How to Unroot the Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

hi everybody qbking 77 right here from the air conditioning syndicate group here to do a video clip revealing you just how to unroot your Sprint Galaxy Nexus this is the most up to date technique i will as more techniques come i will certainly do upgraded videos however since today this is the most recent method to unroot your Sprint Galaxy Nexus so below we go my own is rooted on supply as you can see I have superuser right there you wish to run route for any factor whatsoever whether you intend to take it back to sprint or anything or you simply desire to go back to equip you do not intend to be directed any longer so what we’re mosting likely to require to do obviously is first of all what I’m mosting likely to advise doing is powering off your gadget allow’s go on and also power off your phone now you will in fact require to recover if you guys do recall when you first rooted your phone if you watched my exactly how to route video clip you made a nandroid back-up after you root it so I wish you guys did a stock nandroid backup if you did not i will connect to where you can get a nandroid back-up from that you can generally place in your torque folder and afterwards

restore that android back-up thanks to my male wordly smart whiz huge thanks to him and also fired it to him for getting these androids with each other so i will certainly link to those if you don’t have one yet anyways we’re mosting likely to require to enter into our custom recovery or TWRP healing press as well as hold volume down quantity up and power switch all at the exact same time press and hold all three of those buttons maintain it held back it’ll take us into the bootloader as you can see i am now in the bootloader so what we’re mosting likely to require to do is press the quantity down button press it when yet twice so press the volume down button twice up until we go right into healing mode press that power button so go on and push the power button it will certainly go on and reboot reboot us into twrp recuperation our custom recovery now okay as you can see i’m currently in group win recovery so what we need to do is go in advance on why it took me in setups but anyways what we need to do is go in advance and press the recover button right here so go on as well as press recover and afterwards we have primarily a package right here that we need to restore so select this plan it takes a great deal there we go so we have this

bundle basically we have our system information as well as boot backed up so we are mosting likely to swipe to restore and what it’s mosting likely to do is go ahead and it’ll in fact style every little thing for us so we do not require to clean anything prior to doing this when you restore an androids they really format whatever for you initially so as you can see it’s mosting likely to do a full bring back as well as restore primarily where we went to stock if you do remember throughout our exactly how to root technique after we first obtained this healing flash before we blink the super users if we made a nandroid back-up so we are bring back that Android back-up that is unrooted so as soon as we are done there we’ll still have our Torp recovery which we need to remove so i will reveal you just how to do that following so i’m going to go out let it restore it’ll take a bit of time yet i’ll be back when it’s done alright and as you can see bring back total successful our nandroid recover succeeded so what I’m going to advise doing is hitting the back button striking the back arrowhead down here in the lower ideal hitting it again and then go ahead and also hit reboots in the bottom right here hit the reboot switch and afterwards just proceed and also strike reboot system the reason being in fact what you can do is hit reboot bootloader if you want however i advise restarting your system just to simply due to the fact that we are mosting likely to desire to allow the the full system start up and also load up that’s very recommended so I do

recommend rebooting your system very first allowing bhutan up the first boot is going to take a while given that it’s a full recover so it’s going to take a little bit of time a little longer than common so endure that first boot yet once you boot up you need to be back to supply where you were when you first made that nandroid backup so i’ll be back once it boots up all right as you can see my springtime Galaxy Nexus has started back up and also I need to be back to complete stock I go to my app drawer as you can see i do not have superuser my after anymore I additionally had a number of apps set up such as ES data traveler that’s not there any longer that is since I generally recovered around back the stock rom so I’m completely back to supply however not truly since I don’t have supply healing yet I still have twrp recovery which I require to get rid of so i will show you now just how to remove Torp healing alright so the primary step we require to obtain our supply healing back what we’re mosting likely to need to do is just proceed and also power off your gadget so go on and hit the power off switch and also we’re mosting likely to really require return right into that blood or into fastboot mode so what we need to do is allow it power off and then proceed and also

press and also hold all 3 of the buttons once more the volume down volume up as well as power button press and also hold all three of them take us right into the bootloader get involved in fastboot setting so there we have it takes us into their simply go ahead as well as connect in our phone into our pc currently so go on as well as just plug that on in might also have actually that prepared to go so as soon as we’re done there go on as well as click on that web link in the description of the video clip to reach the stock healing documents as well as the link will take you to the air conditioner syndicate kinds as you can see right here just go on and also scroll down I went on as well as uploaded a web link to scream out to Chevy penguin for this so you’ll see where it says supply recovery click on this link right here and also it will be called healing IMG in fact it ought to go into your downloads folder so as soon as it’s done there proceed and also enter into your downloads folder and you’ll see it’s called recuperation right below so it’ll appear like this healing as soon as you see this healing data below what we’re mosting likely to need to do is proceed as well as just navigate to where it’s at my own’s of my downloads folder just proceed and hold shift on your keyboard right click and hit sorry mine really did not appear hold shift right click and also hit open command window right here so choose that it’ll open up a command prompt actually a.

command motivate to your PC so we are prepared to go so firstly we’re going to require to make certain our pc acknowledge such a gadget that we connected in kind in fastboot gadgets and also ought to turn up a bunch of numbers right there to allow us understand junk food has identified our our device so all we have to do is key in fastboot flash recuperation healing IMG which’s it so that’s all we need to do obviously this recovery IMG is the name of that recovery documents we just downloaded and install so there we go so all we have to do is hit enter currently as well as what it’s going to do is send out the stock recovery to our gadget so we’re we are done there we’re in fact not done yet regrettably we still have a bit delegated do we require to now enter fastboot fastboot OEM lock that is it so what that’s going to do is go ahead as well as real a car boot loaders so what that means is obviously our bootloader is going to be act once more if you do want to root again you have to open your bootloader again so however the command is fastboot OEM lock hit enter it’s going to go ahead and just like our bootloader it should be done I will certainly let you recognize in simply a 2nd if it wipes your your inner.

storage space as well as information I do not recognize yet if it does yet I will inspect currently so currently what we can do is simply key in fastboot reboot and what it’s going to do is go on and also reboot our phones as you can see my galaxy nexus is now starting up yet it does not have that little lock down here so it’s not opened anymore it’s actual ACT so I’m going to go as well as allow this start up and I will be back alright and also now it has restarted and also it did not clean my information it did not why my interior storage space relocking my blood or did refrain that only opening your bootloader will do that so simply kind of keep that in mind so you do not need to fret about losing any information whatsoever with blocking your bootloader yet that is it in fact we are done so we are on the stock rom we are also we also have stock healing and also we also are secured our bootloader is locked so to reveal you i’m on supply recovery i’m mosting likely to reveal you actual quick alright so as you can see i’m back in my bootloader i’m going to push the quantity down switch twice to get involved in recuperation setting as well as selected and what is going to do is reboot me into my recuperation however it’s mosting likely to be supply recovery I will not have twerp anymore once this once this boot so as you can see no more lock obviously we are locked and after that right here we go it needs to be essentially.

Android obtain with a triangle so there you have it so if for any kind of reason you desire to enter into supply recuperation I think you can push all three buttons at the same time and also as you can see stack Android recuperation will certainly brighten if you ever before do require to navigate through stack Android healing you use the quantity up and also down button to navigate and the power button to select so if you ever require to do a clean data/factory reset simply go to it and pick it with the power switch so in situation you need to do that yet you can just strike reboot system currently with the power switch so in instance you intended to double check and make certain you had supply recovery my approach really did not you just to check to see to it my technique worked make sure that you are locked as well however that would certainly be it so currently that is the most up to date and also greatest technique to relock your Galaxy Nexus your Sprint Galaxy Nexus along with unrooted so there you have it if you have any type of questions in all do not hesitate to ask leave a talk about the we’ll make sure to sign up for me follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links to be in the description below and also as always thanks for be certain to give this a thumbs up.

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