5 Tips Canon M50 Photo Tips for Better Images

what’s up individuals sigi right here as well as invite to another technology equipment talk today i’m going to give you 5 ideas that are going to assist you boost your m50 photography i understand that a great deal of you use this camera for photos and also you’re always looking to improve and also much better images but you’re not really sure where to start so i put with each other five ideas that are actually going to get you on your way to taking better pictures plus one power pointer and also i also have an unique incentive download which i’ll reach at the end i additionally desire to discuss that i have a web link to my total m50 playlist in the summary so if you like this electronic camera and you intend to see all my evaluations tutorials and also comparisons go in advance and examine it out okay let’s get going as well as my initial suggestion for boosting your m50 digital photography is to shoot raw and also jpeg if you’ve listened to the term raw prior to and were either

unsure what it indicated or were daunted by it allowed’s simplify raw is a documents layout that records all of the photo data tape-recorded by the sensing unit when you take an image a jpeg is just a pressed version of the raw data which results in smaller documents dimensions that are less complicated to manage and share let’s speak about several of the benefits and drawbacks of both styles raw data for instance will certainly give you much more tones of each shade so an 8-bit jpeg will offer you around 16.8 million shades whereas a 14-bit raw picture like what you obtain from the m50 will give you 4.4 trillion shades currently additionally you’re also obtaining a broader dynamic range as well as shade range compared to a jpeg photo if you merely took a look at both photos alongside you might not have the ability to see a significant distinction relying on your monitor however as you start editing and enhancing as well as controling the picture you’ll see that with a raw data you get a significantly better detail as well as color healing from highlights as well as shadows an additional essential advantage of raw images is that you can change points like white equilibrium brightness contrast and

saturation in a non-destructive means so for instance if you fired an image with the wrong white equilibrium when you open up the raw photo for editing you’ll in fact get a decrease down where you can select the correct white equilibrium as well as then the photo will immediately fix itself now allow’s get to the benefits of jpeg documents so jpeg photos are fully refined and also compressed in cam so things like white equilibrium saturation tonal contour and also honing are already baked in so as opposed to having to modify every picture you have a photo that’s all set to be posted or shared you can still make adjustments to it certainly you’re just not getting as much versatility as you would when editing a raw file the reason why i say shoot in both is that you’ll have the best of both globes when you toenail the direct exposure as well as the white balance you’ll have a jpeg that’s prepared to be shared and also if you require to make some even more significant modifications you can constantly open up the raw data as well as start your edit from there now both styles likewise have negative aspects to them and i’ll discuss them in a complete dedicated video for raw vs jpeg [Songs] next i want to relocate to tip number two which is to make use of the appropriate emphasis approach as well as procedure so the m50 has 3 emphasis

methods one point autofocus zone autofocus and also face discovery plus tracking one factor autofocus ought to be used when you want precise control over where the m50 will certainly get focused i use this when i picture landscapes architecture or fixed things and i intend to choose exactly what i desire in focus zone autofocus allows you pick a larger area and afterwards rely upon the electronic camera to choose what to focus on this can be actually valuable if the subject is moving actually fast and you don’t have time to obtain the focus point put specifically over it but certainly you have a lot less control because you’re depending on the m50 to pick next we have face discovery as well as tracking which is the mode that i utilize the most in this mode the m50 will immediately find faces track them and keep them in focus as they relocate with the framework you can likewise turn on eye discovery by ensuring you first have autofocus technique readied to encounter

discovery plus monitoring and after that mosting likely to menu shoot 6 eye detection autofocus and pick allow this will provide you an added degree of precision because it will certainly maintain the eye closest to the cam in emphasis instead of making use of the entire face the eye is the most integral part since that’s where the audience often tends to look first when they’re checking out a picture currently let’s step to autofocus procedure as well as this is where we obtain to pick between round af and servo af round af means that you obtain concentrate by pushing the shutter halfway down and after that the focus is secured you can after that wait till you prepare to fire and remain to press the shutter completely down which will certainly take the image this functions actually well when you’re shooting subjects that are stationary or perhaps for picture sessions where the topic is fairly fixed however what occurs if you secure the emphasis as well as after that the individual

takes an action or 2 advances or they relocate in reverse prior to you take the picture with round af if you remain to press the button you’ll take a photo where the topic runs out focus if you intend to gain back emphasis you’ll need to release press the switch halfway down and after that fully push it if you change af procedure to servo af the m50 will proceed to concentrate on the subject for as lengthy as you press the button halfway down so even if the subject maintains relocating closer and farther away from the camera the m50 will keep obtaining focused to make sure that whenever you push the button the topic will certainly remain in emphasis you can use servo af even for pictures but in that instance you lose eye discovery as well as will certainly need to rely upon face detection so if i’m trying to record a youngster that’s running everywhere and also not truly remaining still i may pick to use servo af whereas if i’m doing a picture session and the topic is coordinating i’ll use round af okay so currently let’s transfer to tip number three for much better photos and also that’s to shoot in hand-operated mode the m50 is a wonderful cam

and it can do so much and yet numerous individuals utilize it in automatic mode which canon calls p if you’re in a rush as well as you just require to understand that’s just fine yet i really encourage you to find out exactly how to manually get the correct exposure it doesn’t mean that you always need to use it yet it does suggest that if you’re utilizing full car setting or perhaps aperture or shutter concern and also you’re not obtaining the outcomes that you want you’ll recognize precisely what modifications you require to make i have a video clip that explains how to obtain an appropriate exposure as well as i’ll connect to it up in the edge and in the summary it’s one of the very first videos that i ever made so you need to go inspect it out and obtain a great laugh i’m virtually completed with an upgraded video which will walk you step by step with exactly how to lastly leave auto mode and also get one of the most out of your m50 currently before i carry on if you like what you have actually seen up until now and also feel like you’ve obtained value from this video clip let me know by giving it a thumbs up it aids the video clip and also

the network and also it lets me recognize what sort of material you such as so that i can make even more of it as well as if it’s your very first time right here struck the subscribe as well as notice buttons to stay up to date on all the current equipment and tutorials [Songs] all right on tip number four which is terrific for individuals who like to shoot in real-time sight significance making use of the lcd rather than the viewfinder this is a function that not a whole lot of people know about unless they inadvertently trigger it and also i’m speaking about touch shutter so if you consider the bottom left of your lcd you’ll see a little symbol showing a hand touching the display if you see words off it suggests that this function is impaired and if you do not see any word and also rather you see an arrowhead pointing down at the shutter that suggests that you can click anywhere on the lcd as well as the m50 will certainly get concentrate and also take an image so if you like making use of the lcd to take images this is much faster than choosing an emphasis factor by touching the display and after that going and pressing the real shutter switch and you’re a lot less most likely to miss your shot you can activate this feature through the lcd like i revealed you or you can enter into the

menu shoot 5 touch shutter and transform it to enable and since we’re already on this page allowed’s also consider touch as well as drag autofocus settings this is a feature that lets you utilize your left thumb on the screen as well as it will certainly relocate the car focus point and also even choose a subject for tracking if you haven’t tried it i highly recommend it it’s an incredible user experience and also it’s a lot easier and faster to relocate the autofocus indicate exactly where you want it [Songs] [Music] okay now getting rid of the suggestion number five then i’ll provide you my power tip and then we’ll get to the complimentary download so tip number five is to purchase lenses if you saw my exactly how to choose your initial lens video you understand why i always suggest that essentially every individual begin by getting the kit lens when it comes to the m50 we’re speaking about the 15 to 45 millimeter lens yet as you expand as a photographer you’re likely to specify where you desire points like better low light efficiency the ability to get

shallower depth of field you may intend to zoom in on something that’s away or take macro shots of topics that are truly close or you might simply desire much better general photo high quality and in these instances you’ll wish to take a look at some added lens alternatives with the addition of the sigma 1630 and also 56 millimeter f 1.4 lenses we currently have some rather wonderful lenses to pick from in the efm line i have a committed video regarding my favorite efm lines however i’ll provide you a number of my favorites right here as well as if you want to see the rest i’ll leave a connect in the edge and in the summary for portraits my favorite lens hands down is the sigma 56 millimeter f 1.4 this lens creates extraordinary picture high quality i can get excellent splitting up from the background it’s small it’s light it’s truly an outstanding lens you rarely hear me be so definitive about an item however if you intend to fire pictures with your m50 as well as you can afford 449 dollars which i understand is not affordable i just can not see you regretting getting this lens i have l collection canon glass which we’ll reach soon however when i use my m50 for portraits unless i want the zoom of a 24-70 f 2.8 or the 70-200 f 2.8 i constantly grab this 56

millimeter the next circumstance where i find myself grabbing a different lens in the kit lens is when i want a vast lens with great low light efficiency and because case i constantly choose in between the canon 22 millimeter f2 as well as the sigma 16 millimeter f 1.4 if i want one of the most small and lightest configuration the canon 22 millimeter is an excellent selection it’s an excellent lens for street photography or for a little gimbal if size and weight aren’t a key issue as well as instead i want a larger angle of sight and also an also larger optimum aperture after that the sigma 16 millimeter f 1.4 is my best lens i utilize this lens with both my canon aps-c and also my sony aps-c video cameras and of course i use the e-mount version for sony as well as once more if this lens is in your budget plan i highly advise it like i claimed i have a video clip dedicated to efm lenses where i go much more detailed into each lens so if you’re interested check it out when you’re completed with this all right so now i wish to reach my power suggestion which really connects right into idea number 5 since it has to do with lenses now a lot of individuals

who make use of the m50 already had canon lenses from previous canon dslrs or they’re interested in those ef as well as efs lenses because there are some extraordinary lenses at different price points and if that’s something that you plan to do i extremely recommend that you check out an adapter as well as a speed booster both will certainly permit you to connect lenses created for dslrs onto your m50 yet a rate booster has extra functions as an efficient focal length reducer as well as boosting the lens’s speed by a quit of light for better reduced light efficiency both will certainly unlock to an extensive selection of lenses from canon as well as third-party companies and also will certainly give you heaps of lens options at virtually any cost factor i simply finished a video clip discussing what adapters and speed boosters do as well as a detailed check out plant factor so if that’s something that you’re interested

definitely examine it out i’ll place a link up in the corner and also in the description fine so now let’s get to the download as well as this has to do with exactly how i edit my photos normally when i do a shoot i have a great deal of images that look comparable since i’m in the very same space and also as opposed to having to modify every one of them i pick to make a pre-programmed so what i’ll do is obtain one image to look exactly how i want as well as then i’ll develop a predetermined and after that use it to all the photos from the same area to obtain a regular appearance i then also utilize those presets when i want to post a few photos to instagram and also i do not want to begin from scratch with each new edit so i assembled a complimentary pack of presets that you can make use of on your desktop as well as mobile device and also i’ll place a web link to the download page down in the description do not hesitate to use them on your individual or commercial images does not matter they’re my present to you for becoming part of the network okay

so these were my five suggestions for enhancing your m50 photography i guess it was practically six tips if i’m counting the power pointer but anyways i wish you discovered them helpful i’ll place web links in the summary to the video clips that i discussed along with the total m50 playlist so you can see every little thing that i put with each other for you i’ll also consist of links to where you can buy the m50 as well as several of the lenses and accessories that i stated and also there are constantly vacation specials as well as discounts those links will be upgraded with the most affordable costs i actually wish i had the ability to provide you some great tips on boosting your m50 photography as well as if i did please let me understand by giving this video clip a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you haven’t yet join the community by striking the subscribe and alert switches you can constantly locate me on instagram twitter as well as facebook at techyourtalk you understand what i constantly state purchase wonderful or purchase two times best of luck and see you quickly you

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