How I Shoot B-Roll: Rhino ARC II 4D Motion System

I have actually got something for you today there’s a little outdoors my common wheelhouse if you do any kind of manufacturing work at all or you’re a web content maker or an ambitious web content designer I’m gon na give you a little look behind the scenes regarding how I fire product b-roll in a very hold piece of gear that I make use of to do this and this and also this this is the most recent variation of the mechanized slider system that I utilize this is the Rhino Ark – you prepared allow’s go yo an intense P you’re viewing bad C Tech and also today we’re inspecting out the arc 2 4 axis motorized slider system from Rhinocerous cam gear I actually bought a have made use of the original Rhino Ark system considering that it released so when Rhinocerous got to out and also used to send me the new arc 2 system it was pretty a lot a no-brainer so where the original system specialized entirely and motorized slides and also parallax shots those awesome wraparound shots where the camera remains mounted on a particular point or object the r2 ups the ante with 4d control so you obtain slides parallax focus and also mechanized frying pan and also tilt which is substantial because you can essentially replace a fluid head if you discover that manual frying pans

and turns can be tough to execute smooth and constantly like I do sometimes this can be a major time saver in your workflow so the standard parts of the system or the slider itself which is readily available in a couple various sizes as well as products we have the 24 inch carbon fiber here you’re going to need an electric motor as well and also they come in a pair different tastes the high speed motor which is your basic usage motor in a high torque design that makes it feasible to perform diagonal as well as also full vertical top to base and bottom the leading motorized slides we additionally have the emphasis module which makes rack emphasis or focus draws incredibly very easy can be automated in conjunction with other steps to maintain manual focus while performing other a lot more intricate electronic camera relocations after that you have actually obtained the celebrity of the program the r2 component itself these are offered as different elements so you can add functions as budget allows or as a pair different packages much more so for comfort is the bundle pricing doesn’t seem to supply any discount rate over

acquiring standalone the fundamentals bundle cost – twenty-three hundred as well as fifty bucks offers you everything you require to start doing mechanized automated slide with 3 dimensions so you obtain every little thing other than focus so the arc to component is a really smart kind element it’s really small in comparison to something like a complete edelkrone system it’s ergonomic as well as the truth that the right side kind of features as a grip even has a rubberized front it gives you accessibility to a couple of various joysticks one for your thumb which will certainly control pan and tilt and also an additional under your index finger which manages the setting on the rails and the focus module you can also control this with an iOS F which will certainly dig right into even more in a bit configuration and malfunction for different shots is surprisingly quick – as well as that’s an actually crucial variable when you’re working with the system like this the brand-new slider components have this complimentary rotating nut for tripod installing so you don’t have to spin either the whole slider setting up or the tripod placing the arc – is automated this in fact works truly well in practice it’ll obtain you virtually all the way there then you just take this little individual right here which stays mounted on the top of the front fast release you just move this in and utilize your hand to finish it off truly that’s that’s what we’re going with all right this is also a keychain and

also a container opener yet my favorite component it’s additionally a device for quick release layers I have quarters laying all over my location for this not any longer it’s ideal where I need it all the time love it the fast launch place on the orc 2 is designed to fit 501 compatible quick release plates big high-five to whoever came up with this this now means that my primary liquid head my gimbal as well as my slider system all used the exact same plate that is a significant time and also benefit variable it’s large big factors for this one the install also has difficult quits front and also back and the tension can be manually readjusted in situation you have any kind of plates that are a little different in width standing out the motor on is an item of cake you literally just drop it in and also tighten down two thumb screws and the customized cat5 wires are developed especially to stay out of the means of the tracks haul restriction right here is 15 pounds as well as the motor is both inside the arc – and also the high speed motor are truly quiet much quieter than the original system with the motor in New York – you can start to do some pretty insane things you have complete hands-on control over all the movements which they call fluid sight or you can set up a details step utilizing keyframes with the current from where just two keyframes are readily

available however numerous keyframe support need to be on the means fast this varies from the initial system in a pair of really vital methods number one you can use this keyframe to position your beginning and stop relocations at any type of factor on the rails second you can’t manually scrub via a specified action the system just takes over all the automation this my call for a little bit of change in your workflow but it results in a lot even more regular moves because you can’t unintentionally give a little speed adjustment which you may not catch in your electronic camera check a big crucial feature in setting these moves is being able to define motion rate in terms of real time so if you recognize the particular time of a piece of video you require to cover you can call that in physically the system feels actually steady also when making use of the onboard controls actually prefer them versus the app because they really feel faster to me but there are pros and also disadvantages to each the app comes with two huge advantages truly

the most obvious being that you have actually totally hands off the rig so no bumps or vibrations as well as the video the various other is that at the very least in remote liquid view you can secure out the X and y axis separately so this is the ideal method to avoid obtaining a little tilt in your frying pan or vice versa a large useful chance for me at the minute is that you can not lock out the X and y axis when developing a step this implies you might impart some unexpected vertical motion on a side slide or straight movement on a tilt this must be included in an upcoming firmware launch another big possibility on the current firmware is that the arcs ability to maintain correct framework on a parallax slide is not a hundred percent on an appropriate parallax which you’re seeing here on the v1 system the item is set as a center point and also the electronic camera remains more or less framed on that object as it relocates laterally on the arc – it’s not unusual to see the mounting drift out a little bit to either side as well as then remedy itself at the end of the slide once more this is math as well as shows not a physical equipment issue so I would certainly anticipate to see this dealt with as well in the following

firmware the battery life on this thing is a beast I’ve been utilizing this daily for regarding three to 4 hrs a day and also I’m charging on average about once every four days however you can also power your camera directly off the arc – as well with this power adapter it’s wonderful attribute when you’re powering your electronic camera and also using all 4 axes you get in between 3 and also four hours of continual capturing yet it’s fantastic when you’re setting up shots and also you have to take care of the battery of your slider system your electronic camera your monitor and possibly some lights it’s just one less thing you have to emotionally manage so I typically make use of the phone controls when I’m doing pans and also turns it’s extremely very easy as well as the motions are smooth the rate of the motors can be readjusted in between slow-moving tool and also quickly until you obtain made use of to the strategy of the controllers you might obtain some difficult beginnings but the electric motors have truly strong moistening so they come to a quit truly smooth just building a few additional buffer frames at the front and also back of your relocations you’ll be great a pair of notes on tilt you

simply need to make certain the rig is stabilized on the plate and also on the system itself as you roll over the facility factor you might experience something called reaction it’ll relocate suddenly again though this can be physically adjusted with some hex screws on the base of the unit focus is actually easy in its implementation if you’re not making use of a tailored cine lens you can utilize this little strap that goes over your emphasis ring and after that the emphasis component slides in a quick-release here and locks up with the gears this has its very own wire that plugs straight into the arc tube I have a practice of leaving this on all the time as I generally fire handbook as well as it ends up being actually very easy to concentrate through the joystick as opposed to literally touching the lens for doing shelf focus the only downside I see right now is the rate of the pull as well as it still functions truly well though I generally end up doing some speed ramping and blog post at least on my lens setup the Sigma meta bones combo on the gh 5s I get some lens motion right when the movement begins yet or else it’s smooth all the way throughout the relocation if you’re feeling a bit a lot more daring you can connect focus up really to the zoom ring on your lens rather of the emphasis ring this enables you to do some actually creative stuff and also you can automate movements with this as well to draw off like some actually

exact hitchcock’s face monitoring is not actually a feature that I make use of at all in my process but you’re looking at it right currently as well as it might most likely stand in for a video camera operator in a pinch you will need to pop for a phone install Rhinocerous makes one of training course however any kind of cell phone owner with a chilly footwear install should work just fine as for vertical slides with the type variable of the arc 2 it’s actually suggested that you use a wedge plate I don’t have one in residence right now yet I was able to get kind of imaginative as well as achieve this with a big round head filling the cam and keeping the unit out of the means the electric motor during calibration can be challenging what it’s arrangement like this I’m definitely going to grab a wedge plate as this is not really perfect but it works video footage came out truly excellent extremely constant extremely smooth to pull off movements like these smooth as well as consistent can be quite tough to do manually if you’re gon na do a top to bottom step you can usually do that with a manual slider or by tensioning the facility message on your tripod real bottom-to-top verticals can be actually tough to pull off without faking it in post this makes it really simple to carry out both of these relocations it

truly sets your video footage apart closing out below if you’re really feeling bewildered that’s absolutely reasonable and luuv manual Rhino has created a series of tutorial videos on YouTube to tell you rather much everything you need to know concerning the system the iOS control app is really solid I haven’t had any type of accidents or strange habits I do not also understand if there is Android assistance right currently or how limited that is but this system actually triggered me to go out and also acquire my initial iPhone all in all it’s really quick it’s easy to discover it’s tremendously effective as well as what it can do for your productions it’s not a hundred percent yet but hopefully everything can be tightened up with the following firmware upgrade my only tip that I would such as to see is that there be an alternative for a lockout on powered down so if you leave your rig set up in your area you don’t have to stress regarding your cam and/or your display rotating if it obtains bumped going into this

I truly assumed that something with this much capability would certainly be cumbersome or tough to work with in a tight room and also it’s just not the instance at all this point is actually rapid truly very easy to function with as well as cranks out some remarkable video footage I’ve been using the initial rhinocerous system for practically 3 years currently as well as I have actually got a sensation this is gon na be a staple in my process for the following few years as well if you ‘d like to get your hands on one I will leave an affiliate web link in the description below and also you can make use of code bad seed technology to conserve 10% any kind of questions please strike me in the comments or drop by the discord and also that’s it for this time I’m intense Pete thanks so a lot for enjoying do not fail to remember to strike that like switch hit that below switch and until next time remain up

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