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i’m sorry when the q1 landed below i was more overtaken sensation like it was an unimaginative clone of the gmk pro than i was aiding somebody determine which board they must purchase if they were thinking about both inevitably i left you with a verdict to a video clip that had not been valuable so i reached out to cherished keyboard creator and all-around excellent person alex odos to see if he can direct me in the appropriate instructions for some mods that could assist make the best of the q1 as well as ideally in the nick of time for some fresh stock and also the holidays i can assist you make the telephone call if you’re still undecided you ready allow’s go [Music] so i finished up the last video on the q1 stating this so which one would certainly i choice neither to be sincere i ‘d get a kbd67 light rather which honestly is what i would pick if i were taking a look at an access degree board yet not particularly helpful for a great deal of individuals because one perhaps you’re looking especially for a 75 and also two it’s really hard to get your hands on a kbd67 light however i digress there were a couple of points i really didn’t such as

about the q1 it does have a truly enjoyable quantity of flex with very little dampening yet young boy does it ping i checked it with an actually restrictive sheet of kind of thing that did a lot to lower the situation sound however likewise truly restricted the quantity of flex and also made it a truly strong keying experience similar to the gm mk pro established a various way i checked both extremes as well as conceded that there was probably a happy medium in there somewhere so to save myself the problem of searching for that center ground with a great deal of experimentation i gotten to out to alex odos he’s incredibly experienced as well as his youtube as well as jerk are home to most likely one of the most wholesome area in the key-board space alex i wished to reach out because uh i went a little hard on the q1 in my video clip i do not recognize if you caught it or captured the result of that video clip but i did yeah q1 to me really felt kind of like a like a sprinkled down version of the gm mmk professional yeah see i assume with the the interesting aspect of the gmk professional versus the q1 which i type of located out

later as i kind of really dived in deep to both key-boards as well as going back to mod the gmk pro i seem like the q1 is more of like a sandbox key-board in which you can experiment with it extra while the gmk pro like you’re very limited in what you can do yeah as well as the gorgeous feature of the q1 is you can do a lot to it right that’s i think where a great deal of individuals landed uh the factor i reached out to you not even if you resemble an amazing man but because i hear you have actually quite a lot called in the dish for uh exactly how to treat the q1 right and also just how to get the most from it well there’s gon na be three things that i used and also this can all be purchased for under 20 25 allowed’s just state uh as well as the attractive aspect of buying this stuff too is you’ll have sufficient like so much remaining that you can utilize this on several other keyboards in the future so really genuinely this is cents worth of mods so i usage polyfill that’ll eliminate a few of that hollowness that you found in the event this also permits the case to still keep a few of its flex or bounce due to the fact that it’s just a soft like what you place in a

pillow or a teddy bear appropriate all right the following thing i wound up making use of was some pe foam currently i did not use the pe foam in the standard sense i did not place that in between the pcb and also home plate i put the pe foam actually rolled up beneath where the room bar was below the pcb that’s because i located that the room bar still was a bit hollow in particular locations and also i wish to call that down a little also alright the last thing i did was the tape mod the tape mod assisted type of accentuate a few of the the better audios of the q1 as well as this sort of all led to a lovely experience with the q1 in my viewpoint i still utilize the board now it remains in items however due to the fact that i secured the buttons from it a person to try something brand-new however it’s still a really excellent experience it honestly seems like oh it feels miles better than what the gmk pro is as well as what maybe for the gmk pro so with those with those a few pieces i finished up making this truly beautiful seeming key-board that does not seem like a great deal of overhead whatsoever i imply and also that’s not i don’t think it’s anything i would have done i’m gon na take your guidance i’m gon na go resource all this stuff as well as after that i’m gon

na do this construct myself and i’m gon na attempt to treat this q1 right like as if it was my child that i was gon na make use of on my desk at all times certain audios great amazing guy i value it talk soon no fears delighted to hear it bye so i placed my order waited for everything to get here and afterwards i reached work every material surprised me in a method top polyfill is not my favorite point to collaborate with is you wind up with a great deal of hairs sort of hanging around the edges of the keyboard that you need to deal with second it ought to be prohibited for the tape mod to be this reliable i simply utilized a pair layers of blue painters tape yet covering up tape is great as well it runs about 5 dollars three that really flimsy packing foam that you possibly have laying around your home someplace is unbelievably reliable at noise dampening this

was all rather affordable at around 35 dollars about 10 dollars greater than you ‘d pay for a single sheet of sorbothane and you’re entrusted to a heap of remaining materials and this is a lot more adaptable in application and executes much better it took less than 20 mins to do these mods and i really did not also need to eliminate the caps or the switches to do this as well as the results are truthfully stunning i can not wait to share them yet initial i got ta offer a large proclaim to morningbrew for sponsoring today’s video clip i’m a big believer in having an established early morning routine because without one i do not really assault my day with any kind of sort of consistency and it begins to impact my general performance as well as one necessary piece of that routine for me is morningbrew it’s a totally free everyday newsletter supplied to my inbox monday via sunday it takes me simply a few mins to obtain captured up on whatever going on worldwide in regards to finance service and technology i begin with some market news global things crypto nfts anything taking place on the planet of technology etc it takes me actually 5 mins to obtain from top to bottom if there’s something there that captures my eye and also i wish to pierce down a little bit much more i can’t pack like apple personal privacy includes tanking social media stocks or the current on the coal shortage affecting

peripheral production yet more significantly to me if there’s not anything there that actually grabs my attention i have not squandered a lot of time dropping a bunny hole i made use of to get up ordinary in bed as well as doom scroll all my social media feeds which’s simply not it there’s means as well much chance for diversion as well as to melt up beneficial time early morning brew is witty it’s punchy and also it’s straight to the factor there’s really no reason to not sign up for morning mixture if you’re interested in business finance or technology and also you value your time it’s entirely complimentary as well as it takes much less than 15 seconds to subscribe click the link down in the summary listed below to authorize up today large many thanks to morningbrew for funding today and thank you so much for your time that before as well as after is ludicrous it substantially minimizes the quantity of ping in this board as well as takes the whole point as well as makes it sound truly low and thawky the gadaron tactiles didn’t excite me much the very first time around either however after the crowds they appear terrific also equip the only thing is i would most likely go back and also add some 205 grade no to the stab

real estates if i had a syringe however to me it’s not even actually worth taking the plate setting up apart to do it allow’s hear it once again yet with some lubed and also recorded gap black inks as well as a respectable pbt established such as this tarot which we’ll be launching soon from novel keys to me that appears fantastic now let’s hear it versus the gmmk pro with tuned duroc v2 stabs a case foam from silly fish same switches exact same caps so the gm mmk pro there comes a method of seeming actually soft as well as truly tight the keying feeling is truly strong as well those stabs do appear much better though after these mods the q1 maintained a great deal of its flex as well as while you don’t always feel the board flex it’s a a lot more flexible feeling on bottom out based upon noise and inputting feel i would choose the q1 if you agree to and have the budget plan to do these mods i would certainly suggest you do the very same however if you’re even more of a person that similar to to get hold of and go the gmmk pro will probably do you far better i’m not a follower of the q1 in its supply kind that ping is just as well much yet it allows a lot even more flexibility to tune the board to your liking it

all boils down to exactly how far you desire to go in the hobby it deserves saying also that with the q1 you’re shedding the side lights the rotating handle and the additional key on the far best column just how crucial that things is depends on you on the subject of cost the q1 bare bones is 149 plus delivery which is 30 flat so you’re 179 all in gmk pro is 169 with free shipping in the us so your situation may be different relying on where worldwide you live and to be reasonable you do have to figure in the cost of those mods if you don’t have it laying around so if you’re coming in fresh you could be taking a look at just over 200 for that q1 experience both boards sustain qmk both make use of usbc and both still show a little switch under the side of the case to make sure that’s it that’s the real last phone call if you have the budget and you agree to do the mods i recommend the q1 if you’re the kind that simply desires to get something and put it on the workdesk gmmk professional huge many thanks to alex for the assist on today’s video clip i’ll leave all the links to all his stuff down below you would certainly be doing yourself a support to go inspect him out all right any kind of inquiries strike me in the remarks as well as i’ll catch you people in the next one keep up you

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