredibly themed and it goes with it more of a dark look with black and blue to it as you can inform by simply the home screen this would certainly be the wallpaper that features the ROM you will certainly likewise see when you go to your app drawer lots of practically all of the symbols are all themed with that said great blue want to it so he has done an excellent task taking time and theming of those whether it’s Google Pocketbook

Pandora Wi-Fi secure calculator all these application icons are all themed to have an extra blue appearance to it to accompany the theme itself we can go in advance and also draw this down go to setups you will see the setups menu is themed it’s a good dark look with that blue// scroll glow we can go to regarding tool you’ll see Android 4.1 factor one jellybean build number jelly bomb dominance JB leak this is variation 4.1 point absolutely no this does have one insect as well as I’m certain it will certainly be repaired this evening it is October 9th today to make sure that is when this video clip will certainly be uploaded so the this bug could be taken care of by the time you do watch this video clip and download this when you go into more setups as well as enter into mobile networks it will actually force close the phone application that it’s simply the only pest that that is in this rom right now so you’ll see regrettably com android phone has stopped and there you have it to ensure that’s the only problem right now with this rom i’m certain the bug will be squashed soon we have a look at the alert pull down bar up at the leading you’ll see all the icons are all themed you have a nice circle mah battery symbol blue signal bars blue 3g symbol blue alarm system symbol blue vibration symbol and you’ll additionally see the clock is centered

it’s not on the ideal side it’s best in the middle there you can pull down the notice bar you will certainly see it takes down it overlaps all the symbols and such within it as you draw down you obtain to see every one of them up at the top below you have a lot of various toggles I believe 15 toggles with all your typical Wi-Fi information Bluetooth GPS flashlight you can turn on your LED light as well as you’ll see that functioned just great turning that on hotspot brightness airplane setting rotation timeout black screen you can reboot as well as close down as well you can edit those I’ll reach that in just a second yeah it currently includes working increasing notifications in the decline down bar as you saw in one of my testimonial video clips with the various other jellybean leakage couldn’t do the basic two finger up as well as down you actually had to squeeze in as well as out which is I don’t recognize why Samsung consisted of that today you can actually use the common two finger up and down which will certainly reduce as well as make best use of certain notifications you can additionally squeeze in and also pinch out that method functions also so good that you have both of those options whichever one you’re more comfortable utilizing on just used to doing the two-finger it backwards and forwards which is what I have actually always utilized on any other phone with jellybean likewise allowed’s state you get a mms or you take a.

screenshot home switch and also power switch is screenshot press as well as hold it and also after that it does take a screenshot this is very similar to when you obtain an image message it does give a fast preview of that photo right there you can also pin chin and lessen that screenshot or maximize it it’s up to you you can share a screenshot or you can respond to whatever photo message you did receive otherwise however in regards to applications not just are the symbols style certain applications are themed you’ll see facebook undoubtedly you’re not gon na have these jellybeans floating around it is extra dark black and also blue look to the facebook application I’m not mosting likely to check in however that is themed additionally google talk is got a great darker look to it too you can most likely to our web browser up at the top you obtained dark a dark appearance up on top but otherwise you do have the new jelly bean internet browser that’s included with the leak jelly bean ROM oh the Play Store is additionally themed it does claim mark it on there so get a little nostalgia there with it being named the market as opposed to the Play Store but that is themed you get a great more more dark look as well as you additionally see those filling symbols are also a little various so there’s our wonderful themed play store allow’s go.

in advance and also have a look at how you can modify those alert panels up on top that I stated you can most likely to your apps as well as you’ll see a quick panel settings application enter into it and you can transform which switches turn up so every one of them are checked by default but let’s claim you don’t make use of several of them allow’s say you don’t use bluetooth or airplane mode or closed down or reboot you can uncheck those and immediately bluetooth is gone there disappears closed closed down or reboot alternative you can riffle of them along with they utilize positioning the most you can put that towards the top which gets place right up there as well as you’ll see rotation obtain to rectify up at the beginning today so that’s how you can tinker those different alert toggles up on top once again there are various other numerous applications that are motifs such as the video player that is themed the google talk google messenger that is all themed i think the video camera application is themed it is so you’ll see those icons are all themed there are a couple others I believe the Gmail application is themed too we can go in advance and also jump into that you’ll see that is got a great genuine dark want to it i love it when they’re upside down and have a wonderful darker looked which will certainly assist in saving battery the rate of this rom is amazing i have actually been running it awhile now and also it’s incredibly quick it’s absolutely one of the fastest roms i have run i have not encounter any kind of lag concerns this is your recent running applications window you can swipe away.

applications that you do not desire on there you can push the garbage can you obtained google currently right below which will fill up when you go to it i haven’t set it up yet myself but if for those of you that do like google currently you can you can say yes I remain in and afterwards pack it on up I do have a video clip discussing awesome things you can ask Google now however if I intended to check one out what’s the weather like in Austin Texas ok so 70 degrees overcast in Austin google now functioning fantastic one more cool one I such as to use is when sending out a sms message so i can claim send out a text to google hello just how are you? so it lots up google’s phone number it states hey exactly how are you i can just hit send message and afterwards it will go on and also say sending out down near the bottom and i believe it’ll just send the message i can enter into the messaging application to check that up at the leading you will see google there and also there you go so hey just how are you being sent out right to Google they responded immediately so this would be the messaging application which has some nice symbols there you can also most likely to get in message you’ll additionally see you have actually a themed keyboard there which is i believe the jellybean key-board which is all themed you can proceed and attach an image video clip take image all the common things yet it is themed.

keeping that nice black and also blue appearance which goes quite possibly with the entire rom itself aside from that when you press as well as hold the power button you do have a various type of food selection here you have mute vibrate noise you can pick whichever when you want you additionally have a reboot food selection or you can reboot ha boot download or recovery you have those choices also but besides that that’s practically every little thing i did intend to cover if you’ll certainly allow me know you think about this wrong if you’re running it just has that little pest hopefully that will certainly be repaired soon definitely stay tuned for that to be repaired if that’s troubling you at all otherwise go ahead as well as check out this ROM it’s definitely running extremely smoothly points seem to be great if you have any kind of concerns really feel complimentary to ask just leave a remark or else make certain to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all likes to be in the summary 3 listed below as constantly thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up.

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