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if there’s one thing i can’t do without it’s my to-do list a couple of weeks ago i uninstalled my favorite to-do list app things from all of my devices and i found something much better hello and welcome back to marcos reviews and thank you for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t subscribed the button is you know where the button is i think i’m possibly the most forgetful person on this planet for instance i sometimes put things by the front door to remember to take them out a lot of us do this but i always forget them now at home that can be annoying normally for other people but in business it can be pretty catastrophic if i forget to do something and that’s why my to-do list app is pretty much the first app i install on my iphone my ipad my macs everything however a couple of weeks ago i did something i thought i’d never do which is uninstall things from all of those devices and things if you don’t know is a wonderful to-do list app but there’s one reason i couldn’t keep using it which i’ll get to in a minute and also a brilliant alternative that has completely revolutionized the way that i work and just quickly because

there’s no sponsor on this video i might as well take the opportunity to plug my latest skillshare class so if you want to learn some of the tips and tricks and secrets that i put into the editing process for this channel click the link in my description you can try a free trial of skillshare try out my new class and you can cancel it after that if you want to without paying anything so it’s worth it but go and check it out so if you’re a things user you might be wondering why on earth i changed equally you may have watched previous videos where i talk a lot about things and think well why is this guy getting rid of an app that he clearly loves there’s one very simple reason for that and that is that 2022 for me is all about broadening my horizons as a tech reviewer so i want to stop using apple’s devices all the time and instead invest time in things like the galaxy s22 ultra i reviewed this recently link above and even some windows gear like this brilliantly named lenovo yoga carbon 7 slim i think that’s what it’s called so the idea being that i want to try other stuff i don’t want to get completely stuck within apple’s walled garden there are three issues

with this strategy though the first one is the fact that i still can’t find a decent writing app for windows that matches ulysses on the mac if you know of one please let me know in the comments the second is my calendar i rely on fantastical for that and again that isn’t cross-platform so i’m gonna need to address that at some point and the third which is the subject of today’s video is the to-do list side of things because things is it’s quite an annoying name actually sometimes but things is an app that is only available on the mac platform and ios that just doesn’t work for me now particularly now that i’m all cross-platform so i had to find an alternative there’s about eight million to-do list apps out there to choose from and if you think i’m exaggerating i’m a little bit but have a look on your app store of choice there are just thousands of them now i’ve tried a lot of them including things like todoist and omnifocus but there’s one that has always caught my eye it’s called tiktik it’s cross-platform and the reason i know about it is because i’m a bit of an avid mkbhd viewer and he always talks about tiktik whenever he does a what’s on my iphone or you know a new device setup video and to be honest if it’s good enough for marquez it’s good enough for me the other thing that’s drawn me to it is the fact that tiktik looks very similar to things it’s also not very expensive i think i paid 27.99 for it which for a year subscription which isn’t bad really and straight off the bat if you’re looking for something that sits in between things and a much more

complex app like omnifocus tiktik sits just in the middle perfectly so i’ve noted down some things i absolutely love about tikdik during my first week with it firstly great task management organization filtering if you want to put all your tasks into folders you can do that you can tag them all that sort of stuff there’s a fully featured web version which is quite cool subtasks in tiktik are just as functional as main tasks so you can put dates against them and all that sort of stuff there’s a great calendar view there’s a brilliant predictive task entry a little bit like fantastical so you can type in you know get the groceries tomorrow at three o’clock and it will put all the dates in there for you automatically there’s task templates and you can add notes as separate database entries alongside all of you to do items it has proper attachments rather than just referring to a file location that makes a massive difference and there’s even a great safari extension which is quite often forgotten by a lot of developers now there’s loads more to tiktik than that and i have only spent a couple of

weeks with it to be fair but just those tiny little things plus a few other things that i’ll mention in a bit i’ve made a big difference to the way that i manage my to-do list and as mentioned earlier if you want something that is just a step up in functionality compared to things and todoist tiktik is just it’s just got this lovely rounded set of features that are really well considered and also the switch from things to ticktick for me was pretty much seamless and pretty straightforward as well thanks to things like that predictive text entry when you’re putting your new tasks in so initial impressions and of course i will spend longer with tick tick and come back and give you some updated thoughts in the future but yeah initial impressions this is a stellar to-do list app but it isn’t all a bed of roses now for me personally there aren’t really many feature deficits between tik-tik and things tic tick gets pretty much everything right and adds some additional things on which things does miss out on for instance the ability to complete a future task so if i want to complete a task from

tomorrow you can do that in tiktik you can’t do that in things it’s really irritating but there is one difference between these two apps which is a little bit jarring at first if you’ve been a long-term things user and that is the fact that tik-tik isn’t as nicely designed now i think things is one of the best-looking apps on both the mac and ios it’s clean there’s loads of white space and it just looks so perfectly modern tiktik doesn’t like i mentioned right at the start it looks similar to things it’s got a very similar layout but there’s something about the way it’s designed that makes it feel like i say more cluttered there’s just lots going on with the tiktik user interface so there’s lots of text everywhere lots of controls lots of buttons it just needs tidying up a little bit there’s also some more old-fashioned looking iconography and buttons and stuff like that and like i say if you’re coming from things you’re going to find tiktik just a little bit jarring visually now for me that’s not a deal breaker and i’m slowly getting used to ticktick’s user interface it’s becoming the norm for me now and like anything really you’re not going to use two to-do list apps so you will forget about the one that you left behind a little while ago but i’d be lying if i said that i didn’t yearn for some of that things simplicity so

things are tick tick now i know there are loads more to-do list apps out there like i said at the start there’s just thousands of them if you go and search for them you may have a favorite yourself in which case let me know what that is in the comments but i’m only looking at these two now because we need to narrow this down a little bit and the reason i’m looking at things and tiktik is because one of them is completely apple centric and the other one is cross-platform and that makes the conclusion here quite straightforward if you are like i used to be completely in the apple ecosystem just get yourself things things is a beautiful app it’s so well designed it’s got pretty much enough functionality for most people and it’s not expensive it’s just a bit of a no-brainer if you are just in the apple world if you’re not solely within the apple ecosystem and like me you kind of flip between windows and macs and android phones whatever it might be then get yourself tick tick yes

it’s not fantastically designed but that may change in the future and actually that doesn’t matter when you look at that feature set of ticktick because it is so so good the calendar integration the fact that it’s got things like the eisenhower matrix i’ve never heard of that but it’s quite a cool way of organizing you to do items it’s even got a kind of journaling element to it as well you could practically use tiktik for everything and at 27.99 a year that’s a bit of a bargain in my book so if you’re an apple person go for things if you’re a cross-platform person or if you use windows and android just get yourself tick tick if you’ve still got some time keep watching for a link to a video i made recently where i explain why apple notes play such a crucial role in my business but until next time thank you as always for watching i’ll catch you in the next

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