Matrix Keyboards Elite Series 60% Review

this is just one of those testimonials that a bunch of people have requested matrix key-boards has actually made a big splash in a short quantity of time they have actually definitely brought in some focus so we’re going to discuss what this board is what it isn’t we’re gon na solve into it so you can make a notified decision ready allow’s go yo op right P you’re viewing Betsy Technology and also today we’re have a look at the Elite Collection 60% key-board from matrix keyboards for transparency matrix it remains in this board out for review however as you ought to understand by now does not influence my evaluation whatsoever allow’s just get this out of the method indeed this board uses the case and also the PCB or the motherboard of the GK 61 rebranded as a matrix product this holds true if you’re strange with the production procedure it takes to develop a product and also bring it to market you might think this seems a little unethical yet for companies start up for smaller sized firms especially making use of rebranded parts also called om or Original

Devices Maker is a huge component of the manufacturing industry moto rate makes a great deal of the elements you see in much more costly mice most Corsair power supplies to rebrands from a business called c sonic this is way extra usual than you think the GK 61 key-board bass is an OEM part it’s utilized in items from HK pc gaming sky impend GM SP like a literal lots of various other key-board products just obtain on Amazon and also search for GK 61 and also the costs you’ll see there in between 40 and also 55 bucks would recommend that this is a value or budget offering but the elite collection matrix key-board is placed in a premium price factor simply under 110 dollars u.s. Let’s talk about some of the attributes of the keyboard as well as after that we’ll circle back about as well as talk about that value item towards the end of the video clip product packaging is rather basic and rather slim inside the box is just the key-board and a braided USBC wire and that’s it there’s no frills right here there’s no manual there’s no dust cover there’s no essential

cap polar there’s no button puller and also indeed due to its couple of k61 paths this board is a warm swap board so while it comes with Cherry MX you can change these with whatever you want to my version came with browns however you can also obtain these straight from them in red or blues situation is a thin bezel plastic case the whole device weighs about 565 grams it’s matte plastic on leading gloss plastic on the base which I’m not insane concerning and also it has no additional change feet link here is USBC the base plate is white repainted steel I’m always a fan of this as it really makes the RGB pop essential caps a dual shot smooth PBT beam through strong font style not as well player eerily legible and also there’s no disparities between any of the secrets it’s an extremely clean look general one thing notably missing right here is any kind of alternative tales on a lot of 60% boards you’ll have some tips as to what the functions do until you get changed to the board it’s not the instance right here you’ll have to invest some time with the on-line handbook till you obtain points committed to memory I such as the way this board handles arrow tricks you simply struck the feature with your pinky finger and then you utilize the arrows in this cluster right here both press and also hold works you can additionally secure these out to

constantly have them energetic but it alters the RGB account on the board speaking of RGB there’s no software application at this time so you obtain whatever comes baked right into the PCB by default as well as it’s not a lot this implies for complete lit shade modes and also for ghost settings plus a solitary shade setting which is green just this is rough this can not be altered so it must go without stating that there is also no support here for perky illumination there’s likewise no support for kiri binding no layer capability no macros and if you’re coming from a different 60% keyboard be conscious that you can not change the area of the feature key right here you can not alter the caps secure key to operate as a function you can not designate arrowheads to ijkl if you’re accustomed to that we’re talking very limited below in terms of functionality now physically the board really feels really excellent it feels specifically just how you would certainly expect Cherry MX switches to really feel on a solid durable keyboard base so typing really feels very

crisp pc gaming really feels very responsive and accurate matrix claims they’ve upgraded the stabilizers below I do not have a supply GK 61 so I personally can not verify that they feel almost on par with the stats from the ducky one to many as well as they do come pre lube from the factory there’s a little play here no rattle matrix market some rubber key cap add-ons on their site comparable to Thai how rubberized essential caps I understand that they’re all in pre-order right currently but they ought to be back in supply actually soon I additionally occur to know they have some really amazing things intended for key cap sets in the future but I’m not allowed to chat about any of that individual so that’s pretty a lot it it’s a bare-bones first offering that’s to have top quality parts it offers hot-swap adaptability with all Cherry MX and blacks which versions the board lacks and also accessories as well as also does not have in methods that could be resolved with software program or adding functionality to the firmware that’s baked in all right so let’s talk value and also we’re gon na have to strike this from a pair different angles very first allow’s chat about what this looks like if you source the components and also build this on your own versus getting their full keyboard you’ll require a GK 61 bare-bones configuration the one with the real-deal

warm swap switches not the cheapo optical one so this is gon na run you about 49 bucks to obtain Cherry MX switches on mechanical keyboards comm they’re marketed in packs of 10 you’re gon na require 7 packs to cover the bases here as well as after the rate break when you order 7 packs the total all-in expense is going to be 45 50 before tax obligation and also shipping a collection of good updated stabilizers when you can find them in supply will certainly run you regarding 9 dollars so right currently we’re at a hundred and 350 before tax obligation prior to delivering on anything as well as prior to keycaps I assume that places this in point of view this very same offer holds rather real if you’re looking at the glorious sheet MMK small bare-bones so the other worth angle we have to look at is exactly how does this board stack up against the other major pre-built 60-percent boards well I ‘d take it over a vortex texas hold’em 3 and a hundred and forty dollars for sure do not really feel like the altars in that same discussion there because that cost point is 200

bucks can not really compete with the value that you obtain out of the amp pro 2 key-board also though I’m not directly a huge fan of that board as well as versus the pre-built gmk compact also right at about 110 bucks it’s a little closer for me I do like God around bronze to Cherry MX bronze a great deal of its gon na come down to looks though I do like the white baseplate much better on the matrix yet I like to increase granularity on the lighting on the gmk particularly the buoyant illumination now the huge one versus the ducky one also numerous if you don’t need the warm swap I got ta offer the nod to the ducky simply due to the fact that they don’t do anything wrong and you obtain extras like a dust cover and a puller and accent keys as well as that’s real that’s sincere and it hurts a little to state as well as I’ll inform you why ducky a recognized keyboard business completely transformed the game completely altered the consumer assumption for what you can obtain in a $99 60-percent key-board an established keyboard company matrix keyboards is a small start-up company from The golden state this is their initial one these are due to grew up and also desired to get involved they’re not a big business they don’t have actually developed supply lines they do not have the quantity of cash that it takes to get these units generated and draw when you make a product every single aspect of that process cost cash especially when you’re a new firm licensing fees study

and also design product packaging import tax obligations these things you don’t even think regarding like the amount of money it takes to import switches from Germany into China the taxes on that alone simply you can start the production process it’s a lot I recognize but I do not think people recognize regarding it I kind of like to do a video series detailing this procedure let me know in the comments if you believe that ‘d be intriguing web content when I initially saw a couple comments stand out up on my feet about the capacity that this was being misstated to customers I went right to the source right to matrix what I fell is an individual that was super enthusiastic he was very honest and very ahead of time really transparent concerning every element of the design process and on top of that he really repeated the fact that he wanted me to be a hundred percent straightforward about every facet of it he did not ask me to pull any punches whatsoever as a customer I got a lot of respect for that however additionally as a reviewer I’m not meant to be influenced by those things the idea of investing in the underdog so I won’t there are pros and cons to this board looking at it strictly from a customer standpoint it’s valued north of what it need to be I recognize it’s hard to compete with larger keyboard companies however this does not feel like 110 dollar board I likewise know that matrix has really big

plans to do their own case their own PCB style and all this various other things in the future however this is the product that we’re looking at right currently the big thing what’s crucial to me is that you know exactly what an item is as well as what it isn’t after that if you pick to support matrix as a company and what they bring to the community that’s excellent as long as you understand what you’re getting for your money you can make the educated decision big thanks to matrix we’re sending this out for review I will certainly leave web links in the description if you would certainly like to get hold of one for on your own you can not use code negative seed technology to save 10% on your order over there yet let me be incredibly crystal clear regarding this this is something that matrix supplied to do for you people the customers of this channel I do not get anything from this not a penny I do not have an associate agreement I have no economic partnership with them whatsoever any type of inquiries about anything we spoke regarding today strike me in the remarks or far better yet decline by the discord and I’ll attempt to obtain your fixed up and that’s it for this time i’m bryan pease thanks so a lot for enjoying don’t fail to remember to hit that like switch hi that’s up switch as well as up until next time remain up

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