HP ZBook Studio G9 & ZBook Firefly G9: POWERFUL Laptops for Creative Pros!

Hello everybody welcome back to another video with leam reviews now in today’s video I’m very excited to share with you all about hp’s latest zbook laptops now you might be wondering what really is a HP zbook well basically these are mobile workstation laptops for Creative professionals who need the ultimate performance on the go now having said that I do have two models right here on my right I do have the HP zbook Studio G9 and on my left I do have here the HP zbook Firefly G9 both devices are actually very different and they offer very different kinds of performance so what really are the differences well let’s talk a bit about that so first things first the HP zbook Studio G9 is all about pushing things to the Limit think of it as a massive Powerhouse designed for Content creators who constantly renders 4K videos or perhaps game developers who renders graphic intensive games or even those who carry out data visualization on The Daily basically this HP zbook Studio G9 is a beast now what about the Firefly so the HP zbook Firefly G9 is is also a Powerhouse designed to offer Pro level performance for Creative or

c-level professionals who want a powerful yet reliable machine the best part here is that both devices are actually very lightweight very portable yet they do pack a punch so let’s dive a little bit deeper and find out more about each of them so first things first I have to say that as a content creator I was very excited to check out the HP zbook Studio G9 naturally I’ve been testing out a lot of video editing photo editing so let’s talk a little bit about that but first let’s check out the design now the design of the HP zbook Studio G9 looks super slick and minimalist which is what I love what I love even more is the number and variety of Parts it has on it everything I need as a content creator is here and I don’t need any adapters also I want to point out that the stereo speakers on here are amazing this has to be one of the best sounding laptops I’ve ever tested before and that is actually a fact alright so apart from that moving on to the display we do get a fantastic 16 inch OLED HP dream color display now what I really appreciated here is its color accuracy as a video creator who is constantly on the go I used to rely very heavily on a desktop

monitor for color accuracy but now I can really put my trust in the HP zbook Studio G9 another thing I love about the display is its 120hz refresh rate any interaction I make on the display is super smooth and this makes the workflow even better alright so in terms of power this is actually very important and crucial for a content creator like myself because this really determines how fast it takes to render a 4K video with the hpz book Studio G9 you can expect to select up to the 11th gen Intel i9v processor and guess what you can also choose up to a whopping 64 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM and storage options up to one terabyte guys that’s really insane also for video editing it’s very important to have a dedicated graphic card and this is where we have a very good one here in this case the HP zbook Studio G9 comes with an Nvidia RTX a5500 laptop GP you I tested it out by editing one of my videos and I noticed that scrubbing along the timeline was super smooth and rendering an 8 minute 4K video took under 8 minutes which was really impressive alright so apart from that of course we have to test out a little bit of gaming as well since you know sometimes just to release some stress I do play some occasional gaming on my laptops alright so I tested out the HP zbook Studio G9 by running one of my favorite games which is Forza 5 at

maximum graphics and it ran beautifully more importantly with hp’s Vapor Force thermos the laptop is actually protected from overheating and even after some heavy gameplay the HP zbook Studio G9 remained cool guys it didn’t overheat at all and again I have to emphasize here guys that the gaming experience on this particular laptop really blew me away overall I’m super impressed with what HP is able to achieve in such a compact form factor this machine is really made for both work and play alright having said that that is a quick look at the HP zbook Studio G9 we’re not going to check out the HP zbook Firefly G9 let’s check it out alright so like I mentioned earlier the HP zbook Firefly G9 is designed for power users or creative professionals on the go think about those kind of people those working people who actually you know do their work in hybrid workplaces or maybe just at home and they need a powerful and reliable machine so this is where the HP zbook Firefly G9 comes in now in terms of the looks Department we are seeing a similar design language to the HP zbook Studio G9 with a minimalist yet premium build it’s also very lightweight that means you won’t break a sweat carrying your work laptop with you and in terms of the parts again it comes with plenty of Parts guys I love the fact that we still have the usba ports over here as a

lot of laptop makers these days have only been putting on type c parts so very very happy to see we still have type A over here excellent stuff there by HP performance wise I recall in my previous job you know I always had to create a lot of graphic intensive power points for my presentations I was doing a lot of crazy stuff and I had multiple PowerPoints open at the same time so I one of the tests out if that kind of workflow would work smoothly on the hpz book Firefly G9 now the HP zbook Firefly G9 is powered by the latest 12th gen Intel processors and also supports up to a massive 64 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM and storage options up to one terabytes now to enable better performance it comes with a dedicated GPU and this is perfect for the working person as I noticed that when opening multiple graphic heavy Powerpoints and documents everything was fast and the HP zbook Firefly G9 did not slow one bit apart from that if you guys are the kind of person who actually used to browse a lot of tabs on your single browser you will be very pleased to know that this

machine here can do all that without slowing down a single bit alright so other than that every workflow you know typically would require to have some kind of conference calls with your clients with your business partners and all that and in this case this was where I was pleasantly surprised again with the quality of video calls that you can get from this laptop with an auto framing 5 megapixel camera that follows you whenever you are R and DNN noise suppression that suppresses background noise for better audio this laptop here brings video conferencing to a whole new level apart from that the onboard Wi-Fi 6E Support also ensures that connection is always strong and stable for those long teams meetings that you guys really love so don’t worry about that your connection will be always fast and stable now moving on to the display what we have here is a 16 by 10 HP dream color display with 100 DC ip3 it also has that 120hz refresh rate for super smooth interactions

and HP sure view reflected integrated privacy screen that makes sure that those sitting beside you can’t see what’s on your screen in fact it also supports low blue light display to ensure your eyes remain comfortable even after long hours of work in case you are wondering about the battery the HP zbook Firefly G9 will last up to 13 hours on a single charge so that is actually great overall the HP zbook Firefly G9 is the perfect workstation for Creative professionals who are constantly on the go and wants to experience Pro level performance so before we go we have to touch a little bit on security as well because that’s a very important aspect that people look for in their laptops today now it’s worth mentioning that HP is known for making one of the world’s most secure laptops is security and privacy is a concern for you well rest assured HP anywhere and HP wolf security is there to keep you covered I’ll put a link down below if you want to learn more about that also HP is fully invested in ensuring their laptops are made with sustainable and

recycled materials and that’s always good to know alright guys so here comes the end of the video we should talk a bit about the prices well let’s start with the HP zbook Studio G9 this guy here starts from RM 16000 here in Malaysia and for the HP zbook Firefly G9 this is a more affordable price point starting from just RM 6500 Ringgit of course if our business owners you can get on a HP leasing plan that starts from just RM 185 per month for up to 36 months but if you want to find out more about those information again I’ll be putting a links down below so that you can find out more with that said thank you for watching today’s video again very very pleased to check out this HP zbook laptops if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment down below thank you for watching all the way to the end and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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