Canon SL2 (200D) in 2019 – Watch Before You Buy

what’s up individuals segi here as well as invite to an additional technology equipment speak the canon SL 2 was released in June of 2017 and was just one of the most popular electronic cameras of 2018 but the question is is it still worth entering 2019 there are a lot of electronic cameras appearing and there’s always the most recent and also greatest thing on the market however in some cases it makes sense to take a go back and also look at what would really function for what you need as opposed to just getting the newest readily available toy there are a lot of points that I like regarding the SL 2 or 200 D depending upon where you live and there are some points that I desire were a bit different so allow’s take a closer look and see if it’s still a fantastic option in 2019 when I initially heard that canon has a little as well as light complete DSLR I felt in one’s bones I needed to select it up I shoot every one of my videos with Canon c100 mark 2s however they aren’t the ideal as well as easiest choice to make use of for vlogging or material creation and also the caymans shoot stills and I’ll simply use the term create

content as shorthand for both digital photography and video clip okay enough concerning that allowed’s get going one of the points that I love regarding the SL 2 is that it natively accept every one of canons EF s and also EF mount lenses no adapter no extra expense just take whatever lenses you desire put it on and begin firing Canon is known for having a remarkable line of DSLR lenses as well as the SL 2 supports every one of them that indicates that I can start with something like the 18 to 55 STM set lens which incidentally comes with photo stabilization as well as then build my system from there and this is really the lens that I suggest mostly all beginners begin with prior to they go spending cash on lenses that they don’t require it provides you a really wonderful focal variety to deal with and also will aid you realize whether you need or want a wider angle lens possibly a macro lens for those impressive close-up shots a longer focal size for more zoom or maybe a quicker lens for shallow deepness of field and also far better low-light performance among the most effective things regarding buying a Canon DSLR is that there are many choices at various cost points this certainly consists of every one of the L Collection USM glass from Canon which while several of them costs several times the cost of this body the SL 2 can fit them without any problem as well as get wonderful outcomes incidentally I did a much more detailed evaluation and also I’ll connect to it in the edge and also in the description so if you have an interest in learning even more regarding

the specifications and features of the SL 2 go in advance pause this video and come back when you’re done or simply see it later on carrying on I have actually been using the SL 2 for a long time currently and also one of things that first attracted me to it was the dimension as well as weight look for me a great deal of it is about removing rubbing like what’s obstructing of you producing content this camera was so light I suggest so light it’s much less than a pound and also after including the package lens and also the battery and the flash memory card it’s still under two pounds which that’s simply silly if you currently have a video camera after that you recognize this and if you do not have one I’m gon na inform you yet among the main factors that people don’t end up taking their gear with them is because it’s simply as well large as well as heavy if you’re gon na go on a walking or journey every thing that you take with you add dimension and also weight and also no video camera is gon na benefit you if you don’t bring it with you so having a video camera that’s so tiny as well as light is a huge perk and also makes it far more most likely that you’ll have it with you and also develop even more web content I’m likewise going to discuss that the SL 2 has a truly deep grasp for a camera of this side so it’s not as testing to handle as some small mirrorless cams are this is always on a continuum and also I believe

there’s an actually good equilibrium below for how I would certainly make use of the SL – sticking with the concept of removing rubbing the SL 2 is likewise extremely easy to make use of the Canon user interface is quite simple which’s something that I believe people often neglect when they pick a video camera if you can’t figure out how to utilize your gear and even if you have it determined yet the ergonomics just aren’t there for you you’re much a lot more likely to get disappointed miss your shot as well as after that you finish up simply not liking your equipment while the SL 2 just has one dial on leading they were rather clever with the layout of the controls on the back as well as you can extremely rapidly alter shutter speed aperture and also ISO without having a monkey around excessive if I’m comparing it to some higher-end versions certain it behaves to have more controls yet I do not evaluate items in a vacuum cleaner and my expectations are readjusted based on the cost an additional thing that’s easy to use is the food selection system this consists of both the online view overlay as well as the settings food selection both are simple to navigate and plainly marked once more

resulting in a better individual experience among the features that makes the SL 2 so straightforward is the full touchscreen we’re also used to engaging with our smart phones as well as a touchscreen is such an intuitive interface I’ve utilized many electronic cameras that set you back a high multiple of what the SL 2 does that don’t have a totally functioning touchscreen some don’t have a touchscreen at all some have a touchscreen that only helps focus or focus and also playback yet except changing setups as well as this impresses me that with all the incredible tech that enters into some of these greater end cams they didn’t take the time or put in the effort to apply a touchscreen that’s that’s simply foolish to me yet back to the SL 2 awesome touchscreen it helps whatever focused live view alternatives setups menu and also play backs that’s what I’m speaking about and while we get on the topic of the screen the SL 2 has a completely expressing touchscreen once more I have actually used video cameras that set you back hundreds of bucks more than the

SL 2 and they do not have a completely articulating display this is such a crucial feature for me for a lot of reasons first when I’m in front of the video camera I can simply flip turn it around and afterwards I can tell that I’m completely framed and also that I’m in focus next if I’m making use of the camera on a tripod or on a slider on the ground I can always position this screen in a method that’s super simple for me to see what’s going on and these are the kinds of points that you might not consider until after you buy a video camera but you should since they make a significant difference because I simply mentioned focus let’s discuss it and also it shouldn’t take very long because the SL 2 uses canons fantastic twin picks a great deal of emphasis the reality that you can obtain that for under 500 dollars is nuts I understand for a truth that if I transform face discovery and subject tracking the SL 2 will instantly discover my face as well as keep me concentrated no matter where I relocate and when I claim I understand I suggest it like I never consider it I know now that I’m holding the video camera if you can see the screen I understand that it found my face and also I know that I remain in emphasis one more amazing thing is that you can pick an item not simply a face so I can aim it at Macey for instance and also understand that it will follow her

wherever she goes like I claimed short section dual pixel autofocus is incredible end of tale another point I like about the SL 2 is the popular cannon color as well as a great deal of individuals think that cannon has the most effective shade scientific research around I’ll admit that there might be an element of predisposition here some individuals prefer the Sony or Fuji look or maybe the method a Panasonic looks inevitably it’s subjective but also for me with this cam what I want is video that I can take right off the SD card and usage as for photo quality I assume the SL 2 can create some amazing pictures and video clip and also below a pair of examples to provide you a concept of what you can anticipate great allow’s go on everyday I obtain inquiries in the remark area where I’m asked to either suggest an electronic camera or to help a person pick in between cams that they have actually limited their search to and if the primary use the electronic camera is gon na be video after that I assume an exterior mic input is vital unless you’re just making use of the cam for b-roll no integrated microphone on any type of electronic camera is gon na give you wonderful audio especially in circumstances where you can

not totally manage the surrounding sound as well as you’re not in an audio cured room to make sure that suggests basically always with an exterior mic input like the SL 2 has you can affix any variety of terrific microphones and significantly improve your overall sound high quality so back to contrasting electronic cameras I believe this is something that you need to think about if you’re intending on making use of the sound that the video camera is recording certainly you can use an outside recorder and after that sync the audio with the video in message but we already spoke regarding eliminating rubbing which’s just a lot more gear and also more cash relocating on among my favorite attributes of the SL 2 is the ability to shoot in body time-lapse there’s a motion picture mode that will certainly permit you to fire full HD or 1080p time-lapse video right in the camera all you need to do is enable it in setups select a period or exactly how much time should pass between each fired the total number of shots that you want the SL to to take as well as whether you desire the direct exposure to alter with each shot or otherwise and after that just strike the shutter you can likewise determine whether you

want the LCD to reveal you every direct exposure and also if you desire the video camera to beep with each fired so this is a really nice feature to have as well as it enables you to obtain various sorts of shots for your videos as well as I assume it’s wonderful that the SL 2 can do whatever in body for you as opposed to you having to take individual pictures and after that do a lot of post-production to transform them right into a timelines [Music] another great attribute concerning the SL 2 is remote for both digital photography and video making use of the canon video camera connect app there are many wonderful usages for this attribute but essentially what you can do is link your electronic camera to your phone and afterwards you can use your phone as a remote screen and also control so for video you can transform virtually any establishing that you need you can get your exposure just right you can ensure that you’re mounted correctly you’re in emphasis and also you can begin and also stop your video clip for photography again you can secure in your

exposure and after that activate the video camera remotely and also this is a fantastic function from macro photography where you do not also desire to touch the shutter switch so you do not produce any kind of video camera movement once you have your pictures and also videos on the SD card you can wirelessly move both to your phone make a fast edit or otherwise and after that share them this is an amazing operations for promptly sharing photos and also video instead than having to take the SD card out and also move every little thing to a computer after that identify just how to obtain that on your phone so you can share so complete remote abilities for both photography and video clip plus the ability to wirelessly share content on my phone is absolutely something that I look for ok now I’m going to get right into a sticky topic I’m gon na discuss value as well as notification that I really did not state rate I claimed value a great deal of individuals state that cam is pricey and also that cam is economical and also I check out worth for the price of the

camera am I getting an attribute collection and performance that I think is an excellent worth as well as in this case the answer is a straight of course simply assume of whatever that I set up to this point in this video clip ok and till this point in the video clip I just stated the important things that I suched as about the sl2 but you recognize that I’m constantly mosting likely to inform you precisely what I think of an item so allow’s take a look at the negative and for the rate there isn’t much what I like to see 4k naturally what I like to see 120 frames per 2nd also at 720p I presume would certainly symbolize image stablizing behave definitely I would also such as one more dial on the back or perhaps slightly rearrange one of the buttons on the back but that’s actually not something that I’m gon na sob regarding for 500 bucks are there better cameras around a hundred percent in truth there are a great deal of much better electronic cameras around but exist cameras that are a much

better worth for a start digital photographer or for content makers that list is gon na be pretty brief no 4k no in body image stabilization and no 120 frames per second but amazing autofocus an incredible lens option wonderful shade and also photo high quality a fully verbalizing touchscreen in body time-lapse as well as complete remote control all in an economical tiny and light DSLR yes please so the response to the question I postured initially I think the SL 2 is still a terrific option in 2019 yet I would certainly enjoy to understand what you believe whether you agree or differ with me I’m constantly pleased to have a conversation in the comment section so allow me understand do you think the SL 2 is still an excellent alternative in 2019 I truly wish this video clip was useful in assisting you decide whether the SL 2 is a good camera to get in 2019 if it was please let me know by leaving a remark offering this video clip a thumbs up as well as if you haven’t yet join the neighborhood by hitting the subscribe as well as notice buttons you can constantly locate me on Instagram Twitter as well as Facebook at technology gear talk and you recognize what I always state bye nice or by twice good luck as well as see you quickly

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