First the Google Pixel 4a XL Was Cancelled, Now the Pixel 4a Has Been Delayed…Again 😭

hey friend Brandon here first the Google pixel for Axl was cancelled which I talked about in my previous video where I went over some parts so I got my hands on from a cancelled pixel for Axl there’s a card up here and a link in the description for that video and now there’s some information has come out saying that pixel 4a has been delayed again oh dang let’s talk about because this is Tech today this video sponsored in part by privacy calm a free service is even more important when you’re ordering so much online it helps protect your identity and financial information by creating virtual cards and in turn preventing fraud from occurring on your actual accounts not only is it free but he get five dollars off your first purchase if you’re a new sign up go to privacy comm slash this is tech today to sign up for an account please share subscribe hit that bell I kind of be notified when I post a new video I’d really appreciate it before the world so drastically changed the launch of the Google pixel for a was going to follow the same schedule that the pixel

three a established the year prior with an announcement at Google i/o developer conference in May as many events were canceled due to our global climate Google i/o followed suit leaving the launch date of the Google picks of for a in question many assume Google would simply provide a press release and release a phone like Apple has done who has so many products this year like the new iPhone se 2020 but the time has passed and this assumption in the end proved to be wrong as Google decided to shift the release date of the phone but there are some new rumors out there that we need to look at this rumor states that the first pushback moved the launch date of the pixel 42 June but Google decided to push it back again with an announcement date of July 13th according to John Prosser from paycheck who has been extremely reliable regarding Apple leaks this year of course given the nature of how Google keeps changing their dates it is important to note this announcement date could change again it is also good to remember the announcements in actual ship dates are quite different but here are some details about the device as shared in my previous picks a for you leaks

video there will be a black and a light blue color called just black and a bluish color we now know will be called barely blue there are still no indications of a pixel for Axl and an overwhelming amount of evidence in information from sources state that there will only be a single model keep in mind that this might not be entirely bad when we look at what we’re actually getting don’t fall for branding alone let’s look at the specs so the screen of the device will be an OLED of 5.8 inch 1080p screen compared to the pix three Axl six inch 1080p screen the screen size is smaller that’s true but not an overwhelmingly big difference on top of that the pixels per inch will be better on a 5.8 inch screen the great part is that the pixel 4a has a much better screen to body ratio you see the normal pixel 3a that I have here has a bit of a forehead and chin so you’re able to fit a much bigger screen into a smaller size phone I’d imagine Google’s not only cut out the Excel model because the cost savings of having fewer SKUs but that they also saw that there’s a fairly small difference from the previous Excel model in terms of the main benefits of having an Excel

model the screen I don’t know if you can see here but this normal pixel 3a fits inside of this pixel Forex elf shell and of course Google also has a sales data to show which pixel 3a size model sold better and because Google is such a data-driven company that probably informed which model they would keep as for the rest of the specs we’re hearing and I’ll have a polycarbonate or plastic build which actually feels really good and doesn’t shatter when you drop it it’s actually quite durable there’s a Snapdragon 730 processor that has 4G not 5 gene 6 gigabytes of RAM and a rumored ufs storage size of 128 gigabytes which is awesome having 64 gigabytes in the 3a was kind of a bummer so good on you Google there’s a rumored a three thousand eighty milliamp battery that supports an 18 watt fast charging there’s a headphone jack so yes there’s a rear-facing fingerprint scanner which I really like not sure one other important detail regarding the shipping date of the pixel for a

according to John Prosser the current plan states that there will be two different market launch dates of August 6th for the just black model and October 1st for the barely blue model along with that the Google pixel 5 is likely to experience some delay as well from its normal announcement pattern of October apparently the delay is not the result of manufacturing issues related to the global situation right now the devices have been ready for quite some time it is actually the result of concerns over market climate and receptiveness to buying new phones now I have some thoughts about this delay it seems a bit odd for Google to be so uncertain about their budget device this year and it can come across as tone-deaf to release a new phone that they want you to buy but the pixel for a series is a way different phone than most smartphones you see the pixel for a is a flagship phone that costs $1000 or more it is a budget device that is not only inexpensive but is $50 cheaper than last year’s pixel 3a and Apple’s iPhone sa 2020 if the rumors are true I have described this as having an incredible delight $2 ratio yes people have

lost jobs and people are worried about their finances which is appropriate and normal but people still need phones if anything I believe that pixel for eight would be the perfect phone for a time like this if it lives up to the pixel three days experience or surpasses it while cutting out the fluff like 100x zooms that people really don’t need or would find practical and puts in the main things that matter the most and it will once again have a fantastic delight $2 ratio on top of that the Apple iPhone se 2020 has already come out and it has an incredible $400 price point for a massively capable phone that provides a great delight $2 ratio however I don’t think it has a better delight $2 ratio than even the pixel 3/8 let me know if you actually care about our review on this phone along with some creativity based tests by leaving a comment below I actually don’t know if you care about it or not so that I’ll help to get that feedback from you anyways to launch the pixel for a so far away from the iPhone se 20/20 would lose a natural comparison between the two devices which is a convenient way of advertising your phone I think this is a missed opportunity and shows how Google isn’t as confident as they should be about the product the a-series is seriously really good Google have

confidence in yourself in your product on top of that having the actual deliveries of the phone so close to October when Google’s flagship phone comes out seems to be a more complicated mess will the pixel for a impact pixel 5 sales why not really some at the same time if you release someone at the same time do you rebrand the pixel for a to the pixel 5/8 I can imagine that would be a bit costly since the packaging has already been made so I doubt that however if they did change it to the pixel 5a and there was never a pixel for a would that confuse people it actually kind of reminds me of that prank where you release some pigs into a school and number them one through three but it’s actually only two pigs that were released and now everyone’s looking for number two so if they change it to the pixel 5a people would look for the pixel for you but it never existed branding what a complicated thing but you know what isn’t a complicated thing protecting your financial and personal information from this video sponsor privacy comm and their free service I’m sure your

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with the merchant not your information and they don’t sell your information and if you’re a new sign up they’ll give you five dollars off your first purchase using privacy calm so go to privacy calm slash this is sex day to sign up for your account now so what do you think about the Google picks of for a delay are you disappointed by it do you think it is weird for it to come out so close to the date of the traditional Google pixel release month do you think they should just delay the pixel for a and name it the pixel 5 a and release it alongside the pixel 5 let me know in the comments and into this is texted a community escort chat server also on streaming live on Twitch so go follow me there if you are following me on Twitch you probably would have seen this video early thank you for watching this is tech today where we talk about the intersection of Technology in our everyday lives in business and in all things creative until next time

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