ULTIMATE iPad buyer’s guide – 2022 edition!

right you want a brand new iPad but you haven’t got a clue which one to pick you need to watch this video that’s how these intros work don’t they I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an iPad buying guide for a little while now because well there’s quite a lot to choose from and as each year passes Apple seems to keep adding more options to the list now a couple of quick disclaimers before I get started firstly this guide is just for new iPad buying I’m not going to dive into the second hand Market or the refurb store both of which are fantastic options but this guide is designed for people who want to buy a brand new iPad equally and if you’ve seen my videos before you’ll know this is the case already I won’t go into deep dives into benchmarks and specs and that sort of stuff this is an unashamedly top level guide to buying a new iPad what matters what doesn’t and what type of person is each iPad for so let’s try and work out which one is for you firstly a very quick word from today’s sponsor Banks now regular viewers of the channel will know that I love Banks accessories they make some lovely things the sort of things that

you think Apple should have made themselves and I’ve got some brilliant news they’ve put together an Ellis bundle and this includes two of my favorite Banks accessories the first one being the grand Pro headphone stand this is one of the first Banks accessories I reviewed on the channel it’s designed for the airpods max but actually you can put any pair of headphones on this and you’ll quite often see me using this during headphone reviews basically if you want to make a pair of headphones look lovely when you’re not using them buy this stand it uses aluminum quality Plastics and has a charging base on here for your phone you cannot go wrong with this thing a little bit like the next thing in the ls bundle which is the infinity iPad stand and this works with any iPad that has magnets in it so the iPad Air the iPad Pro Etc you basically attach your iPad to this and then you have this wonderful way of putting your iPad next to your monitor or just having it somewhere nearby where you can always reference it without picking it up you can swivel it around into portrait landscape it’s got this wonderful base that Twirls round like that this magnetic iPad stand has transformed the way I use my iPads so once again thanks to Banks for creating the Ellis bundle if you buy these together you save 30 and you can use this offer in conjunction with any other offers they have going so check out the link in the description right

let’s start with the iPad 9th generation which is this one here this costs 369 pounds from Apple it’s the cheapest iPad you can buy now there have been some Corners cut as you can imagine to get it down to that price namely the great big black borders on here and also the physical Touch ID button but that doesn’t really matter it’s packing an a13 Bionic chip which is very fast and the screen despite having those great big black borders is a nice iPad screen you can also attach a smart keyboard to this it has compatibility with the apple pencil first generation but that makes it quite a tempting proposition for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on an iPad it runs iOS 16 and with the keyboard attachment it becomes quite an interesting laptop replacement I love the fact that apple have kept this in the lineup and I hope it stays there for quite a while longer because it’s so well priced it’s so quick and it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the latest and greatest now that brings me on to the 10th generation iPad I really struggle with this iPad firstly I bought the Yellow Version which isn’t yellow it’s this kind of weird metallic color which doesn’t really represent what you see on the website but what does matter is that this costs 499 pounds and the iPad Air which I’ll come on to in a moment isn’t much more expensive I just

think that the 10th generation iPad is far too expensive and the fact that this is only compatible with the first generation apple pencil is I made a video about this I’ll link to it above I won’t get into all the detail now but basically I cannot think who should buy this it does have one Saving Grace which is the magic keyboard folio which is actually the best iPad keyboard that Apple makes it comes in two parts you attach the keyboard like that and then you have a rear part of it which is this and then you have a little kind of Microsoft surface-like kickstand and it’s a just it’s just a wonderful thing actually but it’s only compatible with the 10th generation iPad I’m hoping that Apple releases the magic keyboard folios for the rest of the iPad lineup because to be honest Tim it is wasted on the 10th generation iPad next up we have the iPad Mini I’ve made lots of videos about this I’ll link above to my most recent review but as you might know already this is my favorite iPad ever it comes with me everywhere it’s just the best iPad I think that Apple makes the only problem is that it isn’t cheap it starts at 569 pounds and when you bear in mind that it’s missing things like Pro motion and face ID I’d understand if you’ve written this off already but I’d urge you to reconsider the iPad Mini if you want something that you can take notes with and also

something which is just perfectly sized to fit in pretty much any bag and almost fit in certain trouser Pockets the iPad Mini 6 deserves your attention I’ve combined mine with the Fantastic paper-like screen protector I’ll put a link in the description to that but trust me if you want to use these iPads for writing for drawing for sketching you need a paper like but the combination of the iPad Mini 6 the paper-like screen protector and the fantastic apple pencil 2 makes this an essential iPad if you don’t need anything bigger the only thing it’s missing I think apart from promotion and face ID is a magic keyboard option so if the iPad Mini 6 is too small for you and you’ve been considering buying that 10th generation iPad please consider the iPad Air instead now this is 170 pounds more expensive than that 10th generation iPad it has less colors to choose from but it it does have some incredibly important upgrades over that 10th Generation firstly this has an M1 chip in it now I have lots of misgivings about Apple putting M chips into iPads I don’t think they’re fully utilized but you can’t ignore the fact that this will have much more longevity than that 10th generation iPad secondly it has apple pencil 2 support so you don’t have to have that stupid charging cable thing that you have to have with the 10th generation iPad because that iPad is only compatible with the first generation apple pencil and actually there is a cheaper alternative much cheaper alternative to the apple pencil 2 which I’ll come on to later but I think if you want a regular sized iPad nothing beats the iPad Air the only thing I’d like it to have is face ID and promotion but that brings us on to the next level up which is the iPad Pro there are two options with the iPad Pro the first is the 11 inch version

which is 899 pounds and the second option is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro which is 1249 pounds I’ve got lots of misgivings about these new iPad Pros Apple have put the M2 Chip into these ones which bearing in mind we couldn’t use the power of the M1 chip in the previous iPad Pro to put the M2 Chip in it and then not really give us anything to make use of that chip with it’s just I don’t know I don’t quite understand what’s going on with the iPad Pro at the moment I bought the 12.9 inch version it arrived at the studio I realized I couldn’t review it in any meaningful way and I sent it back completely unopened however that opinion is skewed by me being a tech reviewer and also by me being someone who desperately wants Final Cut Pro on the iPad Pro that isn’t typical of every user and if this is your first iPad Pro or if you’re upgrading from an original iPad Pro from 2017 for instance these ones will knock your socks off the iPad Pro is the Pinnacle of tablets in my opinion there’s nothing on the market that comes close but they are very expensive and the 11 inch version in particular is very hard to justify it’s the exact same screen size as the iPad Air that I just showed you you and the only upgrades you get really over the air are better cameras and promotion and face ID oh and the M2 Chip but as I’ve just mentioned that doesn’t make much of a difference at all so I think if you’ve got a decent budget and you want a standard sized iPad I would still go with the air and then you can spend the extra

cash on the magic keyboard and an apple pencil too however if you want the biggest best most powerful most impressive iPad going get the 12.9 inch you might need to remortgage your house or sell your car to afford it particularly when you add on the magic keyboard and the apple pencil and more storage but if you want the absolute best it’s the iPad to go for so in summary if you’ve been looking at the 11 inch iPad Pro I’d actually consider the iPad Air instead and if you want the biggest iPad screen going and the most performance for whatever you’re gonna do with it then you have no choice but to go for the expensive 12.9 inch iPad Pro just a very quick note on accessories for your iPad so if you’ve got a bit more money I would really recommend getting a magic keyboard or the magic keyboard folio or if you’re going for the 9th generation iPad the Smart Keyboard they just completely transform the iPad experience and they do make them more like laptops I know that’s not always a popular thing to say but it’s true next up is the apple pencil 2 this is just a fantastic addition to your iPad Air iPad Pro or iPad Mini it’s the right size it feels nice it’s got this Ridge on it so it doesn’t roll off every surface

however it is 120 pounds in the UK which is a lot of money this is well this isn’t an apple pencil too this is actually made by Banks and it’s 40 pounds and just like the apple pencil 2 it attaches magnetically to charge it’s even got a little button on the top with a light around it so it can tell you when it’s charging when Bluetooth is paired and if you press the button it takes you back to the home screen you double press to bring up the app switcher and more importantly it does perform like apple pencil 2 it’s just as responsive the only difference is that this doesn’t have pressure sensitivity so if you’re an artist and that matters to you for instance this probably won’t work but if you’re just using the apple pencil to take notes 40 pounds 120 pounds there’s no competition and the last accessory like I mentioned earlier is the paper-like it turns your iPad into a writing device because it feels more like paper to write on and the latest 2.1 version barely looks like it’s on the screen if you’ve ever used a screen protector before you’ll know that they can make your iPad or your iPhone screen look a bit rubbish that just doesn’t happen with the new paper like it’s brilliant I’ll put links to all of these accessories in the description I hope I’ve managed to point you in the direction of the right iPad but if you’ve still got questions put them in the comments and if you still got some time and you want to find out exactly why I didn’t keep hold of that 12.9 inch M2 iPad Pro keep watching for a link to that

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