realme Watch 3: MOST Affordable Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling?!

hey there everybody welcome back to one more video with lim reviews now genuine me just introduced their most recent genuine me view 3 and also the real me enjoy series has actually constantly had to do with price as well as it is still the same situation below with the newest watch 3. now this specific tool is choosing rm199 below in malaysia and also most definitely that still places it in the economical or sort of budget stimulate watch array this moment around realme did introduce a pair of great attributes so in today’s video we’re going to cover 5 things that you have to find out about the genuine me watch 3 prior to making that purchase decision before we most likely to all that first things initially we obtained ta check out the design of the smartwatch itself now i have actually been wearing the real me view 3 for a couple of weeks currently in truth as well as in just in terms of the design it’s a very minimalist however elegant kind of design at the front we do have this type of square face and also it’s in fact rather good right here we do have an lcd screen at the front that in fact gets quite brilliant as well as on the sides you’ll discover that on the right you have one solitary switch and also on

the left you in fact have a speaker currently talk more concerning what’s using this speaker that you see on the left proceeding to the back we do have this type of kind of a distinctive bands these are still silicone straps as well as they do really feel extremely comfortable something i do have to direct out is that the watch itself is really lightweight so you will not really feel it on your wrist as well as i assume that is excellent especially if you are like me that actually wears the watch to sleep in the evening to track my sleep to make sure that’s awesome concerning the genuine me watch 3 apart from that we do have a lots of watch faces that actual me has currently developed for the watch tree all you require to do is examine it out in the app that’s greater than 100 plus as well as although the watch itself is only with the ability of keeping 3 watch stages in your area yet fortunately is that the transfer speeds of the watch face from the phone towards the watch itself is very quick it just takes a number of seconds so you can simply change the watch stages constantly it’s really really good here all best so performed with the design let’s talk about

the five trendy points or the five things that you must understand about the realme watch three currently the very first point here is in fact everything about the greatest brand-new feature that i think is extremely unique to the genuine me view three so on watches that i understand like rm199 or so you do not actually have bluetooth calling functions but that is really brand-new on the actual me watch 3 so what this suggests is essentially you can respond to call and also you can also make telephone calls directly from the watch itself so i have actually examined it out which’s where the audio speaker below actually enters place this is where you will have the ability to listen to the sound coming from the speakers below and you can speak into it to speak about your phone calls straight on guard itself currently this is really fairly useful due to the fact that in some cases your phone is someplace else charging and you have your watch on your wrist and also you just receive a call and also straight as soon as possible you can in fact address your phone call

anywhere you are without needing to grab your phone so like i stated you can get telephone call here as well as you can call up telephone call making use of that numpad that’s currently in the watch itself super cool function this is not something that you see a whole lot on you understand spending plan clever watches much more costly smart watches don’t have this function and also i think that is terrific on the real me enjoy 3 now the 2nd thing that you need to recognize below is all concerning that display at the front now genuine me is saying that this is among the biggest display screens that you can hop on this cost segment actually just in regards to size wise it is a 1.8 inch screen and also again with a larger screen this generally implies that you have the ability to look at details also clearer on your wrist itself such as you understand possibly keeping reading notices inspecting out your heart price and all that all these things are really extremely easy to see on a larger screen so once again 1.8 inches here is an excellent display screen for a watch that cost this amount of cash all right now the third thing right here is everything about those wellness features like a lot of wise watches today you know the real me enjoy 3 is able to track a number of things so for instance you have your all-day heart price tracking you also have your all-day spo2

tracking as well as all the time stress and anxiety monitoring so these are done immediately on the watch itself you can set the interval to track it every 5 minutes or ten minutes based on your individual choice obviously the lower the mins that means the a lot more exact the outcome is going to be to make sure that’s in fact qualified on the realme watch three aside from that it also tracks the rests like i pointed out earlier as well as i found that it’s actually fairly precise right here so most definitely it’s a good point for reference if you would like to know what your harsh estimate is about your health and wellness this can really help you track all those but again i constantly make this please note the watch is not a medical gadget if you have any kind of health and wellness issues do check in with your medical professional now on the 4th point here the fourth point right here is a bit concerning health and fitness tracking what can you actually track with this watch well this time around around once again genuine me has actually placed in a load of activities that’s being tracked i’m simply going to show you an extremely fast checklist of what you can really track from the watch itself of training course you have the typical running you recognize treadmill biking swimming as well as all that it’s ip68 incidentally so you don’t need to bother with your watch obtaining harmed from water to make sure that’s excellent in regards to

general practitioners we still do not have general practitioners here so you will certainly have to bring your phone with you but if you are the sort of person that currently carries your phone with you that won’t actually issue due to the fact that general practitioners will certainly lock on extremely promptly with your smartphone however that’s primarily what you can expect in regards to fitness monitoring now lastly that’s really all regarding the battery life battery life is extremely important in a smart watch due to the fact that we do not intend to maintain charging it daily well for the actual me watch 3 this watch in fact is able to last approximately seven days according to real me i have actually directly checked it out and also of training course if you don’t have a bunch of alerts let’s state you utilize it on a typical basis you understand i believe you can really last a little bit moreover so i in fact have not charged the watch for regarding eight days now as well as i was actually quite shocked since it’s longer than the marketed variety of days usually it’s always much shorter so definitely you can anticipate some quite great battery life on the real me watch three great guys so at the end of the day for this rm199 i think the crucial or i ought to state the celebrity feature here is all concerning the bluetooth calling you have the big screen of training course it additionally tracks you know your all-day health and wellness checking a number of physical fitness tracking right here as well as there i assume it is in fact an extremely suitable smart watch if you are obtaining your initial smart watch or maybe you are buying this smartwatch for your youngster for your good friend for your partner or somebody like that i believe it’s an extremely excellent gift as well for simply rm199 here you’re obtaining a rather respectable wise watch from actual me uh with that said if you do have any kind of additional inquiries do not hesitate to leave a comment down below once more thank you for viewing all the way throughout don’t neglect to go down a like to support the channel and also i intend to see you people in the following one stay secure everyone bye

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