Review of the HyDrA ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

hey everybody Cuba King 77 below from the air conditioner organization team needed to do a review video of the hydra rom on your samsung impressive 4g touch i do have a video clip showing you exactly how to install this ROM I will link to that in the description of the video however very excited to display this round as it is extremely amazing it’s a generally a tablet as well as a phone hybrid rom so it sort of provides your phone the feeling of a tablet yet so it maximizes screen area so it’s not for everybody however it’s absolutely something really great very remarkable to experiment with I haven’t faced any type of insects in any way whatsoever if you are running the most recent aokp realm because that is what this rom is based off of as well as you ran right into any bugs you may want to post it for people yet I haven’t ran any kind of through the screening I have actually done mms work I obtained a general practitioner lock so I have not had any issues at all with this rom so however I mean clearly you could face some raw some insects every when in a while but here does as you can see clearly as soon as possible you guys are most likely noticing exactly how various this is you’ll see that no notice bar up on top every little thing is down near the bottom you do have some on-screen switches as well over below in the

corner that are extremely small you’ll see every little thing is really condensed and smaller in this rom yet let’s go on as well as inspect this out down at the base below so as you can see right here we have actually obtained essentially our on-screen buttons along with our time and our signal bars are battery icon so we can tap down there and you’ll see it stands out up similar to on a tablet it bulges up like so it provides you the time gives you even more details as well as such you got some toggles you obtained brightness you have actually obtained Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth turn you have swype pad is while you can tap the Setups button right here as well as brings them extra you can toggle not toggle the toggles in addition to notifications you can turn those off or go right right into settings so we go directly right into setups below and also you will see right away that obviously is a little bit of a various settings menu certainly it it’s a more of a tablet-style so we can proceed and also go to concerning loss when we go to regarding phone you’ll see all the setups remain on the left side but we do have generally what it says on the right side so we zoom in right here you will certainly see

that our construct number is the Hydra rom right here mod variation AOKP hydra tablet mod so it is based off of AOKP it is android 4.0 point for obviously very awesome there that you generally get dual screen mode and also numerous various things so you can check those out I suggest undoubtedly you got all your stock Ice Cream Sandwich settings and such you most likely to your battery obviously obtained your battery every little thing is all there as well as it type of remain on one side or the other so really incredible at you’ll see that the density is very small what I do suggest doing is setting the font size to substantial so most likely to show you’ll see font size established it to big it’ll make points far better a great deal far better as you can see already points are improving with the small tiny the size of the typeface and also such it’s much simpler to read when you set them to massive it actually doesn’t sacrifice that much space you don’t need to of training course this is just type of something that I do suggest likewise what you can do is actually you’ll obtain four launcher choices espier launcher so we can go to that when we go to it it’s even more like an iphone type of launcher as you can see that’s kind of what it resembles you additionally have

launcher that pressure shuts on me you have my house which is like a miui invitation launch right here which truly optimizes your display space and also it does not have an application cabinet so as you can see your display looks large with this similar to this you likewise have nova launcher so it’s a stock Ice Lotion Sandwich launcher with some tweaks as well as such what I do suggest doing is going into the Nova setups which is the launcher settings really and then established the desktop setups size and elevation to none so I need to sort of identify exactly how to obtain to that so we most likely to size as well as elevation so we have to learn where size and height is I recognize I probably ought to have been prepared for this but I am negative how to obtain to size and also height so I’m mosting likely to go and also run via as well as consider these as well as I’ll be back all appropriate ridiculous me right at the the initial one under desktop its width as well as elevation is right there so sorry about that people you individuals are most likely like no where you going however yeah they’re right there so we go to elevation where you intend to set it to is none and with you’re going to wish to establish it to none also as well as after that what that’s going to do is primarily maximize your display room you’ll see everything obtained pushed to

the outdoors it enables things to jump to the outside there you also have many various other setups as I type of scroll with you obtained desktop computer drawer dock habits so definitely intend to inspect that out you likewise have an answer or button up right here in addition to you can see my application cabinet below every little thing is very smooth running extremely smooth undergoing got your application cabinet you have actually obtained your widgets if we wish to include a widget to the Home screen let’s drop the book marks widget down at the home display you have a lot of display space of training course to deal with so you’ll see there scrollable you ought to have the ability to resize it too just a specific as well as you can so you can resize it also so there you have it you got a little clock there you can’t truly see it assimilates with the background yet it is there so yeah that’s those are some ideas likewise if in the Play Shop and also application does not desire to mount we can do is enter into settings and go into rom control and also under rom control what you can do is go to i think it general UI as well as set your LCD thickness you’re mosting likely to want to transform your LCD density to i believe it’s 240 change it to 240 and after that reboot once your phone restarts proceed and mount whatever apps you desire and after that established it back to 128 and also then you will certainly be good to go with all your apps as well as such so if any of them

identify it and also see your phone as a tablet that’s what you need to do as well so those are some basic tips as you can see you do have all your AOKP pointer suggestions also basically all your settings disable your boot computer animation enable 180 degree turning you can have straight recent apps down right here as you can see you do have the vertical current running applications so you can sort of departure out of those as they go nevertheless you wish to so you can leave out of those using that little button down there you ought to have the ability to push as well as hold the home button I believe I presume not so you can not push as well as hold the home switch to get to those you have to push that button that is right there you likewise have you can have the CRT screen off computer animation which will obtain bringing to the lock screen if I let it sit for a little so allow’s go on and take a look at that lock display resembles even more of a miui kind of lock screen you can most likely to cam phone messaging or unlock so in fact very trendy lock screen there you likewise have CRT display off animation as I claimed navigating bar which would be down below you can customize your switches right below so obviously you can have a long press action as well so if you wish to have some kind of shortcuts there change

the navigation bar color so if you do not like it to be white if you desire it to be let’s claim I desired it to be some type of blue like a dark blue so let’s go on and set it to that set it to dark blue and you’ll see down there they changed in dark blue you can not truly see them so you may wish to certainly tailor those 2 obviously fit your demands since I can not also see those buttons really anymore need to be too dark certainly so you obtained lock display setups too you can secure screen design you can do ahead and alter those I do believe so let’s go on as well as see I went on Honeycomb I make sure if it’ll alter it doesn’t resemble it’ll transform my guess is you have to uninstall that my UI launcher to do away with that to get to your other lock displays to mess with if you want the pile AOSP and so on quad octo so if you want a various lock display my assumption is you need to uninstall that my UI launcher you have power menu alternatives which would certainly be down below I do believe so oh no sorry power menu is when you press and also hold the home button so press as well as hold the house button you get

these power food selection alternatives you can reveal torch navigating bar too general settings up in the status bar so you have actually obtained general standing bar settings toggles you can personalize your toggles allowed toggles if you intend to include some more toggles let’s see you want it to include plane setting shake silent as well as sync as well as I tap down here you’ll see all of them got included down right here at the base which is excellent so clearly you have all these personalized points running down right here you can touch down below simply to bring it up and place it pull back so there you have it there you can scuff of the toggles too you have various toggle styles so you have message just or you can have icons so if you like the icons in contrast to the message you have that as an alternative as well alter your clock clock style battery alternatives let’s see what type of styles you have symbol only you can have message you’ll see it transforms to down there you also have symbol with text you also have I Thomas center text as you can see it’s a horizontal battery icon and also circle map you can additionally hide it because you have a battery bar that you can show signal your performance fine-tunes my assumption is you can not tinker those you need to allow it superuser

approvals certainly beware when messing with any one of these looks like you can overclock certainly so undoubtedly with any of these type of tweaks be careful with every one of them you have start-up tweaks as well obviously mess with those at your very own risk however this is really trendy I do really such as this specifically with it just being a lot different and also sort of makes every little thing actually fast it makes it a whole lot faster not needing to go in between display to screen you have them all up right here if I wish to go protection tinker something I can go back to another thing talking protection let’s go on and also see if there is face unlock there is so wishes I clicked on slide on accident so there is face unlock as you guys saw there because setups if you simulate face unlucky do have that choice of program so wow this is in fact really cool allow’s go on as well as most likely to swipe pad you’ll see that swipe at is here basically what swipe head is is where you can go somewhere on a display as well as then have a shortcut to a snooze so if I swipe from right here in the orange you’ll see I have a bunch of various slots for applications what that will do is I’ll establish that up so because it’s running and I go residence I’ll need to do is swipe from this corner below and also you’ll see it appears as soon as possible so I can personalize them certainly so if I swipe from

someplace over here there it is and also I go to slot 1 I can customize what I desired to be whether I wanted to be an application and also things as you can see it’s loading up the applications for it so if I intended to test it out i can i can pick certainly any of these so if i wanted messaging to be one of the faster ways i can just go to that faster way swipe pad undoubtedly and after that you’ll see messaging is right there so i can go to it it lots it on up so i can go ahead and send out a message as you can see the keyboard is kind of huge you’ll see it’s quite tall there which is clearly immaterial we can proceed and also message google 466453 and claim hello to them so let’s proceed and send it to google the send switches right here it’s you can’t see it however it is there so allow’s go on as well as send Google a message and you’ll see in fact an extremely cool alert system that it does have whether you when your phones on you’ll you’ll view as you can see it appears right down there you’ll see it there you can tap on it when it stands out up it’ll take you directly to the message or if I wished to send out one more message I can and also let it go away actually this time around so if they react back i can allow it go away and you’ll see that it’ll turn up in the alert drawer so you don’t need to touch on it right now but you can if you would love to so you’ll see that you can tap on it it’ll go directly to it which is similar to obviously a tablet if you have actually had one so we can tap down right here and also you’ll see a right here you can

swipe away alerts certainly if I intended to swipe away that message I can it’s not there anymore I can remove message clear my notices as well as there you have it so allow’s go to our application drawer you have a lot of various apps custom applications clearly Google Drive Android weather condition various launchers Ice Lotion Sandwich feeling weather widgets you do have you’ll see that also that the star is extremely huge certainly has more apps as well as it features dolphin browser which I simulate certainly quick boob images art allow’s see anything else swipe at of course which I just showed you you have motifs you have a zip signer also and certainly you’ve obtained your widgets also so there you have it there that’s basically all i intended to review it’s it’s actually truly amazing i marvel that exactly how wonderful it looks it does have visual voicemail also in situation you were wondering concerning that however I mean it looks actually good if you can take care of the smaller text it’s most definitely around you’re going to wish to look into it’s very smooth very snappy no bugs as I claimed that I’ve faced certainly so definitely a rom you’re mosting likely to intend to try out you’re going to wish to let me understand what you consider it too simply make certain to leave a comment let me understand you think about the ROM make certain to subscribe to me follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all wings to be in the description of the below and also as always many thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up

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