Paranoid Android JB Rom on the Google Nexus 7 [REVIEW]

everybody can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate group right here to do a full testimonial video clip of the paranoid android rom on your google nexus 7 tablet computer and also you have a video revealing you how to mount this ROM if you want to I can link to that in the description of the video clip however otherwise let’s go ahead and obtain right into it so right now when you mount a rom you’ll see it looks a little various right off the bat it does basically put you in complete tablet computer setting where you do not have a pull down bar up at the leading as well as you now have 3 switches in the lower left hand corner back home and also current running applications in the bottom right-hand man corner you have the time allowing you understand you get on Wi-Fi and also battery symbol too you can tap on that as well as you’ll see it pulls this little symbol up down right here let’s go in advance and inspect that out so you’ll see this little symbol allows you understand the moment the day as well as which Wi-Fi network you you are connected to you’ll see I’m connected to my phone presently and you can click on the Settings switch and it raises some toggles for you a bunch of various toggles that you can I believe edit and also change which I’ll get to in a second yet you’ll see it raises all these toggles and you can also go right right into settings something when you do obtain an alert you’ll see it’ll turn up down here it’ll bring up a little spot letting you know you have a.

notification normally you can touch on that particular alert and also it will certainly go directly to it otherwise you can touch in the lower right here and also it will certainly show notices down right here I simply do not have any at the minute to show yet once again you can enter into even more setups and raises all these toggles all these different toggles you can go directly into settings and also you will certainly see immediately it looks it looks different you’ll notice that naturally it is established pertains to skip on Wi-Fi setups as well as you’ll see on the right here it shows my Wi-Fi settings without having to go in between 2 different screens to make sure that makes things quicker so it’ll reveal Bluetooth if I most likely to more it brings up all the much more options here you can scroll it left wing certainly go to regarding tablet computer if I want to which makes whatever extremely quickly due to the fact that you do not need to wait for it to switch in between displays go back as well as forth in between screens because it generally pulls every up on the fly right here just on the ideal side there which is is outstanding so when I most likely to regarding tablet you will see it is is Android 4.1 jelly bean right there naturally paranoid android letting you understand you’re running the paranoid android rom it does clearly it is jelly bean i’m not mosting likely to discuss so there’s an alert right down there allowing you recognize i do have some e-mails you’ll see it appeared the alert as well as then it goes away and also then i can touch down here as well as you’ll see it reveals the notices there right there i can lessen and also optimize it right there as well i could swipe it away if I don’t intend to see it as well so simply a little quick attribute of the notices there but I don’t want to discuss a lot of.

jellybeans attributes as you guys need to recognize with them since you can look into my testimonial video clip as i discuss various other jellybean functions but you need to be acquainted with jelly bean by currently in your nexus 7 tablet computer so i’m simply going to look at them some awesome attributes of the rom itself in fact so you’ll see user interface alternatives these are really the great brand-new features of the rom itself so you have of training course some launcher settings where you can click on house display you can change the grid side you can shut off the search bar you can have it receipt you can resize any widget scroll wallpaper show web page signs a number of different signs and such so a bunch of alternatives within your house screen you have some cabinet alternatives also accompany apps show web page sign as well as discolor indicator you have some general settings also automobile revolve display so you can have it so the home screen automobile rotates which i like to carry on on my tablet so you’ll see i can actually have it turn as well as it functions horizontally so very great there an additional wonderful little attribute there of this rom that you can auto turn the house display of course you can not do that by default on the supply rom allow’s go back right into those setups though so promptly jump back right into those setups and also i desire to enter into more allow’s enter into the lock screen setups so obviously by default you have the typical lock display with unlock going anywhere and afterwards you have google currently up over I.

can get the google since second it works wonderful so otherwise though you have screen security of background you have battery status so you can have it show the battery standing on your lock display which I to have see you’ll see it says discharging sixty-six percent right there to ensure that’s type of wonderful you can have it show some owner info you can have it display some weather condition you can have a display climate if you ‘d like you can uncheck usage statistics if you don’t desire it to reveal the statistics you can have schedule and slider shortcuts so slider faster ways is essentially allowing you recognize that you can generally appear between these and also add some shortcuts so if I intended to include one down here I can i choose vacant and pick an application other things as well tasks as well as such let’s state I go to my gmail application a whole lot which is generally what i utilize my tablet computer for the most is probably gmail so i go on as well as strike okay and you’ll see up on top i need to hit save so you can conserve those lock screen shortcuts i switch off the display as well as that you’ll see down there there’s my gmail application comes right up directly from the lock screen which is fantastic so those are a few other needs lock screen faster ways that you do have again I believe weather condition needs to turn up you’ll see no data touch to rejuvenate all it takes a little of time to rejuvenate on its very own so just endure that whether it doesn’t pack up as soon as possible so you’ll see likewise style choices you can go ahead and attempt and download and install just Google.

cm10 motifs from the play store as well as experiment with some new styles whoops didn’t indicate to go to that once more currently you have system settings here where you have some status bar setups show clock and also PM design variety of notices symbols auto-hide battery condition style so you have other battery condition styles so you can have it a portion or hidden also so those are some cool system settings you can also most likely to notice drawer which is where you can modify these alerts down below you can alter which ones get on allow’s say you don’t want aircraft motor Bluetooth let’s claim you don’t utilize either of those so you can uncheck aircraft mode uncheck bluetooth and down on the bottom right below you’ll see they’re both gone you do not have plane mon or bluetooth in those setups so that’s terrific you can also activate LED flashlights which shouldn’t do anything really due to program there’s no LED flash so not precisely sure why that is consisted of yet I believe it’s just a requirement for the rum so they included it so yeah you have toggle 2g 3G toggle noise mobile information which obviously don’t need mobile data or 2 g-3 toggle GPS as well as much more so you can also I think riffle of them so you can go to widget switch order as well as scuff of those those toggles as well transform the wallpaper font size power menu so when you press and hold the power button you’ll see you have some options account expanded desktop computer aircraft mode in silent mode you can additionally have it take a screenshot so you can you’ll see screenshot stands out up I can proceed.

and tap on it it will certainly take a fast screenshot of whatever screen around obviously you can press the hold quantity down as well as power switch too to take a screenshot I just did that there you’ll see it sneak peeks the image really of the screenshot that you took certainly you can squeeze in and lessen it if you would love to or swipe it away if you don’t wish to see it so those are just some power food selection options you likewise have some navigation bar setups you can show on screen software application buttons they’re currently there but below is when we obtain to the major setups of the rum so you’ll see paranoid setups right below this is in fact the really cool function concerning this ROM so you have some work area settings this is where you can edit what sort of mode you have whether you want hybrid supply you i phone UI tablet computer UI so and obviously all those options are fantastic so you will certainly see supply UI I believe puts it how it was stock with the take down bar on top and obviously the 3 switches down at the base of the back home and also recent running applications so that would certainly be supply which is of training course an option for you you can have phone UI where the complete notification bar is up on top when you draw it down and also covers the whole screen as opposed to simply a little sliver of the screen just like supply so you have phone UI and also you have tablet UI where there’s a smaller sized alternative and a medium alternative so the symbols down below are bigger and the notification bar is a little larger or smaller sized depending on what you such as so certainly you have your choice there so i choose the tablet UI i feel like it.

gives us provide me a bit extra display space to deal with and also such even if every little thing’s down at the base and i do not need to fret about anything being up on top so i do like having the tablet computer interface on my Nexus 7 tablet computer so once more you can return to stock if you would love to obviously there’s several other features of this realm besides this that you can tinker so if you like the functions of this rom yet you like the supply user interface you can make use of that as well another outstanding thing is the applications that you can actually mess with so you can transform some applications so let’s proceed as well as transform one I desire to go to youtube so let’s go on and also go to youtube you can alter that I assume it’s called the DPI of the application so it’s generally changing the size of the application you can additionally transform the layout interface as well as other choices too so if you take care with these because some applications can compel close when you mess with these setups so if I wished to change this to 1280 I can and also then i can strike apply and after that it should apply it to the application it allow says some apps might not get your setups they compel them to refill which is penalty of training course you can constantly come back and also change it just make certain you remember what you’ve altered regarding it so i modification that within the YouTube application so if I wish to enter into the YouTube application i can and also when it lots up you will see it’s now in 3d right here this complete 3d seek to it you’ll see it spins in like a circle and also it’s outstanding to ensure that’s simply a little cool point regarding the changing the DPI of those applications you’ll see it’s obtained an extra 3d seek to the youtube applications you can mess around with various other applications to this is simply an example i desired to show you with the YouTube.

application to make sure that’s something you can transform within those paranoid android settings obviously so allow’s proceed and also return right into those due to the fact that there are some more I really did not wish to cover so those are simply some app settings you can likewise have back-up and also bring back so you can support some things back up some data and such which is wonderful so again you have other applications you can tinker some searching in our appropriate or you’ll see you have Beauty which is really the cm10 music application I do believe I don’t have any kind of songs on my tablet computer presently I really just did a full wipe of it so you’ll see I have definitely no music at all but it’s sort of amazing you can swipe through with a playlist your songs cds musician current and such you likewise see the cam application is consisted of so you’ll see it’ll use the front-facing electronic camera hi there every person you’ll see me in my video camera right there again that is that is used you can video clip document you can additionally take images of program with that allow’s go as well as take a picture why not there you go takes a photo you can swipe via and see it there’s a great consider my Canon t3i electronic camera as well as there we go so that’s one more cool little feature certainly including the electronic camera application everyone uses that a great deal you also see of program when utilizing Gmail you do have the search the right you have inbox outbox sent out priority inbox starred important all those advantages within your Gmail application as well overall though that’s nearly whatever I wished to cover you can still push as well as hold the home button and go up to Google now or just utilize it within the black screen or that search bar up on top you’ll see I.

have not packed up Google now right now once again I am tethering to my galaxy s3 still currently due to the fact that it’s really tough to establish up Wi-Fi with a specific network that I get on however you’ll see raises whatever what’s the weather condition like in Chicago Illinois is 84 degrees and primarily over cast in Chicago there you go Google currently functioning simply wonderful but yeah general really feels very smooth extremely snappy some remarkable included features of program really stock it is naturally prix rooted as well in situation you were questioning that yet overall jobs terrific absolutely around you’re mosting likely to intend to check out i’m very delighted i install this ROM this was in fact the first rom set up on my Nexus 7 so I’ll be running it for some time your battery life is great as well so we’re all most definitely around to have a look at you’ll need to let me recognize you believe be sure to leave a comment be certain to subscribe too be doing a lot more Nexus 7 videos in the future so subscribe follow me at facebook twitter as well as google+ all links to be in the summary of the below and as constantly thanks for make sure to offer this a thumbs up.

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