nothing makes me better than reviewing all the letters you guys send out into the channel here’s one that crossed my workdesk today and also I believe you individuals will delight in dear allurement P my name is Tyler and I’m 11 years old I ‘d like to play peak legends but I need a much better graphics card one that isn’t also expensive as well negative all the new Hart TX cards cost a standard and also a leg my mommy said she ‘d contend the very least 10 various men to make that kind of money as well as the realtor it is is the yet till my papa obtains out of prison it’s a genuine G kind scenario so give me a suggestion currently you dumb bearded lovable Tyler I believe I’ve obtained simply the point for you friend let’s go [Songs] this video clip is brought to you by book marking com bookmarks a cost-free site contractor where you can produce a professional looking website with hosting in simply a pair minutes by responding to 7 easy inquiries bookmarks AI engine 8 an actually construct your internet site right before your face in less than 2 minutes and also you can edit essentially every aspect of the page once it’s full

you can also update to connect your existing domain as well as create an online shop with e-commerce assimilation it’s awesome click the web link in the description listed below or check them out at bookmark tranquil yo I’m Brian P you’re watching poor C Tech and today we’re having a look at the gtx 1660 TI increase video gaming OC from P&Y for openness p and why did send this card out on funding for testimonial but as you must know by currently that doesn’t impact my review by any means so the 1660 TI is an interesting little card you’re basically obtaining an Exploring GPU however without ray-tracing and also without deep understanding AI you’re additionally obtaining the same touring in Vinc encoder that we see on the 20 series which is gon na allow you a bit more juice to stream and also encode as well as it’s maximized for OBS you got 6 gig of gddr3 at 12 gigabits per 2nd you’re also obtaining 1536 cuda cores with a base clock rate of 1500 megahertz in a boost of 1815 so the increase video gaming OC version of this card

that we have here today is a single follower design and it’s a small kid it looks perfect for ITX small form-factor builds and also measures 9.25 inches long as well as it’s powered by a solitary 8 pin adapter with a TDP of 120 watts it practically does have assistance for three-way screens yet simply be conscious that that is available in the kind of one DisplayPort 1.4 one HDMI 2.0 and one twin web link DVI it has no lights of any kind of kind note backplate as well as it comes in to market simply a little north of the suggested MSRP landing at 2 99.99 an intriguing note here is that the processor isn’t simply a lowered variation of what you ‘d discover on the GTX 2060 this is its own unique touring processor the TU 116 a means much more intriguing point here is that depending upon the benchmark this thing trades strikes with the gtx 1070 a court whose versions start around 399 I have actually seen some price on some entry-level for like 330 however they have some absolute trash coolers believe today is an Intel 8700 k running at 5 gig volts we’ve obtained 32 job of g. skill Spear RGB running at 3200 megahertz and all the video games are gon na be Samsung pro 860 SSD allowed’s see just how this thing

accumulates in some criteria opening with GTA 5 yeah it’s all balls without a doubt however I included it due to the fact that there’s loads of evaluating info out there regarding it and also it’s actually still in the top 5 on Heavy steam for current gamers running fxaa on and MSAA times – at 1080p had the ability to draw an average of 101 structures very high settings and also 136 standard with high settings so you remain in great shape for 144 Hertz panel at 1440p we’re still seeing some pretty commendable numbers here with approximately 88 frames per second with high setups and also 51 with extremely high you may have to compromise some information yet you’ll have the ability to achieve a 60 FPS minimum lock at 1440p extremely good moving right into for cry renaissance this is the dunia engine on DirectX 11 we’re seeing very solid performance right here at 1080p high settings were averaging 102 fps with a minimum of 80 and also 1440p at average is 73 with a minimum of 62 so once more a 60 FPS lock is attainable in 1440p transferring to ultra on this side it will only cost you between 5 and 7

frames per second but it still looks lovely going for high settings on Metro Exodus this is running DirectX 12 on the 4a engine this benchmark is definitely punishing as well as in my experience more demanding than the real video game at 1080p high setups we see a 99% ordinary structure price of 59 fps and 1440p we see 44 fps so no high refresh prices right here yet once more this is a very demanding title and also among the most effective looking games I have actually seen today shadow the burial place Raider’s a DX 12 title built off the foundation engine at 1080p high settings the video game looks gorgeous as well as we see approximately 93 fps relocating to 1440p we see approximately 62 minimum 52 worth noting here that various areas of this criteria are a lot more demanding than others as well as so we see a general 95 percent performance of 54 FPS at 1440p and also 79 FPS at 1080p as well as finishing up with some peak legends this title was challenging because there’s no can’t standard and also because I’m undoubtedly still pretty garbage at apex however after various numerous attempts at close to duplicate runs and also a pair of pissed-off squad friends I’ve got

some numbers birth my two that these numbers are throughout the board when you remain in game at 1080p high setups I saw anywhere from high 60s to a ceiling of concerning 100 FPS with the ordinary running somewhere in the mid 80s and 1440p considering even more mid 40s with the high coming close to 80 FPS but with long drawers or firefights you’re looking right around 50 FPS for typical however once more it’s all over the map I actually can have invested an entire day simply benchmarking dis title so as for overclocking the card took plus 142 the core clock in an easy plus 1000 to the memory clock it would in fact take a full 1500 to the memory however it began adversely influencing the core clock speeds there and also I saw the ratings in the artificial start to drop so the sweet place was right there at that 140 1000 that left us with a core clock max of right at 2100 megahertz and also the memory speed cooking right along at 7000 it’s truly not worth returning with all the video games once more yet that overclocked handled to hold steady in all the video games that I checked as well as it provided between like a 5 as well as a 10 FPS bump relying on the title so despite the overclock limit temperature that I ever before saw out of this core despite exactly

how hard I challenged it was 69 levels and the follower noise there was greater than appropriate if you’ve obtained any type of loud CPU air conditioning situation like I do you will not also hear this point so for simply under $300 concerns I ‘d be asking myself as a customer if I were in the marketplace for a card at this rate factor this or the 1070 well this despite the fact that they trade impacts in the benchmarks you’re obtaining newer tech with the 1660 ti both in the kind of adaptive shading and you’re additionally getting that newer in vank encoding and the motorists are gon na sustain this card better as we move ahead this or the 1060 this for all the same reasons is the 1070 other than this thing smokes the 1060 in performance virtually every single time this for the rx 590 this I don’t have among my own in residence to test yet I take a look at the same benchmarks you men do and also the 590 apparently obtains defeated out by this card the overwhelming bulk of the time though AMD has reacted by decreasing some costs on their rx 590 and you can

discover those best now as reduced as 250 dollars this or a GTX 2060 ah currently we have an interesting concern 2060 designs range from concerning 450 on the top-end to as low as 349 for a beginning with PNY zone increase video gaming enhancement to the 2060 can be found in right at 399 the 2060 will certainly batter to 1660 in every benchmark plus you obtain access to the rest of the attributes you ‘d generally obtain with visiting this comes to be more of a conversation when the 1660 Ti is priced at the beginning 280 comes to be less of a discussion wedge priced around 300 and also it’s no conversation in all for several of those 1660 ti versions costing upwards of 330 dollars no matter if you are locked this spending plan to the speed up pc gaming is a strong choice especially in small form-factor bills where room is a costs as well as you do not desire to stress over temperatures it likewise doesn’t injure that it has some very solid 1080p efficiency and also enabling you to take advantage of high refresh panels as well as some remarkably capable 1440p efficiency and also the bump to efficiency you obtain with the new innovation coder this was a clever computed step from Nvidia in direct

feedback to the rx 590 which this court bests in a whole lot of ways consisting of power consumption and also temperatures and also it steers that discussion towards 16 60 TI or 20 60 or a win-win for NVIDIA and it’s motivated some cost drops on the AMD side not only on the rx 590 but additionally on a specific unclear at 56 card intriguing times to be a consumer big thanks to P&Y for the chance to demo this card I will leave some web links in the summary below if you want to get hold of one on your own today Sena Flex concerns us from Travis aka Shellback Technology simply a super-clean established up all the way to the cable administration he’s got an 8700 k @ 5 job an X 62 cooler from NZXT 32 gig of Trident C at 3,200 megahertz and also a GTX 1080 TI Strix GPU main panel is an Acer predator bent 32 inch 1440p g-sync and he’s running a corsair k55 and also an M 65 Pro Computer mouse you can find him however every platform at Shellback Technology where he’s presently streaming and also developing web content for YouTube thanks so a lot for the entry Travis if you would love to be included on an approaching refined flex hit the card in the edge for details as well as that’s it for this time I’m intense P many thanks so much for seeing do not fail to remember to hit that like button hit that below button and till next time keep up

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