Custom Keyboard for an AUDIOPHILE (feat Josh Valour)

oh it’s simply odd i’ve never offered to the camera in somebody else’s space prior to yeah right it’s a truly strange feeling so the property these days’s video is basic i intended to build a personalized keyboard for a friend of mine and also fellow youtuber josh val he consequently created a desire audiophile headphone configuration for me in a video clip that you ought to go enjoy right below someone most definitely obtained the far better end of that bargain am i appropriate i drove to meet him stun him with his new key-board as well as today is the huge reveal you prepared let’s go so the board concerned is the gmmk pro from glorious due to the fact that i assume it’s a fantastic entrance factor for novices the 75 methods he’s not having to adjust to an insane smaller format and also the location suggests he can remain to trying out button types it’s a gateway board for his future crippling key-board practice the only issue

is that josh’s network has type of this running motif of this truly tidy white visual and also as we already understand the gmmk professional ice white is certainly neither ice nor white but i wished to make it white as well as i desired a covering that was really long lasting like cerakote yet that’s normally only done at weapon shops and that provided a trouble all right yeah i’m wanting to obtain some grain coating done i’ve got this gaming keyboard have you ever before done anything like that prior to it resembles a key-board like you type one great thanks men do any sarah cody not a gun it’s a key-board like you kind one all right yeah i’m looking to obtain some severe i appreciate it have a good one hi yeah youtube hi yeah i’m looking many thanks a lot great nah i obtain it thanks yeah no thanks make sure many thanks to a pal on twitter i was guided to a store called shade that agreed to do this key-board in stormtrooper

white cerakote so i headed out to monroe washington as well as it’s uh well it’s around truthfully for just their 2nd time ever doing a key-board it’s okay it resembles 96 there it was rather inexpensive as well as far as cerakote goes at like 120 dollars and also the turnaround was suitable they obtained it back in like two and a half weeks so i placed the polycarb plate in this board due to the fact that i believed it would be a better suit lubed and also recorded some h1 switches over for that black and white theme and also with some unique essential stabs that are divine modded as well as cable balanced an additional huge thing i did for this board the min my original g mk pro review was over i delivered one of my duplicates out to brand-new york so my people silly fish might create some customized laser reduced foams for the inside of this point because the consisted of foams are rather meh unsurprisingly they came out excellent and as an included reward they’re now readily available for you also he does an impressive work i’ll connect his store down in the

description i truly discussed on the keycaps however i selected the fundamental black on white set of poly caps from kinetic labs double shot pbt actually clean look but i also got hold of some black on white mt3s from decline i figured i ‘d just bring both and leave the last contact to him due to the fact that no custom-made keyboard is complete without a matching cable i connected to space wires and also they assemble a custom-made for me in black and white i would certainly take josh to kind of be a no-nonsense individual so i did intend to do a pilot however i left the coil off i don’t know if i made the ideal phone call on that or not we’re gon na find out so how does it all audio psych i know you individuals hate these so there’s a full sound examination at the end of the video if you are interested yet naturally it seems great currently let’s go see josh good people so i am here um at josh balor’s location

today you guys have actually most likely seen josh’s channel before his knowledge base is unbelievable cinematography it almost places so we talked and we did a little project where he created a stereo for me and also i asked him if he would certainly ever before had any kind of kind of customized key-board prior to and you run a what proper g915 tkl from logitech logitech g915 so you’re spending cash on a key-board you’re not a great deal of money okay yet you’ve never had a custom-made keyboard before no no never made one um i barely also have any type of experience with like seeing them so we spoke a little bit concerning aesthetic i kind of got a suggestion of what he was looking for and i put together a board for him now this is the gmmk pro these are quite hot right now kind of difficult to obtain your hands on one of these not as tough as several of the custom-made keyboard stuff that’s constantly offered out so this was a little extra available i’m not going to talk as well much more concerning it i’m going to allow you oh fine i got it i reach

react i’m fired up about this okay oh that’s so tidy man that is so clean oh it’s heavy also it’s heavy it’s really incredible kill someone with this point yeah divine crap consider that that’s that behaves what we have below is the cerakoted real white key-board with the poly card so sick first things initial uh you can not have a good keyboard without having a great wire so got a cord made to match i really did not i didn’t figure you for a coil man i really did not figure you for like i can do it i indicate i they all look sick to be honest i assumed possibly you may clown the coil a little okay i’ve constantly questioned what is this it’s called an aviator connector fine what does it do nothing absolutely nothing it just looks great that’s all it does that’s essentially all it does there’s no purpose you can obtain little extensions ensured it would fit various keyboards if you really did not wish to take the major cable television off your desk all right but it’s a reach i imply yeah i feel like we don’t feel like usb-c is it it’s for the looks

are all the customized boards this heavy because like i was not expecting the weight excellent ones are excellent ones alright the more expensive ones are since they’re they’re either mosting likely to have inner weights or they’re mosting likely to be made from materials that make them a little heavier a great deal of the entry-level stuff that’s captured on currently are acrylic boards or polycarb boards all right as well as when i state entrance degree we’re still talking regarding 100 150 dollars for a bare bones like just to get in the door that implies no buttons no caps how much did this thing cost as configured oof you’re checking out concerning probably just a little timid of 500 right below great yeah truthfully it really feels like 500 dollars like i can’t describe the the thickness of this typically with with a keyboard examination you kind of like do the flex examination or something like that like you would certainly have to do this great luck this is ridiculous dude the switches

within are linears that’s uh possibly implies absolutely nothing to you yet they’re the most easily accessible keyboard switch okay as well as they’re also that means like the the traveling resembles it obtains stiffer as you go lower right or is it just totally also it’s it’s mosting likely to be an even really feel all the method really hey hi sorry it’s me once again in fact josh was 100 correct when he was discussing the spring force ending up being higher the additionally down the traveling that stem gets i got shed in the subtlety of that inquiry in the minute he’s simply so dreamy to be around sorry josh i i failed you so like with a tackle you’re gon na have a little bump to discuss and with a click it’s gon na be a distinct annoying loud click this must be a really smooth experience yes this is insane this like has so little vibration compared to the 915 the 915

resembles clack clack clack this set’s like thick what are the keycaps you got the factor why i selected these one they type of have like a cubic look they’re undoubtedly monotone however they have an account that’s a bit a lot more um familiar to what you’re utilized to yeah hard coming from a g915 because that resembles tic tac yeah it’s like he’s an extremely level profile so i really did not want to restrict you to just one collection of keycaps due to the fact that like audio personalized keyboards are everything about you know what you take pleasure in so i want you to have some alternatives so i selected a somewhat various keycap set this is mt3 this is what i actually use on my board now these are strange these go back to such as some ibm like light beam springtime like 1970s like sci-fi looking those points are unwell man like sort of a nasa themed font yeah it is type of like that and they may be a little closer in elevation to any kind of like craftsmen or customized keycaps alright

due to the fact that i understand you got a custom-made craftsmen keycap right i provided for your escape key yeah yet brian why didn’t you simply obtain him an artisan in a customized unique oh that’s a fantastic inquiry probably due to the fact that he claimed he already acquired his very own quit trying to make me look like an yeah i think that’ll be unwell dude yeah i ‘d like to hook those up i assume those look a little bit much more non-traditional and also i believe the comparison in between the very square body and also uh the somewhat rounded caps right here i believe that’ll look good these have an extremely one-of-a-kind like place your finger in the leading yeah that curvature it’s like cradles it when you get made use of to inputting on these i do not such as to type on anything else fair adequate i’ll offer it a shot male i’ll offer it a shot i’m i’m down for basically anything due to the fact that uh this point is extremely strong so this is where this is where it starts this all right this is where it starts this is your access factor currently it’s a rabbit opening as a key-board material maker it’s a little various than like if you were just

totally a customer are you looking for specific points as a result of how you engage with them or due to just how individuals see them if that makes any sense like it doesn’t make sense there’s always some stature to particular boards several of these keyboards for the framework alone i’m talking simply just the frame from the pcb no caps no switches 450 to 550 just to obtain in and that resembles a great deal of points that’s if you obtain them on first run if it goes to second market neglect it you’re taking a look at paying dual triple to get your hands on several of this stuff cheese yeah i wish you appreciate it feels like a great beginning factor yeah yeah take some time get some ridiculous craftsmens sign up with some group eyes and also pay 300 for a key cap set you will not see for a year or 2 yeah thanks for making me broke i wish to thank brilliant for sponsoring today’s video clip you have actually probably heard me discuss them on the network prior to fantastic is an on-line discovering

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complex subjects that focus on math and also science programming with python cryptocurrency there’s just so a lot there if you’re ready to get smarter visit poor seedtech or click the web link down in the description it’s totally free to register seriously it’s a remarkable resource and also it actually aids to sustain the network as an included bonus the initial 200 of you to do so will save 20 off the yearly membership massive thanks to brilliant for funding today and also thanks a lot for your time so overall i assume he’s quite stired on his initial customized key-board i’m gon na invest a few weeks with this incredible audio setup that he created for me he’s gon na invest a couple of weeks with his keyboard after that we’re gon na get together and contrast those i’m probably gon na have to think of a little additional bonus offer present to stabilize the scales a little due to the fact that he truly spoiled me don’t forget to go inspect out josh’s channel and subscribe if you haven’t currently if you desire to get your hands on anything you saw in the video today i’ll leave links down in the summary for whatever and also that’s it for this moment i’m brian p many thanks a lot for seeing don’t fail to remember to hit that like button struck that below switch and until next time remain up you

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