Audio Engineer Tests Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping on the HT-A5000 5.1.2 Soundbar and RS5

hey close friend brandon here i’m really delighted concerning this video clip since sony sent a heap of boxes to me for a display on a new entertainment system for my living space we have a bunch of different things right here we have the bravia xr the a90j television after that over here we have a speaker this is the sw5 and we have two various sorts of back speakers that we’re gon na inspect out this is the rs3s and after that the updated or higher tier version the rs5 that i’m actually really delighted regarding and also below is the beginning of the program this is their hta 5000 sound bar and it’s not just a common sound bar no it has amazing technology called 360 spatial audio mapping and also we’re mosting likely to do something type of crazy right here to have you experience it we have a binaural microphone that enables you to hear what it’s like to be in the atmosphere it’s kind of crazy once we reach it

you want to use some earbuds or earphones to get the full experience of what 3d spatial sound mapping seems like all right allow’s get this ready up we’re mosting likely to begin here with the bravia xr the a90j so we’re mosting likely to move this over here so this set is a 65-inch oled television as well as something that i truly like concerning this television compared to various other oleds is the fact that it’s brighter than many okay we set it up over uh movie magic below we obtained ta do the peel what this resembles a gasket thing me check out just how slim that is that is nuts and also the borders are so dang small now considering that this is a video clip regarding audio there’s a really trendy attribute that’s developed right into this tv it has a bravia acoustic center sync which indicates that you can put every one of your facility network stuff like dialogue right into the speaker that’s right here the modern technology for that is actually really crazy due to the fact that it makes use of the real panel the display to vibrate to create the sound

which is nuts i don’t understand if that’s like piezo electrical uh like acoustics or something like that however it’s really neat to be able to utilize this as your facility network so we placed the legs on right here based upon the common instructions and you’re possibly discovering something actually fascinating regarding it the television goes all the means to the surface right here and if you have something like an audio bar you face something truly complicated because it’s mosting likely to block the tv and also there’s actually a little feature here if you simply switch the legs it’ll lift it up which is actually wonderful so allow’s do that all right we switch the legs and also check this out now you can fit an audio bar underneath below flawlessly great without blocking your television that’s all fantastic since we have the soundbar right here the hd a5000 what’s amazing concerning this is it has a 5.1.2 channel arrangement currently you most likely are curious regarding what is all

that so you have basically 5 various audio speakers around you you have a speaker channel and afterwards you have different audio speakers that will actually reveal up on your ceiling it’ll beam it up there and also that’s how you’re able to get that added speaker setup okay let’s take this out it has up to 8k hdr go through which is ideal hdmi 2.1 so that belongs to the technology that enables that you can do 4k 120. So it has compatibility with dts dolby atmos and sony’s 360 fact audio oh it’s so thin all right really that’s like really snug in there alright ever before so elegant oh infant oh as well as it fits flawlessly below here it resembles it was made for each various other check out how slim that is has a good steel grille right here you have this good matte surface below there’s a bunch of different switches right here that you can manage with it to transform on transform your input your bluetooth connect to a lot of different various other resources and turn your volume backwards and forwards it has high res sound okay currently we have the soundbar

configuration we have some front shooting audio speakers here some up firing audio speakers some beam of light form speakers that in fact jump off the side of the wall surface this is mosting likely to come in actually useful for that immersive sound as well as there’s an integrated subwoofer also if you have something like a playstation 5 you can in fact path it through all this as well as get the full 360 audio and it goes directly into your television through a pass-through it’s like truly hassle-free really maximized but the excellent thing regarding this is that this system is expandable so we’re mosting likely to add in the sw5 subwoofer an interesting aspect of below regularities a great deal of individuals will certainly assume that you need to get really specific about where your below is put in your space as well as you don’t need to get as fussy concerning it due to the fact that below frequencies are actually wider so you have your normal high regularity so they’re sort of

like a little narrow such as this some frequencies are broad similar to this that suggests that you can put it in like in a corner or elsewhere in your area and also you have an actually great sound top quality with the greater uh regularity speakers like tweeters or things like that you require to have that directional in order to listen to well oh infant we have a great structure on it we have the fabric grilles on there and afterwards a little power port there the web link button there that makes it really very easy to get in touch with all your other audio speakers which is really fantastic if you look really close down underneath right here and it’s really firing down at the ground that’s because it doesn’t have to be directional that’s what sub regularities i can escape and also this set’s mosting likely to be a whole lot simpler to attach due to the fact that you understand you just put it somewhere plug it right into the power as well as you’re excellent considering that this is expanding we have the back audio

speakers the rs3s and afterwards we’ll at some point upgrade to the rs5s that have some actually distinct attributes that we’ll examine out now what’s terrific regarding this expandability is that you do not need to acquire simultaneously certainly you’re going to get a better bargain when you get all at once however if you just intend to start with a soundbar you can do that if you want upgrade then to the speaker you can do that and after that you can add the speakers what’s really neat about this whole entire arrangement is that it’s it’s cordless like in the sense that all you have to do is worry regarding power normally you would have a whole bunch of various cable televisions running through your whole entire living area to reach a facility mind like a receiver as well as that can be an actually ridiculous challenging thing to stress over due to the fact that you have all these cable televisions running below like carpeting as well as everything else or along your ceiling this is truly great so check these out they have a number of various mounts on there to make it really very easy you can control it there’s a link button also

that’s really wonderful and also you just established it up behind you as well as it’s a wonderful steel coating grille there additionally there’s a little thread below if you have a speaker stand that you can attach it to to truly see to it it’s protected i like that and afterwards we have rs5 oh yeah consider this so this is a quite a bit larger than the various other one has a good cloth surface there you can additionally install it up on your wall and it’ll sit flat against it or put it flat against the wall on your television stand currently what’s truly cool regarding this is it has up shooting speakers too while you have that 360 spatial audio mapping going on this will provide you even a lot more of an immersive experience because it’s giving a lot more audio points on your ceiling behind you also an additional thing that’s really great concerning this is that there are some batteries built right into it so if you do not have a power plug that’s close by and also you wish to charge it you might do that and also then put it back there when you’re enjoying a film as well as you do not have to

bother with your cables okay let’s transform on the television as well as set everything up so what’s good is that this does have actually google television built right into it so it makes it really easy to establish because i can just use my phone currently while that’s setting up i’m in fact mosting likely to activate the sound bar and also see if we can begin connecting it up there this behaves due to the fact that you don’t need to have a chromecast or anything that you get along with it it’s simply constructed into your television so right here we simply established through the hd arc the hda5000 and also then right here’s where we established up the tv as a center speaker i heard it from like essentially over there so you recognize exactly how i said this resembles 360 sound like a dome that’s completely around you with speakers all over the place for all the audio speakers that are up over you it works based upon this up firing speakers up there so it jumps off of the ceiling as well as increases to where you are so that’s just how it’s working it’s reflections as well as that’s the cool feature of audio or audio is that it bounces off

different surfaces as well as that’s how they can replicate the feeling of a whole number of audio speakers all over you and also around you alright so we’re going to listen to what this is all like with the rs3s yet we wish to get to the piece de resistance the rs5 as well as we’re mosting likely to break out the crazy ears so prepare yourself currently we’re gon na begin the audio area optimization it’s gon na do a quite insane point and i’ll discuss what’s gon na occur in just a moment right here we go [ Music] it’s insane since i can listen to things up in the ceiling as well as every little thing so you see how it’s developed this visualization of like a dome set up for your speakers that’s kind of functioning as an audio designer that’s developed into your audio speaker for you normally if you get someone like me you ‘d need to get a determining tape i would certainly have to discover where the speaker is ration the range between the speaker and also where you’re sitting after that get something called like a click track where similar to makes a little pop or click regularly and also ration and time it so that it gets to you at the exact same time because

it’s all concerning timing it’s bouncing off of various points as well as if it does not reach your factor specifically at the very same time it’ll sound actually like hollow or thin so that’s what all those baby sounds were for it’s doing all that for you with a touch of a button insane since we have the audio optimization set up we get to have a little trial so this will be the demo that we have for the rs3s yet we’ll get a fair bit more of a preference with the rs5 because we have the insane ears out now you must place on your headphones or earbuds to obtain the complete experience [Music] it’s respectable all right we’re gon na establish the rs files what’s truly neat is the bottom of this so you have this power plug it has a 90 level angle on it and after that you’re able to just lock it in there and also it’s very easy currently normally when you established up your speaker system you have to go through the menu system yet the fantastic feature of the rs5 is that you can quickly hit the optimize switch right below and then it’ll go into that optimization setting again so if you originally established up your entire speaker system for like a

grandparent or whatever your parents and also they occur to move points about as well as they perhaps mess something up or they’re uncertain what they’re carrying out in terms of the positioning of whatever you can simply tell them hit the button right here and also it’ll do the entire benefit you and it’s excellent to go from there super very easy since we have the rs5 established allow’s launch the audio field optimization and also obtain the demonstration with the binaural ear so see to it you have your earbuds as well as your headphones in once more you can listen to a great deal extra along the ceiling and it obtained a whole lot additionally back in fact seemed like it was from behind me this moment which was truly awesome okay let’s listen to the real demo all right so that’s a little of a preference of the hta 5000 as well as the 360 spatial audio mapping so what did you think all at once i believe it’s actually great at producing an immersive 360 experience you can listen to points up in the ceiling which is actually crazy and cool there’s a lots of area in whatever that you hear if you would love to check it out make sure to have a look at the links down below in the description as well as thanks so a lot to sony for sponsoring this display thank you for enjoying this is technology today up until next time you

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