GMMK Pro Review: Glorious Game Changer?

i assume i’ve reworded this evaluation at least four times so gloria delivered the biggest evaluation plan i have ever before obtained in the history of the channel it’s way as well much to cover in one video clip the original draft of this video mored than 25 mins long so here’s exactly how it’s dropping you installed your 169.99 us as well as in exchange you get the stock bare bones gmmk pro experience is that the move then i’ll cover options add-ons and accessories in a different follow-up video clip because there is a whole lot to unbox there you prepared let’s go priced at 169.99 the gmmk pro comes in either slate black or ice white which is really silver as well as it comes as a totally put together bare bones set so you don’t have to do anything to it out of package to get it ready to go yet it gets on you to supply buttons as well as keycaps it’s currently just offered in anxious but the main word from remarkable is that iso will certainly be supported in the future i do intend to discuss as well before we actually dive in here that wonderful got these bent on customers method development i have actually personally had my hands on this point for weeks so this is not such as a hot take or an initial

appearance or whatever you desire to call it we’ve obtained a 75 layout here that’s 83 tricks in all so you reach maintain a physical function row up leading plus your arrowheads with blocking also a 4 essential column on the far right as well as a rotary handle with click capability the handle is a textured light weight aluminum external with a plastic internal center has a light responsive feeling to it on turning as well as deals with media controls by default the case is a monster i indicate it’s heavy as at like 3.3 pounds or virtually 1500 grams it has an impact that’s actually not that much bigger than a 65 it’s cnc machined aluminum with a large wonderful inscribed throughout the back the finish on the situation is actually tidy smooth no imperfections angles are tidy sharp no flip down feet you obtain a 6 degree inputting angle that functions terrific with the wrist rest the elevation of the case versus the keycap profile does reveal the sides of the buttons the plate is extremely hard too i’ve switched switches over out possibly like seven times in this board and apart from

some paint abrading their button puller which cleans straight off plate still looks strong the pcb is warm swap it fits 5 pin changes these warm swap outlets are really remarkable branded and they’re set up in such a means that some of the branding is ideal side up and also the others are not simply type of unusual outlets here are south facing implying the led gets on the base this is typically liked for appropriate compatibility in between particular switches as well as cherry account caps like gmk the disadvantage to this though is that the led being on the lower ways that beam with caps are not gon na light correctly nevertheless you do get per crucial rgb and also these light bars on either side of the instance they’re not brilliant sufficient to throw any type of sort of glow and interestingly they function as a caps secure indication by flashing when caps is made it possible for cord link below is usbc and it’s facility placed like actual center as well not off center it is recessed sufficient to not reveal any one of the adapter in case style type of hides the connection under that leading lip also so the style here is gasket mount versus tray place like we see frequently on like a great deal of the ducky

boards gk stuff the decrease karina etc before we obtain into this i have to claim at the time of this video clip the only other gasket install board i have actually utilized is the portico because evaluation the impact of the gasket place actually bringing some flex to the keying experience is extremely noticeable the whole plate pcb setting up really has some play to it opening it up you’ll have the top portion the lower as well as the mated plate as well as pcb setting up you need to be careful as that plate setting up has a cable connecting it to the reduced part of the case comes off simple but be prepared for it so you do not pull it this is most likely a good time also to state that remarkable actually does motivate you to open this board you don’t invalidate any kind of warranty or anything opening this up you still have a two-year service warranty on this thing inside you’ll see we have dampening foam in the reduced in addition to sandwiched in between the plate and also the pcb it’s decent foam out of package however there will likely be some

aftermarket options appearing quickly sufficient so on the edges of the plate there are tabs these tabs rest in between the exact same sort of little dampeners or gaskets i assumption that we saw on the walkway the distinction here is that this instance is really tight when it’s completely so firmly compressed that these dampeners look rather eaten when i open it up you can additionally see that the gaskets as well as the top section of the situation are truly flat to the structure you can really illustrate what’s taking place here when the case isn’t fully put together yet when you do get the board set up there’s no assumption of that plate pcb setting up floating inside the case it resembles rock solid extremely rigid stop it they additionally include added dampeners if you would love to explore including extra pad to the top but once more it’s so tightly pressed that i do not observe a large effect so if you’re considering this board for the gasket place as well as you’re anticipating some type of flex or bounce there that’s not achieved the means this is applied the board ships supply with an aluminum plate that’s matched to look basically the same to the instance there are brass and also polycarb options available aftermarket yet they truly complicate the discussion as well as it’s a big task to exchange the plates in this board so we’re gon na save that for the follow-up video let’s speak about these goat stabilizers goat best of

all time why would you do that to on your own a much more fitting name would certainly be stabilizers they’re in fact much better than the teams included on the majority of pre-built boards yet they flew a little too near the sunlight with the marketing on that one these points come lubed freely with g-lube as well as they’re still a little rattly which kind of tosses color not just at the stabs yet additionally at g-loop they are pcb mount which was the ideal step so you can swap them out with some aftermarket stabilizers glorious alerts the fit might be truly tight with duroc stabs i directly didn’t have that problem c3 equates to and also passion both worked penalty as well i don’t have anymore oil in your house to evaluate sadly bare minimum here you would want to re-lube the cables with something a little thicker i would directly replace these these are mosting likely to be close sufficient i assumption for most of consumers most definitely insufficient to please the fanatic crowd so we heard some start marvelous pandas that may be coming soon and also

some banana splits or machos along with a number of remarkable new keycap sets which i’ll cover in even more information later as well as gmk phosphorus like i said i have actually been inputting on this board for a few weeks currently with the pandas i still get a little ping with the banana divides i really don’t hear anything unfavorable in any way other than for some stab rattle on the spacebar i recognize we have actually all heard all the sound examinations i enjoy the sound of this board it’s muted enough to where i’m not obtaining anything really unfavorable yet i’m still getting enough low end for it to be pleasing to me when it comes to the keying experience i have actually had no problems there either it is tight most likely greater than i ‘d like stop but we’ll chat a lot more concerning that in the video with the plate contrast the board does have qmk compatibility with using assistance on the way you can obviously utilize the glorious core software program heads up it’s still pretty rough or standard i assumption in terms of control and also remapping it is critical to press firmware updates though so you ought to leave it installed awhile after you get your board i do recognize that there’s a the first day firmware press so make certain you a minimum of have it filled up when you obtain your board if you did make a decision to pre-order so speaking value when you take a look at their whole ecological community strategy with all the upsells as well as add-ons that

conversation gets actually muddy which is why i attempted really hard to reframe and maintain this testimonial in viewpoint if i filter all that noise out and i look at this board simply from below’s a hundred as well as seventy dollars right here’s the bare bones package that i get in return it’s actually hard to not see this as a compelling worth if i consider this board versus an in a similar way spec 500 or 600 board then i could choose apart stuff like the gasket place application the quality of the foam inserts the fact that the knob is not strong brass etc but it’s not a 500 bare bones kit i don’t even have that point of view i don’t own one board because cost array my most pricey board to day is my kbd 75 v2 i paid a grand total of 235 dollars for the package and the weight no stabs as well as the gmmk pro is better in virtually every respect mk65 entrance 95 bucks aluminum version is 195 kbd lite is 110 portico is 120 sickening 68 wired is 130 have not had my hands on it yet but i do listen to good ideas alt high profile is 190 the idle bow id 80 is probably the closest it goes for like hundred and forty hundred and also fifty dollars below we obtain an all-aluminum design a 75 layout usbc pcb mount stabs warm swaps southern dealing with sockets gasket install layout 2 layers of foam wetting a rotary knob blocking for the arrows control software

application qmk compatibility future using compatibility as well as these are supposed to be in supply all the time with a guarantee like you may favor a different form element or design or placing system or acoustic profile however to say that you’re not getting a lot of value below for a hundred and also seventy dollars it’s a quite intriguing disagreement now i will certainly have some a lot more vivid commentary when we start speaking about attachments as well as accessories given their record i likewise actually looked for signs of cut edges or qc problems like those rough looking gasket install dampeners and the below average stab performance really the most effective i can generate no disconnects no weirdness the warm swap outlets stood up to repeated swaps and also i make certain that marvelous went over these boards carefully before they headed out to customers but i actually wish that the quality i have here follows what everyone else receives i’m additionally certain that based on responses they’ve already got as well as future responses there’s mosting likely to be some points they wish to change in this if you’re passing away to get your hands on it today go all out otherwise sit back

as well as wait on the modifications to roll out but i think they did what they set out to do in terms of making an available entrance factor into greater end personalizeds for the daily customer i don’t believe there’s a whole lot with this board that truly interests the shop or premium key-board market as well as i do not think it’s mosting likely to injure the premium market need generally much outweighs supply in that market as well as the kind of individual that intends to bend with a truly unusual or actually pricey board isn’t the sort of individual that’s going to be interested in a board similar to this this is the close sufficient version for the individual that can not or does not wish to focus on a 350 or 500 bare bones set simply a suggestion that that initial shipment is postponed as a result of delivering associate web links down listed below if you do wish to obtain your hands on one as always any concerns hit me in the comments and that’s it for this moment i’m brian p many thanks a lot for watching do not fail to remember to strike that like button hit that below switch as well as up until following time keep up you

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