How to Install the CyanogenMod 9 Alpha ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

every person give me King 77 right here from the EC organization team right here to do a video revealing you how to set up the Alpha signage my 9 gelato sandwich rom on your samsung impressive 4g touch this has been updated so i’m doing an upgraded video clip so here we go what we’re gon na first require to do is make certain you have are on a gingerbread bass drum on your phone you can not be in a Gelato Sandwich bass drum as well as install this so keep that in mind so anyways what we’re going to require to do currently is click on the link in the description in fact prior to you click on the web link in the description most likely to your desktop computer so most likely to your desktop right below and also produce a brand-new folder so what you’re gon na want to do is go perfect click on your desktop and afterwards struck the new folder and then you can just call it something like cm9 if you want so simply call it cm9 that’s where we’re mosting likely to place all these documents just to see to it whatever is is all established so after you have that cm9 folder there click the web link in the description of the video clip as well as once you do you’re going to go to odin first so if you do not.

have actually auden you’re mosting likely to require to click this link actually so click this web link scroll down and click download so it’s going to download and install odin for you it’ll be a zip file so you’re going to require a program to unzip it of program right down there and after that as soon as you’re made with Odin download and install the following file which will certainly take you to this web link it will certainly be the generally supply clockworkmod el 26 bit which will generally provide you the proper variation of clockworkmod so download that too that’s what we’re going to require to download and once that’s done click on the next web link in the summary of the video and we will certainly need to download and install the rom as well as the google apps itself so right below you’ll see cm9 alpha 1 any of these numbers will function just click it and download it it will be one more zip file it would certainly be the rom itself once you’re done with the rom download then you’re mosting likely to need to download the GE apps simply click on this link it should take you to google and afterwards click on the very first link and after that right below you need to see signage of my 9 click on this link right below as well as it will download the g applications for you the current GE applications and also simply you’re all set to go on you have every one of those downloads so as soon as you’re finished with all.

downloads you most likely to your downloads folder we can ensure that all of them are correct so you’ll see you have Odin you have the e l26 tar file which is the colonel and you likewise have the ROM as well as the G applications so first off see to it transfer over the ROM and also the G applications itself over to your SD card or internal storage of your phone so transfer the G apps and also the ROM over to your phone once that’s done you can in fact we’re mosting likely to need to place this data this al-26 star into that cm9 folder on our desktop computer so simply click and drag that right into the cm9 folder and after that double-click on the old and file as well as you’ll see two data inside the odinfolders out and also 3 and Odin V 185 just consume train click and move both of those into your cm9 folder so open up the cm9 folder once every one of those files are in there as well as we are ready to go see you’ll see you obtained your very own in your configuration data along with well as your kernel tar so what you can do is right-click actually go back to your phone before we do in fact no let’s.

go out and established up so right click on Odin run as administrator and also after that hit of course and it should open out enough this is exactly what Odin is mosting likely to look like right below so as soon as we have Odin open we are simply around all set to go so what we’re mosting likely to initial requirement to do is uncheck every cent time right here push the PDA box right here and it should take you to that cm9 folder if it does not browse to the cm9 folder and also primarily place this stack clock or money’ll 26th enjoy the PDA port of Odin so only vehicle reboot and also you got the Yale 26th are in the PDA slot of Oban when done there we’re going to require to go back to our phone so we can go back to our phone currently and when back to our phone and also we undoubtedly have the rom zip and also the g abdominal muscle zip we’re going to need to enter into download mode so you can just power off your gadget and also as soon as powered off we can get involved in download mode once again out in these 2 only automobile reboot checkstand have that stock clockworkmod l26 tar in the PDA port.

This must go ahead and also power off as i said you require to make sure you’re on a gingerbread rom do not do this on Ice Lotion Sandwich any ice lotion sandwich rom so press and hold quantity down and power button is the same time it’s going to take us right into odin motor download setting take us to this screen press quantity up to continue and also after that it will certainly take you to this screen so this is download setting right here odin setting what you’re going to require to do now is simply go ahead and also connect in your phone into your computer so plug it on in of training course we obviously have odin established up and also then it ought to reveal up tranquil in the number in odin itself as you can see it claims tranquility for so it does not matter what the number is it’s actually going to be different depending on your computer system so make sure it claims tranquility for that suggests Odin acknowledges your tool and we are all set to go simply hit begin so go ahead and also strike start and also that will basically mount that Colonel for us and right after it’s done it’s in fact going to car reboot our phone so you’ll see that it’ll claim reset it’ll say reboot reboot your phone in fact so once it restarts really you can go back to it.

you’ll see it you have actually got your your yellow triangle on there once it begins too up you can disconnect it after it passes as well as you can actually just sort of draw the battery you do not require to allow it boot back up simply type of pull the battery out you can put it back in and after that we’re going to need to do now is get into that customized recovery so press as well as hold quantity up and also power switch at the very same time up until the Samsung display illuminate after that we can release so proceed and let go currently as soon as this display illuminate and as soon as done there should take its into our customized recovery in fact as you can see clockworkmod five point zero factor 2 point 7 which is the clockworkmod we needed so once done there what we’re mosting likely to need to do initial is I indicate you can make a nandroid backup if you want I’ve come near you certainly you’re most likely not you’re not mosting likely to be able to recover it as soon as you mount the ROM yet initially you’re going to need to wipe whatever so make certain you have whatever supported with titanium backup and so on all your apps everything all backed up so most likely to wipe data/factory reset before to get your power switch working press up down up down till it’s his back food selection button enable down here so currently most likely to clean data/factory reset struck of course remove all customer information so as I claimed it’s mosting likely to remove every little thing so as I claimed see to it you do have your.

backups your calls or apps etc as well as as soon as that’s done formatting proceed and also go down to wipe cache dividers and also hit indeed wiped cache so it’s mosting likely to proceed as well as clean your cash as well and once that’s done most likely to the sophisticated food selection and hit wipe dalvik cache as well as after that struck yes wipe dalvik cache when all three of those are wipe data cache dalvik cache you can strike return mounts it from sdcard choose it from SD card or interior SD card anywhere you placed the data and also hit select it as well as then proceed as well as find that rom zip itself the upgrade cm9 rom select it as well as then hit indeed mount so proceed and also install the rom itself allowed that install it’s going to take a bit of time so be patient with it I will certainly be back once it’s done alright and as you can see set up from sdcard complete we are refrained yet so go back to pick zip from sdcard and also locate those g apps that we have actually placed on our SD card find the most recent g apps that we transfer it on over pick it and hit indeed mount what the g applications are is the google applications.

the marketplace gmail google talk all those good google apps it’s going to proceed and also set up those it will not take as long as the rom itself it will take a suitable amount of time though so as you can see there go in advance and also installing now and as soon as this is done we are actually done so as you can see mount from sdcard total hi go back and after that reboot system currently so go on and reboot your phone as well as once boot it up we will be running the signs of my 9 alpha rom on our samsung epic 4g touch as you can see so i will certainly allow you check out the boot computer animation need to have a signage of mountain i boot computer animation as you can see right below i’m going to be doing a different review video going over insects whatever etc i’ll be discussing whatever in the testimonial video so absolutely check that out nice new indicator gemini boot animation extremely great there allow me know if you have any kind of troubles leave a remarks make sure to register for me discovered me on facebook twitter and also google+ all web links to be in the description listed below as constantly thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up.

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