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Hi everybody welcome back to one more video clip with Lim reviews now today we’re having a brand-new smartwatch from mimo that is called the mimo watch circulation currently this smart watch is meant to retail in Malaysia for about 300 Ringgit or so yet you individuals can rest a t-shirt note that I’ll put the links down listed below if you wish to find out more concerning that well today we’re mosting likely to have a look at the watch itself and also I do have it below and also have been using it for a little more than a week currently well what is the mimo watch flow really all regarding according to Mimo this is a premium looking clever watch that additionally features a number of amazing tracking attributes for both your health and wellness and your Fitness so let’s take a look at what the mimo watch flow is all about currently first points initially we’re mosting likely to talk a little bit regarding the layout and there is really three shades to the Mima watch flow I selected the blue below due to the fact that I assume it looks one of the most one-of-a-kind yet there is likewise a black and also I assume that’s also a if I’m not

misinterpreted so web links down listed below to discover even more but anyhow in regards to the style we have this actually nice minimal and also timeless sort of look I such as the fact that we have this chrome frame all around that makes it look very costly my ammo is saying that the materials utilized below is a stainless-steel product however yet it feels very very light-weight if you are like me as well as you track your rests at evening you will certainly not feel the weight of this watch on your wrist whatsoever and that is incredible since you don’t wish to be disrupted by your watch during your sleeps right apart from that we additionally have this really wonderful silicone straps below with a little bit of appearance down in the center as well as if you flip it to the back you will notice that we have a number of latches here so if you intend to switch out your

bands or different type of bands you can do that extremely quickly with the mimo watch circulation on the right you also have a single button below it’s really easy to use and also overall I think this is a really nice looking smart watch one that does not stick out also a lot yet also looks really minimal as well as contemporary at the same time today let’s delve into the next Point below as well as take a look at its screen right so at the front right here we do have a very good 1.6 inch AMOLED present you people currently understand with an AMOLED display you will most definitely be having awesome viewing angles examine this out people from the sides the watch face is really extremely noticeable even from all type of angles and you also have excellent comparison levels terrific Dazzling colors below every little thing looks fantastic on the mimo watch display screen besides that if you observe this currently we are having

this always on screen so if I just turn it off notification that I still have the clock appearing so I can see it at any point of time that I wish to really incredible here because not all the watches feature constantly on display if you want to understand even more concerning the watch faders we do have more than 100 various styles so clearly you’ll be able to locate a lot more in the mymofit app however there is really one really interesting telephone call out below and this is the attire kind of watch face so mimo is stating that we have this AI stylus pen from the application itself you can take a photo of your clothing as well as based upon your clothing mimo will certainly think of a personalized watch face for you so mine currently is this set below that comes with a pair of dots in the history I assume it looks quite cool and it’s rather great too examine this out guys we have a various design constantly on screen below so it changes based upon your watch face yet in general simply in regards to this screen I’m actually actually happy to state that it’s an incredible screen

it’s extremely bright outdoors and you don’t have any kind of surface problems with the screen in all incredible things after that I’m simply going to switch over back to my preferred watch face due to the fact that I such as that better let’s most likely to this set and yep we benefit currently great so simply in regards to running the watch it does come with a pair of amazing features one actually wonderful function that I like here is in fact the widgets feature currently we can have either three widgets that you see below and you can tailor every one of these faster ways men in the mimo fit application so extremely very adjustable or you can have a selection of 4 various shortcuts on your fast which is really wonderful take a look at this set individuals so I have my sleep tracking info right here I have my heart price monitoring over here as well as at the base I have my task tracking all at one look I can see each and every single info as well as if I desire a person just wish to jump into that I can

just tap on that faster way very rapidly as well as I jump into it inspect it out one more time click that and also we enjoy the application itself really extremely wonderful right here I especially like these four shortcut configuration due to the fact that for this I can see my quantity of calories that I have actually shed today certainly none since I’ve been resting down throughout the day and also naturally you have those tasks that you utilize all the time you can place them in here everything is adjustable and also this quick widgets point really function completely in addition to that if I just swipe in the direction of the right this is where we also have mimos ai aide so this aide is called made they look at it it’s type of blinking at me over there and based upon the time of the day it will actually recommend you a couple of fast faster ways so right currently it’s revealing that I should obtain moving yeah certainly I need to obtain moving and also in addition to that it states that I need to have I ought to start breathing so a one min exercise for reproducing could be relevant

to me today due to the fact that possibly it feels that I’m stressful throughout the day yep to make sure that’s in fact quite cool down on the mimo watch flow alright so let’s have a look at what sort of activities does it truly track currently if I simply go into the workout settings right here I noticed that we actually have greater than 100 tasks that are being tracked according to Mimo is 116 you have your typical running you’re walking you understand your leaping cycling as well as all those you additionally have your swim tracking and also I think that’s pretty amazing due to the fact that a great deal of you men around like to track your swims as well as the very best component here regarding this task monitoring is that it supports the general practitioner s integrated in so now if you just want to go out and also run you’re mosting likely to track your cycles and also all that you do not need to lug your phone with you the watch itself with its GPS built-in will certainly have the ability to

track your rate and also range as well as your place and also I think that’s terrific regarding the mimo watch flow to ensure that’s in terms of the task monitoring yet exactly how about your wellness tracking well you are virtually covered with the mimo watch flow over here so like I showed you this currently it tracks your all-day heart rate checking you likewise have your all-day stress and anxiety tracking your spo2 tracking your sleep tracking and also for the ladies you additionally have that cycle monitoring which I think could be actually important to those ladies out there yet I’m simply going to show you one really quick so allow’s just go as well as do heart price tracking you can see that it has actually been tracking my heart rate previously on as well as when I’m not placing the watch on there’s no reading over there let’s just go back as well as have a look at the rest tracking however sleep monitoring you can see that for last night I have 8 hours of rest as well as I can see the moment that I slept woke up and my average spo2 naturally if I wish to see more details

I can go into the mimo feed application as well as I’ll be able to discover out more details there so really great uh all type of Health and wellness includes that you could probably need is all currently in the watch itself just a quick please note if you are having any kind of health concerns the appropriate thing would be to sign in with a doctor as opposed to relying from a smart watch since a clever watch is still not a medical gadget currently allow’s action on and examine out a few other great things here uh one even more cool feature of this mimo watch circulation is in terms of the battery life we are having up to 12 days of battery life based upon basic use on the mimo watch circulation and I assume that is awesome last however not least in regards to alerts you can simply drag down from the top as well as this is where you enter a couple of alerts I like the fact that we have those app symbols over there we have my YouTube my Instagram as well as I believe that’s Facebook as well so based upon the type of notices that you obtain you will be able to see them on guard

itself alright men to ensure that’s basically what I can share with you in regards to the mimo watch circulation once more it will be releasing actually quickly about 300 Ringgit plus minus it features a truly good design below outstanding 1.6 inch AMOLED display functions that always on screen as well includes general practitioners built-in tracks all type of things I believe this is a quite interesting smart watch a respectable one to actually obtain for that kind of rate variety now with that said said if you have any further concerns feel cost-free to leave a comment down below don’t forget to drop a like and sub to the network thank you for viewing to the end as well as I wish to see you individuals in the following one remain risk-free everyone bye

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