Leaked Stock Touchwiz Jelly Bean Rom on the Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

hi everyone can be king 77 here from the air conditioner distribute style below to do an evaluation video clip on the leaked stock TouchWiz jelly bean ROM on the galaxy s3 this is the sprint galaxy s3 the dripped jelly bean ROM is really leaked to the t-mobile galaxy s3 but good developer min has really ported it over to the sprint galaxy s3 so I can go on and assess it on the sprint one practically everything is working the only pests actually is image messaging it’s not functioning so you’re not going to get mms to work I’ve tried to obtain it to function yet I can not screen alignment is likewise messed up as well as you likewise have the web browser being a little picky so keep that in mind so right now some things I do want to show you naturally I desire to show that it gets on jelly beans i’m going to go on as well as go right into setups scroll down most likely to about device as well as you will certainly see my android variation 4.1 factor one right there you additionally see model number SGH t959 t9 from t-mobile that galaxy s3 on tmobile so once again that’s why it appears like that but anyways promptly tap an android variation and you will see you obtained android 4.1 factor one jellybean get that nice little easter egg

you can press some jelly beans around on that screen right there so there you have it that’s just that little little easter egg attribute however to reveal you that the accelerometer and the display positioning is ruined it is inverted in fact so you’ll see when i placed it such as this it reveals the screen inverted as well as when i go like this it shows that upside-down to make sure that’s sort of a a bug where you can not really use your phone in landscape mode because it obtains put upside down which is a little bit unfavorable as well as also mms does not work when you enter into the messaging application you’ll see i was sending myself some text messages however when you enter into it you will certainly see it just remains on that filling display i attempted sending with go SMS as well and it did not work however you see texting jobs fine once more yet you’re just not going to get incoming or out picture messages so maintain that in mind I imply that’s type of a major point to maintain individuals away from utilizing this is that you can not send out or obtain photo messages or else though black display I basically the very same lock screen touch anywhere you got that causal sequence oops and also but you also have a new little function down at the bottom you have 5 icons rather than bore so you can include some more shortcuts down there of training course you can take down the

alert where while you are locked we do have a new notification draw down bar so i’m mosting likely to proceed and draw that down now up on top you will certainly see you do have a little bit various aim to it you have the time the top left-hand edge and the day as well as the day also you have the Setups button right in the upper appropriate hand edge you know some brand-new toggles again these this could be different based on which galaxy s3 gets the upgrade occasionally they make a little different tweaks depending upon what service provider around so kind of keep that in mind however you’ll see they include a driving setting right there so you obtained a little bit of a various appearance to it once more you have the brightness up and down you can change it how you want or you can place it on auto if you would like to as well you can remove your notices down near the bottom right here certainly you have the new jelly bean design notification system where you can expand as well as sneak peek some messages whether you obtain sms message photo messages or you’ll additionally see e-mails right here I obtain some sneak peeks they got 40 I require to react to tonight to ensure that’s most likely what i’ll be doing tonight you likewise see it does have google now i’ll obtain to that in a second which is terrific but yeah so for instance if undoubtedly because i can’t.

show you guys mms working because it does not function i’m going to take a screenshot actual fast volume down as well as power i think it was nope not on the galaxy s3 sorry regarding that it’s residence switch and also power button at the same time that takes the screenshot and also once it saves the screenshot you will certainly see this is what an incoming mms would certainly look like it would reveal a fast sneak peek of the image as well as you can also pin chin and reduce that that image too so i just a little amazing feature of jelly bean with these new alerts certainly you can still swipe it away to obtain rid of it obtain rid of specific ones or hit clear to remove every one of them when you begin to draw down the notice bar you will see it starts to dim the display the further down that you go that’s a good little neat feature and also you likewise see when you pull up the notification bar it just covers the alerts it does not like quit there as well as after that push them up it covers every one of them to make sure that’s just a little different visual seek to it I will link to where you can get this rom if you want to run it in the summary you need to have the ability to just wipe data cache delva money and mount the ROM I do once again intend to provide a massive proclaim two minutes I wish I’m stating it best my an amazing designer that got this ported over to the sprint galaxy s3 so big chance at and also neglecting it ported over so it’s really wonderful once again one.

thing he recommends if you do choose to run this construct is to go right into setups designer alternatives and after that hit disable HW overlays so that’s something he does suggest make sure that that is inspected this set little quick point that he suggests or else though 3G information is going to work LTE should work also I can not check it myself but you will see you can most likely to mobile networks and also go into network mode and you can change it to LTE CDMA so LTE ought to function also 3g was functioning i get on Wi-Fi currently however again it does still include s voice you will certainly see that in your app drawer it does include s voice where is it there it is so you have s voice you’ll also discover in the setups it has a separate area for voice which is the S voice settings so you’ll notice that there are is simply kind of a various thing you can alter your voice recognizer from Samsung power bi blingo or Google so you can alter it in between the google voice recognizer as well as s voice as well to make sure that’s type of trendy you can alter voice search too you can alter search settings these are all primarily Google mouse setups and also such yet yeah I suggest you can press as well as hold the residence button and also you will see you obtain that recent running applications list is really extremely smooth right there you can swipe away points that you don’t desire there you likewise see you have a wastebasket that obtains rid.

of all of them you also have this G and you have job supervisor G is google map so you can really push on the home switch most likely to G and it raises the cards from google currently you’ll see the white sox are winning one to 0 alright brings up some climate as well naturally you can claim things that you would like to appear like its pressure closing I’m not specifically certain why simply claims she’ll has been granted superuser consents I don’t recognize what’s taking place right here I imply it can it’s clearly the ROM might absolutely have insects as it is just a port so we will see if i can obtain this going so let’s try it once more press and also hold the residence switch go to the G ought to raise Google now let’s attempting what’s the climate like in chicago illinois in 79 degrees and overcast in chicago there you go so you got google now functioning once more just that a person little insect where it did force close on me not too large of a handle my viewpoint again this is just a port yet it’s good that with the jelly bean update to the galaxy s3 you will obtain google now so that’s something wonderful because certainly every person simulates google now in that new google search that you do have you have an amazing i do not recognize if this is t mobile particular yet i did see an a widget an amazing dialer widget so so if you wish to make a phone call let’s say i want to call 888 5460 314 and also hit the dial button it ought to make the call for you as well as there you go so it’s making a phone call certainly calls do work with this port once again i simply pointed out all the bugs that things that didn’t function however yeah so the call works great once more that was the incoming call display so you can do that straight from a widget which is actually cool.

sadly with the stock touch was releasing you still can’t drag and go down applications on one another you have to turn up here and strike produce folder which isn’t regrettable you likewise notice i bear in mind that when you press and held an icon the garbage can would be where the application cabinet was yet instead is up right here now so simply a bit various again I don’t recognize if that’s t-mobile particular or if it’s going to be on other service providers also it undoubtedly relies on what Samsung decides to do and also what’s the different service providers would such as out of Samsung too that’s almost it for changes though that i have actually seen myself generally i attempted to check out as well as discover as many as possible once again the browser is a little buggy so type of keep that in mind so if i wanted to pack up a discontinue and the kit web you’ll see you got ta back and forward switch up there once again you can set up brand-new tabs you can open up an incognito tab however the browser does appear to be working penalty yet guys did discuss that it is finicky as well so sort of maintain that mind you could intend to try Google Chrome or dolphin web browser or something like that if you have an inadequate experience with the stock browser however yeah I mean it seems to pack up the pages quickly and you can scroll via as well as such fast another fast.

note remember the S voice little hack where you type of wish to alter points so what you can do is in fact enter into setups and after that you wish to uncheck launch s voice by dual pushing the residence trick if that’s.
something you don’t make use of due to the fact that doing that is actually mosting likely to allow the residence switch to respond faster so you’ll see when you enter into applications like the web browser and also press the house button it will respond a bit quicker it is it is recognizable to make sure that’s simply something to bear in mind I did do a video clip on that particular earlier yet that’s simply something I wished to state and also mention to you individuals besides that it’s about everything I did intend to cover you will see super user after it is pre rooted so yep just a quick little upgrade as well as preview of the stock TouchWiz jelly bean ROM on the galaxy s3 you need to allow me understand what you assume be certain to leave a comments be sure to subscribe too follow me at facebook twitter google+ all web links to be in the summary below and as constantly many thanks for be certain to provide this video a thumbs up.

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