Cinevate Duzi 4 Flywheel Slider Review

hey what’s up men welcome to one more tech equipment talk video clip today I wish to inspect out an outstanding electronic camera slider from sinewave called the beauty 4 now one of the very best ways to add passion and style to your video clips is to add camera movement there are various means to do this currently ranging from gimbals to drones but despite having all this new innovation the majority of us still include a good camera slider as part of our daily kit I lately began utilizing the beauty 4 from transgression escape and also I intended to show to you some functions that I actually like concerning this slider as the name recommends this is the fourth model in the duesey line of sliders and also i actually like the layout of this slider it still makes use of 15 millimeter solid carbon rails that are exceptionally solid and are the foundation of a south base the base itself is a bit larger than the previous variation which includes stability particularly when you’re utilizing a larger gear the doozy 4 comes with adjustable feet which let you level the slider when you’re utilizing it on a little unequal surface areas all you need to do is

twist them until you obtain a strong base however one of the most amazing attribute concerning the doozy 4 is the integrated fly wheel system in situation you’re unsure why you would certainly wish to fly wheel on a slider let me spend a couple of minutes on it as well as additionally concerning this certain implementation from movie theater when we use a slider the goal is to obtain smooth and consistent electronic camera movement presuming that you’re using a nice slider the electronic camera should have the ability to take a trip efficiently across the tracks however the constant part is a bit tougher to achieve as well as the factor is that as you’re pressing the cart from one side to the other across the rails there are slight variants any kind of amount of pressure that you’re using to the cart and those variants can cause the cart to accelerate as well as slow down a little throughout the slide and currently as opposed to getting motion at a consistent speed it’s a little jerky because the camera accelerate and decreases somewhat throughout this entire motion you might not discover this when you’re firing and even when you’re previewing the video in your cam yet believe me you’re going to discover it when you begin modifying with that in

mind the light weight aluminum flywheel on the beauty 4 aids in a number of ways initially it adds a bit even more weight to the carriage which is particularly vital when you’re making use of a little video camera it’s much tougher to push a light item at a regular rate since also slight differ and also the quantity of force that you’re applying can have a large impact along with including mass the flywheel uses the energy that you’re relating to the cart as well as then assists you apply it in a manner that’s far more uniformly dispersed you can see that also if I simply apply a little bit of force there suffices momentum being integrated in a flywheel to help the cart relocate a consistent speed this kind of inertial dampening is vital specifically when you’re starting and quiting the slide you’ll see that as soon as I get the carriage relocating and afterwards let it go it will progressively slow down rather of concerning an abrupt stop since you’re hopefully sold on the flywheel generally allow’s consider this certain style what I truly like regarding sin escapes execution is that they have the ability to accomplish this with no belts I have actually seen various other sliders that utilize fly wheels as well as they have it built

right into the slider however they always utilize belts that link to carriage to the flywheel itself and in some cases it’s a module that you can add on and also remove and don’t obtain me wrong there’s nothing incorrect with that said layout yet what’s innovate did with the doozy 4 is they integrated the flywheel right into the cart style itself which is an extremely classy solution as well as assists you keep things straightforward you don’t need to bother with the belt or any type of added arrangement you’re constantly simply all set to go the flywheel allows you do another thing that’s extremely cool which is a hands-free slide you can merely boost one side of the slider I’m just going to make use of some added batteries that I have about and I simply relocated the cart to this side let it go and the flywheel will certainly do the remainder for me as well as what behaves concerning that is that we have actually completely removed any fluctuations that we may present by using variable pressure to the cart itself and also that basically guarantees an ideal slide whenever I intended to point out that if for some reason you wish to eliminate the flywheel it’s simply one screw near the bottom so

takes you like 2 seconds to do it along with the flexible feet cinemate likewise uses all-terrain legs which are excellent if you intend on utilizing this on unequal ground or in turf you simply want to elevate it a little bit or also if you just want to broaden the base because you’re making use of an extremely hefty gear with a big lens currently originally I really did not assume I would desire those legs due to the fact that I generally made use of a slider on a level surface area or installed yet now I’m type of second-guessing that what’s really nice about this version of the all-terrain legs is that you don’t have to eliminate them they just fold onto each other and afterwards you can maintain them installed on and still quickly fit the slider in a back currently speaking of mounting there are numerous manner ins which you can install the duesey for very first you can connect it directly to your tripod using a round just thread the round straight to your placing plate and afterwards attach it to your tripod as well as currently you can level the slider utilizing the bubble degree I actually like this approach since it’s incredibly strong because the entire top of the round is against a mounting plate another alternative is to make use of a quick-release plate and afterwards install a slider onto a fluid head if you choose to perform I would certainly suggest that you make use of a longer plate and also then make use of two screws and also connect them to the placing plate in 2 various places which method you’ll get a much sturdier link if you select to install the slider to a large

liquid head it adds a few other fascinating angles that you can attain but I also want you to keep in mind that you are including some possible flex factors due to the fact that the fluid head itself can present just a little of activity now ultimately if you don’t wish to make use of a single factor of placing and you would certainly rather distribute the weight what you can do is utilize 2 C stands or light stands this is a function that was an upgrade on some older wrong of 8 slider today it’s component of every doozy for you can put the slider precisely the light stands and afterwards tighten it in place and now the weight of the slider as well as the rig is equally sustained from both sides on the whole the beauty 4 is an amazing slider it really is a satisfaction to deal with it’s light but supplies remarkably smooth activities the integrated flywheel is killer and is what eventually sold me on the doozy 4 if you’ve made use of sliders before and even if you have not I’m very positive that you’re gon na obtain smooth consistent shots using this slider it can be found in 24 and 32 inches and there are a range of devices that you can include like the all-terrain legs motion control for time-lapse an expansion arm called the hold Reacher and a bring situation if you such as this video please provide it a thumbs up and after that crush that subscribe switch if you have any type of inquiries about the doozy 4 placed them in the remarks section below I do my best to answer every concern and do not neglect to follow us on Instagram Facebook and twitter at tech equipment talk see you soon

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