Sennheiser GSP 500 Follow Up – GSX 1000 & Console Impressions

oh guy did I obtain a great deal of concerns complying with the video clip for the GSP 500 so I managed to pull some strings as well as I have actually obtained some responses this video clip is gon na attend to the complying with inquiry how does the GSP 500 sound with the GS X 1000 and also do I still prefer it over the game one can you actually swap out the earpads with the GSP 600 and does it impact the sounded just how is the volume performance when using this point with the ps4 or the Xbox one if any of those questions relate to you stay ideal so if somehow you came across this video clip prior to you see my evaluation for the GSP 500 I highly advise you start keeping that and also you can do so right here now I understand a great deal of you have taken on Sennheiser is your computer sound system of selection and also appropriately so so how does the GSP 500 audio with the GS X 1000 to place it slightly it appears so god remarkable can I state that on YouTube predictably it just like the GSP 600 seems like it was especially tuned for the GS X 1000 as well as the different EQ modes make great use the chauffeurs below in

for cry 5 the reduced 50 Cal has a really substantial thump beneath this little sniper sound it’s combined completely as well as it’s a truly enjoyable method to stress a head shot the bass is extremely present in the mix and it quits simply short of being overwhelming and threatening to muddy up the mix the vehicles can sound really low and throaty too throaty is that a in game mode footprints and directional signs are actually pronounced in the mix as well as it sucks basically all the bass out there so it’s not to sidetrack you with anything unnecessary that’s where the substitute 7.1 it is really outstanding in Much Cry 5 currently granted that’s a really modern-day sound engine so I also went back and also examined it with some older things like Skyrim and darkness of Mordor as well as Wow and also when it comes to the mic well I’ll allow you be the judge so you’re hearing the GSP 500 being fed directly to the GS X 1000 as well as while I am super pleased with this mic input initially things first I did have to knock down this input degree to about 60% since it was simply way too hot can be found in there was a great deal of

power behind this thing I’m really impressed with the fullness of this sound to me it seems really near to the actual tech aboard yet we had the noise decrease disengage this has rather wonderful noise decrease those are cherry MX browns your hopefully not listening to excessive of in the back when you involve that noise decrease on the realtek onboard it simply becomes a squelchy pressed mess currently while I got you below right here’s a little something regarding the GS X 1000 that viewer Peter McDonagh talked about as well as this got right by me the very first time I checked out this system when you want all the simulated 7.1 border features of the GS X you’ll really require to designate this in Windows as a 7.1 device when you do that it restricts the audio outcome to 16-bit and 48 Hertz yet if you appoint this as a stereo device you can then go in and also crank this thing right as much as 24-bit 96 Hertz high quality sound you’ll understand you’ve obtained it right when the screen on the GS X states HD alongside the 2.0 and also all the various other controls like EQ reverb etc obtain totally secured out gaming with this setting

allowed in Far Cry 5 I could not select a visible distinction in audio quality Annie featured the unfortunate side impact of substantially reducing the total quantity level in a video game that already has type of an unusually low volume level despite the GS X as well as the earphones dimed out all the means it just wasn’t audible so I offered it a try in Ruin also and also it definitely seemed clear yet it likewise brought a level EQ to a video game that a minimum of for me the bass really includes a great deal to the degree of immersion so my largest takeaway right here is that this is meant to be a real to reference audio most likely for music paying attention so for songs theoretically it ought to sound extraordinary however, for me I actually like the 16-bit mode because because setting you have the ability to preserve the EQ setups so music EQ brings a lot more bass to recordings than the 2.0 HD mode currently depending upon your musical taste that bass might begin to seem a little sloppy in which instance I would fail to the HD setting now I wouldn’t encourage it yet based on the loudness of the recording it’s totally possible to pay attention to songs with both the DAC as well as the headphones totally

dimed out and also it’s the same tale with the game 1 so neither headset has the benefit over the various other one below to me there’s no doubt that the GS X 1000 and also the GSP 500 are the excellent combo for video gaming based upon the fact that the headset sounds like it’s literally specifically tuned for that DAC and also the quality of the 7.1 available below this has conveniently become my favorite audio configuration specifically for pc gaming while you get this headset at first I expressed a concept that perhaps one day I ‘d have the ability to take the outstanding ear pads from the GSP 600 as well as use them on the GSP 500 currently I didn’t have both set in house at the time I shot this video so I got to out to the only guy I knew that could help Demetri from Hardware Canucks as you can see from the footage he sent over not just is this feasible yet it’s a game changer he mentioned that the softer extra padding with memory foam really feels incredible with the lighter clamping force of the GSP 500 and when it comes to altering the audio

top quality you stated it was sort of unusual having a super seal yet an open back audio focus was more present the base is remarkably excellent so there you have it I’m stired huge thanks to Dimitri for the aid and the crunchy video footage you serve or the guy a little apart right here concerning hanging these individuals if you got straight from Sennheiser they’ll generally include a solitary hanger looks to be a rather top quality as well as it looks rather sharp however if you have multiples at your desk like I do you’ve probably explored the concept of an under workdesk wall mount this is the one I acquired initially this is the anchor from elevation lab it has to do with 11 bucks it’s made from like an actually thick silicone and also it’s most likely easily the most effective selling under workdesk double wall mount on Amazon the headbands on the GSP collection headsets are too wide for this I truly recommend

stepping up to this monster this is the truss from brain waves this is an all-metal under mount hanger it’s plenty wide to fit the GSP and in my mind will shield your investment a little better than the anchor will certainly now as for console efficiency I examined these with the ps4 and I can confirm that even with the volume maxed right out in the system there’s just not nearly enough volume right here to do these justice contrasted to a shut back established like the HyperX cloud alpha i’m endeavor to say you’re checking out practically a complete 6 DB drop going to the GSP 500 I also evaluated out the game ones simply to see if it was an open back example those fared a bit better however absolutely nothing to write home concerning all-in-all I truly can not back these for the ps4 that’s for the Xbox one volume was no concern in any way I evaluated these with the Xbox ones as well as both in Gears 4 and also Forza horizon 3 these sounded absolutely crazy I really did not even run them at full blast the one point I can’t claim is I wish there was a bit more

bass in the mix but these are open back as well as I like a base heavier mix all in all they get the nod 4x box one so the genuine inquiry is with the GS X 1000 how did it compare to the video game as soon as in which one must you get honestly my stance hasn’t altered a lot the GSP 500 seems better it’s a bold declaration because audio is so subjective however what I’ll tell you is it the 500s just seem like a better version of the game ones it’s not a completely different mix that prefers different frequency bands it’s got the exact same tonal character as the video game one it just delivers it better the bass is fuller you don’t obtain any type of roar at high quantity when you diamond out like I saw with the video game once the mids and highs are extra crisp extra specified as well as more in-depth if you currently possess the game once it’s tough for me to tell you to go out and also upgrade the video game ones are still a seriously strong pc gaming headset the fact is that you could not discover sufficient of a distinction in audio top quality to validate the upgrade I suggest I do yet I’m rather loose with the cash if you haven’t bought either headset yet go right for the GSP 500s and if you currently possess the GS X 1000 choosing the 500s is a piece of cake to me these absolutely get a strong endorsement from me as well as those of you that already purchased a GS X 1000 you remain in for a genuine treat it is absolutely awesome that’s it for this moment I’m bride-to-be P many thanks a lot for enjoying don’t neglect to hit that like switch hit that sub button and also till following time avoid Mercia a merton immersion immersion the weird-ass word

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