Sennheiser GSP 500 Gaming Headset Review: Hold onto your Ears!!

ah spring impends as well as it have to be the season for high-end gaming headsets since the launch schedule has actually been crazy recently currently I yearn for these and the audio gods have to have paid attention since I’m holding the open bag variation of Sennheiser’s newest GSP line the GSP 500 and I have actually obtained a great deal to say concerning these let’s go you seeking affordable computer games examine out King Gwinnett click the link in the description below to help support the network and also never pay complete retail again yo I’m Bryan P you’re watching bad C Technology and today we’re taking a look at the GSP 500 open-back video gaming headset from Sennheiser these people are twenty eight ohms with the regularity action of 10 to thirty thousand Hertz they’re compatible with Mac PC ps4 Xbox one and almost anything sporting a conventional headphone jack and also they retail for 229 with a two-year guarantee as well as they tip the scales at concerning 3 hundred and also sixty two grams enormous now I’m hearing these points are gon na be extensively offered mid to late May so maintain an eye out for them Before we enter right here allow’s get this out of the means because I’m still getting a great deal of inquiries about the difference between open back as well as shut back headsets

typically talking it functions such as this close back is gon na generally supply better seclusion suggesting it shuts out the world around you while you have your headphones on it’s likewise gon na supply deeper tighter base for the most component as well as a little tighter or even more constrictive soundstage or how the world around you really feels based on just how things audio either close or away in the distance to you open backs are constantly gon na provide you much less seclusion making them less excellent for use in noisy environments you’re additionally gon na trade some bass in lieu of a wider or even more persuading soundstage one is not much better than the various other it is totally a matter of individual preference and you might even like one over the various other on a game by game basis based upon the environment ie closed back for like a tight claustrophobic hallway shooter or open back for like a vast large outdoors open-world video game gabbi’s great on to the kids the style language on the GSP 500 is virtually identical to the closed back version the GSP 600 which is to claim it appears like it’s cobbled together from retired transformer faces the framework at least to me looks exactly the like the one utilized on the GSP 600 with the only

distinction being the badging still no change markings on the headband and also they still look as incredible or as hideous as you believe the GSB 600’s looks very same pivoting mic configuration same rigid quantity handle in the same proprietary cord system additionally on offer below is the impressive clamping force modification sadly it’s additionally got the very same extra padding on the headband as the previous version however it plays an also bigger function below which we’ll get involved in in simply a sec currently these still aren’t real comfy when worn around your neck rather length of time however I’m very happy to report that the cable sound is almost non-existent when you’re using a tee as well as it’s been considerably reduced when you’re using the hoodie it’s still obtained the very same resilient cables to it the very same braided covering so I’m thinking that sound transfer needs to be something that’s fundamental of a shut back develop the ear cups are actually where we begin to see style adjustments the outside of the cuffs have a mesh grille insert that’s mostly covered by the frame itself you get the very same ear shaped cuffs they should not have an issue going completely around your ears however the pads have seen an alteration right here and that’s a pretty large frustration the memory foam ear cups on the GSP 600 is right stuff of legend I’ve never ever seen anything like it it’s so thick like so thick memory foam that you can in fact push the containers against the

side of your head when you placed them on as well as allow them go and also it will certainly develop a seal so limited that it actually makes your ears stand out now I get that creating a tight seal is not necessary for procedure of an open back style however they were so damn comfortable the product as well as the cushioning right here are both very featureless and also comfort ends up being an aspect right here since they hit me with clamping pressure where I hate it one of the most best below what I would not provide for a little head a littler head smaller head whatever these like most headsets I have actually attempted have to go to max settings on every modification for me to use them while I found the 6 hundreds to be extremely comfortable these not so much if I have to allow the modification all the way bent on reduce clamping force then that means that the headband is doing most of the job maintaining these people in place and with the anaemic cushioning on the headband this becomes a problem if you look at the layout they really have joints in the cushioning right in the facility of the headband where this plastic piece is suggesting that there is less padding where they require

cushioning one of the most yeah the layout of the framework coincides on the 600’s yet the increased thickness of the memory foam was a lot more comfy which indicates I really did not have to stress a lot about securing pressure which suggests I didn’t have rely on the headband as much I do not recognize just how these are gon na really feel after a correct break-in duration but I can inform you that today that point sitting on the crown of my running start to obtain really uneasy at about the 2 two-and-a-half hr mark which is a real pity currently I’m a severe situation as well as your head size as well as your gas mileage may vary but I will certainly tell you this if they ever before launch the ear pads from the GSP 600 as a standalone accessory that’s an automatic purchase for me so why would certainly I even have a hard time with the discomfort of this headset I’ll tell you why these sound unbelievable in reliable nothing I have actually heard in the video gaming room comes close to these few headphones that I’ve ever before demoed come close to these the gold typical my absolute preferred pc gaming headset is the open back Sennheiser video game one these noise substantially far

better than those cleaner much more information fuller richer bass I do not understand what magic these are crafted from yet unlike the GSP 600 which truly needed an amp these sound excellent hook to my phone with a surprising amount of tidy bass they sound excellent hook to the onboard genuine tech on my RS pc gaming 5 motherboard they seem amazing when linked to the Mayflower Arc specifically with face boost made it possible for heck they most likely appear fantastic linked into a toaster stove or like an old set of tennis shoes they glimmer they twinkle the base simply inflates out of no place they give you goosebumps when you listen to your favored tunes and also the soundstage mmm when you’re paying attention to lossless audio it legit seem like you’re sitting in the center of the recording studio when you’re playing Far Cry 5 it seems like you’re standing outside in the timbers with all these stereo sound you can pinpoint enemies with frightening accuracy from simply audio cues and when an aircraft flies overhead not only does it seem like it flies in miles from either instructions yet it actually seems like it’s up in the air I would have liked the chance to listen to these matched with the substitute 7.1 border sound on the GS X 1000 sadly during this

evaluation I did not have accessibility to that device based upon all my various other tests and also my fairly considerable knowledge of the GS X 1000 I can only picture just how unbelievable they sound and also do not also get me began watching flicks with Dolby Atmos encoding with spatial sound allowed it is following degree I’m lacking adjectives below so allow’s framework it like this you can grab pair of video game ones today for like a hundred and also sixty bucks when these launched they’re gon na be $230 so is a $70 premium just taking a look at audio top quality worth the up Shores from the video game once an entire heck yeah it is currently I have game when which I purchased and also they’re perhaps much more comfortable and also they’re definitely sleeker looking and also I’m still gon na get these when they release the mic coincides top quality we’ve involved get out of Sennheiser’s offerings in a pc gaming headset exact same style you flip it down to chat you turn it as much as mute it and it’s got a great responsive distinct click to allow you know which is which alright so today what you’re hearing is the Sennheiser GSP 500 this is connected straight into the realtek onboard this does have the noise terminating handicapped since the onboard on this just squash is that signal till it simply sounds like outright trash so

you’re gon na see much hotter levels right here I do have mic increase handicapped it’s usually got a 20 DB boost this is being available in much like routine no increase so allow’s get some sound floor not shoddy and also behind-the-scenes here you’re gon na be hearing me type on some Cherry MX browns and now let’s inspect out the arc alright so currently we’re looking into the GSP 500 connected into the Mayflower Arc and also we’re just running this level at about 60% because at a hundred percent this point is simply way as well hot now I type of cheated as well as paid attention back on this thing as well as I discovered this input to appear actually tinny just truly drew the bass right out of my voice I really considerably like the the realtek onboard to the mic so ideally some of the history sound cancellation makes up for that you’re gon na hear me type it on some Cherry MX browns behind-the-scenes to ensure that’s the GSP 500 and also the Mayflower Arc currently also though I never experienced this with my copy of the GSP 600 there has actually been some talk surrounding a pair sets that may have gone out with really loosened mic swivel joints the cause that mic to drop down I can tell you that the mic joint on the GSP 500 really feels a

whole lot stiffer than it did on the 600 so it looks like Sennheiser took that to heart as well as got out before it prior to there were any concerns it’s not all gravy with these the aesthetics are outrageous as well as the comfort is suspicious and guys with the huge head requirement to really wage caution below issue of truth if I had any type of hair whatsoever these would certainly be a no-go the ear cut extra padding is a huge go back from the 600’s and that’s an actual embarassment below currently some things you require to be conscious of our simply fundamental of any headset that has an open back design these are not built for isolation so if someone’s speaking behind-the-scenes or your women watching television in the same area you’re attempting to video game in its gon na truly ravage your experience as well as that audio goes both ways which means it leakages audio genuine bad if you’re paying attention to songs you can be disturbing someone else in the area if you’re attempting to record with these and monitor your mic it’s not gon na function since these are gon na hemorrhage sound out the rear of the containers back into your mic if either of those circumstances use to you these are except you you require a closed back headset yet the mic high quality of this unit as well as the audio quality specifically is bulletproof just

extraordinary currently when it comes to value oh that’s challenging male the game ones are a lot easier to recommend to a broader target market because typically they’re lighter they’re sleeker they’re more comfortable as well as they’re more flexible to a broader array of head dimensions and also they sounds damn good simply not comparable to these the build quality on the GSP 500 Trump’s the video game ones too these points are developed tough male so for me personally $230 is not also much money to pay for what is the flat-out ideal sounding pc gaming headset I have actually ever made use of a lot associate web links in the description listed below as these come available you might be able to get your hands on some now if you really dig around yet anticipate a wide launch on these in mid to late May huge shout out to Sennheiser for packing these out for testimonial you think I’m sending out these back you run out your mind come and also get them that’s it for this moment I’m brilliant Pete thanks a lot for watching do not neglect to strike that like switch struck that sub switch and till next time stay up

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