Possibly you obtained your shiny brand-new pixel 3 and also three Excel and also you’re trying to discover some useful suggestions and techniques about your phone yet you have actually gone with two or 3 video clips as well as you really haven’t discovered anything all that fascinating well ideally I can assist change that for you here my top 10 google pixel 3 as well as 3 excel pointers hidden and progressed features particularly for those of you that are iphone switchers or newbie users so yes if you are a die-hard nerdy Android fan like me you might understand some of these points you may not so let’s locate out right after this hello Francis is Brandon here with this is tech today your resource for straightforward technology examines them news and my sights and if you haven’t already would certainly you please subscribe and also strike that Bell icon to be alerted of when I post a new video clip I have a bunch of pixel three and 3 XL video clips coming out so I would certainly enjoy to have you I ‘d truly appreciate it ok so this very

first idea is the initial point that I do on every single Android gadget that I obtain it may be a bit scary for you if you haven’t done something like this prior to by assurance you it’ll be alright so what we’re going to do is echo 8 the developer setting as well as that’ll open up a couple of things for us alright so what you’ll do is you’ll swipe down from the notice shade do it two times and also there’s this little equipment symbol right below click on that click on system and also then click on about phone as well as go all the means to the bottom where you see construct number and click on that a few times up until it states you’re a developer or asks you for you to place in your pin as well as it has this little alert they call the head salute notification at the bottom claims that you’re currently designer go back and then click on this innovative one right here and after that there’s a developer options there now this is my preferred adjustment below if you go all the means down to the computer

animations so it’s under attracting allow’s initial look at what the screens look like when you obtain out of it see that animation like that that’s exactly how quick it moves currently if you go to the computer animation scale you click on it and also you make it direct five for every solitary one of them it’ll make your phone really feel really wonderful as well as stylish see exactly how fast that is as well as that nice I’m a huge follower of this so currently that we’re in this developer window we can chat concerning this entire notch company that’s going on right here with the 3 succeed so if you do not have the 3 you might not have to worry about this well you don’t have to remain out of the loophole just go down a little bit more from that computer animation thing go to show reduced out and do dual reduced out as well as after that you can have a notch at the base – I’m just kidding fine so you can really go in there you can choose conceal as well as it’ll hide the notch it’s intriguing if you have a pixel 2xl it’s the

very same like height distinction but it’s a bummer is that your notices are not being made use of up there so also though it’s an OLED display and that really looks truly excellent you’re not getting that extra genuine estate by having the time as well as all those things up there so there is an additional method to hide this notch so let’s go back to tool default and allow’s go to the Play Store if you go to the Play Shop there’s an app called nacho notch so allow’s go there as well as download it click on open all right now that you’ve installed it go ahead and swipe down so I’ve done once again and there’s just a little edit or a pencil symbol click on that as well as after that you’ll see at the bottom hide notch go in advance as well as hold it and drag it up and also currently it’s in your quick toggle so that’s an extra little idea in there that if you really did not understand regarding it and also let’s go back as well as then you can in fact click on hide notch and also you can see that the notch is being hidden currently yet your symbols are up there so that’s really great looks

like it’s supposed to be that method and if you desire to you if you want to go into the settings you can hold down on that little symbol there and I’ll take you to these extra settings so it will certainly permit you to round out the corner so it looks natural I think it looks rather great yet regrettably it has this little notch symbol that’s up there all the time but below’s what I’ll state if you do not really like the notch just try using it without transforming it off for a whole week and also I assure you you’ll adapt to it it won’t be that poor I rely on that you are a very versatile individual like the rest of us and plus who does not desire to see that wonderful smile every now and then at suggestion number three we’re gon na go to the Play Store as well as after that we’ll type in Nova Launcher as well as then you’ll download and install that so when you have actually nova launcher set up go in advance as well as hold down on your screen as well as click on widgets and after that go down to nova the launcher and after that there’s this one called activities go ahead as

well as hold down on that and drag it onto the screen currently that you have actually dragged it on there and also will certainly bring up this screen of various options as well as then what you’ll desire to do is scroll all the method down to system UI tuner or system UI and so when you click on that they’ll provide you a lot of various choices simply pick the system UI demonstration mode currently you’ve entered right into a key that made use of to be very easy to locate but currently it’s kind of hard to find so it states enjoyable for some however not for all so do not worry about this you’re not gon na damage anything but go in advance and hit obtained it and also then in status bar if you click on that you’ll see an alternative at the bottom first to add secs to your clock which I definitely love that’s a large thing for me yet you can additionally toggle on and off various icons so if I don’t desire the actors one there I can simply check that one it goes away removes up the navigating bar alright this following

one is rather simple normally when you want to get to your setups you have to swipe down two times however what you can do is get your two fingers as well as just swipe down from the leading it’ll go straight to those setups alright suggestion number five when you go right into your settings will do that 2 fingers swipe down it goes to the equipment symbol and after that go to present and also then you can go right into advanced and after that there’s this typeface size and also after that show size so font size you can transform it so I such as having widen really tiny and also after that you can change your screen dimension this one’s a little bit much more intensive so it often tends to lag whenever I go right into this area but in general the phone has actually not lagged

simply this one location then you can make it bigger so state it’s tougher for you to read certain things or you can make it smaller sized so I like my own actually tiny and then you can see so a lot a lot more on your screen it’s kind of good but for the sake of this tutorial I’ll place it back to default so you can see everything nice and clear pointer number 6 is the fast application switcher so essentially what this implies is if you are in one app and also you want to go back to the last one you’re in all you have to do is obtain your finger as well as click the swipe right and go to your last application or you can move a little bit much more to go to your different apps so this is a new feature in Android 9 high idea number 7 speaking of the gestures as well as the swiping movements if you swipe up once you have this little icon of the app if you click on it it’ll offer you the option to click on split display as well as this is truly great so claim you have an email and there’s an internet site that you’re looking at and you’re attempting to take some notes you could do that as well as you can see both of the apps at once and you can drag as well as go down or just drag all the method up and it will certainly replace the last application it’s really terrific okay so keep in mind those setups that

we’re chatting regarding let’s go back to them click that equipment symbol and then click on safety and place as well as scroll all the method to the bottom as well as click on advanced there’s this alternative at the very bottom called screen pin and also click on that and turn it on go to the application that you desire so claim it’s YouTube yet if you swipe up and also you click on the symbol there’s this new icon there called pin so now that you’ve clicked on it the display has been and also you can not get out of it you’re just using the application so this is actually creepy if you have kids and you just want them to look at points on YouTube or play a video game or possibly somebody just desires to borrow your phone as well as you don’t want them to go sleuthing around so this is really wonderful so if you desire to get out though you just have to hit back in the pill icon to get out as well as then it asks for your passcode

it’s really nice so one of the ideal points concerning utilizing a pixel phone is the Google aide it’s simply integrated so well into the phone as well as yes it functions on various other Android devices yet it’s simply different on a pixel tool so one point about using the Google assistant is that you can trigger it with your voice by claiming alright Google yet often stating alright is a little bit clunky so I’ll claim a different way I’ll say oh hey Google and also it’ll activate it’s really hearing that a Google part so possibly it’ll take out the beat and also then lastly there are certain tips that can be based upon your place so if you set up your home address as well as your work address in the Google aide or even simply give a grocery shop you can remind on your own once you get there

advise me to get milk when I obtain to the grocery store alright I’ll remind you when you obtain to a grocery store so it simply understands it’s that very easy it’s super cool so I wish this helped out if you have any type of other ideas that you have that I might not have actually covered or that you simply like go in advance and leave a comment down below as well as also join that this is texted a neighborhood on disharmony there’s a link down below in the summary I would actually appreciate if you share this with others particularly if you have that mom or that grandma that simply got her new phone and also you do not really desire to show her exactly how to do it let Brandon do it as well as if you haven’t currently subscribed and also struck that Bell icon I would really appreciate if you did that as well I have a heap of pixel 3 and 3 XL videos coming up so I’ll see you then many thanks for viewing this is technology today until next time

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