Sprint Galaxy Nexus vs. Samsung Epic 4G Touch: Data Speed Tests

alright hi every person Cuba King 77 here from the air conditioner syndicate team right here to do a video clip testing out the information rates of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus versus the sprint samsung impressive 4g touch so i’m going to proceed and also contrast the 2 I’ve been obtaining a lot of requests to do a comparison video of the 2 phones and also certainly you individuals reached offer me a little bit of time with the Galaxy Nexus so i can make certain i obtain extensive and explain various features of it so I get you got to offer me a pair extra days with the Galaxy Nexus to fully essentially make a complete comparison so type of intend to tide you people over with this essentially information rate test so I’m mosting likely to proceed as well as do one on 3g and after that proceed and also get on Wi-Fi and do possess on there too so now I get on 3g on both tools undoubtedly right alongside each other so allow’s go on as well as leap right into it most likely to the rate test application speedtest web and also basically what i just did was i rebooted both phones and after that i updated both the prl as well as account on both both devices so let me ensure I get on the very same web server on that I’m gon na get on the Aurora web server

on both tools and afterwards I am going to proceed and ensure it’s megabits per 2nd as well as it’s mosting likely to be better performance on both of them so make certain they’re just the same settings obviously this isn’t mosting likely to be scientific yet after that offer you a decent suggestion anyways so let’s proceed as well as simply get on as well as hit start test as soon as possible allow’s proceed and also see which one I’m mosting likely to go and run each speed examination 3 times so it’ll go on and also run through appear like ping is very similar we obtained 156 nanoseconds and 162 so very similar there looks really fascinating here I do have ideas on the radios currently on the Galaxy Nexus versus the impressive 4g touch I have a lot of various ideas on comparing both so you’re most definitely gon na want to stay tuned for my comparison video clip as that will come clearly within the future within a day or 2 however it looks like download rates the impressive 4g touch certainly sort of blue out of the water and also upload rates are extremely comparable download speeds on the Galaxy Nexus is 0 factor 18 megabits per second as well as data rates on the generally on the legendary 4g touch is point four 7 megabits per 2nd and also concerning the very same factor 17 for the Galaxy Nexus as well as point 15 upload rates for the impressive 4g touch allow’s enter into one more time after that I’m mosting likely to go and do it one even more time after this let you men enjoy it after not mosting likely to make you individuals enjoy it hereafter one however I’m really simply very interested

to see these tests because i myself have not done this yet so this is my initial time doing this so i don’t understand the outcomes of this so I’m as excited as you guys are to see the outcomes of this test as you can see impressive 4g touch beat the galaxy nexus and download speeds once more with 0 factor six 7 megabits per 2nd versus point 3 eight megabits per 2nd very interesting there we’ll go on and see appear like upload rates on the Galaxy Nexus defeated legendary 4g touch factor three five point one four so it appears like Galaxy Nexus today has far better upload versus download as compared to the legendary 4g touch so I’m going to proceed and run it one more time and I’ll be back to reveal the outcomes alright and also we are performed with the 3rd examination as you can see legendary 4g touch beat the Galaxy Nexus and download speeds once more aim 6 4 vs factor for 3 however the Galaxy Nexus defeated impressive 4g touch and upload rates point 19 vs point absolutely no three to ensure that appears quite regular there around the exact same speeds also allow’s most likely to the outcomes switch which will reveal all 3 so when I stand out right into the outcomes you’ll see that essentially we have actually obtained really similar outcomes from both both gadgets certainly so extremely wonderful that it corresponded undoubtedly you do not like variance with these sort of examinations it’s not clinical but it does show up that the impressive 4g touch seems to have a higher download

rate as you can see mine are both abysmal there they’re both horrible I remain in a dreadful location for 3G rates when it comes to certain I can’t evaluate 4G or LTE wimax versus LTE yet obviously LTE isn’t on as soon as it’s activated though i’ll hopefully be able to do basically a rate examination video of the two in case you’re asking yourself both are totally supply so in situation that was an inquiry of yours and now I’m mosting likely to proceed and get on Wi-Fi so allow’s go in advance as well as activate Wi-Fi it will attach to connect to a both I’m actually not going to connect to them both at the exact same time what I’m going to do is link one and afterwards run the examinations and afterwards detach and after that link one and run the test simply to attempt as well as maintain it as regular as feasible so i’m mosting likely to go on and also link to Wi-Fi my legendary 4g touch allow’s proceed and run a speedtest now I do want to obtain a little disclaimer going the Wi-Fi speeds 1 i’m at now are really horrible as well so make certain got all the exact same settings allow’s go in advance as well as begin a speed test on Wi-Fi keep that in mind i’m on Wi-Fi so they need to be a little far better yet they’re undoubtedly not mosting likely to be that great as i specified them I have actually reached handle some horrible internet rates right currently wow this is actually better than than the last examination i ran i have evaluated the Wi-Fi rates actually currently certainly but as you can see right there 24 2.41 megabits per 2nd download and also let’s go in advance and also see what the upload rates do look like resemble upload speeds are mosting likely to be around point 4 7 so there you have it so 2.41 as well as factor 4 seven

megabits per second information upload so i’m mosting likely to go in advance and also run this examination twice more and also i’ll be right back alright so the tests are done they they stayed very regular as you can see they have to do with around 24 to 2.4 2 megabits per second download and all three tests as well as exactly the exact same point 4 seven megabits per 2nd upload on those tests so really nice extremely consistent so we will see the Galaxy Nexus has actually been being in the history watching his opponent so let’s go in advance as well as simply connect the impressive 4g touch from Wi-Fi and after that allow’s go ahead and also stand out on Wi-Fi on our galaxy nexus our Sprint Galaxy Nexus so allow’s go on and let it connect to Wi-Fi there and it need to pop on up as well as there we go so currently i am connected i can enter into the rate test application and also now it’s the legendary 4g touches count on see their challengers so here we go allow’s go ahead as well as check ensure aurora megabits per second better efficiency as well as I revoked it outstanding let’s go ahead as well as do that one more time sorry regarding that so here we go so we got our rate examination I get on Wi-Fi as well as let’s go on and start so I’m very thrilled to see the outcomes of this so we will definitely make sure especially with this these regular outcomes will have the ability to inform with any luck the outcomes are just as constantly Galaxy Nexus so it appears like it is going to be extremely

consistent there with download rates so I imply concerning the precise like the epic 4g touch with download speeds being 2.4 3 megabits per 2nd upload rates look like they are a little greater we will see what they complete at however and also as you can see right there we got 0 factor 6 3 megabits per second upload and to 2.4 3 megabits per second download so I’m gon na run this examination two times a lot more and I’ll be back to contrast both all right and also the examinations are done let’s go ahead and also inspect them out as you can see on the Galaxy Nexus about the exact same download speeds 2.43 on all three tests concerning the precise very same of the epic 4g touch and after that post speed smart though the Galaxy Nexus did occur to defeat the impressive 4g touch by a little bit not by excessive yet it was regularly higher so there you go so it feels like the Galaxy Nexus does appear to always have faster upload speeds however the epic 4g touch has faster download rates when it involves 3g so in my point of view i would proceed as well as provide this win to the epic 4g touch even if it had much faster download rates on 3g as well as it was quite decently quicker nearly dual really practically dual yeah just around dual so i go on and give the win to the impressive 4g touch with the rate test undoubtedly it’s not scientific absolutely nothing specific you’re going to obtain different outcomes obviously with your different locations etc our phones are various so type of maintain that in mind but i figured i would certainly share this for you people ideally you individuals like it be sure to offer it a like a thumbs up in the lower left hand edge there make sure to register for me follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links to be in the summary of the below and as constantly thanks for be sure to offer this a thumbs up

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