IQUNIX 80: In Stock Mech Keyboard, No Mods Needed

today’s video is given you by wealthfront exactly how would certainly you like a keyboard that remains in stock today totally constructed has hot swap wireless and is mac suitable no modding nothing extra needed so a few weeks back icunix reached out as well as asked if i wish to take an appearance at a keyboard i did due to the fact that a great deal of my fellow content developers were pretty fed that they had relocated from co-star stabs to cherry plate place stabs on this board the l80 cosmic tourist i wasn’t fascinated the looks it really felt a little juvenile for my tastes stunning i understand but i was really interested in this board the og-80 wormhole which they just introduced however there was a weird catch the og-80 the newest board really did not utilize cherry stabilizers it was back to the co-stars however they claimed they ‘d do a special one-off version for me that had the cherry plate place stabs and if it was well received it would certainly be something that they ‘d check out in the design going ahead so i agreed but they didn’t just send out one key-board they sent 5 for one reason or another so stay tuned for some free gifts i think these are pre-built as well as since i’ve absolutely ruined myself with high-end customs i need to bear in mind that most of

individuals just desire to purchase a key-board as well as use it like as a tool not a hobby and i’m pretty impressed with a lot of what i’m seeing here i must say as well that i don’t have an associate web link with them this video is not sponsored whatsoever i mean yep they did send a whole stack of key-boards but this b-roll doesn’t fire itself so if anything it simply creates more help me costs on these currently array from like 159 to 179 though the rates appears to rise and fall every now and then they all have a few things alike they’re all what i would certainly take into consideration a 75 format which is obviously thought about an 80 in eastern market so you have a function row devoted arrow tricks however no numpad and also it’s a little narrower on the workdesk than a tkl they’re all wired via usbc or wireless over bluetooth 5.0 or wireless over 2.4 ghz and also they all include assistance for mac os with device switching as well as alternative mac particular caps you’ll have two 2 000 milliamp hr batteries the wireless performance no matter of bluetooth or 2.4 is truly solid there’s no lag no hold-up no connection problems if you demand video gaming with a cordless key-board i would certainly

adhere to the 2.4 gigahertz simply to play it risk-free but the bluetooth 5.
0 functions completely fine for every little thing else these are all primarily plastic builds with a steel plate yet around as costs a feeling as you’re going to obtain in a plastic board they all have double angle flip down feet they’re all readily available with or without rgb and also they all include a dust cover these all include pbt caps these are color below not double shot however they have great thickness the tales all look nice and also crisp and great uniformity the og-80 stands apart as not having tales that get on par with the others they have actually opted for a various font style as well as the modifier message is a little blurry all these keycaps are now made in such a means that the little standoffs in the corners do not exist any longer so no interference noise like you may have captured in wildcats video just the l80 formula has them but they’ve been modded i can’t obtain any type of disturbance right here which may be due partly to the button choice which we’ll discuss the caps also vary in structure the planetary tourist secrets are the standout as they are truly smooth like no texture in all none of these boards have backlit keycaps if having the legends on your secrets brighten is very important to you if you’re going to add aftermarket keycaps i would certainly prevent the cosmic tourist it’s the only one of the number that has southern facing leds every various other version has north dealing with buttons like i said earlier only the planetary vacationer has the cherry plate install stabs the remainder of these are all co-stars so why is that a huge deal stabilizers or stabs are the things that sustain your longer keycaps like your

spacebar and they are a large deal since if they rattle like they typically perform in pre-built or video gaming boards it makes your keyboard sound gross so why is having costar stabilizer such a big offer the fact is for a lot of ordinary consumers it’s not they are a full discomfort to work with if you require to mod them or perhaps if you require to transform your keycaps if you’re not right into keyboards and also you draw among these off you’re gon na regret it when you try to put it back on but discussing all these boards right out of package they don’t seem to me like they need modding even it’s obvious that there’s some solid manufacturing facility lube taking place right here also without searching in the stabilizers co-stars included feeling and also sound actually great like light years ahead of what you get from the sort of razer corsair logitech and so on but the cherry plate mount stabs surely audio much better than the co-stars right we’ll talk about that in a second the huge reason it came to be tough for me to advise pre-built key-boards over time is that up until rather lately you generally only had your selection of cherry switches i don’t such as most cherry buttons they feel truly

scratchy audio scratchy as well as they generally have some spring or fallen leave ping connected with them some sort of unfavorable noise or feel that you do not desire in your key-board with all these boards you have your selection of ttc switches too these have been examined truly well as spending plan alternatives also among the severe keyboard crowd they’re all box design normally really smooth no bad sounds as well as for the majority of people you don’t need to take them apart and also lube them by hand with the a80 traveler as well as the l80 formula you can get ttc gold pinks or speed silvers in the cosmic vacationer or the wormhole you get the alternatives of the ttc ace as well they’re all straight gold pinks are really light ace is much heavier and also speed up silver is in the center but it activates on half the traveling time wherefore it deserves of the choices right here gold pinks are my favorite if for whatever factor there’s not something here that actually does it for you all these boards are additionally warm swap so you can begin to check out the never finishing bunny hole of custom keyboard switches they do support five pin changes so no clipping and they include a combo keycap as well as switchboard all these boards additionally do not have any type of sort of personalization software application so you’re not mosting likely to be rebinding any type of tricks or establishing any kind of layers you’re going to be limited to the default faster ways on the board you’re

additionally restricted to a couple of stock rgb computer animations shades and also illumination degrees so there’s no buoyant rgb going on there’s 4 degrees of brightness readjust as well as it doesn’t obtain really bright at the max it’s best to consider this as simply a backlight other than for the og-80 where the whole situation is clear frosted so the rgb becomes a much larger star in the show regretfully they missed out on the opportunity to have underglow here they might have actually made this thing a complete spectacle on your desk if they would certainly slap some huge leds on the bottom of the pcb the main distinctions in the instance layout come from the top row on the planetary traveler the formula it’s a flatter develop however the top row or the f row is means up there like you obtained ta reach for it on the explorer as well as the wormhole they’re angled toward you which not just makes them much easier to strike yet it’s also like a retro visual that i suched as a whole lot more personally than i carried out in the photos they truly drive that ambiance residence also with the led placement up here which additionally acts as a caps lock indication the top section of the a80 is just sort of lost area just this little distinctive strip that does not do anything on the og 80 they’ve provided us this magnetic cover over a little area that holds your 2.4 cordless dongle wise do do so so what i’m

hearing is some actually evident hollowness here the area bars are loud but the audio is tidy like there’s no ping there’s no rattle there’s nothing naturally negative below other than for that obvious hollowness to me these noise a great deal far better than anything you would certainly buy off the rack there is some felt in below as a plate dampener it’s also quite apparent which boards include added foam in all-time low the cosmic vacationer as well as the formula both seem more dampened than the wormhole particularly interestingly just one of these boards had any type of spacebar rattle at all as well as it’s the cherry plate mount stabs on the cosmic traveler that board has some rattle what typically causes rattle in costar stabs is just how they fit in the plate they typically call for a little mod yet these do not these are truly solid and they’re lubed effectively so yeah i’m just gon na say it i like the code shop stabs right here more than the cherry as for modding these boards i just wouldn’t to be truthful it’s clear that they are not made to be opened up and modded it is really difficult to enter these without completely harming the board somehow a minimum of cosmetically the instance screws are under the feet as well as there’s one hidden behind the label the frame is pressure fit with clips and it’s really tight i damaged a number of plastic cell phone tools attempting to open this point there’s also cables galore inside for the

batteries the leds and also the bluetooth antenna among one of the most preferred keyboard mods out there is the tempest tape mod it gold medaled in 2021 for considerably transforming the sound of your key-board by just using some concealing tape or painters tape to the rear of your pcb it normally makes an extremely extensive difference yet here it’s much extra refined it sounds a little tighter simply not as much resonance you can battle that additional with some polyfill which would certainly look pretty rough in the clear frozen case yet actually i simply do not believe it’s worth it on these boards the market this board is focused on your grab and go end customer wouldn’t wish to and if you do desire a beginning board to mod and experiment with i would certainly advise something less complicated to do that with like an entry level essential crown for the end user who’s simply looking for a key-board as well as not a new way of living specifically one that utilizes mac or needs cordless i believe this is an extremely solid alternative you do still have warm swap as well so you can play about with buttons without a huge dedication if you’ve seen video clips that make a huge bargain out of the reality that they use co-star stabs on these i really don’t think that’s a huge deal the a80 explorer is my favorite board of the number as well as

it makes use of co-stars on the other hand if you desire to possibly get involved in a soul-crushing bunny opening that you’ll never ever financially recoup from and also into a meeting new pastime the offerings from kikron are much easier to work with feel in one’s bones that the popular designs you’ve seen just recently the q1 and q2 don’t offer wireless at the time of this video clip i began to recognize rather rapidly after entering this pastime that purchasing a rack filled with high-end key-boards was not going to obtain me where i intended to go monetarily like a great deal of people i got enticed right into spending from over night success tales of meme supplies day trading and also crypto i have actually seen some success and also i like when i obtain the possibility to possibly assist various other individuals experience that too yet i have actually not seen a lot of points in the area that i truly feel comfortable advising to people some approaches are truly high threat and also or you need to have your face in it 100 of the moment and that’s simply not sensible for a lot of individuals that’s why i was so impressed

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