what’s up individuals saggy here and invite to one more tech equipment talk today i’m mosting likely to offer you my top 20 reasons i pre-ordered the sony a7s3 and we’ll also want to see how it compares to my c200 so let’s go okay so beginning us off at leading is the brand-new completely verbalizing touch display this could practically be 2 attributes since it’s a totally articulating display and a complete touch display yet i’m incorporating it right into one reason for the crossbreed kind of work that i do i always prefer the totally verbalizing implementation it’s widely valuable for video when i’m servicing a gimbal a slider or when i’m in front of the cam for digital photography i like that i can always place the display in a means that i can see it whether it’s on a tripod for product shoots low to the ground and even if i’m taking reduced angle shots in picture setting currently as much as complete touch display sony updated from their previous screens which were just touch displays for autofocus factor option and also subject monitoring currently you can alter the setups use the functions menu and also the primary menu which

is something you’ve probably heard me complain concerning in several of my sony evaluations as well as i truly enjoy the fact that sony is paying attention to feedback and also is focusing on enhancing ergonomics and customer experience this brings us right into the second factor which is the brand-new food selection system this has actually been one more i do not wish to call it discomfort point however certainly hasn’t been a toughness for sony in the past i never seemed like the food selection system was efficiently arranged and the attributes weren’t actually sorted in an area or the order that i believed made the a lot of notice the a7s3 has an entirely redesigned cascading food selection system it’s a lot far better set out as well as it should make for a steeper understanding curve and also once more with the complete touch screen performance a much better overall user experience on to my number 3 factor for pre-ordering the a7 s3 better functional designs i currently like the grip on my a7 iii so i recognize that the a7s3 will certainly be comfortable to hold but there are a couple of points that discourage me when i use my a7 iii initially these little flippy low-cost dangly plastic door things they always obstruct or obtain entangled up the brand-new a7s3 has much better

hinged doors that ought to stay open and out of the means next i like that the mic jack on the brand-new a7s iii has its own little door which it doesn’t disrupt the capability of the totally articulating display you can turn the display and also placement it anywhere you want without bumping right into the mic check or having it obstruct the view of the screen this is a problem that i carry a few of my existing cams it’s not completion of the world obviously due to the fact that i can still pull the display back as well as turn it yet once more it behaves to see that sony put some believed right into this brand-new layout good next is reason number 4 which is better autofocus setups and also performance sony autofocus has been terrific for me with the last set of models that i’ve tested even beginning electronic cameras like the a6100 have incredibly trusted and also accurate autofocus however what i’ve always desired is the capacity to have a little bit more control over autofocus tracking level of sensitivity and drive rate so basically these two setups determine how swiftly the camera will decide that it needs to reacquire emphasis and after that once it makes a decision to do that exactly how quick it must rack concentrate this is essential when you’re tracking a subject or when something might come in between the electronic camera as well as the subject for an instant we do not desire the camera to swiftly focus on the brand-new subject in the foreground and afterwards have to go back to the major subject we also do not want the cam to rack focus also quickly when it moves emphasis from one topic to the next so in my a7 iii i have 2 choices for tracking sensitivity criterion and receptive and also i have 3

options for autofocus drive rate quickly normal and slow and also there have actually been times where i desired more control over this so i enjoyed to see that the a7s iii has seven step transition rate modifications as well as 5 action subject change level of sensitivity control sony likewise offered us far better autofocus efficiency in reduced light or when we’re intentionally over subjecting our log video fine so on number five no recording restriction most likely my most significant concern with the a7 iii is the half an hour recording limit my video clips are typically long as well as i usually document for regarding an hour straight per video clip that’s something that i do not have to manage on my a6400 it was just one of the reasons why i obtained it i can also add my atomos ninja 5 with the a7 3 and obtain around that limitation but i ‘d rather make use of the atomos since i’m choosing to utilize it for reasons like having much easier to modify data added exposure features and also better top quality video footage at a greater bit deepness as opposed to being required to use it simply to get rid of the recording limit now the a7s iii essentially solves every one of these concerns initially there is no recording limitation as well as 2nd i can videotape internally at the same high quality that i can output to the ninja 5 yet even more on this later

we’re now on to factor number 6 no overheating some of the older sony cams that i checked had overheating concerns i have actually never had any kind of issues with the a6400 or my a7iii naturally i do not normally utilize the a7 iii for lengthy recordings however no matter it’s fantastic to see that there are no overheating concerns with the a7 s3 even when tape-recording 4k 60 with ibis as well as autofocus it’s simply terrific to know that i can get that high resolution video and also like with my movie theater electronic cameras i do not have to fret about taping limitation or overheating all ideal so my number 7 factor for pre-ordering the a7 s3 is climate securing this is more of a reward for me than a need since i still try not to use my gear where it might obtain really damp yet i would certainly constantly rather have this additional security all right on number 8 the battery i enjoy the battery life that i have with my a73 it lasts for so lengthy that the larger issue is that i neglect to charge it since i don’t really have to bill it extremely usually i got two additional batteries when i got this video camera which is something that i constantly do and i have actually essentially never used them the a7s iii makes use of the same fz100 battery as the a73 so i know it’s going to last me at least a

pair of hrs and it’s cool that i can recycle those batteries on one more power related reason number 9 is usb c billing one of the important things that i like concerning all my sony video cameras is that i can bill them while videotaping now this is a great feature for online streaming and for long recording sessions i have actually basically produced a means to do this with every cam that i usage yet it generally requires utilizing a coupler or a specialized a/c adapter like what i have with my movie theater cameras now on my sony’s i like that all i need is a usb wire and also a power bank but among the concerns that i have actually faced in the past is that the battery still drains while using a micro usb cable so as an example i was utilizing the a6400 for a live stream and i failed to remember to charge the battery so i assume i begun with something like 20 well it lasted for a lot longer than 20 would because i had it connected in but then midstream the battery died now obviously that’s my mistake for not charging the battery but on the a7s3 making use of usbc with a power shipment capable charger or powerbank i shouldn’t be encountering this concern now the following factor is one that added

to me originally getting my a7 iii in body photo stabilization or ibis now the a7s3 has actually an updated ibis system over what i have with the a7 iii as opposed to simply having an on off we now have a choice of typical and also active and also i can not wait to check that system versus the a7 iii and also i’m additionally incredibly delighted about the gyro as for video clip i don’t personally over worth embody picture stabilization because when i desire steady cam motion i’ll either use a slider or a gimbal yet there are times when i don’t have a gimbal with me and i’m compelled to shoot handheld or i would certainly miss the shot as well as in those instances it’s a fantastic feature to have currently the various other use situation for me is if i utilized it to vlog i do not understand that this would be the electronic camera that i would certainly choose for vlogging however on the various other hand it might produce a scenario

where i only require to bring one electronic camera with me for all my needs unless i actually required greater resolution photos i’ll obtain back to that later fine on to number 11 we have dual sd card slots currently this is something that i live without when i need to but young boy is it great to have as well as sony did a great deal here so do not neglect this component so to start with we obtain two uhs 2 card slots versus the one uh s1 and also one uh s2 that we have on the a7 3. You’re basically able to utilize every codec with sd cards as long as they’re fast enough and also for when you need additional composing speed capabilities sony made each card slot likewise accept cf share type a cards this indicates that i’ll be able to have a prompt second duplicate of every clip and also image so when i’m done shooting as well as i’m driving residence while backing up to my gnarbox i’m not making a third copy of the information when i made use of to shoot weddings we would divide the cards up at

the end of the day to make sure that two different people had full copies of whatever that we shot and also that method 2 really negative things would certainly require to happen in order for us to lose everything the next reason i’ll be upgrading to the a7 s3 for my a7 iii number 12 is improved rolling shutter this is a rather typical problem concerning the a7 iii and also it’s fantastic to see that sony has actually made some considerable renovations with the a7 s3 currently rolling shutter is among those things that really depends upon exactly how you use your equipment if you’re doing something like what i’m doing now where it’s basically speaking head with some sluggish moving b-roll shots rolling shutter is not really a problem again for the majority of what i do i do not whip the electronic camera around like you see in a lot of the moving shutter instances yet that’s not to say that it does not matter it simply doesn’t matter for a lot of what i do if on the other hand you do things like shoot out of moving cars or fire quick action or sports where you’re needing to rapidly pan as well as track a subject and also there are a few other circumstances in that situation it’s a lot more important an additional instance is when you’re vlogging as well as this sort of works together with image stablizing a great deal of the reason why handheld video looks so negative when you’re vlogging isn’t simply since it’s unstable however also since the moving shutter substances the issue by essentially developing a whip impact as the electronic camera shakes back and forth i’m also super thrilled to see what the a7s 3 video will

look like on a gimbal fine let’s reach factor number 13 which is the brand-new buttons and also dial setup initially as well as this is not new due to the fact that i have it with my a7 3 i always like to have committed dials for aperture shutter speed as well as iso yet there’s something extremely annoying for me about the a7 3 which’s the layout of the exposure payment dial since the dial does not secure i constantly locate that i go to like plus three or minus three even though i didn’t deliberately transform it i don’t know if it takes place when i take the camera out of the bag or place it back in however it occurs regularly that dial is not super loose either so i’m not actually sure just how it takes place but i know it takes place and i like the truth that on the a7s3 there is a lock on the direct exposure payment dial there’s also one on the mode dial yet that does not appear to take place to me for some reason and i do like the reality that sony relocated hand-operated picture setting to where it’s ideal next to film setting and also snq since those

are the settings that i make use of most typically now talking of different modes that brings us to reason number 14 which is the splitting up of flick as well as image settings this is something that i noticed and promptly loved regarding the fuji xt4 i had a possibility to evaluate a pre-production model of the xd4 as well as this separation of the functions was truly great as well as i recognize this will not matter to every individual however i do switch in between image and video clip on a regular basis this was also a feature that was offered on the nikon z50 and also once more was very useful and also i’ll offer you an instance that annoys me concerning video cameras that do not have these 2 points divided so for instance i can have a picture profile selected for video but after that i want a different one for images as well as i do not constantly remember changing it when i switch settings so having these attributes divided methods that the camera will certainly remember what i had picked in each setting and also it will certainly switch it immediately and also that means that i won’t figure out that i just took a hundred photos

and i’m still established to like s-log 3 currently talking of photos we obtain factor number 15 digital photography delay what look if i desire high-resolution pictures if i need more megapixels this certainly isn’t the camera that i would select however, for one of the most component i extremely rarely utilize any of my photos at full resolution i’m typically uploading them on social media where i have actually dramatically resized them as well as also when i utilize the images in my 4k video clips which are 3840×2160 i would certainly still have to resize a7s 312 megapixel data which are 4240×2832 so this is going to conserve me from needing to bring two electronic camera bodies unless i’m doing customer work where i would wish to provide high resolution documents i’m likewise super delighted to check the reduced light or rather high iso efficiency of the a7 s3 for stills next we have number 16 and i’m super thrilled about this like absolutely wonderful codecs and also tape-recording settings i’ll go into this in far more information in my testimonial but the a7s3 has actually h. 264 all introduction or all i which should provide me beautiful looking video footage and also video footage that’s simple to modify i do have an absolute monster for video clip editing so i’m not whining but i would certainly still instead collaborate with data that are much less tough for the system to deal

with i’m likewise incredibly delighted to have 4k 120 10 little bit 422 in electronic camera to both sd card ports from such a little aspect with autofocus the only thing i’m not actually sure yet is whether there’s face detection in 4k 120. I assume there is and if you recognize put it in the description going on number 17 external recording as well as monitoring since the a7s3 has no recording restriction it has a fully articulating touch display and can videotape inside in very easy to deal with 10 bit 422 there’s less of a factor for me to use the atomos ninja 5 to videotape on the surface i do like having that flexibility as well as along with that i like that i can currently keep an eye on on the surface as well as document inside without a problem with my a7 3 and also my a6400 if i desired to check on the surface in 4k i would certainly lose face detection it operated in 1080p however not 4k so if i desired to keep track of 4k externally i had to disable internal recording as well as after that additionally record externally and then encounter monitoring would certainly deal with the a7 s3 i’m not going to have that issue as well as considering that i currently have it i can still make use of the ninja 5 for

monitoring on a bigger and brighter display as well as for the additional direct exposure assistant features it offers prior to i proceed if you like what you’ve seen thus far and also have obtained value from this video clip let me know by giving it a thumbs up it helps the video clip and the channel and it lets me recognize what type of content you such as so that i can make more of it as well as if it’s your very first time below struck the subscribe as well as notification buttons so you can constantly keep up to date on the latest equipment as well as tutorials now mentioning recording as well as or monitoring externally we’re on to reason number 18 which is the complete size hdmi port this may appear like it’s not a large bargain but i constantly like full-size hdmi ports to the micro or miniature i constantly feel like the mini is mosting likely to snap off and damage it’s likewise a discomfort to have to find the ideal cord each time it’s a lot easier to simply have complete dimension hdmi cords that function for streaming monitoring and external videotaping all right we

have two more factors on this checklist the first is a wonderful to have yet the 2nd i’m super excited for so at number 19 i have very easy white balance arrangement i always attempt to make use of a personalized white balance when possible with several of my various other cams i have to initial take a photo and after that use it to establish a customized white equilibrium which is kind of a pain and also with the a7 3 as well as 4 hundred i can do this in motion picture mode however the factor is constantly in the center so if my subject is off facility as well as i wan na make use of a gray card i have to reframe the shot obtain the custom white balance and after that go back to the actual framing it’s not actually that big an offer yet it’s good that the white equilibrium capture point can be proceeded the a7 s3 okay so currently to number 20 as well as i think i saved the best for last as well as i’m speaking about dynamic range from all my research study as well as whatever that i have actually seen the a7s3 is an absolute monster regarding dynamic array is concerned particularly for something so tiny but at this rate with this small form element which i can bring with me anywhere toss on a gimbal if i desire to shoot pictures mind you at a lower resolution document unrestricted video and well all the various other points that i discussed in this video like come on this is mosting likely to be remarkable okay so

these were my 20 factors for pre-ordering the sony a7s iii i need to be towards the front of the list so hopefully i’ll be getting it within a couple of weeks if in the at the same time you wish to take a look at a few of my thorough testimonials of some other sony video cameras i’ll place a web link to my sony playlist up in the edge as well as in the description if you’re as excited as i have to do with pre-ordering this video camera i’ll put web links in the description where you can get the body in addition to a few lenses that i think will pair up well i truly wish that i had the ability to offer you a great review of why i assume the a7s iii is worth buying and if i did please let me recognize by providing this video a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you have not yet sign up with the neighborhood by hitting the subscribe and alert switches you can always locate me on instagram twitter and also facebook at tech gear talk you recognize what i always state purchase it nice or acquire it two times all the best as well as see you quickly

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