Charmeleon Rom on the HTC EVO 4G LTE [REVIEW]

everyone qbking 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a review video on the term ylian rama on my HTC evo 4g LTE very excited to do this review video as it is the first rom i have installed on my device so here we go let’s go ahead and jump into it as you can see it from Team Pokemon so shout out to them shout out to joel’s as well so you’ll see team Pokemon background obviously you can change your background if you’d like that’s the one that is set by default looks like you got your stock sense launcher of course with your app drawer and such I mean all your stock applications you do have some added ones though you have application called app installer if you have any apks on your internal or external storage it finds them as you can see I have a couple my home in swiftkey beta you can check them and hid install installs them for you that’s a very cool application that app installer so you don’t have to use a file explorer and do it on your own so it does it automatically for you you have all your basically HTC apps looks like they added a few HTC hub mirror and such you have a notes application you have pokemon tweaks i’ll get to that in a bit because pokemon tweaks are very cool other things that i wanted to point out other applications you have google wallet still make sure that you do clear out google wallet if you do decide to flash another rom or go back to stock if you do use google wallet so make sure you clear those out is of course pretty rooted supersu right there so in case you were wondering about that overall though it’s been very fast very snappy one of the awesome things about this realm of course is the Pokemon tweaks but you got your stack lock screen up at the top though you do have a battery percentage modification you’ll see that it does say a hundred right there I did just charged my device so it does have a battery percentage mod so you know what your better percentage is at but otherwise pull down the notification bar you’ll see right away you basically have your stock notification bar going on right here but you’ve got a quick settings button right here so I’m very glad they included this in this round as I do miss the quick settings applications so here we go you got screen on auto brightness flashlights rotation airplane mode by mobile network you can actually edit and change these as well so you got gps bluetooth you reboot task manager vibrate mode so you have a bunch of different tweaks let’s turn on flashlight as you can see turned it on right away it works well so I mean overall these tweaks are very awesome you can change your media volume etc but I guess it’s time let’s go ahead and jump into our pokemon tweaks so you can go to them via the app drawer or through your quick settings menu right here you’ll see it says it up their Pokemon two weeks but there we have it so we got our list of our team members and such follow them on Facebook Google+ etc but let’s go ahead and jump into it so down here you have status you can swipe through these down at the bottom as you can see you can swipe through all these different ones here it would be status bar so right here you’ll see of quick settings tweaks you can hide and reorder so we here we go we can reorder them if you want to hide one let’s say I don’t want a certain one let’s say I don’t want a wireless ADB to show I tap that X and you’ll see when I go to quick settings wireless adb is still there my guess is I did okay and then it should be gone yeah it is gone so you have to kind of back out of it and then your it’s gone so it doesn’t do it right away but pretty much right away so of course you can change the order as well just tap this icon over here on the right side you can drag it wherever you want it to go which is very cool you can change that order quick quick settings this is something I recommend checking right here what it does is if you don’t have a notification your notification bar and you pull down your notification bar you’ll see that it automatically shows up the quick settings it doesn’t show the notifications so even if i click notifications and pull it down quick settings and be back up because i don’t have any notification so I do recommend doing that because it is very convenient to have you can hide specific notification icons up at the top you don’t want your alarm icon to show you if you don’t want the GPS icon to show up there you’ll see even if it’s on or off it always shows so we do that it says restart of the status bar required so I’m going to tap that and I’m going to restart the status bar I haven’t done this yet it should restart I don’t know how long it takes so it didn’t take long it looks like it’s still there though so I don’t know if full reboots required I’m not going to really look into it too much so I’m sure if you do the full reboot it would be gone but anyways got battery options so you can hide your icons battery mods you can choose your favorite one so if you don’t like the stock with percentage of course you can change it so you have stock so if you just want it back to stock you can do that of course you got to reboot your status bar to get a change so we have working I don’t know what that is so let’s go ahead and reboot our status bar and check that out there we go so it looks like a circle mod with the battery percentage inside of it that’s pretty cool you have honeycomb we can restart our status bar so it’s not as fasted changing a battery modification as a no AOSP rom but of course you’ve got a sense rom being able to change these which is great looks like the status bars taking its time to reload up there we go so we have our honeycomb style battery icon and in android 1 i’m not sure exactly what this looks like alright so we have an android guy that’s got the battery percentage amount of patient in there and we have a coulombs i hope i’m saying that right i don’t know if i am alright so very similar to the circle mob looks a little bit smaller though and finally we have digital my guess it would be just a digital look at the percentage and I was right so there you have it yeah just your percentage with a digital look to a very big style so you’re not going to miss it so there you have a battery tech textile as well regular small no hi text you can show the miui battery bar up at the top there you’ll see that line that just showed up it does it automatically you’ll see it’s almost full it does have a little gap at the end though that lets you know that is not a full battery but basically it’s a battery percentage so then you can hide your icon and then you’ll have that bar up at the top that’s actually very cool so battery text color you can have it automatically color you can have changed different colors as well miui battery bar color settings so you can change the color of that bar as well so other options that we do have within this rom not only battery options of course we have signal options I’m not really going to hop through those that much you can change your Wi-Fi color you can choose to five different colors for your Wi-Fi icon so that’s actually kind of cool you can do that you can change your data color your signal bars color as well so you can really mess with the colors up at the top of the notification bar you can have a custom carrier logo you can have clock options so if you want to hide your clock or hide ampm as you can see ampm shows up by default you can hide those high-speed mobile data icon you can replace it which was just a visual change of course see them brightness control when you actually swipe across the notification bar it will change the brightness that would be if auto brightness is off so you got to make sure auto brightness is off notification pulldown tweaks you can have carrier labels and recent apps dialogue style you can change that too from default to android 4.0 this would be the recent apps you apparently have to restart the status bar so let’s restart it again and there we have it so when I go to my recent apps you’ll see it as android 4.0 as opposed to the HTC style I’m actually kind of happy about that I do prefer this style so a very cool tweak that you can change I don’t even know that it had that tweak so now we can go to our sensed weeks Pokemon tweaks we can have an unlock animation so when you unlock your device it actually the the clock actually the home screen does a little bit of a twirl like a merry-go-round kind of thing so you can have that if you like I found that it’s cool to look at but eventually it gets kind of annoying and you kind of want to just hop into your apps right away so I’m going to turn that off just because I know that eventually it’ll probably get annoying but of course you can try it out so another thing you can have a transparent navigation bar now you get a reboot required so I’m not going to mess with that so ultra-smooth Rossi is well the abnormal smooth ultra smooth what that’ll do is actually make it more of a 2d look on the home screen and it’ll make it smooth when you go through i have no problem with the the look now so i’m not going to change that as well infinite home so you can endless scroll your home screens which is cool I do like that option enable cube animation in the after you have that a bunch of after our settings so let’s go to our buttons as well these are very cool you have a three finger gesture you can have it go up you can have go down left right and what you can do is actually customize it to an application so it’s a it’s actually very cool that you can do that let’s say custom app it should bring up a list of your application so if I wanted to open up my calculator all I have to do is three finger up and it goes to my calculator application with with a theme calculator I believe that maybe not I actually haven’t gone to the calculator on this device so i don’t know but there you have it there so that’s kind of cool that you have those three finger gestures that you can mess with button remapping capacitive backlight you can have it turn off early later never so those are nice tweaks there you can have long pressing your home capacitive buttons so if I long press my home button it actually turns it into a menu button by default tapping this at least on the ROM at the moment I’m sure they’ll push out an update soon so you might not have to deal with this but at the moment when you tap your recent apps button it won’t do anything it’s supposed to be mapped to be a menu button but it was just a little mess up so what you can do is actually change it to long press home and you have a menu button when you long press your home you can have long press back have a close a pre snap it to see speak custom app nothing so you can change those of course so very cool tweaks there that you can change let’s go to our lock screen options so you can change it to your USP lock screen option I actually haven’t done that yet it looks like it says quick reboot requires you have to actually reboot the phone itself so actually let’s go ahead and try that out and I will be back alright so there you have it rebooted and we now have our obviously AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich lockscreen go straight to camera go straight to unlock there’s your different options there for that lock screen of course you had to do a soft reboot which is really no problem it didn’t take too long so let’s go back into our pokemon two weeks if we were on lock screen so let’s go back to those you can have a carrier caption at the top of the lock screen you’ll see that it says sprint at least on the sense when it does it says sprint up at the top so if you that sense lock screen you can actually change that or you can hide it as well it’s up to you what you want to do volume key music control when the screen is off you can actually change your volume keys for music control whether you want it to skip or not it looks like okay Pokemon tweaks is not working but that’s no issue I actually haven’t ran into that issue at all so I’m gonna go back into it probably because the the phone is still loading up it was still booting up so volume key music control you can have don’t use wall it’s asking for permissions so don’t use previous track play pause third-party player as well so you can have buttons to unlock his wild lock screen long press home you have miscellaneous tweaks so phone info you can change over scroll color you can change the color of your over scroll glow which is actually kind of cool so of course you can mess with that on your own however whatever color you do like M&MS screen on so when you get a message a text message it will turn your screen on if you do like that custom navigation application power menu items which is when you press and hold the power button you have a bunch of different options restart screenshot airplane mode mobile data sound control so it has all of them checks so you’ll see it’s obviously different you vibrate sound on sound off mobile network airplane mode and screenshot and you have a restart menu where you can restart into your recovery or your bootloader it’s up to you which is very cool as well volume steps that you do have you have different volume steps normal fine finest you can hide arrows from your keyboard from the default HTC keyboard if you don’t like those arrows you can disable your boot sound if you don’t like that Pikachu sound when you boot up you can actually check that and disable it if you do like I’m going to disable it just because I don’t want to be in a public place or in anywhere in a quiet place and have that go off that I always forget to do that with any boot animation sound I forget to put it on silent and yeah so anyways you can change it to gameloft compatibility so if you play gameloft games you can actually check that and start playing them which is great you can enable sony bravia as well let’s go to our advanced week so some very brief advanced weeks fix permissions if line apks mount system wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache so there you have it there that would be just about it for a pokemon tweaks with this rom very awesome this rom is amazing i mean as i said no lag issues at all nothing nothing to complain about whatsoever and it’s been running smooth it’s been grades no no really customization theme wise other than those tweaks you can make up the top you can change your Wi-Fi signal color battery icon of course you can change all those but application wise all of them are pretty much stacked looking all the icons are stocked looking so there you have it there that’s that’s really about it that’s all I want to cover that kind of extensive with those pokemon tweaks but it’s definitely worth it to try out this room I highly recommend it as I said it’s my first rom so and I’m very impressed I don’t even see myself getting off this rom I love these quick settings they added and all the other tweaks available so be sure to check out this rom the Charmeleon rom on our HTC before GL it looks like they got auto rotation on the home screen as well so that’s awesome they got that going on I didn’t even notice that so found that out just now so there you have it there that would be the Charmeleon rom on our HTC evo 4g LTE be sure to subscribe to me press that subscribe button follow me at facebook twitter and google+ all links to be in the description video below and as always thanks for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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