Ultimate Wooting 60HE Mod Guide

part these days’s video is funded by fractal style so today i’m going to show you just how to turn your wooting 60 he from this right into this i’m going to cover what you can as well as can’t perform with the lekker switch we’ll consider building in a tofu aluminum situation we’ll check out some noise wetting tape mods some burger place action and also we’ll discuss a plate swap if you saw the full testimonial the wooding does not appear poor as much as gaming key-boards go it’s got good stabilizers audio moistening this is what it seems like bone stock right out of package it sounds rather similar to such as a ducky one three as they both have steel plates i revealed an integrate in that testimonial of the salvation situation and gmk caps but i didn’t do a sound test because the buttons weren’t rotated southern dealing with and they weren’t lubed there was no sound wetting inside that case and also i didn’t believe it was a good depiction of what you want this board see that’s quite harsh we’ll return to that later on however first allow’s talk changes among the

discuss these lickers is that the springtimes were a little larger than in the pinnacle mini the supply springtimes were simply called 60 weights so wooting’s doing aftermarket springtimes readily available in 50 weight for a decrease in the stress it requires to press an essential the very first run of these had a concern with the factory where they failed to remember to make them out of non-magnetic steel and as you can picture that does not play quite possibly with the switch that runs via magnets so these must be back in supply rather soon directly i’m simply fine with the supply weight but if you need a lighter springtime if you spam a whole lot of keys you bet a truly very long time after that you can choose these i do not believe it makes a huge distinction to the audio entering these the huge point to mention below is that the stem on the lekker is thick girthy versus their conventional mx equivalents so those of you intending to do dual phase or long springtimes no dice magnum stems indicates magnum springs so no standard mx springtimes will not fit in the liquor switch based on all my testing there are none of the lekker switch that work with any type of other mx switch the top housing is

various to suit the various form on the stem and the reduced isn’t compatible with anything else because there aren’t any kind of get in touch with pins yet the general button itself does have enough resemblances to an mx button to where any type of mx switch opener will service these i assume wooting has a little set currently with an opener pullers tweezers lube brushes if you’re simply a normal individual and also you do not have all this things laying around your residence already the very first thing we require to do is eliminate all these switches as well as they can be pretty challenging the first time you draw them out any mx switch puller will work this is my preferred one without a doubt it’s from wuche it’s 15 dollars as well as you can select it up at canon tricks this all works a lot simpler if you eliminate the entire component from the instance first it’s simply five screws genuine quick on this instance people are finding this bring strap design actually polarizing and also there were a lot of inquiries regarding it indeed you can eliminate it you really need to mount it when you get it in the box and also without it the edge of the key-board appears like this after you get the component out after that you can remove the pcb from the rear of the

module do this someplace you’re awesome with obtaining untidy because there’s a great deal of stabilizer lube on the pcb so you do not want that on your favorite dirt floor covering after that you just grab and also squeeze the leading and lower pressing into little pins and also rock to and fro to launch these it deserves stating that there’s no means to make it through this procedure without breaking or messing up the paint on the plate this is very typical on warm swap boards it’s not limited to the wooding board it’s just kind of the expense of working if you’re gon na pull your switches so these are lightly lubed from the factory but it’s extremely marginal as well as inconsistent nothing that needs to be wiped first you can simply go right over the top of these with some 205 quality no to open these you can just use a simple cheap push down opener or something a bit greater end similar to this op opener from gadaron if you’re a guy you can simply break these open in your fist that’s not real don’t try that some people around will certainly tell you that you do not require an opener you can simply make use of a little flathead screwdriver or whatever do not do that simply get the most inexpensive opener you can discover if cash is a problem it’s going to be much faster a lot easier as well as there’s no risk to damaging a switch booting does consist of 2 additional buttons in the box however you’re gon na despise life if you damage a lot of of these attempting to make use of a

screwdriver after trying out a few different techniques i’m mosting likely to reveal you just how i lube these as constantly enclose a pair hours to do this and much less is a lot more less is a lot more starting with the stem you just wish to lightly do the rails as well as the sides lightly implies you can just see the reflection of the lube if you can see the white of the lube develop up you have actually gone also much after that i like to do a light layer around the lower stem as well as the floor of the bottom housing for the springs you can bag lube these with gpl 105 oil which is quicker i have a video clip on exactly how to do that i run out oil so i have actually simply been making use of 205 quality 0 under and below i go a little much heavier that’s it i don’t touch the leading real estate i don’t do the lower rails you can do more if you wish to however that button must always appear like switch not like lube over looping makes it make an actually odd sound and also it makes the switch return really feel slow-moving it’s the last thing you want on an efficiency board similar to this although there is a little play on these buttons they ‘d possibly be a great candidate for shooting but you can not the rails are

somewhat also vast and also it deforms the film you simply bungle these if you tried to do this currently you just constantly repeat that procedure until you’re done as i received the major evaluation the stabilizers below are pretty snug in this plate they did a really good work with these normally you have a whole lot more wobble which’s the significant downside of plate install stabilizers where they break right into the real plate rather than attaching directly to the pcb my copy was additionally incredibly lubed from the manufacturing facility these also have level bases so they do not need to be clipped personally i would not even get rid of these or replace them though it’s easy to do if you want to extract do not have any kind of rattle but if your own do i just utilize a 205 grade 0 syringe and call it done the pcb isn’t drilled for stabilizers so no dice there if you have a plate place stab that you truly like you can go for it however or else i believe these are simply fine once all your switches are lubed you have a decision to make if you’re gon na run backlit keycaps you require to put these all back in north encountering this suggests the little home window for the rgb led gets on top or north if you’re gon na

run caps that aren’t backlit and also specifically cherry account like gmk mount them southern facing or with that little rgb window under i’m using the tofu 60 aluminum instance today since there’s a lot of mod video clips out there they can be found in lots of shades and they’re quite very easy to get either route from kbdfans or from i’ll leave web links in the summary for every little thing we speak about today for placing we’re going to choose burger mount that is we’re mosting likely to sandwich the pcb between these little silicone o-rings to quit it from making full call with the standoffs in the case i got this approach from scott over at key-board he’s a great guy wonderful developer and i’ll connect his video clip in the summary also you need to go inspect him out after doing this a couple of times the most effective technique for me was to feed a screw via an o-ring after that feed that with the pcb and into one more o-ring this avoids you from having to stabilize those o-rings in addition to the standoffs and after that attempt not to knock them off when you put home plate setting up inside the instance so we’re gon na lay that

component in there and barely tighten the majority of the screws so they’re just hanging on do not crank them down besides the one by the usb port you will certainly need to crank that down because we need to obtain that port ready in the opening you will have to have this assembly slightly further left than best simply barely off facility to get the usb port virtually centered because opening i used a couple different main methods for audio damping the initial was this zip fit simply abuse in these little squares i did two layers in the reduced cavity and also one complete layer generally 2 layers is way too much to compress the zip fit without any tape mod still appeared quite hollow to me so tape mod is most definitely the move for this technique the various other method is to simply reuse the factory foam from the wooden case you can just flip this over i such as this due to the fact that it’s truly squishy and also it presses down a great deal you’ll need to make a little snip for the reduced standoff and you’ll need to make a little room for the usb port if you do not you’re mosting likely to have a difficult time obtaining the usb port to

line up i don’t attach the facility stall either in this approach i just go right over the top do so i imply it’s not rather complete personalized key-board levels however it’s quite difficult to be mad at this especially since it houses a performance video gaming key-board inside the tape mod didn’t truly do a lot for me in the 2nd method because it was currently so pressed so i can option i didn’t have any kind of button pads but i did have these little tripods and a big sincere phone whoever designed these these are quickly one of the most laborious thing i’ve fulfilled yet in key-boards i’m a little fatigued of placing anything in between the button as well as the pcb because the wooding depends on that extremely consistent distance in between those two points to function its magic yet it doesn’t seem to impact performance it does make the noise a touch cleaner in the tape mod zip fit config not a lot in the supply foam config regardless of how far we’ve come with the sound now it’s really tough to overcome the acoustics of the steel plate as well as it’s still a very solid

inputting experience so i combed the web for an aftermarket plate for this thing which was type of a hard locate since you have to have one that functions with plate install stabs you likewise have to be mindful which material you use it is necessary that the plate not have also much flex because you just have 0.1 millimeters of tolerance before those switches start to act off that’s challenging so unfortunately there’s no simple way to go about this the fr4 plate i bought from epo manufacturer has a swappable spacebar area which doesn’t work well and you ‘d need to find a method to affix standoffs to home plate since these switches aren’t technically connected to the pcb there’s no pins there’s no solder there’s no warm swap sockets only the fixing pins make call with the pcb which’s not nearly enough to guarantee that the pcb stays affixed to the entire setting up it’s the pcb that screws directly into the situation not the plate so you might mash all this stuff in there but it’s gon na be really janky and the holes on the pcb do not pair up with the openings on the

epo maker plate even if i wished to include my own standoffs i’m not stating it’s impossible to plate swap this thing i’m just saying you need to go across the line right into full customized work have actually a plate fabricated for this thing and also then no telling if fr4 is going to be stiff adequate to do the work since the resistances have to be so specific on this board i saw a great deal of comments questioning if wooding would just make the keyboard module itself available with some various plate alternatives as well as perhaps some pcb mouse stabilizers wooting saw those remarks as well it’s not off the table i’m not saying it’s certainly a go however they’re not ruling it out and they are considering it for the future so getting back to the salvation i actually don’t assume this is the case for the work in this situation due to those leaf springs it’s harder to seem dampened than it is the tofu and also you’re not actually getting anything over the tofu this entire plate flex or jump that i can show on electronic camera by pressing in the appropriate spots doesn’t translate

to the typing feel it still really feels stiff and also it just seems much even worse than the tofu despite the tape mod on the subject of custom keyboard cords power delivery can be a concern with this board as well as aftermarket cables curled wires particularly when utilizing tachyon mode because it’s just too much cable television size to provide the power it needs can obtain around this if your motherboard has a feature where you can juice the power to among the usb ports on the back of the situation it was called like dac up on several of the older gigabyte boards however it’s most likely best to just use a straight cord if you’re gon na go customized so tofu situation hamburger place whichever sound dampening noises good to you as well as lube those switches that’s the step the wooting is what i have actually been suggesting since a month before the initial testimonial and also since and also what i will continue to primary on my pc gaming workdesk for the near future i can’t wait to see some of the crazier neighborhood mods individuals do to this thing as even more people remaining to get this board in hand it is incredible that wooting has actually offered us the capacity to do this ideally we do

see that complete custom module situation end up being a fact as well as we can push it way even more than simply swapping an instance and also speaking of case the meshify light from fractal design features the very same famous angular mesh design as well as fantastic air movement from the meshify 2 however at a much more cost effective price point you get the same huge inside that supports 360 millimeter radiators up leading 360 millimeters in the front as well as 280 in the basement it consists of two hdd ssd trays and 2 specialized ssd trays for placing a total of 4 drives plus you obtain 3 140 millimeter followers included and also tool-less top-latching toughened up glass it sustains motherboards as much as 285 millimeter e-atx as well as quickly fits the largest graphics cards on the marketplace it lacks the modular transforming interior of the meshfy 2 so you won’t be transforming this into a big information server but it’s great that you’re not paying for a big function that you may not use frontio is usbc all set with the optional add-on of program it has all the smart layout and also wonderful wire directing that fractal is understood for it has filters anywhere for all that airflow and it’s an absolute breeze to develop it if you desire to obtain your hands on one for on your own click the web link down in the summary big many thanks to fractal layout for funding today’s video clip and also thanks a lot for your time as well as i have actually heard your comments on all the keyboard stuff the content will be far more different as we enter late summer and also drop you iem followers particularly have a whole lot of audio material en route that’s it for today i will capture you done in the following one stay up

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