Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard Ultimate Review

what’s up people Iggy right here as well as welcome to an additional technology equipment talk today we’re gon na look into the brand-new Corsair k 57 RGB cordless gaming key-board you may keep in mind the Corsair announced this brand-new board a couple of months back at CES and also coputex you may have seen my testimonials of the k68 RGB or the k7 t mark ii yet with the k’ 57 Corsair enables players to cut the cable while preserving RGB personalization customized macro tricks as well as kiri maps so let’s take a look at some crucial functions of this key-board and afterwards go into them in a bit much more information and do an audio test the K 57 RGB wireless uses slipstream Wireless for extremely quick below 1 millisecond connection you can additionally attach utilizing Bluetooth or USB if you desire it offers anti-ghosting as well as 8k Aero careful cue rollover to make sure that also simultaneous keystrokes are constantly registered swiftly and properly it makes use of the new Capel Excel II D which I’ll tell you more about later on because it’s an incredibly exciting growth it has practically limitless backlight

color mix including 10 built-in on-board modes has 6 programmable macro tricks devoted quantity and also multimedia controls that provide on-the-fly modifications it utilizes membrane key switches and finally it’s totally programmable with Corsairs intelligence software alright so in case you’re seeking to get a que 57 RGB Wireless allow’s take a better consider this board in a bit more detail I likewise want to offer a shout-out to Corsair for sending me this board to examine out both attributes that many prominently attract attention regarding this pc gaming board is that it’s Wireless and also RGB let’s begin by discussing the cordless part where Corsair applied slipstream wireless innovation this brand-new 2.4 ghz link assures 50% faster link rates than previous 2.4 it’s typical cordless key-boards we’re not discussing insane fast below 1 millisecond cordless latency which should make your keystrokes sign up as quickly as wired key-boards and sometimes even quicker there is a cordless variety of approximately about 60 feet so you can easily get from the sofa or from your bed without needing to worry concerning cables and also varies just one important aspect of cordless connection and also the others are rate and security in this instance smart frequency

change or ifs immediately discover as well as jumps to the fastest offered network on the fly that guarantees a the cordless signal in between the board as well as the computer is strong and also trusted and also this might be actually important as we’re obtaining increasingly more cordless gadgets besides slipstream wireless you can also utilize Bluetooth 4.0 or higher as well as the K 57 works with le 4.2 Corsair advises utilizing bluetooth for multi-platform usage if you’re even more of a casual gamer or for general performance jobs and then finally there’s likewise a choice to utilize the board in Wired mode with the provided USB cable a question I got a load on some of my various other evaluations was whether a certain board would certainly deal with a Mac as well as the answer is of course the K 57 will certainly service both PC as well as Mac allowed’s go on to the feel and look of the K 57 the frame is a matte black with the leading area utilizing a shiny reflective product unlike my other 2 Corsair boards the space bar is smooth and it’s more consistent with the look of the various other keys the K 57 utilizes the brand-new typeface that you’ll see on the new Corsair boards yet it’s a smaller font dimension and also it seems to be a lighter weight which indicates the less light is going through the translucent area of the keys currently you might think this makes this board less intense than something like the K 70 mark 2 or the K 68 but you ‘d be incorrect which’s because the K 57 uses the new engaging LED modern

technology that we saw applied on the corsair boss platinum RGB Ram currently this brand-new technology is able to accomplish brighter lighting while taking in much less power than standard LEDs a typical LED has a diode that is established in a housing with the lens and solder factors and also it’s mounted to the PCB individually the Capel excel edie’s use up much less than 1/10 the area and also can be mounted directly to the substratum corsair reports that these brand-new leds can beam up to sixty percent brighter than standard LEDs at the same power level so now we have the ability to utilize much less power and also obtain even more lumens per watt so we’re obtaining that intense look that all of us like and we’re creating less heat currently being able to consume to 60% less power and to be more efficient enables Corsair to provide RGB illumination in gadgets like cordless keyboards along with various other peripherals and performance memory it additionally suggests that the LEDs have a life expectancy that is up to 35% longer than traditional LEDs this is a good time to chat regarding battery life where corsair records 35 hrs when making use of slipstream with the common LED illumination and also a hundred and also 75 hours with out backlighting with bluetooth we’re looking at up to forty hours with the conventional lights and also 200 hours without backlighting proceeding the K 57 offers parky RGB backlighting which implies you might

practically program each key to use a various shade the board features ten built-in shade profiles I guess 11 if you’re thinking about the off setting as well as I actually like that you can switch over between the various accounts by utilizing the function key plus a designated number and this means that you can easily make changes without having to make use of the intelligence software application so as an example if you wish to utilize spiral rainbow you have feature and afterwards the one trick if you intend to switch over to drizzle you hit feature and afterwards the two crucial and more as well as so forth if you want extra control Corsairs IQ software program gives you accessibility to the whole RGB spectrum of over 16 million colors so you can choose from whatever color combination you can potentially think of currently with most presets you can also pick the speed and instructions of the movements which i think is quite great I intend to point out that when you’re utilizing the board

wirelessly you just have accessibility to the predetermined lighting profiles to utilize every feature of the tailored lights accounts you need to utilize a wired connection the logo at the center of the board is white rather than RGB like on the K 70 mark 2 or Chrome on something like the k 68 RGB in regards to develop quality that k 57 is mostly made of plastic so there is a little flex in the board but total it feels strong and also stable this board is not a mechanical board so it uses membrane layer crucial buttons which are ranked for 20 million crucial presses if you haven’t utilized these prior to or you’re not exactly sure concerning the difference allow me rapidly go over it membrane layer key-boards have a membrane obviously that has pressure pads this suggests that they have a mushy R feel they don’t offer considerable responsive or audible responses this specific board makes use of a rubber dome tactile style if I’m comparing it to a direct switch like the cherry MX Reds the keys on the K 57 appear to need even more stress to turn on as well as I don’t understand that that makes this board better or worse however having

actually made use of Reds virtually specifically for over a year it was a difference that I noticed as soon as possible now unlike an additional wireless key-board from Corsair that k63 the K 57 is a basic full-size board so it’s not a ten keyless board after that on top of that we have the 6 macro secrets which we’ll get to in the future now this suggests that the board is gon na occupy even more desktop room so this might be a consideration for you if you’re tight on area Corsair also gives a removable palm rest to add comfort and also support and also I claimed this in my other video clips I’m in my desk for 10 to 12 hrs a day so economics are a concern for me my desk can be gone up and down so I constantly make certain that the keyboard is at the optimal elevation however I such as the added support that this clip-on palm rest provides currently it is plastic so it does not add cushioning but if your key-board is positioned at the proper elevation as well as your arms are resting pleasantly there shouldn’t be a lot of pressure on your palms to begin with and also the wrist remainder deals and also it sustain because it’s aligned with the bottom of the board on the top of the board we have a wireless USB dongle an on/off switch as well as the mini USB port that’s made use of to bill the board and if you intend on making use of the board in Wired setting when we look at all-time low of the board we see

these little risers that can be turned up and turn the keyboard a little bit as well as it’s something that you may utilize if you find the minor angle modification to be a lot more comfortable there also these rubber feet that avoid the board from sliding on your desk alright let’s go on to the feature of the K 57 we talked concerning the dependability and longevity of the brand-new Capel X LEDs however we’re likewise obtaining anti-ghosting and selective 8kr o or eight essential rollover if you recognize with gaming as well as higher-end keyboards you currently understand what this means yet a feeling concerns exactly how simultaneous keystrokes are managed by the board particularly when you’re pc gaming and also sometimes in other situations you may be pushing several buttons at the very same time as an example you might be relocating your character in various directions at the very same time refilling this made use of to be a problem with older membrane boards where this can cause keystrokes being neglected and even took completely different keystrokes but with the K 57 we have 8 KR o significance that you can at the same time press up to 8 tricks plus any type of modifier keys like ctrl alt or shift and each and every single stroke is quickly and also accurately signed up one point that I enjoy regarding the membrane design is that

incorporating it with the Capelli’s LEDs produces a really bright light you can see that basically the entire board illuminate since the membrane appears to be letting the light overflow between tricks in a similar way yet even brighter than on my case 68 as well as returning to the membrane key switches they’re much quieter than my Reds as well as certainly quieter than blues I’ll give you a sound test so you can get a suggestion of what the tricks on the key 57 seem like currently this boils down to personal choice I actually truly suched as the clicky audio however I’m additionally alone in my office so I don’t actually have to fret about other individuals carrying on an attribute that’s generally booked for more pricey boards is having 6 devoted macro secrets on the left side of the board these are fully programmable keys that offer you bunches of alternatives and can provide you an in-game benefit you can implement really complex commands much faster you can by having to by hand

undergo each keystroke and you can tape-record approximately 50 key events per button now obviously you can likewise utilize these to remap another essential if you choose to have it closer to your left hand it’s extremely simple both you just push the M R or macro record button then whichever macro trick you want to appoint currently you can begin recording activities as well as when you’re done you just struck the Mr switch one last time which’s it that’s all there’s to it as well as I likewise make use of these also inside Photoshop and Best Pro when I’m modifying images or video clips on the right above the number pad you’ll locate the committed media buttons you have a stop previous play time out and also following button above that row you’ll see the mute switch in addition to the volume backwards and forwards buttons what’s extremely wonderful about this is that I can quickly have access to this function and I utilize it all the time when I get a phone telephone call and also I require to quickly mute what I have playing in the background I don’t have to reach for the physical speaker volume control or make use of the speaker symbol on the taskbar or appoint a macro secret I can simply reach over hit the mute switch as well as I’m good I’m relocating from right to left beyond the volume regulates we have a row of LED

indication lights we have the windows lock as well as macro status indication caps lock number lock in the battery or Wireless status sign light there are three various other tricks next to the LED lights and once more from right to left we start with the Windows key lock mode switch as well as this will let you lock the home windows vital so you do not mistakenly hit the Windows key and discard yourself out to the desktop in the middle of a game if attach to the intelligence software you can likewise disable various other functions like alt f4 or alt tab so this is an extremely handy feature the following button is a devoted trick for controlling the illumination of the keyboard you can utilize it to alternative between three illumination levels and also an off state and ultimately there is the M R or macro record key that I discussed earlier which’s utilized to program the 6 committed macro keys in general the crucial 57 is an extremely great Wireless RGB membrane layer keyboard I was impressed with the rate and also performance of the slipstream wireless technology and the flexibility to still use Bluetooth or USB when I intended to I really loved just how intense the capella X LED lights are

and the fact that the whole board appears to illuminate as a result of the membrane layer style the membrane layer vital buttons are quieter and a little bit more solid than what I’m utilized to however they are responsive as well as together with anti-ghosting as well as eight vital rollover make certain that each keystroke is constantly registered appropriately as well as lastly I enjoy the costs functionality of the six dedicated macro keys and the committed multimedia and quantity regulates the K 57 RGB Wireless offers for right under a hundred dollars and I’ll place web links in the description because there are always specials as well as discounts and also the links will automatically be upgraded with the most affordable prices I really hope this video clip gave you a good summary of the new Corsair K 57 RGB Wireless if it did please allow me recognize by offering it a thumbs up tweet it share it and if you want even more keyboard as well as various other outer reviews and tutorials join the neighborhood by striking the subscribe as well as notification buttons you can always find me on Instagram Facebook And Twitter at Tech your talk you understand what I constantly claim bye good or bye two times best of luck and also see you soon

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