I DESTROYED My Battery Life For Good!!! iPhone Tips, Tricks and Hacks YOU NEED TO KNOW!

do you want better battery life on your apple iphone i recognize i did but i was doing three things that according to apple completely as well as irreversibly damaged my battery and i had no idea i couldn’t stand having to continuously inspect the battery cost indicator to see where it is after that having the swipe down to see the actual percent so today i’m mosting likely to reveal you just how to get incredibly much better battery life with your iphone all right so the very first thing we’re mosting likely to do is head over to settings battery and after that wait on the information to tons once it exists you can see the last 24 hours and the last 10 days and then click where it states program task here you’ll have the ability to see just how much time each apple is using the battery while behind-the-scenes currently with some applications you’re probably really utilizing them in the background like as an example when you’re paying attention to songs however some apps are running as well

as revitalizing in the history without you understanding so allow’s make sure of that once you have a listing of apps head over to setups general history app refresh and after that disable any apps that you do not wish to allow to run in the background currently the following suggestion is to make certain that you’re always running the current variation of ios apple is continuously making updates as well as some of them are developed to maximize the battery life there’s likewise a great deal of other factors to do this so head over to settings general software application upgrade and also if an update is offered make sure that you connect your iphone right into a source of power and afterwards run the upgrade now the following thing i desire you to do is to avoid extreme ambient temperatures as well as here there’s a vital difference in between hot and cold temperature levels the excellent operating temperature level for the iphone is in between 32 and also 95 degrees fahrenheit or no to 35 levels celsius if you use your iphone in extremely cool temperatures you’re

probably mosting likely to see a reduction in battery life however that decline is a momentary condition and also as soon as the apple iphone warms up back up the battery performance will return to regular currently warm temperatures are a whole different story if you expose your apple iphone to temperature levels greater than 95 levels fahrenheit or 35 levels celsius you can completely harm your battery ability and also also keeping the apple iphone in a warm setting can damage the battery irreversibly as well as when we go on vacation a whole lot of times i just look at my phone momentarily after that i placed it down in the towel after that i could enter the pool or i might go play some beach volleyball as well as when i come back the phone has that cautioning it’s like scorching warm and you’ve got the warning where you can not turn it on it’s like the battery it’s freaking out and after that i can not in fact utilize my phone whatsoever up until it cools down as well as there are times when i’m charging the phone with a power bank when i’m not using it due to the fact that you know i want it to be totally billed when i come back so it seems like i’ve been actually tinkering my battery currently

some wear and tear is unavoidable however you can see that my phone currently is at 78 maximum capacity currently the next suggestion concerns battery hungry applications so if you most likely to settings battery and after that have a look at that listing of applications that we saw prior to you can see which apps are taking in an out of proportion quantity of battery life for the amount of time that you use them if you continuously see an app that you do not really require you can delete it or possibly look for a more battery pleasant choice the following point i desire to speak about is reduced power mode which was introduced in ios 9. This is an extremely easy means to expand the battery life of your apple iphone once it discovers reduced battery you can most likely to setups battery and afterwards make it possible for low power setting this will minimize the display screen brightness it will certainly also optimize the iphone efficiency it will minimize system animations another point that it will do is prevent some applications like the mail application for

instance from downloading and install web content behind-the-scenes in addition to that functions like airdrop icloud sync as well as connection will certainly be handicapped you can still make call you can message you can send out and receive email as well as you can search the internet as well as after that once your phone charges up reduced power setting is automatically disabled following let’s chat about bluetooth i use my airpods practically throughout the day so i have bluetooth switched on yet if you do not utilize bluetooth devices with your apple iphone certainly turn it off and save battery life you can do this from the control center by swiping down from the top right then touching on heaven bluetooth symbol the following idea is one that i didn’t offer a lot of believed to which’s display brightness as well as i don’t imply that i really did not understand that a brighter screen consumes much more battery life it’s just that i never ever truly knowingly believed to do anything regarding it so for most of what i do which is just eye my phone for a second to see a sharp or a text or something that

turned up i do not actually need the phone to be as brilliant as i wanted when i’m reviewing so now i have my screen at a much lower setup once again you can swipe below the leading right to bring up the nerve center and after that make the change now proceeding a couple of features that you may select to eliminate are push notifications and area solutions and those undoubtedly utilize up battery life so to do this you can most likely to setups personal privacy and also area solutions as well as there you can disable area solutions entirely or regulated by app to maximize your battery life as well as user experience when it pertains to push notices you may observe that a specific app frequently gets up your display with alerts and afterwards each time it does that it’s consuming your battery life currently you can switch off alerts by going to establishing notice after that touching on the app as well as setup allow notifications to off now one app that’s frequently making use of up battery life on my phone is the mail application because it’s wanting to see whether i received

that brand-new e-mail so it can signal me concerning that very essential spam email that i simply obtained currently to decrease the bring interval you can most likely to settings mail accounts bring new information which is right near the bottom and also then scroll once again right down to all-time low to the area that’s called fetch there you can establish it to manually or select an interval currently an additional essential idea has to do with charging currently attempt to maintain your iphone in between 50 to a hundred percent fee as well as don’t keep your iphone plugged in for also long once it’s fully billed also if possible do not allow your apple iphone reach zero percent before billing it again it’s far better to bill it for a couple of mins throughout the day and that means you don’t take the chance of it going as well reduced currently if you utilize your computer to charge your phone or a laptop computer make certain that you detach your apple iphone from the computer if it’s shut off or if it remains in rest setting or standby setting since if you keep it connected that can slowly

drain the battery currently the next essential tip is to reduce your vehicle lock time to do this go to setups present and also illumination and after that scroll down to the vehicle lock section and also after that set it to as low as you really feel comfortable if you have it set to five minutes for instance it indicates that whenever that you open your phone and after that you don’t actively turn it off or secure it back up it remains up for an additional 5 mins since might not appear like a whole lot however the typical person opens their phone greater than 160 times a day so that builds up if you establish it to 30 secs instead you can save 4 mins and 30 seconds of battery life each time you neglect to lock your phone the following pointer relates to connection and also wi-fi makes use of much less power than a cellular link so to obtain the ideal battery life out of your iphone make certain that you’re using wi-fi whenever possible now ideally this video clip was valuable click on my face to subscribe and after that see one of these videos you recognize what i always say buy it good or get twice excellent luck and also see you soon

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