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have you got your eye on the m1 mac mini yet you bothered with the next variation instantly showing up and also providing you buyer’s remorse this is the video to watch hello there and also invite back to mark of this reviews and thanks for subscribing if you have if you have not subscribed the button is simply down there i’ve waxed lyrical about this which is the m1 mac mini i have actually used it for nearly a year to create concerning 80 videos for this channel which meant truly placing this thing through its paces so every week 2 videos last cut professional loads of editing and it never ever before sweated currently i have experienced a number of issues with it particularly bluetooth issues as well as an absence of ports occasionally but they’re really small gripes in the fantastic scheme of things extra significantly i believe i’ve invested enough time with this computer to give you some strong buying suggestions we seek all heading into a new year very soon which will unquestionably have lots of new apple items what happens if one of them is a new variation of this

however you want or require an m1 mac mini now right here’s whatever you need to know so what can the next mac mini be like well i’ve made a video clip about this which i’ll connect to above now i have actually got a number of wishes of my own for the next version of the mac mini particularly i just desire apple to place the m1 pro as well as the m1 max chips that are currently in the new macbook pros into the mac mini as well as that’s primarily because they’re such effective chips and also the suggestion of placing them in a mac mini which is always attached to power so it does not have the exact same sort of thermal restrictions possibly as the macbook pro is extremely extremely exciting i would certainly additionally enjoy some more ports i would love to see an sd card port in the rear of this for instance some more usb an ideally please apple and also if they can chuck in a couple extra usbc as well i would certainly also like an extra secure bluetooth connection not every person

has this issue yet i have been afflicted with bluetooth issues with this computer so if apple taken care of that offer us more ports as well as simply put the m1 pro and m1 max right into this i’ll enjoy yet what are we likely to see well this is actually difficult since unlike great deals of other apple items there’s barely been any rumors regarding the following mac mini there’s been speak about it resembling a mini tower version of the present mac pro or simply a slightly updated design that we see below currently reports are absolutely nothing to go by these days they’re very inconsistent and as 2021 has actually confirmed not especially trustworthy but i assume the possibilities are the m1 pro as well as the m1 max as long as i wish to see them in the following variation of this that’s significantly in the equilibrium i assume we’re much more likely to see a version of this computer system with the rumored m2 chip as well as the m2 chip is the follower to the m1 chip clearly and also our team believe that is marked for the future generation macbook air so theoretically it would certainly make sense to place that chip into a

brand-new mac mini as well we could obtain all of it we may obtain the m1 pro the m1 max as well as the m2 who recognizes we might even get a completely various chip they put right into this there might likewise be a brand-new design yet once more no idea what that’s mosting likely to appear like admittedly that’s much less of an issue with the mac mini due to the fact that most individuals just plunk it on the workdesk or they rack place it so as long as you can do both of those things without it using up too much area or being a problem for rack place people then that’s great apple can do practically what they desire with the design as long as it does not affect the power of this point so with those points in mind allow’s believe why you may desire to get one currently and also why you may want to wait why ought to you acquire an m1 mac mini currently because they are superb computer systems i’ll leave a web link over to my complete testimonial of the m1 mac mini yet a little looter and also to conserve you a little time i believe it is the very best desktop computer system the finest brainless computer i’ve ever before utilized and by headless i suggest it does not included a screen yet that’s simply how

this computer system functions it’s simply a computer system that’s all you obtain essentially but what you obtain inside of this point is simply incredible and like i pointed out earlier this has entirely ran this network up previously it’s been replaced regrettably by this regrettably by the 16 inch macbook pro however in all fact if i had not been evaluating apple stuff i would have carried on with this it was absolutely fine despite this video camera which is a sony fx3 it was having a hard time a little bit occasionally below and also there but it was not a showstopper whatsoever in addition to the odd pause right here or there it would certainly eat with video footage from this video camera which is 4k 10 bit 422 color with ease so right now if you buy one from apple it is 699 either bucks or pounds which gets you the base spec variation with the 8 core gpu 8 core cpu 256 gig of storage as well as the 8 gig of linked memory that’s such a great offer for a mac specifically a mac with an m1 chip in it

now remember you do like i state need to get a screen key-board mouse it does not featured any of that but you can still build a gear which is well below a thousand pounds a thousand dollars and also it’s still incredibly powerful so there’s a couple of reasons to purchase one currently without waiting one of them is because i’m not the only person singing its applauds this has a massive fan base amongst tech youtubers and people that have actually got their hands on the m1 version and also bluetooth issues aside which you might not be influenced by it is just an outright workhorse it never allows you down yet extra significantly the factor you ought to acquire among these now if you either desire one or require one is due to the fact that we do not understand when the next version is mosting likely to arrive or if it even will arrive i do not think they are going to eliminate off the mac mini i believe they love it as long as we do however it might show up in january it might show up in march it can get here in the summertime it can show up a year today it can get here in 2023 2024 we have essentially no concept so if you want an m1 mac mini now simply go and also purchase one trust fund me you will certainly not regret it why shouldn’t you buy an m1 mac mini currently prior to i began shooting this i took a seat and jotted down a few bullet points concerning the reasons you need to and also i was going to do the exact same thing regarding why you should not purchase one currently and i

could not consider a solitary factor that had not been the situation with the m1 macbook air if you saw that video clip i had a few reasons that you might intend to wait for the next variation of that however it’s simply not the same thing with the mac mini as well as the reason for that sorry to sound like a damaged record is that there are no substantial rumors or proof that a new version of the mac mini gets on the way and that might be for 3 factors among them can be that apple is being extremely tight-lipped regarding this the 2nd is that they are planning on releasing one yet it’s not for a little while and the 3rd is that they are really eliminating it off currently simply to restate i do not assume they’re killing the mac mini yet i think we’re not visiting the next one awhile but no matter the large amount of uncertainty about the following mac mini implies that you must not hold back getting one if you either desire one for job or for a leisure activity or whatever it could be or if you require one to replace an outward bound device simply go and also buy it currently if you’re taking into consideration between the m1 mac mini and the m1 macbook air maintain watching for a link to a video i made lately where i discuss the exact same point with the macbook air so ought to you purchase one currently or need to you wait for the next variation however until next time thank you a lot for seeing men i’ll catch you in the following clip you

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