Baseus Bowie M1: UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP Wireless ANC Earbuds!

Hello everybody welcome back to an additional video with Lim reviews now in today’s video clip I have right here a very amazing product since this is one of one of the most inexpensive Wireless ANC earbuds that I have actually ever before examined on the channel so this is really many thanks to bases with its Bowie M1 in regards to valuing it’s opting for roughly 100 Ringgit or two and obviously there’s going to be a couple of discounts coming up there’s also a promotion code down below so you can obtain this at an even more affordable price factor but if you remain in the market searching for a very inexpensive Wireless ANC earbuds you might wish to remember of this bases yet with M1 right keeping that claimed allow’s take a look at this extremely cute packaging is really very little over here and we do have a couple of vital functions set out on the front of the Box particularly we have our ANC we additionally have Bluetooth 5.2 so this indicates that connectivity to the earbuds itself will be very stable and also you can reach a more range lastly it also claims right here call sound decrease so this is actually everything about having really clear kind of phone calls on the Bowie M1 itself with that said

stated let’s have a look at what actually can be found in the box so we’re going to unpack this actual quick allow’s cut this over right here we’re going to be truly quick right here and there we go entirely unwrapped okay so very first points initially you do get some manuals in package which is actually very helpful since you are mosting likely to want to recognize just how do you really trigger this earbuds there so besides that I noticed that we do have something that looks like sticker labels on the inside as well we’re simply mosting likely to remove this now so we can see what type of stickers we do obtain and also yep there’s a number of charming lions in here yet yep you’re gon na put that aside in the meantime and also take a look at your cordless earbuds themselves you likewise get a type c Wire in a box that suggests that you recognize charging will certainly be type c is not going to be micro USB or anything like that which’s definitely great to see however, for now allow’s in fact look into what this thing looks like so there is in fact two shades for this

there is a black and also there is additionally a white so this is the black one below that looks really Sleek it is completely matte out here so the materials really feel very smooth to the touch I do occur to have the white below too and we’re just mosting likely to get rid of the earbuds to see exactly how they differ in regards to their looks this is exactly how the black ones resembles once again I assume it looks pretty Smooth below very very Compact as well as lightweight so these are the ones for the black whereas these ones right here are going to be the ones for the white notification that the white one right here you can see it a little bit more transparent on the ear pointers certainly you do get additional ear ideas in the Box too if you intend to have that excellent size for your usage right so this is just in terms of the layout and also just how they appear like in regards to the case it does really feel really firm as well I particularly such as this Black Variation over the white since again it

looks extremely Streamlined right here you do obtain that kind c part near the bottom adhered to by a button if you need to reset the earbuds or anything like that great so I’m simply mosting likely to put this in right here for now I’m simply going to put this away and also we’re mosting likely to concentrate on a white one because this is the one that I’ve been using really I have it linked to my phone already and also simply so you know there is in fact an accompanying application for the kid M1 so once you actually link your earbuds to the application itself you’ll be able to see a bit extra details here for circumstances you can see your battery life remaining we have over 80 for the left as well as over 90 for the right as well as likewise you can enter into this certain Ambient audio mode and actually tune the type of sound that you want you can go for your normal mode you can go with your transparency setting and you can choose your sound reduction setting once more very really adjustable

below in the app itself now relocating down into something that I directly like a lot we do have EQ setting over below which primarily enables you to select a single kind of preset that you desire for the sound itself so today I’ve obtained Huge bass going on but if you intend to hear a little bit more audio in terms of the voice you can go with clear you can go for timeless jazz fashion as well as all that so there’s a number of options that you can really choose from straight in the application obviously if this is insufficient for you you can likewise tailor your own EQ if you go right into here and also you can in fact add another and click a name let’s simply attempt this out we’re just going to place it call as Lim so you can in fact pull as well as drag along this line right here to actually obtain your own tailored type of audio results based upon what you choose so once more extremely very helpful application right here with the bass indeed Bowie M1 okay so apart from that I’ve in fact linked the earbuds to the phone itself like I mentioned earlier on so I’ve been paying attention to a pair of music as well as I located that the audio itself was really rather good one thing I observed about this earbuds below is they

do have in-ear discovery that implies that when you put the earbuds right into your ears the songs will begin playing and certainly if you remove the earbuds from your ears the music will quit playing this is likewise an extremely cool feature specifically since these are really extremely affordable but we still get that actually useful feature in there aside from that it deserves explaining that you do manage the earbuds by touching on the side right here so you can either pick the just tab on it once touch twice and even tap 3 times as well as you can customize each of those gestures in the app itself like I reveal you previously on so once again every little thing here is extremely customizable for a wireless earbuds that come simply around 100 Ringgit really very great value there now in terms of exactly how do they sound yes I did look into a number of tunes previously on with the earbuds place in the ANC works quite possibly I have to claim that with these rubber suggestions right here they really do shut out a significant quantity of noise as well as with ANC triggered you recognize according to basis it can obstruct out approximately 25 DB of noise so I think that’s additionally extremely valuable I have actually most definitely checked it out here in the workshop in addition to outside you understand just strolling along the roads it would suffice to block off any

kind of type of environmental noise in regards to the coil sound decrease I likewise examined it out with a number of phone calls I would not state that these are the clearest sort of earbuds for your training course yet and once more at the rate point or simply near to 100 Ringgit or two I assume this is really an extremely excellent you recognize earbuds that you can make use of for calling or unserving your Zoom or teams fulfilling so once again rather excellent stuff right here coming from the Bowie M1 last however not least in regards to battery life these guys here choose as much as 4 and a half hours and also with each other with the situation they in fact offer up to 20 hrs of battery life together so once more you’ll be taking pleasure in a great deal of music a great deal of refer to it as is truly subject to how you use your earbuds yet I would certainly claim that

battery life for this economical you recognize cordless earbuds is most definitely fantastic right here on the Bowie M1 alright people so that virtually summarize our glance at the Bowie M1 cordless earbuds again allow me simply bring below the black system so you men can see clearer this is the black over below and also you additionally have the white ones which one do you men choose the black or the white yet if you wish to obtain among these on your own uh really feel cost-free to take a look at the links down listed below there’s once again a promotion code so you can obtain it less expensive however yeah that’s generally it for the Bowie M1 by basis if you have any type of further inquiries do not hesitate leave a remark down listed below thank you for watching right to the end I eagerly anticipate seeing you guys in the next one keep secure everyone bye international

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