You Need ELON Money for the Cyberboard

so angry meow sent a cyber board r3 for me to have a look at it introduced in wes anderson motivated shades budapest pink and aquatic environment-friendly and however those sold out truly quickly the anodized black as well as the e white might still be in stock if you relocate really quick as well yet you much better bring a large bag full of money since this set’s gon na hurt you prepared allow’s go The cyber board r3 from angry meow is loaded with functions which is great since it goes for an awesome 570 us dollars as well as is modeled after elon’s cyber vehicle design this is in short pre-order right now with units expected to deliver in november the crucial headline there is that they really did not sell anything that’s not currently created you might keep in mind a concern with the r2 where they had difficulty obtaining the surface up to qc requirements not only did they totally reimburse everyone who bought on pre-sale but they threw everyone an added 80 us on top of the refund simply for their difficulty that’s an unusually good man action in the world of team buys and also something that really got my attention so today we have the cloud white variation which shows up in a custom trip instance the white covering here is an e-white or

electrophoresis finish scientific research which provides the shade that wonderful saturation and thickness undoubtedly the led display is a huge standout function as well as we’ll dive into this a lot more in just a min it comes fully constructed and this is the heaviest key-board i have actually ever had my hands on it’s specified away at 2.4 kilos or approximately 5.3 extra pounds i’m gon na need to take their word for that since it’s the only key-board i’ve ever before evaluated that goes beyond the abilities of my range additionally consisted of in the situation are a couple of stickers an extremely thick procedures manual a couple torx wrenches and also a pair extra titanium situation screws and also plate screws this is bare bones so my duplicate showed up with no switches no stabilizers and also no caps plate on this is light weight aluminum as well as has 5 pin south facing hot swap outlets from kale it’s a 75 layout so you obtain your feature row and a handful of extra keys however no rotary encoder

you obtain a rather insane 10 degree typing angle without modification of any kind of sort this combined with the front instance height of like 18 millimeters makes making use of a wrist rest necessary for me the board supports wired via facility installed usb c as well as cordless by means of bluetooth 5. It supports link to three gadgets all at once as well as there is a little plastic pass-through in the front of the instance for the bluetooth antenna on the underside of the board you have cordless charging which was really unforeseen this is slated to function with their upcoming charging map but in fact works simply fine with any kind of level qi battery charger you have laying around it does not bill extremely quick though however one of the illumination modes you can toggle to on the led screen is a battery life indication which is extremely handy to have eliminating the lower panel leaves you with a bigger than anticipated item that consists of double 5000 milliamp hr batteries behind the charging coils so there’s lots of juice packed in here for running in wireless these are behind a sheet of poron also moving right into the top structure of the board you have a little girl board that takes care of the usbc as well as control for the led display we likewise have another flat sheet of poron covering one more reduced sheet of poron and also this is a quite sophisticated solution to instance wetting because you’re not just pressing the rear of the sockets into a solitary foam it’s a nice little information this is a gasket install so like we’ve seen a whole lot lately you have your plate your pcb and also yet one more

layer of poron in between all assembled as a single piece with porous dampeners on plate standoffs this is similar to the gmk pro or the kbd67 light or the veranda or literally any type of other gasket place we have actually seen over the previous year to get inside this assembly which you will require to do in order to install your stabilizers you’re gon na require to get rid of like 10 of these little screws and also 2 of these huge flat ribbon cable televisions fortunately these are big as well as the adapters are rather robust so this isn’t such as high risks attempting to get it apart it’s rather very easy stabs right here are pcb installed and you’ll need to provide these on your own i chose the new gatarons that are much more or much less dust rock v2s typical lube with some 205 quality no as well as a little dielectric on the cord i don’t much mess with stab pads or holy mod anymore i stick with the old dependable the 205 grade absolutely no and the dielectric because they appear seeming wonderful as well as they still feel truly crisp switches today are the ice

candies from texi these originated from dominate kiko lightweight direct polycarb real estate with nylon stem as well as pretty affordable at like 60 cents per i simply ran these supply if you can think that since the manufacturing facility lube right here is both really efficient and also actually consistent i will put a big audio test at the end that has a selection of various switches caps and also workdesk floor covering here today are modern-day dolce light which i noticed additionals from omni type i do want to aim out this very costly keycap puller from gatoron it’s like 30 bucks i recognize it seems foolish right yet below’s why i like it if you have a board that has actually dilemmas and also you have a high premium layer or custom-made paint job using this can prevent something such as this this certainly is not a necessary purchase 90 of the moment available however if you have really good boards obtain a good puller that’s simple on the coating so the typing really feel below is lovely company you can get home plate to relocate if you try but it’s not a flexi or bouncy board by any type of stretch i’m in fact kind of surprised that with all the poron in this board it’s not extra soft appearing the ice candies come off actually poppy and the base out feel is firm however no vibration it’s a premium inputting experience if you can surpass the angle there’s no ping or hollow noise it’s absolutely not thawky like the abs

plastic beginning boards we see it’s got a good personality to it the e-white coating is actually premium really well performed as well as in spite of this being almost the last retail there are truly extremely couple of flaws which is terrific to see with a price this high as well as part of the reason why the price is so high is due to this led screen this is a love it or despised thing and with the keyboard community being so enthusiastic i can not see any individual being detached about this this is a matrix of 200 leds that permits overall modification as well as brightness manage the angle they’ve selected below makes it so you can see 100 of this panel while you’re seated making use of the board it will show in your monitor particularly at high brightness however it does not throw enough light to cause any kind of type of screen glow it features 3 tinned animations a multi-color setting a charge level and a clock which never ever seems to be on schedule there is an enormous actually excellent

area library of these animations that you can get and after that pack the json files into the board using meow’s loader preferably you can likewise develop completely custom computer animations and also the online editor is pretty wonderful yet on my copy i could not obtain customized jsons to pack i can download and install and also make use of any of the existing published animations in the library but complete custom computer animations were bugged out and just merely didn’t help me as well as this is where points start to go a little sideways this board makes fairly a declaration in terms of personalization when it involves the led screen yet we really don’t see that philosophy carried out in other locations of the board for one there is no via or qmk support that’s a large strike at this rate point rather you have meow’s very own loader where you can either select the led display or the format this functions type of like a small qmk where you prep a json documents and afterwards load it into the board like the led display the problem is that it’s quite

primary as well as that i can just find support to change the main layer so no feature layer rebinding no relocating the feature key like say the caps lock no macros no faster ways despite the fact that there are fundamental tinned shortcuts supplied that’s rough not just because of the rate tier but due to the fact that this is a really specific niche board for serious enthusiasts which is the specific same market of people that specifically would want access to multiple layer rebinding the various other thing you may have noticed there is that there’s no alternative to transform the pcb led illumination that suggests you’re restricted to toggling through the handful of canned computer animations they look smooth but i can’t even find assistance for solid color not to mention per vital addressable rgb and while usually that would not even be a topic of discussion in a serious lover board it’s simply actually unusual to see that absence of personalization resting beside the ultra customizable led display there might be something i’m missing out on below some workaround

technique to this yet it’s nothing that’s instantly evident to me or likely your average consumer worth keeping in mind as well that the pcb rgb reaches like 50 illumination to preserve battery life but you can truly crank it up if you desire so all that leaves us in a pretty challenging spot since this is a top leading rate price point i comprehend the manufacturing prices associated with creating a board like this there’s an insane amount of detail and design right here and also whatever really feels premium however at this much money we should only be discussing whether this aesthetic hits for you like if you don’t such as to consider this board it’s a done offer yet if you do like the look of the board it’s possibly mosting likely to be disappointing to find an absence of layer rebinding or rgb modification i hope i’m simply missing something noticeable here i would a lot rather look dumb and also be incorrect than to be ideal concerning this one exterior of that objection there is a whole lot to like right here fantastic typing feel as well as noise and also i don’t

assume it obtains even more one-of-a-kind looking than this board the cordless charging behaves the huge battery life is terrific and also the bluetooth performance and flexibility are all strong as well if you have a savings account huge enough to park a cyber vehicle in this may be the board for you so i intend to take a min to talk to you regarding today’s sponsor fantastic great is an on the internet learning platform that puts a huge focus on interactive understanding that’s where you’re not simply passively enjoying content or memorizing with rep you’re really doing using interactivity to technique knowing from a different viewpoint as well as this year has seen some exciting revamps to training courses that actually crank up that degree of interactivity they just recently

relaunched math fundamentals this is just one of my favorites since it has a whole area on logic i’m a big follower in continuing education and learning as a way to stay sharp in life’s various other quests and also great is among my favorite ways to do that specifically when it comes to sensible issue solving since it advises me to look solely at the data and also help take several of that emotion out of the formula they have a huge brochure of training courses also so no matter of your training course of study if it focuses on math and also scientific research dazzling definitely has you covered when you’re prepared to obtain smarter you can join me in an area of over 8 million various other learners as well as educators by going to negative seedtech and as a bonus the initial 200 of you to do so will conserve 20 on the annual membership huge thanks to great for continuing to sustain the channel and thanks for your time i know exactly how important it is and this channel just would not exist without the support from our sponsors alright any type of inquiries hit me in the comments and i will capture you people in the next one keep up

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