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the m1 macbook air as well as the ipad pro are 2 really different devices but they’re both very capable in the ideal setting let’s job out which one’s right for you hello and welcome back to marco’s testimonials many thanks for subscribing if you have if you haven’t subscribed to the buttons down there so i’m fairly a hefty customer of the m1 macbook air and also the 12.9 inch ipad pro the 2018 version not the m1 version they’re both truly efficient in doing a great task for your organization or if you just require an actually excellent house computing device i assume we’re at the point currently where i can in fact contrast both they’re both lightweight and very portable they feature roughly the exact same display size they’re just as effective specifically if you go for the m1 version of the ipad pro as well as they both support an extremely comparable variety of apps and also solutions whether it be apple’s very own ecosystem with things like apple notes and apple mail and also that kind of stuff right up to the likes of microsoft office and also adobe but if you could just buy among these devices which one would it be let’s work it out i believed i ‘d begin this by promptly describing just how i utilize

both of these devices because it’s fairly various so with the m1 mapping treatment this is like my kind of morning creating device very first point i do when i get up in the early morning i do begin job quite early because i’m a bit unusual yet when i start work at 6am typically i will certainly go with this initial due to the fact that this is what i do virtually every one of my creating on and also it’s those morning periods where i obtain a lot of my blog sites created but i additionally utilize it for undoubtedly e-mail responding to youtube comments all the sort of regular admin things when i’m remained on the sofa or potentially sat in a coffeehouse somewhere i use it for teams calls too it just does all the typical computer stuff that i need to obtain done but i’m not rested at this desk with the 24 inch imac before me this is the ideal portable replacement for that computer now the ipad pro as i say this isn’t the m1 variation this is the 2018 ipad professional 12.9 inch as you can see i’ve obtained the magic keyboard instance affixed to it which i truly like it’s got a couple of floorings it makes it much heavier and also it’s not made from the most effective material it’s not best however it becomes an actually valuable i hate to use the expression laptop computer substitute have the pencil

too that’s crucial since the one of the important things i use this for currently is photo editing and enhancing currently i only switch to the ipad pro for that recently historically i have actually always utilized a mac for lightroom picture editing however as quickly as i tried the most recent variation of lightroom on ipad os i was completely sold this the mix of this dazzling display the pencil it’s simply a wonderful means to modify your images so on a daily basis due to the fact that i i often tend to take photos for this channel or for the blog every single day and also to edit them i always use this i likewise use it occasionally awhile of e-mail and also presently i’ve switched over back to this for a little bit of writing as an examination i’m considering how this does as a creating device compared to the m1 macbook air there’ll be some material on the method concerning that rather soon yet that’s virtually it it’s um i use it to consume things occasionally but also for that i typically use the 4th generation ipad air which is just a little of a far better dimension actually so this for me is a rather costly photo editing and enhancing device an occasional e-mail and composing device that’s basically the method it inhabits my life currently it is very important to keep in mind that i do not make use of either of these tools for imaginative tasks like video clip

editing or sound editing and enhancing all of that is done on the m1 mac mini which is simply below that large screen behind me that is my video clip as well as sound modifying terminal it will certainly remain like that for a while until something else changes it these are for everything else basically and later on i’m mosting likely to inform you which one i would maintain if i can just keep one yet initially let’s concentrate on the choice you’ve obtained to make in between these 2 tools i believed we ‘d begin with imaginative job because if you’re watching this as some type of maker whether it be a illustrator video editor audio manufacturer or digital photographer you may be considering both of these devices and asking yourself which one would function far better for you as well as everything boils down to the software program you make use of so if you take me as an example i don’t make use of the ipad pro for video clip editing merely since i usage final cut pro and also presently you can just obtain last cut pro on the mac i desperately wish to see it on the ipad it would make me get an m1 ipad pro tomorrow if final cut professional arrived on ipad os as well as it just dealt with that ipad alas it does not there are options for video editing and enhancing clearly on ipad pros and also ipads generally so for instance lumafusion i have actually never used that software yet i’m informed it’s very good for mobile video

editing on ipad os i just do not use it as well as for me changing from last cut pro to something like lumafusion is rather a big task which i just do not have time for currently i’m mosting likely to do it at some stage i will report back but presently it’s just too huge a uplift so if you’re a creative customer it really relies on what type of software application you make use of so if you do rely upon platforms like reasoning pro or final cut pro you’ll require to obtain yourself the m1 macbook air if you’re a digital photographer i actually suggest this lightroom on the ipad is as i pointed out earlier superb it’s a comparable story with software program growth now i’m not a software programmer so i’ll let people obtain associated with the remarks with this with their own opinions on these 2 tools if you’re a truly significant software designer you’ll be going with a relatively chunky powerful mac so you’re possibly not also watching this video clip however if you’re an enthusiast or if it’s something you’re just getting involved in technically you’ll intend to opt for the m1 macbook air primarily since you can obtain xcode on it it’s been around for permanently and also it just works as well as you can do all type of programming on an m1 macbook air currently with the ipad pro currently you’re entrusted to something like swift playgrounds which at the time of recording is a terrific method to find out fundamental programs yet you

can not go much better than that nonetheless later this year ipad os 15 will certainly consist of a much far better updated version of quick play areas which will in fact let you develop a full ipad app on among these as well as release it to the app store i assume that’s the way it works if i have actually obtained that incorrect allow me understand in the comments currently when it concerns general computer usage and also by this i mean things like internet searching e-mail creating papers using microsoft word video clip calling collaborating with spreadsheets searching the internet all the typical computer system stuff again either of these devices will work and this suggestions i’m regarding to provide uses to both residence individuals and also organization individuals all you need to do is ask on your own one question which is have actually i made use of mac os before if the solution to that is of course as well as you in fact rather like mac os however you’re just curious about the capacity of switching to an ipad pro complete time i ‘d prompt care for me ipad os feels restrictive it’s really difficult why that holds true but also for instance if i recognize that i have actually got to create an article release it include a photo to that too presently as i stated earlier i do the image editing on this yet every little thing else the releasing the photo

adjustment if i need to do anything with it i tend to do on the m1 macbook air or my imac purely because i’m so accustomed to mac os and also normally talking that kind of work includes great deals of tampering documents and doing other things which with ipad os simply feels a bit difficult finder for example on the mac is simply i love finder whereas the data app on this it’s still not there apple i hesitate it’s still a little bit ham-fisted to use as well as despite having this terrific keyboard case attached as well as the fact that ipad os currently supports a trackpad okay it feels a bit a lot more like a computer system however it’s still ipad os which for me directly is simply a bit of a ham-fisted approach to specific regular tasks that i would normally do on a mac however once again that’s only because i’m so acquainted with mac os and also like it a lot so if you simulate mac os whether you’re a service user or a home individual simply get the m1 macbook air due to the fact that it is the most effective laptop i have actually ever before possessed and as i say if mac os is something you take pleasure in using this ain’t going to suffice however if you haven’t actually spent much time with mac away so we have not used it in all so this is your very first foray into apple things i ‘d in fact really recommend checking out this especially if you’re not the

innovative that i discussed earlier if you’re somebody that just requires it for basic computer system usage ipad os is most likely i believe a bit even more of a friendly inviting operating system compared to mac os don’t obtain me incorrect mac os isn’t complicated it’s not tough to discover yet there’s something about ipad os that is simply you understand you pick it up and you can use it pretty much quickly ipad os allow’s not defeat around the bush is a larger version of ios that’s still the instance as well as regardless of what you think about that and also i have certain appointments about it it does suggest it’s extremely easy to obtain to holds with it feels really familiar as well as again if we take my use situation as an instance if i entirely secured the video clip editing and enhancing side of my business and also the blogging side of my company i can do whatever else on this no concerns asked so to summarize if you recognize with mac os currently as well as it seems like a wonderful comfy set of old sandals like it does for me i would certainly choose the m1 macbook air if you’re not that acquainted with mac os and also you’re a rather basic computer customer obtain the ipad pro so as

you can see the selection is in fact i believe quite uncomplicated you simply have to believe about the software you use whether you like mac os currently as well as simply the type of user you are however there are various other aspects with these 2 devices that may persuade you as well as on a regular basis it’s the simplest or on the face of it the silliest of things that can guide you in the direction of a specific tool and those points are never foolish in fact you recognize you can buy things just due to the fact that you want it because it’s just one particular point that’s fine there’s some intriguing things about both of these that i think can sway your choice one means or the various other the first one is that the m1 contribute these brand-new macbooks is simply great it’s the new thing it’s things that everybody is discussing and everyone’s extremely ecstatic concerning it so if you simply think well i would certainly enjoy to experience that but i don’t desire the one that’s in the ipad pro since

apple don’t appear to be doing anything with it that’s as good a factor as any type of to obtain on your own an m1 macbook air similarly the apple pencil may be sufficient to guide to go with the ipad pro you can’t get an apple pencil for the m1 macbook air you can not touch the display you can not do anything with it if you like the idea of having this what is efficiently a stylus for your next computer system then once again that may be something that persuades you in the direction of the ipad pro similarly and as i’ve simply discussed this is the just one of these two devices that has a touch screen so if you’re originating from the globe of windows you might have been revealed to a gadget that has a touch screen you’re not going to obtain that with this you can not touch it well you can touch the display but nothing will happen the ipad pro has a touchscreen and also for a whole lot of people specifically in this day and also age that can be sufficient just to guide you in its instructions the ipad pro likewise has a camera again you do not obtain a camera on the m1 macbook air as well as that could be beneficial i never ever use the electronic camera on my ipad i’m one of those people who doesn’t fairly comprehend why you take photos with your ipad but that might not be

the situation for you you could check out this and believe well really as an all-in-one tool for my computing demands as well as photo taking demands this is best so again that might guide you as might deal with id as well as the ipad pro has this little face id cam down here which spots your face and also opens your ipad a bit like your apple iphone you do not obtain that on the m1 macbook air it has touch id which is fantastic yet face id arguably is a bit easier to use due to the fact that you simply look at it as well as it works so once more that might sway you in the direction of the ipad pro you may even similar to the look feeling and fit and finish of the m1 macbook air because even after all these years this type of conical design that it has actually hasn’t altered and it still looks contemporary fresh as well as simply it’s simply a lovely laptop computer that could persuade you in the direction of this and also that am i to inform you that’s wrong nevertheless all of those points are fairly little aspects and also the likelihood is they’re not going to profit you overall in the long-term they’ll be the type of things that actually are nice to start

with and after that you either get utilized to them or you ignore them totally the crucial thing when picking between the ipad pro as well as the m1 macbook air again it goes right back to the start of this video what’s your use instance are you an innovative user have you used mac os before think about all of those things before you take down your hard-earned cash so the large question if i can just have one of these devices which one would it be this is easy for me ready it’s the m1 macbook air there’s simply no doubt regarding it as well as again it’s for one very extremely simple factor which is i intend to run i need to run final cut pro as well as reasoning professional i can not run those on my ipad pro so if i might just have one tool you recognize fail to remember everything else in here if i can only have one tool at the ipad pro and also the m1 macbook air it would certainly be the m1 macbook air simply due to the fact that i can not run last cut pro and also logic pro on the ipad so those 2 are the headline reasons if you like however listed below that there are the other things i mentioned earlier and they all boil down to the reality really that this simply seems like a nice warm set of sandals i understand that noises

like a little bit of an odd example however i simply open this as well as i just feel comfortable quickly whereas when i open my ipad pro to do correct work i need to readjust my thinking i i do not really look onward to doing it unless it’s a one-off easy task like editing and enhancing a picture for instance that’s great if i need to do a series of points to obtain something done this just really feels simpler so the point holding me back from the ipad pro is ipad os i made my sensations clear about the announcements or lack of them at wwdc this year i simply hope next year we start to see professional applications appearing on the ipad pro if that occurs after that i ‘d have rather a compelling factor to change however it does simply really feel like a little method off so in the meantime in the foreseeable future this would be my only apple computer tool of selection however which one are you choosing allow me recognize in the comments if you want listening to a little extra regarding why i’m not keen on the m1 ipad professional maintain enjoying for a link to my newest clip on that specific gadget however in the meanwhile thanks as constantly for seeing and also i’ll capture you in the next

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