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you have actually seen what’s in my bag you have actually seen every one of my macs and ipads but you have actually never been totally presented to one of the most essential desk in this studio during a current workshop tour which i’ll link to over in instance you missed it i exposed the sheer variety of workdesks that i have in this space there are 2 factors i have numerous workdesks in below the initial one is due to the fact that flexispot the people behind those desks are kind sufficient to keep sending them to me for testimonial and the second one is because you can never have a lot of desks for capturing video footage of the items you’re evaluating or at least that’s my reason there is nevertheless one workdesk in here that is the most useful and perhaps the most crucial to this brand name it’s where the bulk of the innovative work takes location and also i would certainly like to give you a proper scenic tour of it today before we start a quick word from today’s sponsor which is fad mini as well as their dazzling costs safety and security collection so if you’re seeking a total all-in-one remedy for device as well as identity security in your residence this might be your knight in shining armor costs safety suite includes a vpn password supervisor mobile safety id safety and

security and also protection versus ransomware e-mail scamming and various other forms of cyber criminal activity it functions throughout windows macos android ios and also chromebooks consequently your entire family members can get entailed what’s even more setup is incredibly simple and also there’s likewise 24 7 human assistance consisted of must you require any kind of aid from trend mini and also like all of pattern mini things which i use personally each of these applications is extremely very easy to establish as well as i simply love the reality it’s a one-stop look for everything you need to continue to be risk-free online there’s been no corners cut either it’s all first-class things for instance i’m a big fan of their vpn particularly which secures my net website traffic no issue where i am so if you remain in a cafe and also want a secure experience on their wi-fi network we simply desire to be sure that your kids smartphones are always secured from the dark web costs safety suite is there for you whenever i accept a sponsorship on this channel it’s from business that i recognize and also depend on and pattern micro have actually been with me for a long time currently i love their software you will certainly enjoy exceptional security collection as

well as to learn even more simply click the web link in my summary so whenever i remain in this workshop this workdesk neither this is the desk at which i invest one of the most of my time i have actually nicknamed it the manufacturing desk due to the fact that it’s where i produce many of the videos for this network similar to this one yet you’ll also discover me either standing or rested at that desk when i’m editing images for thumbnails publishing blog sites and periodically editing the 8 or 16 podcast in some cases i’ll compose at it as well as once in a while i’ll even carry out a zoom phone call from the production workdesk yet that has to do with it therefore i try and keep it as spick-and-span as possible as well as i book the workbench in the corner of the area for making a mess while establishing up cams and preparing testimonial systems so if we begin with the desk itself as i discussed earlier i have actually got several flexi flexispot standing desks and also this is most likely my preferred one so far it’s called the eg8 and it’s a multi-functional standing desk with programmable height presets it’s also got integrated usb billing both type an and type c as well as like every flexi area workdesk i have actually utilized until now it is very simple to assemble

with this one you do not need any kind of tools in all because it simply features an allen key that’s it i particularly like the aesthetic appeals of this white variation with the toughened up glass on leading although it is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet which is a little bit of a discomfort in spite of that every little thing else is wonderful about this workdesk it’s got very smooth electric motors it’s obtained anti-collision detection so if you leave something under the workdesk and also begin reducing it it will quit itself prior to crushing that point it’s not the largest desk on the planet however that’s really a benefit since in this situation like i pointed out before i want to maintain it as clean as well as clean as possible as well as that’s additional helped by the incorporated draw that you do not obtain with the other flexor place desks that i have actually got currently if i’m rested at that workdesk i use this chair which i’m rested on currently which is an ikea marcus as well as i obtain great deals of comments concerning this chair i’ve had this i believe for over ten years and also it’s still fantastic i assume you can still buy it today if you can i’ll place a web link in the description yet it’s just a great performer and it’s a portion of the cost of a herman miller chair which every various other youtuber appears to have but i for one do not want to invest that much cash on a chair as well as additionally there’s absolutely nothing wrong

with this one so this is my chair of option for both these video clips as well as the manufacturing desk right going on to the computer the giant for this workdesk configuration is my great 16-inch macbook pro mine is the m1 max variation i’ve specced it up with 32 gigabytes of merged memory 32 cores of gpu and also a 2 terabyte ssd that weighed in over 3 500 pounds making it a very huge investment for this organization however it is one that i objective to eat one of the most efficiency as well as efficiency out of over the following few years now i will not babble on about it any longer in this video because i talked about it rather a whole lot in a current video clip which i’ll link to over the macbook pro is connected to an apple workshop screen and also this is the variation with the normal stand and without the nano texture screen thing now whatever individuals state it is fairly merely a 5k imac with a somewhat brighter present an even worse cam than the imac professional weirdly as well as well no computer system little bit installed in spite of that it does look lovely undoubtedly on this white workdesk in specific and also it does exceptionally i don’t really have anything against the studio display in regards to a screen it’s a wonderful performer i have actually just had one minor problem with it just recently which is the audio speakers which temporarily quit working for a couple of days they simply type of eliminated and disappeared they’ve come back currently and they

appear to be alright but touch timber i’ll maintain an eye on that particular as well as report back but it is a strong entertainer as well as a great buddy for the macbook professional especially when you think about that i’m simply making use of one cord between the macbook pro and also the display for power and feeding the photo now more affordable as well as similarly capable screens are out there but there’s no question that apple has obtained the 5k display thing entirely sewn up presently and also for me although it was really costly as well as it is fairly difficult to advise i simply love it on that particular workdesk it’s such an excellent display for my production workdesk onto the accessories and also as mentioned previously there is not a lot of things on this workdesk as you can see here but that is completely reason firstly we have the bayer dynamics dt770 pro earphones which i bought in 2014 and also which replaced my ageing krk screen headphones i’ve obtained them over below for years and also years the most likely regarding 15 years in fact these were my kind of manufacturing earphones for all sorts of things they’re fantastic as well as they still work absolutely fine yet they are falling to little bits so they need to go and the dt770s are superb then we have my 2018 12.9 inch ipad pro which is resting on the remarkable magflow stand this stand won the battle of the ipad stands in a recent

video which i’ll connect to above and it is the most effective means to place the ipad pro as a second display currently i utilize it sparingly as a 2nd display nowadays that ipad is actually mostly home to which i usage to keep focus when i’m doing non-video editing and enhancing stuff such as creating currently when it pertains to input tools i’m for life exchanging keyboards that’s why there’s numerous populated around right here however i have actually rested when and also for all i think on the kikron k2 this is an amazing little keyboard it offers the best equilibrium i think of comfort travel and that pleasing clickety clackety sound and also feeling is great also it’s also small enough not to use up way too much area on the manufacturing desk after that we have the logitech mx master 3 which you are most likely so bored of finding out about on this channel i do not care i enjoy it if you haven’t got one if you haven’t attempted one if you do any kind of sort of production job if it’s video editing sound editing and enhancing or if you simply want a nice mouse i truly extremely advise it it’s a little bit much more pricey than various other computer mouse mices but trust me it deserves the financial investment as well as both the keyboard as well as the computer mouse rest on a satechi desk mat which fits cost-effective as well as i

believe looks quite good and also finally there’s my ever before reliable sandisk severe ssds i have actually been making use of these rather much since i began this channel to edit videos in final cut professional i’ve really obtained 3 of these now there’s 2 one terabyte variations and also one 2 terabyte version one serves as home for my final cut pro library and also any type of footage i’m currently servicing one is for every one of my archived video clips and also podcasts and the other is an extra just in situation i need anymore area so what regarding future strategies well i am incredibly delighted with this workdesk configuration yet there is something i have actually jumped on my mind which i can not drink far from my mind which is back-ups right now i do have a backup system in place however it’s a bit ragtag it’s a bit all over the place so essentially the main task for supporting is being met by the nas functionality on my fancy synology wi-fi router over there i made a video about this recently which i’ll link to over but i do need even more redundancy and most importantly more room for every one of this material i’m creating thankfully i have something on the method that will fix this large time so see to it you subscribe and hit the bell to stay clear of missing that video and also if you missed my recent full studio excursion keep enjoying for a link to that clip

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