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this is the pixel 7 and this is the pixel 7 Pro and I’ve got a lot of thoughts fantastic pixel phone was the pixel 4A and much more lately I obtained my hands on the pixel 6A these are amazing budget plan phones with my favorite smartphone cam inside but I have actually never owned or used the normal pixel phones so when Google got in touch and also said do you expensive evaluating the pixel 7 Pro and also the pixel 7 I jumped at the possibility and also as it transforms out these phones are a little a revelation so I think one of the most intriguing features of these 2 phones is that pricing and positioning the normal pixel 7 prices 599 that’s for the 128 gigabyte variation the maximum you’ll invest in this phone is 699 for 256 gigabytes Now comparative the iPhone 14 starts at 799 that’s rather a difference the pixel 7 Pro is similar so this phone is virtually the exact same in terms of dimensions and also let’s be totally honest specs as the iPhone 14 professional Max yet this begins at 899 for 128 gigabytes and

also the optimum you’ll spend on it is 1099 for 512 gigabytes the apple iphone 14 pro Max on the various other hand begins at 1099 for 128 gigabytes and also gets a dreadful whole lot extra costly the much more you raise the storage space so these are extremely well priced phones they feel really apple iphone like in regards to their style and also the top quality of the materials used they both have this really wonderful aluminum electronic camera real estate they’re both ip68 water and also dirt immune in truth the only difference in the products used in between these 2 phones is this sleek frame around the professional version in addition to that they feel extremely comparable there are several of the distinctions the pro has a 5 000 milliamp hr battery which is a little bigger than the normal 7 the displays are various I’ll clarify why in a bit the normal 7 comes with eight gigabytes of RAM and also the 7 Pro features 12 gigabytes of RAM but they both have the very same all new Google chip in here which is the tensor G2 2 and also the electronic cameras are basically the exact same in addition to the truth that the pro has a telephoto in addition to that they both have the same 50 megapixel basic lens and 12 megapixel Ultra vast so they’re unbelievably similar phones on the face of it and also they are both extremely well priced yet that

does make it pretty hard to choose in between both of them so we’ll start with a few of the obvious contrasts with these firstly biometric safety and security currently these both have the specific very same biometric protection they both have a finger print visitor as well as likewise face recognition now firstly the finger print viewers is very fast no troubles keeping that whatsoever it wasn’t fantastic on the 6 and also the 6A I experienced that myself on the 6A I can confirm they have actually repaired it and if you weren’t conscious the fingerprint visitor sits below the screen I want Apple did this there’s something concerning that I often tend to choose the fingerprint visitor more than facial acknowledgment it simply really feels more natural onto the screens and also you get a 6.3 inch display screen on the routine 7 as well as a 6.7 inch screen on on the 7 Pro currently that makes the 7 Pro about the exact same size as the iPhone 14 pro Max which suggests it is a quite large phone so you do require to like and also want a big phone if you go with the 7 Pro unlike the iPhone there’s only one dimension that’s all you get but the normal 7 I assume has actually accomplished in regards to the dimension that’s 6.3 inch screen and also the functional designs is

quite much The Dessert Area I believe they’re both OLED which is superb but there are some differences as you could anticipate so the 7 Pro has a variable refresh price display which goes from I assume 10 Hertz to 120 hertz whereas the 7 normal 7 has a 90 Hertz display you can’t really inform the difference currently if this was a 60 hertz screen like the iPhone 14 you probably in fact you certainly can but 90 Hertz is rather fast they both feel quite smooth the 7 Pro also has a greater resolution it’s a QHD screen versus the full HD display on the seven once again unless you’re actually really looking carefully and pixel peeping you can’t really inform a difference something you do observe is the peak illumination so the 7 Pro has 100 additional nits than this that does make a difference in direct sunlight this is a really bright very readable phone in those circumstances just as excellent as the iPhone 14 pro Max this is adept whatsoever however if you put them alongside this is plainly a brighter screen the 7 likewise has slightly larger bezels as well as additionally it doesn’t have the rounded screen so on the 7 Pro the screen somewhat curves over which occasionally is a bit bothersome since you can unintentionally press points on either side of the phone

although that doesn’t take place frequently but it does make the 7 Pro really feel like a much bigger a lot more extensive screen they both have constantly on screens Apple this is exactly how you do it when it pertains to battery life I have actually only had these for concerning a week so I need much more screening time actually yet they are both two day phones 100 you can get even more out of them Google claims that you can rise to 72 hrs out of both of these on the incredibly huge saving battery setting I’ve not examined that yet but that’s good to recognize if you need it in a pinch yet there’s one aspect of these phones that I am hopeless to explore which is the electronic camera system as well as I believe instead than walk my home town or around the studio and also take images of things you have actually seen already allow’s most likely to London I really feel like I must clarify what I indicate by all-day battery life due to the fact that I do obtain a little stick

for this occasionally all day battery life for me is when I’m making use of the phone routinely basically so if I’m just using it to take phone calls inspect messages make use of the internet sometimes certainly if you’re shooting video clip throughout the day taking photos all the time playing games all the time you’re not going to get 2 days out of a phone such as this although actually today will be rather a test for these 2 phones because I’ll be doing quite a lot of images video clip all that sort of stuff so let’s see just how they last simply a fast note on the layout they are fingerprint magnets especially if you choose the dark color like the obsidian you can’t see them fairly as much on the lighter shades such as this Hazel version and also you can additionally obtain both of these in snow which is basically white however they do look great I do like the look of these phones so a little bit extra about the video cameras on these 2 phones they both have the very same typical zoom lens which is a 50 megapixel 25 millimeter lens with an F 1.9 aperture they both have that Ultra large 12mp axle with an F 2.2 aperture but the pro has a 120 millimeter telephoto with a 48 megapixel sensing unit and also it’s that that can do that insane 30X Zoom but the important things to birth in

mind is that both of these video cameras share that very same main sensing unit so many of the photos that you’re seeing now from London are virtually the exact same on both cams it’s only when you go into that Zoom ability and also the macro that the pro beginnings to pull ahead yet the actually excellent aspect of the Google pixel series is that they both have all the smart software smarts that Google develops into its video camera system so they can both do photo and also blur they can both do evening view portrait setting incredibly res zoom and also motion autofocus and it coincides thing for the video clip specs too they can both fire 4K at 30 to 60 frameworks per 2nd and also they have 10-bit HDR oh and also Optical image stablizing as well as I failed to remember to mention earlier the Magic Eraser thing as well as well as real tone and also face unblur and motion picture frying pan they are such comparable cams it’s additionally worth keeping in mind that this selfie web cam has actually a boosted bigger sensor F2 2.2 aperture some appealing great stabilization going on also and it shoots 4K at 30 or 60 frames a second photo high quality from smart device electronic cameras refers taste undoubtedly but I have actually always liked what pixels do to images there’s this sort of contrasty appearance it looks like a person’s kind of shattered up the quality slider also now it’s not for everyone however it

definitely helps me I need to note that every photo you have actually seen in this video is straight out of the video camera no edits one of the important things I located myself using throughout the day is the 30X zoom on this not constantly approximately 30X but somewhere between 10 to 25 is simply really truly satisfying now you can rise to a 8 time zoom on the regular 7 which is also relatively useful but it’s nothing compared to this the only point I would certainly claim is that the stable shot point they’ve developed into the 30X zoom on the 7 Pro is a bit fiddly it’s virtually as well constant in a manner you have to really remain still to obtain the photo you want that was a lengthy day yesterday I did 18 miles and 36 000 steps according to the pixel watch which I’m examining later today and also if you’re questioning the battery life the other day well the pixel 7 Pro didn’t make it all the method with the day I obtained to regarding three o’clock as well as the battery was basically dead however it was the exact same point with the apple iphone 14 professional Max I was utilizing both of these phones throughout the day shooting 4K video doing tons of images and primarily barely putting

them down remarkably the regular pixel 7 had regarding 85 battery left at that same time currently this hasn’t got a SIM card in it so there was no mobile stuff taking place that will certainly make a distinction yet that isn’t actually an appropriate battery test it’s intriguing to see just how these phones execute when you’re really hammering the video yet that’s not regular usage these are still 2 day phones in regular daily usage a fast note on performance which I haven’t really discussed yet since it’s really good the tensor G2 contribute these two phones and also the truth that you’re getting basically where you are obtaining stock Android thankfully is a combination that simply actually truly works they’re smooth they’re quick I didn’t spend at any time the other day waiting on them to do things if you intend to see proper benchmarks and also video gaming performance and that kind of stuff this isn’t the network for that there’s whole lots of individuals out there doing some extremely excellent reviews on those topics a couple of even more monitorings on the

camera system though this was my very first experience of Magic Eraser which is just absolutely superb it’s not perfect it does battle with particular topics yet if you’ve obtained a relatively easy scene with really apparent people walking in the background removing them is truly very easy and also the automatic tips that it gives you are pretty much bang on each time the image unblurthing is intriguing I attempted to take blurred pictures with these and it’s very difficult so every one of the smart things that’s taking place to make the images function in the top place on these phones indicates you really really rarely get blurred photos even if you try as well as make them fuzzy yet I did attempt this unblur modern technology on older images that I have actually tackled various electronic cameras and also it’s a bit hit as well as miss on particular subjects so points like my pet dog for example it does not appear to make any difference whatsoever it does seem to work better on human topics this photo of me here having a beverage is a bit fuzzy to start with yet you can see once it’s run with the unblur stuff it looks a little bit sharper cinematic mode does feel a bit harsh around the edges it resembles the initial cinematic setting on the iPhone 13 Pro often when you get the right light the appropriate topic it works rather well yet it’s a bit hit and miss out on both of these phones also have an active image

stabilization setup which resembles action mode on the iPhones this is me running via a park hand waiting hand relocating up and also down really swiftly and also as you can see it’s doing a rather excellent work of supporting that footage I’ve Enjoyed night digital photography on the pixel phones since the 4A and also on the pixel 7 and also 7 Pro it is equally as great it uses that classic pixel appearance that I enjoy to these evening photos as you can see and you don’t have to stay rigidly still it’s I believe it’s one of the finest on the market when it pertains to reduced life digital photography and also these were taken in very really dark environments Sunlight had set ages ago it was quite much pitch black in some of these images so that are these two phones for I believe it’s rather straightforward in fact if you want the absolute ideal Android experience without any type of compromises just obtain on your own the

pixel 7 Pro this is a definitely stonking phone I like it but if you’re not that troubled concerning top specifications as well as you simply would like to know exactly how good a 599 Android phone can be get on your own the routine 7. There’s no distinction in efficiency between these two they both have the same video camera bar the telephoto and also the macro things on the professional as well as they have the purest Android experience you’re gon na discover the pro is just for individuals who desire the outright finest and also who desire a larger phone yet I still believe the size of the 7 is the genuine pleasant spot for smartphones as well as if you wish to invest even less obtain the 6A it coincides pure Android experience it’s obtained a great video camera the 60 hertz screen point does not matter particularly at this rate it’s an absolute bargain I’m going to spend a lot even more time with these phones a follow-up evaluation will certainly be coming in a number of weeks I’m likewise mosting likely to compare the 7 Pro versus the iPhone 14 pro Max as well as of course this Friday my evaluation of the pixel watch will certainly show up So to avoid missing out on any one of that make certain you subscribe hit the bell and if you have actually appreciated this video simply provide it a little thumbs up it really assists the network but to see what the pixel 7 Pro is up against when it involves the iPhone keep viewing for a web link to my full iPhone 14 pro max review

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