Fixing The New Apple M1 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air With These Accessories

oh man hi so apple has actually been making some truly amazing macs with their brand-new apple silicon m1 mac so you have the macbook professional macbook air mac mini and also they have some approaching macs coming this year but there’s a really irritating thing that’s existing amongst all those computer systems the absence of ports particularly on macbooks you just have 2 of them here so we obtained to speak about some devices to aid take care of the absence of ports along with sort of spruce things up and also allow you do more points with your mac as well as we reached offer a proclaim to ivenke as well as their double usbc docking terminal that’s made for apple to make it easy to link a bunch of things to your computer we’ll speak about them throughout the video clip it’s super inexpensive and also ivanky offered a promotion code that you can look into by clicking the link in the summary as well as for those of you that have intel macs you’re not excluded it uses to you also of training course every little thing that i talk about in this video clip will be connected down listed below in the summary you know what this is this silly thing the little usb a to usbc adapter this is the one i have actually

been utilizing it’s constructed out of steel it’s pretty little and things you simply put it on your cable television and also it fits there the something i do not like regarding though is that it’s an additional point for it to break short however they’re super helpful and it does not really fix the issue that it’s still one to one in regards to what it’s occupying in regards to your ports yet you know if you have a mac you sort of need a few of these laying around to ensure that is just one of the advantages of the ivenky dual usbc port you have 4 usb a ports that’s outrageous well luckily this usb a cord isn’t the only cable that comes with this next accessory it does come with a usb c to usb c cable the samsung t7 is the successor to the actually prominent t5 ssd and it keeps that really slim little kind variable that the t5 used yet it’s blazing quickly at rates of 2600 to over 2700 megabytes per second i use it for my video clip editing it’s incredible plus i’ve had many exterior hard disk drives fail on me that i’m never ever returning there i’m utilizing ssd just i believe there’s a five

percent off promo code that i have actually connected down listed below in the summary for the samsung drive too currently speaking of storage space the something that actually has been an identify especially for web content designers on these macs is the absence of sd card ports mini sd card like anything like that that you can just plug in from every electronic camera into your computer system well that’s another thing that the ivenky double usbc dock has it has a place below for a full sd card port and also a micro sd card slot so you can place something in straight from your camera if it takes place to use a full sd card or maybe something from like a drone there’s that brand-new fpv dji drone that showed up that’s really unwell however they utilize tiny sd card slots so you have all these various alternatives for your storage space consisting of a usb c port for your samsung t7 ssd so below’s something that i marvel that apple hasn’t embraced since they have these actually huge honking power bricks this is a 61 watt usbc power adapter well i have one more

one right here that’s once more charger or gallium nitride battery charger this’s by aki as well as it’s a hundred watts so it’s method quicker than this one however at a portion of the size as well as the power prongs crack up so they don’t capture on something in your bag or something like that wonderful thing about usbc is that you can plug this right into your phones or various other tools too and the reality that it’s 100 watts means that it not only can charge your macbook on its complete load but other devices fast this next one is kind of outrageous by ravpower it is a 20 000 milliamp 65 watt battery back-up financial institution thing monstrosity it has a fan on the base because it’s pumping out a whole lot of power right here however what’s truly cool is it not only has a usb a port to power things through a usb-c port to charge points through and also then a real typical power plug to connect into and insane sufficient this thing is powerful enough to bill a macbook air or macbook professional 13-inch the 16-inch is gon na be a little bit different so this is most likely like an actually terrific thing to bring about with you if you’re taking a trip around perhaps a trip or something like that and also you occur to need some backup power this will certainly hold you with for hours there’s the normal apple battery charger right there it’s a lot

and there’s the gallium nitride charger there pay attention to the follower on this thing but if you look right below it’s actually charging the ivenky dock has a dc power in to power up all these various ports you have your usb 8 ports as well as this set has a 0.9 amp power distribution on those usb a ports and after that a 1.5 amp power distribution on these usb 8 ports and afterwards obviously you have a usbc port right there and then a power shipment port that supplies 96 watts of power delivery to ensure that can conveniently handle a 16 publication macbook pro however of course your 13 inch macbook pro or macbook air additionally there’s an ethernet port right here if you’re taking some video calls as well as specifically if you’re real-time streaming you probably do not want to run things off of wi-fi you want to run it through an ethernet cable alright this next one i actually like since it has magnets this is an indigenous union laptop computer sleeve for the macbook pro as well as macbook air the 13 inch and also it has magnets within it with this great little appearance on the within to protect your laptop from scratches has a good type of texture on both sides below and there’s a little sleeve right here too if you wish to store things within it you place your like ssds or points like

that in there some of the laptop computer sleeves i’ve had in the past if you hold it like this it simply elope however this set it has a great little hold to it so it’s not really gliding out you kind of need to get in there as well as pull it out i know there’s some other colors but i such as this type of charcoal look it’s simply really neutral and also tidy speaking of docking points at your workdesk you can obtain something like this this is from uppercase it’s called the cradle and i’ve been using this for many years on my macbooks has a nice steel building to it and also there’s this kind of rubber kind of gasket or cushioning there so it doesn’t scratch up your laptop computer what’s wonderful is that it deals with all the macbooks that have the current design as well as it can place at any type of positioning this direction you can do it on this side you can turn it around it simply functions so it’s actually nice due to the fact that you can place it off to the side and also it doesn’t use up as much dirt space which works actually well particularly when you’re using it for an external

monitor now speaking of an exterior screen right here’s this big one from ben q that i’ve been making use of to modify all my video clips on what’s crazy is that this thing is marketed as a home entertainment monitor however it’s truly terrific in regards to color precision it covers 95 of the dci p3 color range which is excellent for shade grading and since it’s an entertainment monitor it has a little remote here so you can control it from afar kind of interesting and also it’s a 4k screen at 31.5 inches now this isn’t the only screen i’ve been making use of i have an additional benq monitor that i use actually for things like what i’m doing today recording so whenever i’m filming video clips i have the benq sw 321c screen over below this 32 inch 4k screen is a photographer display that suggests it has extraordinary color accuracy it covers 99 of adobe rgb 100 of srgb 100 of srgb and also rec 709 truly helpful for video editing and enhancing too and after that 95 of the dci p3 color gamut what i like most concerning it is the fact that it does not just have picture and photo as picture by picture which allows me to have the capacity to monitor my

video clip from my a-roll camera right here and also then my b-roll cam up right here both of these displays are truly wonderful one resembles two thousand dollars this point’s like 500 or 600 bucks so now unless the display that you have other than hdmi over usb-c you probably need one of these individuals it’s a usb-c to hdmi cord this’s from showtick as well as it has a nice little fabric covering on it metal construct on the adapters and also then over right here you have a usbc input for your power shipment by doing this if you connect this into your computer system you do not lose among your ports for power it’s quite long so can take care of the majority of your scenarios rather well and also this takes care of 4k 60 which resolves an issue that i was attempting to figure out in the extremely first youtube video i ever developed on this channel if you intend to take a look at just how this network all began go on and click the card up right here go there and type in the remarks oh infant brandon currently the ivinky doc resolved a few of the issues with attaching your macbook to some displays it has 2 hdmi 1.2 ports as well as you can run

double 4k60 displays on intel max regrettably on the apple silicon max the manner in which they’re developed for one reason or another it can only handle approximately one outside display screen i’m not exactly sure what apple’s making with that but the good news is that both of these ports handle 4k 60 as well as if you’re only utilizing one of the hdmi ports you can utilize it at approximately 144 hertz at 2k resolution i don’t think i’ve actually seen that on a hdmi dongle or dock to make sure that’s actually amazing if you like high refresh rates currently if you’re not utilizing an outside screen for your macbook and also your macbook is your display you need to prevent this whole inkling and also over point and also you recognize back posture problems and stuff like that and get a stand this set’s truly nice it’s made out of metal it has rubber feet under to protect your desk there is a little cutout on the back too for any of your cords for cord monitoring and also great little rubber pads over here so it doesn’t scratch your laptop computer plop it on the top now it rises and also now you’re not hunched over like the hunchback of nordom i’m gon na review your mind you’ve most likely assumed at least when what’s with your macbook why does it look various well have this good pastel

yellow skin from network enroller dbrand that aids safeguard my laptop computer from scrapes but likewise tailor the appearance of it i even have one on the computer mouse pad that has this natural leather structure and really feel to it that’s especially great because uh your greasy little fingers as well as you don’t desire that on your actual track pad they have an entire lot of skins offered on their website to choose from to customize the appearance of your computer and also secure it as well as they have choices readily available that cover even more of the computer like the top of it and also the lower i personally actually like their down skins i think it looks truly trendy yet there are some web links down below in the summary if you want to pick them up currently thankfully the most up to date macbook pros have actually taken care of the key-board however when you have it type of docked up here or it’s on a stand or anything like that you still do not have really the ideal accessibility to the key-board it’s a little not practical that’s where this enters play this is my first mechanical keyboard in years and also it’s by

kikron it’s the k4 so this set it doesn’t actually flex due to the fact that it’s super durable as well as it has gatteron brown switches to it so allow’s uh allow’s do it i’m attempting to obtain a little bit of that tea kinds vibes there for your comfort you can establish it flat if you intend to there’s a little foot below for a small angle as well as a bigger foot here for a much steeper angle now they also have this block of wood below they can use it as a palm remainder it’s actually kind of wonderful fits nicely underneath the keyboard as well as you can simply kind from there and also you know secure yourself from the arthritis over below you’ll see that there is a usb c port there so you can charge from it or you can hard wire the keyboard to your computer this is the most dependable type of connection you can likewise attach it via bluetooth if you wish to there have been some odd concerns with bluetooth on the mac mini so type of maintain that in mind and also if you’re utilizing this over bluetooth you can connect it to 3 various gadgets and also the very best part

concerning this is that it functions both on the mac os x and afterwards windows and also android what’s really cool is that you can click this little button here and also it’ll cycle through all these different rgb styles so you can have it frequently going via a different wave or responding just to your details touches i assume it’s pretty great however remember that if you’re not difficult wiring this point it is mosting likely to lack battery means quicker if you have rgb transformed on now since we’re speaking about keyboards we should discuss some mice this is the logitech mx master 3. I enjoy this style of mouse i have the mx master 2 as well as i simply had to update to this for the different refinements that they have in the usbc on the front i actually like exactly how it really feels in the hand i utilize all these various little switches and faster ways for my video clip editing and enhancing that makes it truly quickly switches right here a vertical scroller which is truly wonderful for timelines or web pages as well as your typical buttons below and this little one here i usage for cutting on my video clip however it’s also program reliant which is really cool so when i’m not editing it can alter how the scroll wheel really feels so it can go from smooth to this little nubbin one the little clicky click one what do you call the nubin one as well as it likewise benefits as much as three different bluetooth tools i honestly do not want to utilize any kind of various other computer mouse for my efficiency we

have to bust out the apple airpods max they’re truly quite incredible but certainly rather pricey they have a truly nice fit to them the active noise cancelling is really unbelievable the transparency is phenomenal i seem like i do not even have them on now however i can hear myself plainly as i’m speaking to you right now there’s also some dials on below for controlling the quantity as well as making some choices i have a full review of them using this crazy outrageous mic that enables you to hear what it appears like from where you go to [Songs] so go in advance and also inspect them out by clicking the card up below although they’re really insane costly and most likely evaluated for most of individuals if you can not afford them it does have truly outstanding technology within it i enjoy the premium quality metal building of it too that you simply do not have with various other headphones and as lengthy as you’re not an audiophile you’ll probably actually appreciate them they sound really great for what they are as a customer type headphone as well as you

have to really provide some credit report for the apple community it links actually conveniently to all your different devices whenever you require it currently if you’re a hardcore audiophile and also you desire wired earphones you do have an earphone jack on the ivenky dual usb c dock too and also after that lastly we have this leather workdesk mat from galloway leather it has a wonderful leather top to it as well as a really felt bottom to it so it safeguards your workdesk from square one and spills as well as also makes it a bit less complicated for you to relocate your mouse around on your desk so what do you think of all these accessories are any one of them your fave do you have any devices that you really love that you think other individuals must find out about proceed as well as leave some remarks down below and do not neglect to take a look at the twin usbc dock from ivenke as well as thanks so much to them for funding this video clip thanks for seeing this is technology today till following time you

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