FiiO K5 Pro DAC AMP Review: $150 Desktop BANGER

For those of you waiting on part 2 of the DAC web cam video clip I had to postpone that just somewhat because one of the more preferred remarks on the very first video clip had to do with the exemption of the fiyo k5 Pro which is actually engaging at its rate factor so I took care of to make call with them as well as I’ve had the k5 Pro in residence for a little over a week now so we’re gon na take an appearance at it prior to we see exactly how it fits into the general spread for entrance to mid rate DAC camps you prepared let’s go yo up best P you’re enjoying bad C Tech and today we’re taking a look at the k5 Pro Dec amp from documents selling for 149 99 us the k5 Pro is a self-supporting DAC as well as amp in the same system if you’re already puzzled click the web link in the corner to view a quick summary video on the basics as well as then come back and there is no mic input on deal here so this will be managing audio outcome just and also you’ll require to have a various option lined up for your mic it has some quite sturdy specs on paper – it’s 32 bit 384 kilohertz max as well as it’s obtained some power with 1.65 watts at 16

ohm and 1.5 watts at 3200 M to put that in perspective that’s even more power than the held the Mayflower or to the JDS Atom not as powerful as the Magna 3 the DAC chip here is the ak4 43 if you’re interested one factor that may matter to some of you particularly those acquainted with data line is that this is only single-ended this is not stabilized currently if you’re listening to that today you have no idea what that means don’t also stress over it it’s a talk for another day functionality initially look seems pretty basic front panels obtained an input select in a 3 stage game switch depending on how much power you require buttons really feel great in method degree 2 was all I required to drive the stuff I typically make use of the Sundara the 1990 the TRX oo gain degree 1 will manage your eye EMS perhaps a little bit even more than you ‘d expect there for that initial power degree my JVC’s were proficient at about 12 o’clock the Zeus on the other hand barely needed past 10 o’clock which’s chatting concerning a control that snaps on at 7 o’clock as well as does not truly begin to enhance volume in any way until about 9 o’clock the big volume handle in advance also serves as an off button as well as it really feels great no no fixed it is digital quantity control on the back we have optical and also coax input or CA line input and USB n we additionally have RCA line outs which I’ll get involved in in a sec as well

as an input for power this does have a power block yet in contrast to a large wall surface board you’ll have an inline brick which I prefer but you will not be running this person on buss power so mobility is restricted it’s actually gon na live on your workdesk really feels like it’s built of a light weight aluminum of some kinds got really great lines but unfortunately it does reveal oil and fingerprints if you’re handling it typically which you shouldn’t be truly genuine quick factor on these line outs here as well as hard air quotes on the line outs due to the fact that they’re not actually line outs they’re variable outs which suggests you can manage the volume coming off of these with the quantity on the front of the device itself you may in fact favor this performance if you have actually got powered audio speakers where the volume knob is just somewhat unreachable or if they do not have any kind of dedicated quantity control of their own but if you’re intending on ever utilizing it as a standalone DAC to feed a various amp this is not excellent to better make complex things the outputs as well as the headphone out are both active at the very same time usually you could have a button right here that would toggle in between which output was active or a lot more typically it’s a car on/off when you plug in or disconnect your earphones however that’s not the instance here rather weird design option functionally the last

thing you may or may not miss here is any kind of kind of 3.5 millimeter input like you ‘d locate on the atom so plugging your phone or any type of device with an aux is a no-go but 450 bucks exactly how does it seem the response remarkably good I don’t state that gently it currently just taken as a standalone unit appears damn great however when you figure in the rate factor it seems surprisingly excellent very clean excellent splitting up terrific soundstage no background this device pushes up versus several of like decreases far more pricey DAC amp combination units it appears to me cleaner than the stack the hell the arc v1 and v2 and also against the O L atom stack I discovered extremely little distinction I observed really little distinction running the k5 right into the atom too in situation you’re not accustomed to the marketplace now this device beats those setups by a cost of at the very least $50 and also as much as a hundred and also twenty bucks functionally you’ll still need to find out what makes good sense for you in regards to inputs and also results mic assistance and so on yet if you’re seeking a desktop computer sound solution and are aware of several of the unique

functionality peculiarities I can easily recommend this at a 50 dollars it makes the discussion of this or pile or oh L Adam pile a rather easy discussion for the majority of users is they all audio reasonably comparable so choice based on budget plan features in long term established objectives rather short one today due to the fact that it is actually easy advise is it what I would certainly think about Pro yet nice simple unit as well as what it does it does extremely well and also it’s gon na provide beginners or individuals hesitant about delving into audio an excellent base with a lot of power overhead so you can experiment with different kinds of earphones in regards to that part to roundup video this does change the video game a little bit so I’ll have that video clip out pretty soon any inquiries I ‘d truly encourage you to come by the dissonance and have a look at the audio community we have there it is just one of the least daunting locations out there to ask inquiries just for the love of God whatever you do do not buy beats that’s it for this time around I’m brilliant Pete thanks so much for enjoying do not neglect to hit that like switch struck that below switch and till following time remain up ya

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