iPhone 14 Pro Max review – 9 THINGS I’VE LEARNED!

I’ve had the apple iphone 14 professional Max for regarding 6 weeks now and also I’ve generated nine points I have actually found out which I’m mosting likely to show you today oh I could not consider a tenth sorry I do not think 2022 is mosting likely to drop as an especially outstanding year for Apple they’ve thrown development resources into points like impresario which nobody asked for they have actually raised their rates throughout the board specifically if you stay in the UK they have actually released two extremely strange iPads one particularly the 10th Generation is just a weird product and the iPad Pro is simply going no place they appear to have totally ignored the Mac Pro and are quickly approaching their very own self-confessed due date for getting every one of their Macs over to Apple silicon yet they’re not mosting likely to provide us any type of more max this year as well as this truly is a shame throughout a year when we got the Apple watch Ultra which is one of their best items ever before and also the merely and also surprisingly wonderful airpods Pro 2. Sitting among every one of that things is the iPhone 14 pro and pro Max and all the other versions it’s a strange item due to the fact that it’s the very best iPhone I have actually ever ever owned however it’s additionally really dull that isn’t truly Apple’s mistake you understand we have reached this factor where smart device

technology has hit a bit of a ceiling yet it’s getting harder to know what to say concerning these tools that claimed I recognize from my remark sections that a great deal of you are still taking into consideration whether to buy the pro Max so without additional Ado here are nine things I have actually found out about this phone in six weeks of ownership one of the most significant things regarding this iPhone 14 professional Max is the video camera system which is very great but if you’re going to begin shooting the complete 48 megapixel Pro raw images this is qualified of you need to know something they’re mosting likely to occupy loads of space Apple informs us that each 48 megapixel picture is concerning 75 Meg currently allow’s state you take 100 pro Raw pictures every week that will certainly eat up 7.5 job of storage space each and every single week over the program of a year that’ll be 390 gig of storage you’ll need for those raw photos if you fire Pro res video it gets also sillier according to Apple each min of 4K 10 little bit HDR prores video will certainly consume 6 gigabytes of storage for just a minute of footage I’ve done some even more mathematics on this things as well as if you fire 10 minutes of that things each day for a year you’ll require 315 360 gigabytes of space to wait all I’m going a little over the

top with this however you obtain the point if you begin utilizing Pro raw and prores imagery on this phone you’re mosting likely to eat with the storage very extremely rapidly I discovered a great remedy for this through the Synology Nas which is rested over on my workdesk over there Harmony are really kindly funding this video and when the apple iphone 14 pro Max came out they reminded me that actually the very best way to keep your images and also keep them safe is by means of these Synology pictures app and also what the application does essentially is take every one of your iPhone photos and also videos as well as immediately synchronize them back to your Nas it does that in complete resolution and even more significantly they are saved in your area on those hard disk drives in your Nas so you preserve control over them they do not go in the cloud anywhere and afterwards you can simply use the Synology photos app to check out those photos and video clips like you would certainly on iphone pictures however even more significantly that implies you can eliminate those enormous Raw images and also video documents from your iPhone if you’re to discover even more about my nav setup and exactly how this all works I’ll leave a link above to a video clip I made about that but thanks once more to

Synology for sustaining this video as well as I’ll place a link in the summary so you can discover what they might do for you I pertained to the iPhone 14 professional Max from the iPhone 13 mini which I do miss a lot and also I was genuinely fretted about going from that small display to this massive 6.7 inch display screen but I more than happy to report that this isn’t as well huge for me I like the dimension of the professional Max display occasionally it is as well huge if among my hands is otherwise engaged stop chuckling at the back I do occasionally have to do that point where you utilize your nose to touch things on the display it’s additionally not constantly that trouser pleasant I do find myself lugging this thing extra than putting in my pocket I’ve obtained made use of to that it’s not truly a large deal I do not really fret about dropping it because I’ve obtained this nice bitacker case on it which makes it a lot more grippy so although there are a couple of trade-offs with this cinema the truth that it is a cinema makes it an extremely great phone to use so for me it’s not also huge yet I would recommend mosting likely to try one out if you’re thinking of the big one I should have chosen a various shade I understand this is totally subjective however personally I believe the Deep Purple is a little bit of a disappointment I picked it because well I chose it because of the band Deep Purple that’s the only reason I chose

the new shade that is stupid and also it likewise again exposes why you truly do require to go as well as check out these in the store prior to you buy so my suggestions is to not select the color of your iPhone based upon a rock band and if you’re interested if I had my time once again I believe I would certainly go with the silver the following thing I have actually learnt more about the iPhone 14 pro Max is that the battery is simply fine currently I bear in mind having the apple iphone 13 Pro Max for a few weeks previously this year and also the battery life on that point totally knocked me sideways I believe recalling that was due to the fact that it was one of my very first experiences of an appropriate two-day phone since after that I have actually made use of lots of Android phones that do that with no issue at all so it’s less of a shock actually when this phone lasts 2 days the only strange point is periodically in the early morning it seems to use more battery than the afternoon I get to lunch time and also it’s perhaps at around 70 or something I can’t quite function out why I don’t utilize the phone anymore I don’t assume in the morning I have seen various other individuals have problems with the

normal iPhone 14 pro and also there is the entire concern about the always on display which I’ll obtain onto later however personally this is a two-day phone if I use this usually normal use it is great it obtains me via two days I still charge it most evenings to be straightforward however the Promax battery is still great so do not worry regarding that if that’s a worry Apple was very very late to the event with the always on display screen things and also it hasn’t dropped extremely well individuals are saying it’s too bright too disruptive which you must have the ability to modify it I do concur that Apple’s take on the constantly on display is typically Apple it’s a little bit strange I believe it does require some tweakability as well as sometimes it does sidetrack me however the ability to eye complete notifications and also now live tasks when the phone gets on the workdesk is actually quite useful and also when I have my child on the screen which he usually is rather than this fantastic large wheel from my car it’s actually very nice to simply look over as well as see him smiling back at me it does impact battery life no two methods regarding it I spoke about that in my review which I’ll link to over however it’s not nearly enough for me to transform it off my assumption is that we will certainly see some tweaks pertaining to this always on display screen in coming months coming years probably I still assume if you do not like it if you find it irritating simply transform it off if there’s

one attribute regarding the iPhone 14 pro and also pro Max that has actually been talked about a lot more than anything else it is the unreasonably called Dynamic Island and also if you really did not understand that is this point at the top of the display right here which if I’m playing songs as I am now I snap up the songs enters into the dynamic Island it does all type of fascinating things in iOS but most of them do not happen that often let me explain exactly how the dynamic Island Experience functions you buy your iPhone you’re really excited you obtain it out package you establish it up the really initial thing you do is do what I simply did play some music as well as flick it right into your Dynamic Island then you try some timers then somebody Rings you as well as they appear in the vibrant Island as well as after that eventually you just move on with utilizing your phone as well as you basically neglect it’s there it does not obstruct it’s not sidetracking it does not get in the means when you’re viewing videos what is intriguing is that third parties are starting to use it I have actually seen that with Ringo as well as likewise tick tick just recently that does thrill me and I can’t wait to

see what third-party programmers remain to finish with Monkey Island yet apart from that it’s just unworthy worth getting that direct concerning the iPhone 14 professional Max isn’t my phone of the year and also that’s for one extremely simple factor this exists the pixel 7 Pro is 350 pounds more affordable than the iPhone 14 Promax in this country it’s got the exact same size present it’s developed to the specific same standards it’s just as fast it’s obtained just as good electronic camera the only thing the iPhone 14 pro Max defeats the pixel 7 Pro on is video capture in addition to that that huge rate distinction I can not look past this is a fantastic smartphone it is worthy of all of the kudos and also unless you’re completely bonded in the Apple ecosystem I have a tough time suggesting the iPhone 14 professional Max over the pixel 7 Pro sorry Tim in addition to instances I’m not normally much of an iPhone devices guy but this muffed Snap-on stand and budget is simply amazing and also it’s super simple it’s primarily a magsafe compatible purse that goes onto the back of your phone like that and it holds up to 3 cards obviously straightforward stuff however as you can see it does this too so it has this built-in stand which implies you can put it on your desk in portrait

orientation like that and even swivel it around and also have it in landscape I use this at all times oh as well as also it acts as a little holder thing so you can put your finger via there while you’re holding your phone which is quite handy with such a huge device similar to this it is just one of those devices that is so well made so stupidly straightforward therefore well assumed out that Apple probably ought to have made it themselves my last knowing regarding the apple iphone 14 professional Max is a really easy one and I pointed to it earlier it’s simply too pricey this 256 gigabyte version cost me 1 309 pounds that is so much money for a mobile phone which as we learnt earlier has some significant competitors breathing down its neck it makes it very really difficult to advise and that’s why I can not stop using this pixel 7 Pro Apple actually requires to do something following year either with the rates or the product schedule itself to make the apple iphone a more appealing recommendation don’t get me wrong like I stated at the beginning of this video this is the most effective iPhone I have actually ever before had it’s just a bit boring and also pricey that isn’t adequate we do require to have a better year from Apple in 2023 as well as if you have actually still obtained a long time and you intend to discover precisely why this pixel 7 Pro is my mobile phone of the Year I’ll leave a link

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