Odexed Blue Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

hey everybody q came to be 77 right here from the AC syndicate team below to do a complete evaluation video of the odexed blue rom on my sprint samsung galaxy s3 really thrilled to show off this rom I have actually been running it basically all day today I blinked it yesterday which is actually when I made the how-to video which I do have I can connect to if you individuals desire to know exactly how to install it so you can inspect that out yet anyways if you guys had an epic 4g touch you know with this rom because he made one of this for one of these roms for the legendary 4g touch it was terrific but anyways this is a most definitely a blue themed drum politeness of strong Steve he always suches as to make his roms odexed which is there’s DX tenho text some claim DX is faster some claim 0 messages quicker I do not actually desire to enter into the argument but anyways it’s in fact harder to edit and style odexed roms so shout out to him for doing that anyways allow’s proceed as well as enter it settings scroll down concerning tool as well as we get on android 4.0 factor 4 and we aren’t on solid steve-o decks blue right there 1.1 LG 8 it is based off the most up to date over-the-air upgrade LG 8 it is a TouchWiz

based run you’ll see today you got some incredible blue/ scroll radiance wonderful blue setups symbols right over there you’ll see does an excellent job at theming his runs this background is actually a custom background sent to me by a great close friend as well as pork he has made it for me you’ll see it’s a personalized Cuba King 77 history undoubtedly you’re not going to have this when you install it’s actually a a few other blue history yet anyways does not have display why’s he pretty much have the the supply lock screen you can customize shortcuts etc launcher you do have I think it is apex launcher and also nova nova launcher sorry about that guys you have nova launcher which is very smooth he did a terrific task at making this run exceptionally smooth i really get no lag whatsoever gmail application is themed you’ll see black and also blue right there I suggest certainly if you’re not a fan of blue inform his room so you’ll see got all my Eve nice YouTube remarks a little behind on the commons 248 must obtain to a few of those tonight anyways though up on top let’s go on as well as look into that status bar right there nice blue clock you have a great blue battery icon there’s actually a mod for a various battery icon if you don’t like this one in the initial article of the string so I can connect or undoubtedly I’ll link to that for you individuals so just what you can do is just flash it mount it

with clockwork mind you can wipe cache and dalvik cache before you install it you’ll be good so you can do that if you would certainly like I’ll actually most likely do that after I make this video clip wonderful blue signal bars a wonderful blue Wi-Fi symbol together with even more blue icons up there proceed as well as take down the notice bar you’ll see undoubtedly blue more blue you’ll see some wonderful blue symbols up there when chosen the illumination bar here is blue too I got the next android individual down there going on it is semi-transparent you can kind of translucent it but not truly so total an extremely nice wealth tidy themed notification bar there apart from that though I mean you’ll have a bike on Vapor you’ll see calculator I would assume that you see that steamed a little schedule electronic camera icon is themed you’ll see some of the symbols down below are themed also allow me proceed and also switch over there and there we go so you’ll see the button there is themed blue various other points gallery that the symbols theme web web browser the stack web browser yet it has a themed themed symbol right there to appear like the AOSP style gmail symbols obviously themed naturally messaging symbol is themed the Play Store in fact he altered it to state the marketplace so Gil nostalgia go on if you keep in mind when it was called me android market which wasn’t as well lengthy ago so I wish you to remember these supply

Samsung music players symbol has altered so I mean it has actually a good themed Wi-Fi tether application to you’ll observe that so total an extremely themed rom looks really terrific the nice blue want to it dialer wise you have an excellent motif dialer you’ll see here very amazing you can really obtain some phone call recording while in a call allow’s go on as well as make a phone call so you can see what it resembles in call so you can hit document there I think it tape-records your inner sd card if I had to presume I have not attempted it yet however there you go so there’s your incall display right there extremely nice overall terrific dialer fantastic theming there the messaging application is themed i believe which it is so allow’s go in advance as well as inspect it out so you’ll see i mounted the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard on my very own let’s go on as well as text google and also say hi there the bubbles right here are themed on your own clearly so you’re mosting likely to have to tinker those on your very own so otherwise though I imply it’s very fast believe me it’s a very smooth rom every little thing has actually been really well-versed and quick I haven’t it truly any type of leg issues batteries been excellent too it’s been a little much better than stock to make sure that’s what you go with in iram you have the jelly I think you have the jelly bean computer animations allow’s go on not sort of you have extra gelato sandwich computer animations the stock

computer animations quite much so you have actually obtained that going on you have the 1x + 3g essentially adjustment so when you actually obtain 1x speeds it will certainly switch over to 1x and also when you obtain 3G rates it will most likely to 3G so you’ll see you got a great blue 3g symbol there up on top lights up blue allow’s claim I wished to open up a websites you’ll see the icons brighten blue as well so very awesome really wonderful motif or guy i’m a i’m really a follower of the blue then i stated looks offer it an a/c blue seek to it yet i’m in fact a quite huge follower of it it looks great you’ll see draw down alerts you got nice blue symbols I mean everything looking that black and also blue feel to it which I such as obviously you might not be a follower which is an individual point of view obviously so once more i’m in fact a follower of this round i’ve been running all of it day as i said as well as it’s it’s been extremely great so you’re definitely gon na have to inspect it out specifically if you’re seeking a steady rom this has no pests whatsoever everything ought to work simply great you eliminate some noises no cam seems no screenshot sounds in any way so you don’t have to fret around

those fortunately anyways that’s truly concerning it it’s all I want to reveal you
people allow you people understand about this amazing rum odex blue courtesy of strong Steve so be certain to thank him however again I suggest flipping with all these pages everything is extremely smooth through your app drawer via
your widgets through your pay is whatever is very quick and also stylish so definitely take a look at Oh Dex Blue Room especially if you’re a fan of blue press and also hold the power switch you got some reboot alternatives if you hit restart reboot quick reboot download Odin mode as well as recuperation so you got some alternatives there to go promptly into specific things which is wonderful but aside from that though you’re absolutely sufficient let me recognize you believe if you similar to this blue if you do not what you think about the ROM you must leave a comment be certain to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google And also all web links will remain in the description of the below and also as always many thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up

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