Why GOOGLE PIXEL Users Are Switching to the iPHONE

so I’ve been thinking of switching over to apple iphone this isn’t your common I’m switching to apple iphone just to switch back to an Android a month or 2 later that’s truthfully really motto and irritating on YouTube I’m typically considering changing to the iPhone however I really have not determined yet there’s a bunch of things that has actually been bugging me concerning my experience on Android and some points I want I had that I would certainly obtain from having an iPhone and I understand much of you have comparable sensations so if you reverberate with anything I speak about in this video let me understand in the remarks so below are some reasons that I’m thinking about switching to the apple iphone as well as a lot of reasons I’m reluctant to transform among the very best points concerning Android specifically on the Google pixel is the enhancement of excellent software functions that can be quite outstanding as well as useful like call screening and also

hold the phone there are numerous cool functions located on Android phones like the Google pixel and also Samsung Galaxy tools all these features are terrific in concept however when they don’t function or there are insects in a lot of other areas especially in core capability it truly doesn’t matter basically I’m coming to be annoyed with seeming like I’m component of a beta examination regularly Android 12 and also 13 has been loaded with many pests and also problems I have applications like OfferUp that will increasingly lag the extra I type leading to the application force shutting apps like Instagram something that is critical for my job will promptly shut on open randomly for numerous days at once and afterwards start functioning with no reason this occurred with the YouTube studio app for months at once which is also a lot more important for my work than some services and applications need me to log in with my Facebook account that I’ll face login Loops that will certainly make it impossible for me to visit did you have issues with

YouTube Google’s own app glitching out and not displaying anything in its card and also after that there’s the swipe gestures that didn’t benefit months at once as well as after that on and on a lot of of these concerns are so damaging to the actual experience of utilizing the gadget that it comes to be incredibly frustrating to utilize as well as sure cool is working with most of these points and also some are dealt with currently but it should not take months to make it to make sure that the swipe motions do not freeze on you I likewise can’t think of Android getting to security for another generation at minimum it appears like Google experienced all this massive visual overhaul that looks all brand-new while whatever beneath the surface area is holding on by air duct tape yet to be reasonable iphone 16 has more insects than common I have actually experienced some problems with YouTube playback simply randomly stopping and after that the only method I can resume It Is by

rewinding it a little and after that striking play once again type of odd I seem to have the perfect record of going between systems during their worst seasons like when the apple iphone had Intel modems as well as I frequently lost signal at the end of the day I just desire a phone that works dependably the means it need to whichever system it is if you check out the within an iPhone it’s difficult to refute that they truly respect production and also designing things well with higher high quality parts and also have amazing interest to detail it’s that interest to detail for mistakes that most people won’t see that seeps through into whatever else that people do see and experience you can see in the quarter span of the phone as well as the manner in which the software program completely aligns with that distance exactly how all the symbols flawlessly aligned and also also the interface with its Shadows blurs animations consistency and also more all these tiny things add up to a huge thing an extremely clean as well as natural experience that any kind of designer would appreciate and also many will likely unconsciously feel

and unusually Google removed Shadows and also chose a kind of cartoony level truthfully a little bit Fisher-Price like looking product you and also they can’t also get to uniformity in layout among their own apps plus it’s difficult to say that Apple understands computer animations in manner ins which we merely do do not see on Android the vibrant island has this deep understanding of Computer animation from traditional animators that make cartoons or films it has weight velocity spring as well as bounce as well as honestly makes you assume of Flubber it’s truthfully its very own character what would certainly you obtain on Android besides pretty typical vanilla animation that enters and also out without any kind of personality or Charm after that there’s the battery life Google and Samsung have had rough battery lives for the pixel 6 Pro and also the Galaxy s22 Ultra on the most awful end the pixel 6 Pro just lasts me till regarding 2PM until I need to bill all of it the way to last until going to bed the s20 ultra dicester in the night prior to I go to bed with the apple iphone I’ll enter into bed and have a little over 20 left on apple iphone 14 pro Max that’s rather great taking into consideration individuals are

claiming that they’re worsening battery life on the iPhone 14 models over the apple iphone 13 versions not having battery anxiousness is truthfully worth a lot in my opinion the only time I’ve had the ability to drain the battery life on the apple iphone 14 pro Max truly quickly was when I underwent this event this previous weekend and also took images as well as videos for hrs all right it is 8 10 and also we’re at around 19 battery life we have actually been taking a lot of enjoyable pictures and video clips I’m obtaining a little of battery stress and anxiety below so I’m gon na start charging it luckily I had the ability to make it through the night due to the fact that I had an arc crossbreed mag fit whereas mobile charger to obtain me with the evening from this video clip sponsor Spigen my battery will run out and I still had a couple hours off that I needed to take photos and also video clips as well as then call an Uber to obtain house I swiftly placed on the arc crossbreed magnet which has a 5000 milliamp capability and also a 7.5 watt charging rate over magsafe that’s 3.4 sometimes the ability as well as 1.5 times the speed of Apple’s own magsafe battery pack had an even more budget-friendly price I simply left it on the back of my phone got much better life to add dinner to my evening and also still made it home with a charge to save it’s actually

good billing without having a hefty block as well as wire they need to hold on to this thing is amazingly light and practical and magnets are so practical Spigen also has their Arc terminal Gan 35 watt dual USBC wall charger this thing is more affordable than the Apple version by nearly 50 but it’s likewise 30 smaller due to just how efficient Gan modern technology is it reduces Chargers down this point is so dang tiny holy cow they have several various other Gan Chargers to select from like these small 40 5 watt 165 watt Chargers that can rapidly charge also a MacBook Air or other USBC suitable tools Spigen likewise has a bunch of various other great accessories as well as situations for the Apple iPhone 14 Collection so have a look at the links in the description to pick them up as well as many thanks a lot to Spigen for sponsoring this portion of the video currently despite Google’s refresh of the aesthetic style of Android lately it fibrous really feels like Android is withering part of that is the result of a mature smartphone market which also Apple fights with every person’s phones as well as os’s mainly have the same style with a

moderate increase in specs and performance like I suggest sometimes I do not recognize which ones which if it had not been for the dynamic Island I really wouldn’t know which one is the most recent iPhone and the pixel 7 Pro seems to be the matching of the distinction in between the iPhone 13 and also iPhone 14. So not truly much of a distinction the distinction that exists is that apple is ahead with their processors a little bit slowly in between Generations despite the majority of modern-day cpus being pretty wonderful for practically everything in its entirety it doesn’t really seem like there’s much intriguing occurring with mobile phones altogether the fact is that there are no enormous jumps forward with Hardware because mobile phones throughout the board got truly great and also stopped sucking on it honestly to ensure that leaves the software application however what modifications have they included in Android recently that lots of people will make use of as well as really feel well happy in Android phones seem like really absolutely nothing is occurring both in equipment and also software program as well as

foldables are just alright in several means the excitement and feeling of pleasure is originating from that software application which’s where apple is winning the vibrant island has a great deal of beauty cleverness and Flubber like personality generate a little joy to it on Android software program and also includes battle to instill and even try to instill a sensation of Delight rather we’re often consulted with vanilla options or sterilized choices I assume Samsung is an outstanding instance of throwing everything you can on a phone but it still really feels actually sterile Alex appeal and also personality so I agree with Max weinbeck it feels medical and to keep points very Dynamic Island isn’t as buzz as it really felt on the news the videos we saw were the hyperl all things it might do yet in method you really don’t interact with it a lot and it’s truly refraining from doing that much for currently Apple did open it as much as developers as well as will surely incorporate even more of their attributes right into that Dynamic Island so it will come to be much more well Dynamic and energetic as well as something that you regularly if you desire the iPhone for the vibrant Island alone perhaps wait for the iPhone 15 Pro one more thing that’s fascinating about a fully grown smart device market is the lack of areas to enhance or have remarkable jumps ahead so you’re seeing this combining of attributes in between IOS as well as

Android for Hardware you had larger displays concerning the iPhone currently you have cordless billing quickly refresh price screens collision discovery which involved the pixel initially and Quiet solutions that are currently involving the apple iphone after that we have software application like widgets that seem better developed much more practical much more stable and in shape within the remainder of the UI far better yes you don’t have as much versatility with your home screen and it makes it difficult to have a lots of blank room on your residence display yet what the heck is with a Google search bar and the at a glance widget that I can not get rid of from Android either Android 12 as well as 13 had to do with customization immaterial new I simply obtained ta keep it reasonable and also balance ideal and afterwards there’s the always on screen which to be reasonable is a bit extra and also probably a doing not have restraint since it kind of inconveniences me and others however that’s the apple one they attempt to take what has actually functioned prior to and also do it better with more refinement they let others be the beta individuals as well as generally launch an improved variation so their customers don’t seem like they remain in them being a test however all

that to say if iphone is becoming a lot more like Android in regards to features as well as capability that they didn’t formerly have but with better implementation what makes me want to stick with Android yet not whatever is terrific about the apple iphone notices are still a headache as well as I wish I had terrific software application functions like phone call screening hold the phone spam detection for messages and even more adaptability with default apps like making the Google Assistant my primary assistant and also airdrop is still so glitchy it just works half the time when you send something from your Mac I additionally discover that documents administration continues to be annoying on the iPhone especially with Google Drive I have actually intended to post video clips that I post to social media to my Google Drive but I can not download them to my iPhone to publish them again to be fair that’s just an odd Peculiarity with Google Drive not Dropbox or other solutions so perhaps that’s actually still a Google concern and after that the video camera isn’t up to the same level for me contrasted to the Google pixel for pictures the skin tones look oh strange for individuals that aren’t white and also I despise exactly how it presses the Highlight so they clip and after that squash the blacks on images and afterwards there’s a hardware like the white element ratio for the apple iphone Pro Max that just makes it feel

to chunky in the hand contrasted to something like the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra which has a feeling that’s a little bit much more narrow but one of the greatest things is an absence of USBC I understand many people are withholding the iPhone due to the fact that it still makes use of a silly lightning Port it makes a little feeling to have these expert settings like prores raw for photos and prores for video with frustratingly slow-moving data transfer alternatives like lightning and airdrop my old flatmate that functions in Hollywood hates taking care of iPhone video footage due to the fact that it takes for life to unload data a lot more irritating is that my keyboard and also mouse use lightning ports to charge for my computer system that does not have lightning ports yet USBC ports why is this a point it’s so frustrating so yeah I’m still attempting to identify what I’ll do I’m truthfully not fairly certain there are a whole lot of frustrations on the Android side right now and I go to a factor in my life where I do not wish to invest my time playing I merely just went to work dependably as well

as continually on the various other hand the apple iphone 14 professional Max is great and solid but it’s not truly that big of an adjustment compared to in 2015 possibly I simply need to wait as well as see what the pixel 7 Pro brings and go from there hopefully the software program is in his buggy and the important things ought to work as they should but I would certainly enjoy to recognize your ideas are you frustrated with Android right currently as well are you thinking about switching over an apple iphone why have you currently switched over to an iPhone why exactly how is it opting for you let me understand in the remarks and also in the this is Tech today Neighborhood Discord conversation web server there’s a link in the description alongside those web links to select up the new iPhone and devices so thanks for viewing this is Technology today until next time

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