Xiaomi 12T vs 12T Pro Unboxing!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here and a mysterious suitcase just showed up I’m just kidding it’s not a mystery xiaomi actually sent this over and inside is our two devices the xiaomi 12T and the xiaomi 12T Pro don’t worry my thumb’s okay but here are the two phones from xiaomi the 12T and 12T Pro both similar designs but there are differences between the two the 12T Pro actually has a 200 megapixel camera they have different chipsets one from mediatek and one from Qualcomm but let’s dive into it we’ll take a quick look what comes in the box of these two devices get some Hands-On with them both and compare and contrast the differences let’s get started here are the two boxes side by side on the 12T process Sound by Harman Kardon I believe they tuned the speakers on those and then when it comes to the camera 200 megapixel main sensor 108 megapixel on the 12T versus the 12T Pro we’re gonna set the 12T to the side for just a second and open up the 12T Pro inside designed by xiaomi we have a SIM ejection tool we also get a clear case always

nice to see extras included and just your standard booklets next up is the 12T Pro here’s some information about it this does have the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 process so we’re going to set that to the side for just a second continuing through here actually included always love to see that the 120 watt charger so this phone will charge Crazy Fast including a USB type A to USB type-c cable let’s see if there’s anything different in the 12T and that answer is no exact same stuff in the Box you should also get a 120 watt charging brick with that USB type a USB type c cable and here is the 12T with that information on the front the 12T is the one with the dimensity 8100 Ultra chip usually I can tell the difference but these felt just about the same way but there’s a three gram difference between the two with the pro being just a tiny tiny bit heavier you can’t tell in your hand though so let’s peel off the plastic on both of them here is the 12T and then the 12T Pro same exact process again the design language

everything is just about the exact same you’ll notice the the lens on the camera is going to be different but overall these feel very similar I’m going to boot both of these phones up while they boot up let’s take a close look at the hardware and see if we can notice any differences down at the bottom exact same SIM card slot USB type c for charging microphone one of our speakers and then moving along the right side is where the volume Rockers are power button exact same on both the phones up towards the top is where we’ll notice our first difference is first of all the camera bump is a little bit larger on the pro model they both have IR blasters love to see it speaker and microphone but also there is a marking that says Sound by Harman Kardon on the pro model as well that is not up at the top of the regular 12T along the left side absolutely nothing on either phone and on the back xiaomi branding on the left side and here are the two camera lenses on these phones both of these camera modules are the same height and width however like I mentioned the pro model protrudes out just a little bit more because of that main sensor you’ll see it

marked right there 108 megapixel versus the 200 megapixel but otherwise very similar design you have an 8 megapixel Ultra wide angle lens and then a two megapixel pickle pixel macro lens on both of them I’d also like to point out that both come with a screen protector pre-installed also want to point out that the pro model has an ip53 rating for dust and splash resistance whereas there’s no rating on the regular model so I’m going to run through the startup process just talk about anything that’s noteworthy you have the option for both fingerprint and face unlock on both devices they are both in display fingerprint scanners we’re just going to set them both up run through the process a little bit of haptic feedback when I was typing and now the vibration field feedback feels just about the exact same to be honest so I can’t really notice a difference so I’m guessing they use the same vibration motor in both of these devices all right both these devices are all set up ready to go the displays are the

exact same size 6.67 inches at 120 hertz AMOLED both have a 2712 by 1220 resolution so exact same one thing to point out is that the pro model supports Dolby vision and the regular 12T does not anyways let’s dive into it obviously both phones running the same skin on top of Android but if we go to display light dark mode standard but refresh rate set to default which is recommended it’ll adjust dynamically but you can choose custom and lock it at 60 or 120 hertz this will drain your battery a little bit more if you lock that 120 hertz jumping into the camera app for the first time let’s uh snap couple quick pictures motion tracking Focus you can turn that that on if it if it notices motion it’ll lock onto whatever that is so let’s go ahead and snap a couple seems very Snappy quick Ultra wide angle lens like I said eight megapixel you can zoom in there’s no telephoto lens so that is digital zoom in terms of different camera modes documents a nice one to scan there is of course a pro mode to really customize your shot video portrait night and here we go into more that’s where you get long

exposure time lapse Panorama same thing with the 12T snapping some pictures very quick but I also want to point out when you go to video and you want to customize the resolution sorry with uh two hands is kind of tough but anyways customizing the resolution of your shot notice one thing 8K pops up so you can shoot 8K 24 frames per second on the pro model whereas you don’t get that option on the regular 12T just 4K 30 frames a second and then 4K you can shoot 60 frames a second on the pro so a little bit better options for videographers so far I do really like the design feel and look of these phones uh very minimal bezels extremely smooth with this display of course you can’t go wrong with either of these processors so let’s jump into settings though go a little bit further there isn’t always on display love to see that turn that on with which will show you know a bunch of different information that you would not see on just a black screen so let’s go ahead and test out those fingerprint scanners

with it off so I’m going to set my thumb down where I think it is okay so you do not need the display to be on for the fingerprint scanner to actually work both are very quick and snappy though some nice vibration feedback exact same speed it seems like same speed accuracy there we go so love to see that back into settings you just have a ton of different options including wallpaper themes to customize it uh let’s go into additional settings though with some Gesture Shortcuts you could take screenshots turn on Torch launch camera a few different options memory extension there is more RAM on the pro model I forgot to mention that so you do get a little bit more RAM so like I mentioned there are uh you know some similar a lot of similarities between these two phones but there are some things that set them apart and make them different so drop a comment let me know what you think about the 12T and 12T Pro from xiaomi a lot more videos coming soon so be sure to subscribe be sure to give this a thumbs up and as always thanks

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