Why I Use the Gnarbox 2.0 SSD | New Firmware Review

this is the NAR box 2.0 SSD you may have never become aware of it or possibly you have actually heard of it however you’re unsure exactly what it does it’s a tough back-up SSD Wireless structured integrated operations hub gadget I first believed this was just like an outside drive for back-up yet it’s not and also I’m gon na take you through mine our box journey as well as the attributes in this latest firmware update that actually persuaded me that this is a device that I would use but you recognize what to start with allow’s check out backup I always stress over back-up from doing a professional shoot among the initial things that I intend to do when I’m done capturing is obtain a 2nd copy of the documents as well as I do not care if it gets on a laptop computer or on a portable difficult drive that’s connected to my laptop or if it’s an additional SSD it does not matter to me among the reasons that I use this movie theater cams that I do is due to the fact that they have double SD card slots so I can promptly have one more duplicate but due to the fact that I review numerous video cameras some of them do have double SD card slots however many of them do not I started researching alternatives

which’s how I came throughout the NAR box to be completely sincere when I first saw it I assumed it was a mobile SSD I just really did not know that there was anything around that was rather similar to this it constantly looked actually awesome which I understand should not matter however you understand absolutely simulates I actually like these little ridges and they resemble it was gon na be actually comfortable to hold and also it’s rather much the size of my apple iphone other than for it’s certainly a bit thicker now I knew there was built to armed forces specifications which covers water dirt as well as shock resistance and it has these rubber gaskets that assist secure the different ports on both sides currently I’m a pretty interested individual naturally so if something just really did not build up below look how might a 1 terabyte in our box expense 899 dollars when I can get a LaCie or a sandesh a G Drive or anything like that for a great deal less so I go into my research study setting I resemble viewing videos and reviewing reviews and afterwards I understood that this is not a mobile SSD well it’s in fact also a mobile SSD yet it’s a whole lot even more than simply that okay so allow me inform you a tale which still makes me unfortunate to this day so regarding a year ago we took place trip to Italy as well as it was

outstanding we went to a lot of various regions we remained at an amazing countryside rental property and also I obtained very ill on my birthday celebration I almost died I lost consciousness and also fortunately this Italian male found me deal with down called a rescue and afterwards a couple days later I was back to typical that’s not really the fundamental part of this story well I think it is essential since otherwise we wouldn’t have the remainder of the story yet you understand what I indicate so anyways I was evaluating a bunch of cams at the time so I had them with me the whole trip and also I also brought along my drone and at the end of each day or every number of days I would certainly back everything approximately my laptop computer as well as when we would certainly take place an outing I wouldn’t constantly wish to bring my laptop with me because my bag was already super heavy so there was eventually where I shot drone footage virtually the whole day including sunset I got incredible video footage in the next day I got sunrise footage and video around the rental property as well as after that we pursued the entire day so we get on this drive we quit at various factors I’m getting really cool shots return in the cars and truck we drive for like a hr as well as a fifty percent pull over again get some more video and I look I can not wait to get back as well as see whatever I fired okay so but after that we

reach this one Valley and I’m doing a parallax shot of the one side so I’m against the opposite of the valley and I understand that I’m quite high up above ground degree yet what I didn’t take right into account was just exactly how deep the valley was as well as all of an abrupt boom so my radical pro is on the side of the mountain somewhere in central Italy and all I have left is the 720 footage that was sent out to my phone as well as even at that I only have the 4 gigabytes I think up until the phone filled and if I only had the gnar box with me I would still have whatever backed up at least up until that last trip and also I’ll explain why and also that’s just taking into account the smart backup attribute of the gnar box as well as it’s really simply the starting so let’s take a better look by the way if you’re taking pleasure in the video clip until now by providing it a thumbs up if you wish to see even more photography and also video reviews and tutorials sign up with the community by hitting the subscribe and also notification switch it actually aids me a whole lot alright so back to the gnar box I recognize that I was being type of silly in the beginning when I explained it however it’s a tough back-up as well as documents administration gadget and it was developed specifically for professional web content makers and also don’t get me wrong I simulate the fact that it allows me quickly do backups as well as I can get this done promptly after the shoot when I’m driving home or perhaps while I’m evacuating

however what I truly value concerning the gnar box is exactly how it boosts my overall workflow one point that I’m nearly always ready to purchase is saving time if there’s something that I do everyday as well as there was a piece of software program or an item of gear that can actually save me 30 mins a day would certainly be super hard for someone to convince me not to buy since all that time includes up and it resembles two-and-a-half hrs a week which is 50 weeks is like under 125 hours and also that’s a bunch of time alright so exactly how does the gnar box really save me time well first off allow’s speak a little concerning the technology look past the nvme SSD it has an Intel quad core CPU eight or 2.11 a/c Wi-Fi an SD card port 2 USB C port a micro HDMI port a pair switches for control and an OLED screen and what makes this such a powerful device for me as the CPU since it’s basically running as a tiny computer system and also I can use that power to automate a few of the kind of bothersome and tiresome things that I discover myself having to do over and also over as well as I’ll provide you a number of instances that benefit me and also I think can function for you and let me simply address this immediately exists a means to accomplish all these points that I’m gon na state without an R box well

yeah appearance I have actually been doing it for many years however for me this has to do with effectiveness and ease so for instance today I’m testing for cameras the sony a6000 a 6100 the night z50 and the Panasonic gh4 and yet actually happening I’m using a GH 5 as well as a Nikon I’m coming back to my origins so on any provided day I have at the really the very least one as well as all the way up to 4 cameras with me and also I’ll wind up firing some combination of JPEG raw and video data so at the end of each day I would certainly need to come residence and also offload somewhere in between one and also 4 SD cards at my workstation and also depending upon which brand of electronic camera I’m using the procedure of separating the images as well as video clip files it is various and I ‘d have to split up the JPEGs and also the raw as well as that’s an additional action so then our box lets me do a couple of points first off I back everything up as I’m driving residence so by the time I obtain residence I currently have a second duplicate of the data and also rather than drop every little thing right into one folder which would obtain super messy with several cams I produced import presets as well as these are all things that I did making use of the safekeep app

as well as I just needed to establish them up once and took me all of concerning 2 minutes so I have four various presets currently one named after each video camera that I’m checking or in my typical operations it would certainly be one for each of my electronic cameras and I can simply pick the one that I desire strike the right switch and also it will certainly import all those data into the appropriate subfolder on the naar box but it does a whole lot more than that so initial I have actually flattened folder picked which brings all the subfolders as much as the origin so for instance if I’m utilizing a Sony cam I don’t have to go right into personal and an m4 origin and after that clip to locate all my video clip data and afterwards have to go right into DCIM and also then whatever subfolder the images are to discover them next I use a feature called the folder by extension which does specifically what you assume it would do based upon the name it creates subfolders based on file extensions so it develops a jpg folder as well as relocates all my JPEGs to it another one called AR W or CR 3 or RW to an EF it does not matter it depending on which video camera I’m making use of and it moves all my RAW files to it and afterwards another folder called mp4 for all my video as well as the last attribute that I have actually activated is called clever back-up which’s what I was speaking around beforehand as well as what that does is a step-by-step back-up so the very first time I do a backup

from a card it will certainly duplicate all the files over however after that if I take that card put it back in the camera take some more shots and utilize smart back-up again it will only replicate the new documents over as well as what it does is make use of a mix of the name directory site as well as the date modified metadata to determine whether a file is a replicate one various other thing that I have actually transformed on is md5 checksum which generally compares the documents that were duplicated over with the original files to see to it that they’re the same so by the time I get house I already have every one of this done and I’m ready to relocate all my files to mine as this is one of the new features of the 2 factor 5.0 firmware and also I can make use of a USB c2 Ethernet adapter and also connect an R box to my Synology disc station currently I might also make use of Wi-Fi yet it’s just a great deal faster to make use of the adapter and I can back all my documents up to my disk station as well as still make use of points like clever back-up and also md5 checksum currently I know that in our box collaborated with Synology when establishing this application as well as I assume they did this because Synology is one of the leaders in the field but this in fact functions with any kind of Nass regarding I recognize so if you’re making use of like a QNAP or a Drobo you ought to be just fine the vital point

here is that instead of having to begin tampering multiple SD cards as well as copying files right into certain folders I can simply relocate them all at once and afterwards organize them once they get on the disk station which is a great deal faster to ensure that’s one method that the NAR box conserves me time when I was doing things manually I start the backup of one folder and after that I would certainly leave the computer and now ignore it for like 20 mins come back then I understand that I’m still in the middle of backup do another folder or have to switch over cards and it would just take me a lot longer okay to ensure that workflow works truly well for me when I’m driving however let me provide you one more example so in some cases when I go shooting with an additional person and also they’re driving or we’re on a trip and we have a time in the vehicle I can do every one of my calling prior to I even relocate files to mine as I can make use of the Select application which is powered by a picture auto mechanic and also can sneak peek as well as star my

images right from my phone and also among the attributes in the firmware 2.50 recognize is that the metadata can now be saved to an XMP sidecar data which is compatible with images like image auto mechanic and Lightroom timeless and this is a really essential update due to the fact that if you create the metadata to the file itself after that you’re changing the date changed metadata which will certainly cause replicate documents when you’re making use of the clever backup and also with relentless metadata in the select app I can now see precisely my phone which files currently have had metadata put on them and which heaven as well as this makes it extremely easy for me to quit mid call and after that continue later on so as an example if I have ten minutes where I’m simply type of lingering I can get some work done without needing to take my laptop I boot it and also after that discover an area to rest the gnar box can be in my pocket it can be in my bag as well as I’m simply servicing my phone and also these little pockets throughout the day build up as well as they finish up saving me a great deal of time and also this is work that I would usually have to do when I obtain back to this workshop among the things that was super remarkable is the speed of

the RAW photos preview which I assume is as a result of the photo mechanic imaging engine I imported a couple of hundred raw and also JPEG data due to the fact that I always fire in both and afterwards in pick the thumbnails were developed extremely quick and also I was just able to scroll via the raw images without having the weight and also that’s actually nice for such a tiny device you can likewise develop what they call offices which primarily indicates you’re selecting a subset of the photos to deal with and afterwards narrows down the number of data and also sneak peeks the gnar box has to create which once more helps speed points up so the last and possibly the majority of basic way to use the gnar box is as an exterior disk drive on longer journeys that’s just how I manage my data I back up my several SD cards to the gnar box making use of smart back-up and then I attach the gnar box to my laptop computer in mass storage space setting making use of a USBC cable and also can do all my job without having a be the documents to my laptop computer after that when I’m back in the workshop I just relocate every little thing over the exact same means that I explained previously now

there are a few possibilities for improvement that I came across when I was using the gnar box very first is that there are no pre-programmed details back-up settings so for instance if I pick clever backup or flattened folders it will use that to every one of my presets and also all of my back-ups and here is where this was necessary I want flattened folders and folder by expansion when I backup an SD card to the gnar box since it saves me a great deal of time when it involves sorting file kinds yet I do not desire that setting when I’m backing up the entire content of the gnar box to extract as since I intend to maintain the arranged folder framework that I developed on an AR box so today I need to toggle the setup on as well as off for both tasks the second chance for improvement is that there is no auto shutoff establishing so I’m extremely absent-minded and also if I leave the gadget on it will remain on till the battery goes out it would certainly be trendy if I can just select a setting like 5 10 or 20 mins and also after that have the device immediately closed off if it’s been idle for that long currently thankfully the naar box fees really fast and when that occurs I can very swiftly get it back to totally charged as well as additionally due to the fact that there are 2

USB sea ports I can make use of one for power and one more one for information transfer so also if the device was totally dead when I obtained home I can still do my backup without having to await it to fully bill so I spoke with Nara box regarding both of these concerns and they were telling me that they’re already servicing adding those functions as well as I enjoy the truth that their technique is to update this item instead of saying something like that’s gon na be offered in the following version I’m additionally incredibly curious to understand what other functions they have coming and also I’ll allow you guys recognize on Twitter as well as Instagram when I learn all right so this is just how I integrate the gnar box into my operations I ‘d love to recognize what you thought of it as well as is this something that you would get as well as how would you use it if you currently have one let me understand if you have any kind of various other operations suggestions for me I would certainly enjoy to pick up from you men there are three storage size options of a 256 of 512 and a one terabyte as well as I’ll put links in the description to where you

can acquire them because they’re constantly specials and discount rates as well as those links will automatically be updated with the least expensive prices I actually hope I had the ability to give you a great summary of the gnar box 2.0 SSD and if I did please allow me understand by offering this video a thumbs up tweet it share it and also if you have not yet join the area by striking the subscribe and also notification buttons if you do not follow me on Twitter yet you should we always have incredibly fascinating conversation there as well as you can likewise discover me on Instagram and Facebook at Tech your talk you know what I constantly state bye good or by twice best of luck and also see you soon

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