The BEST Video Accessories for YOUR Canon M50!

what’s up sigi here and also welcome to an additional tech equipment talk today i’m mosting likely to show to you my leading 10 video clip devices for the canon m50 currently i’ve been making use of the m50 since it appeared and also these are the devices that enhance my individual experience and help me get far better results okay beginning among the things that you’ll discover when you’re enjoying videos with greater production value is that they utilize various electronic camera angles or focal sizes as well as they include camera motions to make the shots more dynamic and in order to make those shots look smoother i always rather use a gimbal than shooting handheld if it’s a very really little activity i can most likely manage by hand holding the m50 especially if i’m utilizing a stabilized lens yet if i’m walking following somebody or simply recording b-roll i simply think the gimbal includes that additional degree to the appearance of the shot and the gimbal that i make use of usually with the m50 is the zhiyun m2 as well as in situation you’re not acquainted with what a gimbal does it essentially offsets cam activities on 3 axes to ensure that it eliminates a lot of the shakiness you obtain from handheld footage it likewise helps smooth out willful motion so if

you’re panning from side to side it will wet the beginning and also the end of the relocate to offer you far better outcomes now the challenge that i typically run into when making use of gimbals since i have a few of them is that many of them allow and large so if i’m taking a trip or if i want to keep my bag light for something like a long walking i most of the time utilized to leave my larger gimbals in your home unless i 100 understood that i was mosting likely to utilize them and also what i like about the xion m2 is just how little as well as light it is so currently also if i’m not exactly sure whether i’m in fact mosting likely to use it or not i just bring it due to the fact that it does not take up a lot of area and it’s actually light it’s additionally a great choice for my m6 mark ii as well as my sony a6400 and the distinction between portable footage as well as m2 video it’s honestly it’s not even shut like you’ll instantly see the distinction as well as when you start using it you’ll simply bring it with you every single time you movie currently like with any type of various other gimbal it does call for some practice but with the range of shots that you can obtain from pull to press shots follow or lead and after that entering into more innovative choices this is simply such a great selection for any designer that’s seeking a tiny and also light gimbal to constantly have with them currently if you desire to know more about this gimbal or simply to see more video footage i do have a comprehensive review which i’ll connect to up in the corner as well as in the summary going on the next device on the listing is a cage as well as the one that i use is

from tiny gear and this cage is a dedicated cage to the m50 so it’s designed particularly for this cam as well as it fits completely and also because of that the video camera does not slide or shift to and fro it’s small and also light and also i really like the truth that it includes a bit of dimension since the m50 is on the smaller sized side so also simply in regards to managing you’ll see a prompt renovation and also by the means if you utilize your m50 for digital photography which i do i believe you’ll truly value this included size particularly when you’re utilizing longer or larger lenses currently next the cage includes a ton of quarter twenties and three eight holes all the means around so it gives me a great deal of options in terms of placing various accessories it’s also made in a means where it does not block any one of the ports or the capability of the electronic camera so you can enter into the battery area you can transform out your sd card you have accessibility to the hdmi port right here and the totally articulating touch display works you do not need to bother with it hitting the cage or anything like that you can have it encounter up face down or certainly you can alter it to encounter to front as well as finally if you intend to see a full gear that i developed based around this cage with all different kinds of devices have a look at my specialist m50 video gear build up as well as again i’ll put that up in

the corner and in the summary currently the following thing i want to deal with is audio which’s important not just with the m50 however any kind of video camera you utilize most individuals spend a whole lot of time selecting the body as well as then a bit of time picking lenses and also they generally overlook sound now depending upon what my circumstance is whether i’m in the studio or vlogging how much i am from the electronic camera as well as whether i require to capture audio from one or 2 individuals i make use of different devices now my primary go-to is the rode wireless go it’s a little system containing a transmitter that i clip onto myself and afterwards a receiver that’s connected to the cage and afterwards is linked into the m50 the transmitter itself really has actually a microphone constructed in so if you do not mind just how that looks in the video clip you can simply clip it right up here beside your mouth and also after that you’re gon na get terrific audio i really make use of a lavalier microphone that i link into the transmitter by doing this i can have the transmitter hidden of sight i still obtain terrific sound and i just assume that looks much more specialist and now that i have actually that set up it matters not if i’m three feet far from the m50 or a hundred feet the sound is always mosting likely to seem ideal to make sure that’s excellent when i have time to establish each shot or if i’m just tape-recording one individual however when i’m running and gunning that’s not always a choice and that’s where i choose the ddv mic d4 duo which is a truly smart double capsule microphone as well as consider it as having 2 shotgun microphones one encountering the front and also

another one dealing with the back so if you’re doing a meeting or if you’re vlogging and also you’re asking someone a question you have the ability to obtain fantastic audio from the front as well as the back without needing to either flip the camera to and fro or flip the microphone so it’s encountering onward or in reverse currently d4 additionally has a shock mount to minimize handling noise an input jack which still lets you utilize a lavalier mic for among the channels it comes with 2 dead pet cats for wind security and also it draws power from your m50 so you never have to fret about keeping it charged currently the last mic that i intend to discuss is the comica sound boom xu as well as it’s a comparable system to the rode wireless go however as opposed to one transmitter you currently obtain 2 so with one receiver plugged right into the m50 i can record 2 different individuals each with their own transmitter and also lavalier microphone which are included now with the rode microphone you don’t obtain a lavalier microphone you have to get it individually currently everyone is recorded to their own channel so you can regulate the degrees individually in case someone is louder than the various other and likewise when you’re editing the sound in post-production you have two various tracks to collaborate with so these are three of my favored alternatives right now as well as i always suggest that you make use of an outside microphone instead of the integrated microphone on the m50 or again for that issue any type of electronic camera so as to get the very best sound and carrying on the next accessory addresses among the

largest troubles with the m50 battery life when i began if i was shooting in a studio and i had access to a power electrical outlet i would certainly constantly utilize a coupler linked into an electrical outlet which offered me endless power and after that i also had a usb variation which let me utilize a power bank currently some individuals reported that when they plugged into an outlet they would obtain a hiss from their outside microphone and it’s not something that i’ve run right into yet i was always looking for a far better mobile service and also what i found really gave me a far better mobile option and fixed the various other problem so currently whether i remain in the workshop or out as well as about i use the power junkie from blindspot it’s basically a placing plate that lets me utilize sony mpf batteries to power the m50 and other equipment and also i got two mpf batteries on amazon for i believe 37 and every one of them has greater than five as well as a half times the battery life of the m50s lpe 12 battery and i also have bigger versions of these batteries which i nearly never ever utilize since even the medium dimension batteries last me all the time so i make use of the usb coupler from my battery life video clip and afterwards i plug it right into the power junkie i grab one of these batteries as well as then again i’m established for hrs

and also hours of streaming or recording i’m talking streaming and videotaping the next accessory that i wish to discuss is a lens for chatting head video you know that there’s always an academic component to my video clips and i want you to know the why not just to what i can just give you men a wish list as well as say go acquire all this things yet i’m actually much more thinking about showing you why i’m recommending specific things and also after that why i chose the gear that i did eventually it’s trivial to me that you utilize the specific same equipment that i do i simply desire you to be able to make enlightened choices when you’re investing your difficult earned cash money and also with that said in mind i’m virtually constantly mosting likely to recommend that you purchase far better lenses as opposed to a much better video camera body i will certainly constantly pick a minimal body with a better lens over a better body with a worse lens my lenses that i bought over one decade earlier and i still have no factor to upgrade them and also because exact same time period i probably updated the video camera body like 10 different times so when it involves native efm lenses for the m50 if i’m shooting talking head video clip after that i’m either making use of the sigma 30 millimeter f 1.4 or the canon 32 millimeter f 1.4 as well as the initial number is the focal length or exactly how much of the scene you’re capturing a smaller number implies that it’s a larger angle lens a larger number implies that it’s a narrower angle of sight and it’s more focused we likewise understand that the m50 has an aps-c sensor so we need to apply a 1.6 plant variable to obtain the full-frame comparable area of sight but that’s simply math as well as to provide you an idea of what that suggests in real life i’m firing this video at regarding 30 millimeters as well as the cam is roughly four and a half feet away from me it must give you a concept of the angle of sight that you can

anticipate from either of these lenses currently the 2nd number is the maximum aperture or how big the opening in the lens is a smaller sized number means a bigger opening which allows in much more light as well as provides us that superficial deepness of area or blurred history impact both the sigma and also the canon have an optimum aperture of f 1.4 which is actually vast lets in a load of light and also it makes them excellent in low light as well as like i claimed it also offers us that separation from the background and also if i’m truly pixel peeping i’m taking a look at my video footage at 400 percent after that the canon is a little bit sharper however in my point of view the sigma is only slightly behind it and it’s a better worth at 309 versus the 479 for the canon now before i relocate on to the following section if you like what you’ve seen so far and have gotten worth from this video let me recognize by offering it a thumbs up it allows me know what sort of material you such as so that i can make more of it and if it’s your initial time right here hit that subscribe and also alert switches so you can stay up to date on all the

current equipment and also tutorials next i wish to carry on to a pair of vlogging lenses and also for vlogging we’re mosting likely to desire a broader angle lens since a great deal of times the electronic camera is a lot closer to our face and we don’t want our head obtaining reduced off again i’m mosting likely to offer you two choices here the very first is the canon 22 millimeter f2 i love just how little as well as mobile this lens is you almost don’t even notice that it gets on the electronic camera and you’re still getting a rather large angle of sight and a rather large aperture this is a perfect lens to utilize with the m50 on the zhiyun m2 and also it barely includes any type of weight and also it makes the arrangement super very easy to balance now if you’re trying to find a wider angle of sight and also a little better image top quality then look into the sigma 16 millimeter f 1.4 it gives us a larger angle of view at 16 versus 22 as well as an even larger aperture at f 1.4 versus f2 so it’s even better in low light and also offers even more separation from the history it is a bigger lens as well as it’s absolutely much heavier than the canon 22 so maintain that in mind i have a complete video clip devoted to vast angle lenses so if that’s something that you’re interested in finding out more regarding once again i’ll connect to it up in the corner and also in the description and also that leads me appropriate into the following device which is a variable nd filter now when you use these fast lenses what in fact occurs is that you can face a problem where they allow as well much light so if you’re out on a bright as well as bright day as well as you’re trying to contend f 1.4 on the sigma 16 you’re not mosting likely to

have the ability to get the right exposure due to the fact that you can not change your shutter rate as well as your iso is already mosting likely to be at 100. so actually the only thing you could do is fold the aperture which will offer you the correct exposure but then you lose that superficial depth of area so the option is a variable nd filter and i utilize these ones from polar pro what they really do is obstruct a few of the light from making it through the lens as well as the reason why they’re called variable nd filters is because you can transform the front element to change just how much light is being obstructed relying on your details situation which can can be found in actually handy if you’re outdoors as well as once again you’re in direct sunshine you might require to block a great deal of light but after that a cloud goes as well as blocks some of the sun and you can simply transform the front aspect and also it lets much more light in and also you can keep an appropriate exposure you can obtain them in two various staminas depending upon just how much light you’re trying to block as well as i have both like i said if you’re going to be shooting at f 1.4 in brilliant sunshine you’re gon na desire the 6 to 9 stop if you are not needing to block as much light after that you can choose the 2 to five as well as once again by doing this you’ll have the ability to still obtain the appropriate exposure and also a superficial

deepness of field currently the next device i wish to speak about and also it’s something that i usage in every video a tripod a tripod makes your life a lot less complicated you can always obtain your video camera at just the appropriate height as well as you can obtain it leveled to the ground and there are two major sorts of tripods ones that are made for digital photography and also others that are created for video clip and you may immediately assume that you require one style for video clip however that’s not necessarily the instance a video clip tripod has a dish on top which lets you utilize a bowl adapter so it’s extremely simple to level out the add-on factor and also that’s really important because if you place a fluid head on top of it and you do a pan from right to left you don’t want the perspective to like dip down or go up while you’re doing it so it’s really important to stay level currently video tripods are generally likewise extra robust because they expect an individual to place a much heavier tons on them on the various other hand if you’re doing what i’m doing here where the cams are fixed then you can get by with a digital photography tripod and a sphere head i’m actually making use of three various tripods now two video ones and also then the one that’s over

right here that’s a photography one however truly i’m only making use of the video clip tripods due to the fact that i currently have them as well as because i’m utilizing a number of larger movie theater video cameras not since i’m actually utilizing the video clip includes my camera tripod is the leo from three-legged thing as well as it also doubles as my travel tripod it’s incredibly solid for such a small tripod i can also use it with my cinema cameras without any difficulty so it’s plenty strong for the m50 yet if you’re searching for even more cost effective options i will certainly put some links in the description all right so we’re on to number 9 which is a video camera adapter and also actually there are 2 kinds of adapters routine adapters which basically simply let you utilize lenses with ef as well as efs places on the m50 and after that there are rate boosters which allow you make use of ef place lenses as well as at the exact same time provide you a bigger angle of view and they’re able to capture much more light and also this is kind of a double benefit due to the fact that it eliminates some of the plant element of the aps-c sensor as well as makes the lenses better in low-light and also this is a topic that i get inquiries concerning every solitary day still so i assembled a video clip to explain the distinction between them and also i additionally cover topics like crop element and also aperture and also lastly i resolve some myths that are circling around online concerning rate boosters there’s a bit of

standard math in it i may have stated the pythagorean theory a pair times however the feedback that i obtained from viewers is that it really offered him an understanding of these terms that they have actually listened to get thrown around a lot so i’ll put a connect in the edge as well as in the summary truly if you only enjoy another video clip from my channel today i certainly advise that a person okay so now you’ve obtained all this gear and you’re gon na require something to bring it in which’s where you’re gon na desire a video camera back i have several camera bags that i like but right currently i’m making use of the one setting backpack from pgy tech this is a rather big bag so it’s greater than what you could think you desire with the m50 however let me talk a little bit regarding why i selected it as well as then perhaps it’ll make feeling so initially the main section is separated right into two areas one homes a detachable bag as well as the various other one can be additional separated into

customized areas based on whatever equipment you’re bringing currently this makes it a well-rounded great bag since i can constantly reconfigure that area for what i lug yet with the m50 i mainly load every little thing in the bag which can after that be gotten rid of from the bag as well as i can wear it around my waistline which method if i intend to alter lenses i have whatever right in front of me i don’t need to handle taking the lens off attempting to place it in the large compartment taking another lens out and switching it out i have a platform that i can work with as well as it makes things really straightforward it also has an additional wonderful compartment on the front where i can fit a gimbal it actually fits much larger gimbals than the m2 as well as it’s likewise a great spot for a coat since it’s different from the primary area where all the gear is now ultimately there are a pair of means to carry a tripod with me so once more i can constantly have it with me and also it’s quickly obtainable okay so these are my leading 10 video devices for the m50 i’ll place web links in the description where you can get the canon m50 along with all the accessories that i stated in this video if you have any various other must-have devices that you want me to examine out absolutely placed them in the comment section i’m always curious concerning what you people use i actually hope this video clip was helpful to you if it was please let me know by offering it a thumbs up tweet it share it and also if you haven’t yet sign up with the area by striking the subscribe as well as notice switches you can always locate me on instagram facebook and twitter at techgear talk you know what i constantly claim get it nice or get it twice best of luck as well as see you soon

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