UPLIFT Desk Review: The Best Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Around

yo I Brian P your watch you’re bad C Tech and today we’re taking a look at a sit stand desk from uplift uplift model stored at four hundred and ninety five dollars they measure forty eight inches by 30 inches and they work up from there based on size of the surface number of legs and quality of the desk top which goes all the way up to some insanely high quality reclaimed wood tops the model we look at it today is a two leg test and measures 72 inches by 30 inches with metallic industrial legs and a walnut laminate top now for the sake of brevity and because we have a lot of ground to cover in this video I’m not gonna get into the health benefits of using a sit-stand desk but if you happen to work long hours of the desk I’m sure you’re very familiar with how amazing your back feels after sitting hunched over at best hearing at a monitor all day so the first thing I noticed about this desk would it arrived it’s just how insanely heavy it is the desktop here is an inch thick and it’s very solid and the legs each house their own motor both the desktop and the frame weigh about 60 pounds each and these motors are no joke either they say once a symbol this desk can lift a total of 355 pounds the frame is

designed to slide to accommodate desk surfaces from 42 inches wide all the way up to 96 inches wide so if you have a countertop or a desktop or a butcher block already that’s nice that you’d like to convert to sit stand up lift also sells just the frame for 389 bucks the frame slides opens at the feet of the desk are almost directly parallel with the edge of the surface this really destroys any idea of side-to-side wobble matter of fact it makes the entire thing feel very stable assembly is best executed with two people just because of the sheer weight of the pieces and you will need a lot of open floor space but the process itself is extremely straightforward it took me about an hour and a half to assemble but I was filming as I went so it’ll likely be a lot faster for you the assembly instructions included are very detailed and in the event you misplaced something while you’re putting everything together all of the installation guides for every product they manufacture are available on the website the motors are smooth start and stop they move the desk surface at about 1.5 inches per second and they do so at a noise level of 50 DB height adjustment ranges from 24 in a quarter fifty point two five inches

as the desktop in this video is an inch thick that brings your work surface to a full four point two seven feet off the ground I’m just about six foot four and if max height it’s surprisingly a bit too tall for me I’m not used to anything being designed for tall guys so this was a major win and even at its max height it’s extremely sturdy and front to back wobble is minimal if you need even more stability you can opt for a four league model but that increases the cost considerably with just the frame starting at 899 now I opted for an upgrade to the memory keypad for $35 so in addition to basic up-and-down motion you also get four different memory presets you can use for your own needs or if you happen to be sharing your workspace with someone all right let’s get into use case so obviously a desk this size is gonna more than accommodate a clean basic workstation setup that’s an added bonus right now uplift is also including a desk organizers set for free so if you plan on using this desk for a more traditional business setup of course that’s gonna be an option as well now I was planning on using this desk for my gaming and rendering setup which is why I opted for a little more real estate on the desktop but I decided to take it a step further see I figured in terms of cramming the absolute most things on your desktop or your setup

nobody has the market cornered like the dual PC streamer this sheer amount of hardware two PC’s multiple monitors a console or two an audio mixer a stream deck dual keyboard and mice controllers a boom mic arm the list just goes on and on and every one of those devices needs power or video or audio connectivity or all of the above so you’re looking at an insane amount of cables to manage and what’s a sit stand just this really increases the visibility of the cabling behind the desk as well so I knew I had a real challenge cut out for me both in terms of real estate and cable management in a streaming set of total depth of your surface can become a real issue and when you have big panels those monitors stains eat up a lot of valuable real estate so monitor arms were must for me I opted for a pair of up lifts $99 few arms one for my 27 inch panel and one for my 32 inch I actually never imagined that my ace or 4k panel would be on a mount it measures 32 inches and it’s just a hair over like 18 pounds I was shocked when the monitor arm was able to hold it even after five to counterbalance it is still a little bit limited and how far I can extend it out because that increases the leverage on the arm and it

has a little bit of wobble depending on how I have it positioned but the trade-off for not having its enormous stand on my desk was well worth it these arms have a really clean look they function great they’ve got cable management built into them and they have 2 USB 3 paths throughs built right into the stand you can mount these through the dust or clamp them to the rear and even with the big heavy 32 inch panel the clamping system works great it’s super sturdy these arms also come in a dual arm option but due to the size of my panels and the fact that one sits in a clamshell angle I opted to go with two single arms instead the desktop itself comes with two large hole cutouts for cable management and the basic grommets they include have this neat little spring-loaded door so you can still maintain a pretty clean aesthetic if you don’t plan on using them for pass-through for $70 you can upgrade one of these to a power grommet that has two outlets on your desktop it still retains cable pass-through this is great for desk accessories that don’t have a lot of reach in the power cable especially like your wireless phone charger you just plug it right into the desktop there it’s designed super smart ooh it’s even got this little tab you can pull out if you need to route something bigger through it like DisplayPort or power cables so what 72 inches this thing is able to hold a mountain of stuff including my three panels a ps4 a mixer

and my main gaming PC plus all of my peripherals my dedicated encoding machine has to sit on the floor because one its enormous to I move it around the space a lot and three I don’t really know anybody with two full-size PCs on the desk like seemingly everything up lift has a solution for this with their optional pc holder that allows your entire PC to adjust up and down with the height of the desk well since I do move this PC a lot I opted to leave it on the floor and instead go with some USB extension cable so you can pick up reach cheap on Amazon for 59 bucks uplift also offers a clamp on surge protector with a 15-foot cord it handles six devices for standard in two with special spacing for like larger-than-average wall warp plugs it’s also got two powered USB ports the USB ports are limited to a 5 volt output though so no 9 volt fast charging if you have a phone that supports that even though it covers a pretty decent section of the hue RGB strip I have on the edge of this desk I opted to install it centrally on the rear of the desk clamp to the edge for an even cleaner look it can also be installed under the dust completely out of sight clamped to the frame so how do you even begin to cable manage a massive setup like this and how is it going to look

when the desk is at full standing height in a large portion of the wall in the rear the dusk is exposed worse yet how easy is it gonna be to service when everything is routed and in place and I have to change something in the setup uplift offers a few different levels of cable management systems with the basic one starting at 39 bucks this includes these really cool adhesive reusable cable ties as well as tons of like zip ties cable clips screw in mounts a really large wire loom and a surge protector step up a ten-dollar notch and you’ll get this plastic tray that runs along the rear of the desk that helps to hide all the wires now I opted to go a little higher in here and get into what is the most genius solution to cable management I’ve ever seen it’s a modesty panel that runs along a full length of the desk that also doubles as a cable pouch with Velcro closures this thing seriously wins it has a few access points along the rear right under the lip of the desk it allows pass-through for cables for things sitting on top of the desk and it also has pass throughs out either side as well all you do is release a portion of the velcro dump your excess cables in and close it back up super clean it’s worth noting here too that if you’d like to visually close off the entire underside of the desk you can get smaller modesty panels that fit on the sides to completely enclose the

underside as well when standing you may have like a nice carpeted room I have laminate over concrete in my space and it gets uncomfortable quick naturally up lift has got you covered here as well with options for your feet ranging from like a basic squishy Mathieu stand on as well as this extendable height motion stool to give you a little something you can lean on while you’re working it’s got this little rocker on the bottom so it doesn’t sit completely flat this allows you to shift and pivot while you use it so functionally the desk itself is just a beast the sit stand functionality is pretty obvious but there’s also a lot of less obvious usage that become apparent the longer you use it first and foremost adjusting the height of a standard desk usually involves adjusting each leg independently and then leveling the desk there’s nothing worse than getting your new desk getting your whole setup put together and then deciding after a few days of use that you’d really like it to be an inch higher or an inch lower usually you just go with it with this desk it’s as simple as just pressing a button to get it exactly where you need it to be this also works great when you’ve been gaming we’re typing for a long time and you just need to adjust it a little bit so you can feel fresh again cable managing a standard desk generally involves sitting on the floor or laying on your back working with your arms extended I have yet to meet the person that enjoys this process even if my height sitting in a standard office chair I could raise this desk

to full height sit in my office chair completely under the desk and cable manage this desk the same way a mechanic would change your oil with your car up on the rack I can’t describe you how excited I was to find this out for the first time without using very graphic descriptions of human anatomy and how many times have you got up from your desk you go to push your desk chair in only to figure out your armrest or like a quarter of an inch too high and it won’t fit under the desk you gotta get back in the chair lower the chair so you can push it all the way in what just me okay with this I could just assign a memory button to raise my best height slightly when I’m finished working so my chair slides right in piece of cake and I never have to adjust the height of my chair the bottom line here is that the adjustability of this desk allows you to dial in the perfect feeling set up for you if you needed to sit exactly flush with the arm rest of your chair for more elbow support easy are you on a skype or a discord call you feel the need to pace like a maniac while still in frame on your webcam fine you want to lean back in your chair and play with the controller and be able to adjust your monitor height when your neck gets stuff done do you produce content do product photography do you enjoy endlessly adjusting your tripod height especially with a heavy motorized

slider rig on top just to get the shot you need what if the surface itself was able to adjust to your exact specific needs you could nail the shot what if it’s a bonus you could get some really sick motorized vertical slides just using the desk itself so let’s talk value for just under five hundred bucks you can get in and the entry-level size is going to accommodate the vast majority of gaming or productivity setups as shown in this video this desk and all the accessories comes to just under eleven hundred dollars sure that’s not an insignificant amount of money with uplift you get what you pay for in this case that means outstanding build quality thoughtful design and an enormous catalog of accessories that actually makes your experience more comfortable and more convenient you also get a standard seven year warranty on your purchase that can be upgraded to twelve years if you choose big thanks to uplift for sending this out for review let me be really clear about this if they had sent this out to me for review on loan and told me at the end of term that I had the option to return it or buy it I would buy it with no hesitation this thing hit the mark for me a thousand percent you really owe it to yourself to check out their website if you’re interested it’s big I could seriously do another 20 minute video just on the accessories that I didn’t discuss in

this video this was really eye-opening for me too because I really thought that organ omits that this level of quality were completely out of my price range in a market where we are constantly subjected to the rising prices of GPUs panels and seemingly everything else associated with gaming it absolutely blows my mind that you can get into a product like this for five hundred bucks I mean how much did you pay for your gaming chair no affiliate codes on this one but I will leave a link to their website in the description below also if you’re at all interested in me doing a detailed walkthrough video on the new streaming setup and how it all came together let me know in the comments and I’ll get cracking on one and that’s it for this time I’m bright B thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up

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